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April 19, 2020

You will agree with me that our Journey to the End does not get any easier.

In fact, the more we awaken, the more we are attacked.

Why should that be?

It confirms we are Viable, we have energy the Dark side wants and it does not want us to be successful in awakening others.

Details can vary, as you well know.

Thus far POTUS Trump has acted in the manner I described in the short essay about him that you will find in the Essays Page.

Here it is also:

Donald Trump: Delivering America’s Cursed Karmic Consequences

The entire World has been disrupted not a little, by the effects of the Grand Hoax of Comical 19. (Jerry, put up the real name …Covid 19!)

 “No, I like that better!!

Sooner or later this will end up in a War of Grand proportions that the Reptiles want.

If you look carefully, you will notice people everywhere are being abused by authorities, not for self-preservation, but by the incidences of cattle hustling and fear-mongering.

More, more much more is to come!

These inappropriate abuses of people will end up in Civil War, especially in the USA where it is obvious Trump (a demonic Reptile) is riding roughshod over any and everybody who does not lick his boots.

(If you recall, exercises in eliminating terrorists from Airports and similar places – Ha, Ha – we in place after 9/11. Of course, people generally had nothing to do with the bombings. It was the Reptile Leaders – American and Israeli – Progeny of Zion – that murdered the 3,000 or so to start the many wars for gain of oil.

The Reptiles in charge know how to screw the ‘Goyim”.

What they don’t realize is that their evil demigod “Jehovah” was destroyed long, long ago!

The Agenda is a lot bigger now, as I have described it many times.

Some of you may find the following a little repetitive. But, its better to know than think you know!

They want to destroy Humanity and take the planet over for themselves, even though there are other Reptilian Races on earth and they do NOT see eye to eye.

The Chinese know what has happened regarding this latest virus.

They know it was planted in China by the Vulturite Reptilians who control the USA.

And they know the reason why it was implanted there.

China is seen as a very big threat to the USA which sees itself as the Leader and controller of the world. At least that is what the Vulturite Reptilians think. They are the ones who took over the USA when George W Bush was illegally elected to the Presidency. Have you compared that idiot with the idiocy of Trump? How can that be, you may well ask?


Heading for WW3

‘I’m not happy’: Donald Trump slams China over handling of COVID-19 crisis

Ties between Washington & Beijing getting strained, American firms in Ch…

Well, that is the type of no-hoper that controlled (Bush) and is now controlling the USA (Trump) and causing so much horror and misery!

They are both assisted by the numerous demons called Vulturite Reptilians, of course,

Being in control on this level of well-armed AI Robots and Demons, they can virtually do what they like.

Go back and read how easily they dismissed me from Medicine with false claims and no evidence!

They threatened my attorney to resign, and threatened the Police who knew the truth not to come near the Court. Had they done so, of course their evil case would have collapsed before we entered the Court Room.

But this I have to add: They don’t know who they are dealing with (me) and they don’t know what I have prepared for them in the Chamber of Horrors once we are out of here. On this Physical Level, nothing much can be done for we are limited by these Meat Bags we wear.

That is not an idle threat.

That is the reality they must live to pay back for all their Evil Karma. And I guarantee they will not like it. They will not like it at all.

Justice will be served on each and every demon and scumbag that has abused the Viables so much and so often.

That should make your day.

Keep those thoughts foremost in your mind on days when you feel despondent from Evil’s attacks.

I know for a fact the Vulturite Reptilians will never win against the Draconian Reptiles who control China!

They have never beaten them, and they won’t now.

But, the result is NOT what either side wants.

The end result is destruction en  masse and then dissolution by DARK MATTER so that no one wins but the Light.


I reproduce here, for the benefit of readers who may not have had this explanation given to them, a chapter of an early book to assist their understanding of the Status Quo.

The Key

All branches of science and other knowledge have certain facts, laws and principles which are Keys to the understanding of that knowledge and that particular branch of science.

These facts, laws and principles allow one to unlock the secrets within the particular subject and make it easily comprehensible, logical and of course ever so obvious once the subject is mastered.

Without these key facts, laws and principles the subject remains incomprehensible, illogical and of little use.

So it is in Metaphysics. Without certain indisputable facts of Truth which are laws and principles by which the subject is governed, the innumerable facts which one can discover and accumulate become worthless and confusing.

Worse than that, they become tools for implantation of distortions and untruths so that one without the Key becomes lost in a sea of useless untruthful, spurious information.

The single most important Key to the total understanding of metaphysical esoteric philosophy, that total understanding which is after all the awakening or self-realization which we all aspire to, is this simple series of statements.

In this Universe there exist not one but two creations, one of Divine origin and one of Evil origin.

One is the genuine Divine Creation.

The other is a mock, evil, destructive creation not created by the Divine Power but by a rebellious, destructive subordinate of the Divine Hierarchy.

This subordinate demigod created a parallel creation in the confined space of this Universe.

This Evil creation exists, like the Divine creation, at all levels of consciousness and in all sub-dimensions within this dimension, and has overrun the Divine creation.

The Evil creation is oppressing the other and it has threatened the existence of the Divine creation in this area of space and time in which we now find ourselves.

At all levels there has been a great battle between the two creations for survival and supremacy. They have waged a long bitter War.

Remembering these simple facts will allow them to be used as a key for the understanding of all the knowledge referred to.

Forget these facts and the science of metaphysics becomes an illogical incomprehensible jumble of dissociated observations and assertions which become both meaningless and worthless.

From our human Consciousness level, the above key can be used to explain all things. But first let us examine the content of the key more closely.

The key tells us that there are two creations even in the Human Race. These creations, as in all other levels of Consciousness, have intermingled and although differences initially existed these differences are now obscure and forgotten.

The struggle for supremacy by the Evil creation over the trapped Divine creation has manifested in many ways, and the result has been the mess in which we find ourselves today.

The struggle has created a confused state. Changes due to the struggle have caused the loss of knowledge, this obvious confusion and this state of suffering, pain, injury, decay, death and ungodliness.

This plane has been all but run over by the Evil demonic creation, not in a nebulous esoteric sense but in very much a real concrete destructive way.

The majority of human bodies on this planet are inhabited by demons, not by Divinely created Consciousness.

By demons I mean consciousnesses created by this Evil, destructive demigod who rebelled against the Divine Hierarchy, and who have not been created in “God’s” image!

The purpose for their creation was simply so that they could overrun the Divine creation.

So you see, the total mess on this planet, as in many other planets in this Universe (which by the way is only one of many) is due to a superimposition of an Evil creation over the original Divine one.

On this physical plane the demonic creation appears to be slowly taking control. It appears to have the upper hand. And as it steadily made progress in the past it brought about changes to the original creation and its trapped Consciousnesses which benefitted the demonic side.

Some of these changes have caused the distortions in the account of the two creations recorded in ancient texts.

Slowly, a censoring of material occurred and so by this day we have virtually forgotten that the Divine Beings have been overrun by the Demonic Beings.

Subtle mentions of the two creations still remain in many writings and in certain utterings of folklore. However, the full significance has been diluted so much, and so much distortion has occurred, that it has been lost.

References can be found in Genesis of the Old Testament in the Bible, in the Ramayana, in the Mahabharata, in the Gnostic Cabala and in some life-readings given by Edgar Cayce.

Many have regressed to times of more overt battles with the demonic creation and until now did not understand the significance of their adventures.

Using this Key – the knowledge of two feuding creations being present on this plane and planet – will allow full and comprehensible, logical, useful explanation for all the questions that we seek.

I guess immediately that the questions which spring to mind will be:

a.   How and why did all this come about?

b.   What was the Divine Force doing while all this was happening?

c.   How will this struggle of two feuding creations be resolved?

d.   What is the extent of this struggle?

e.   What is being done to resolve the situation and when?

Many other questions will loom up and the answers are in my books.

This Key then contains the following facts:

1.   There is a WAR between two creations on this level.

2.   One side (the Demonic) has been trying to obscure the Truth for its advantage, for reasons which I will explain more fully later, but basically so that the Divine Being of Light could be more easily exploited and overrun by this demonic side.

3.   The Beings of Light have been struggling to reconnect to their Source since this invasion by a demonic creation occurred. With the invasion, connection to their Source had been severed.

Think of the analogy of our simple wars where one country is invaded by the troops of another. The changes made by the occupational forces will be for their benefit and for the disadvantage of those invaded.

On this plane, in this dimension even at the human level, the Beings of Light (who are now only 30 % of the population – remember I wrote this before the 1999 mass evacuation of Viables) have been invaded and suppressed by Demonic Beings of Darkness who are the remaining 70% of the population.

In fact, as of today,

 8% of Humans are Viable.

Some 21% are AI Robots who seek the Light and will be made Viable, and

71% are Failures!


Remembering this Key will make the rest easily understood.

Forget the Key and the pool of knowledge becomes the disorganized, nonsensical mire witnessed by all the great philosophers and thinkers since time immemorial, and which led them around in circles, never allowing definitive answers, and causing many of them to give up the search for the Meaning of Life in disgust, and crying out in anguish “there can be no God who could allow such injustice.”

Others thought and believed that whoever was in control of human affairs was both sadistic and evil. They did not realize how close they were to the Truth! That is because the one in control of HUMAN AFFAIRS IS EVIL!

The mechanism of development of the Evil demigod (usurper), its evil creation, invasion, changes etc. are detailed in my book “Revelation of the Truth”.

Do not buy books from Amazon. They are NOT genuine.

They have been distorted.

You will find a list of books in the eBooks section of the website.


April 18, 2020

Physical Life

The lower ignorant minds of men, and women, fear
The blight of physical death as it grows near.
But let us look at this shared plight,
Must we all really die of fright?

O physical death, so horrifying for some,
do you really sting?
O physical life, what glory for me
when you reduce my body to absolutely nothing?

This life physical is nothing but existential mockery,
For the truth in this fashion cannot be.

It is the Higher Enlightened Mind which dispels all fear,
When disease and old age, death bring near.

Such a Mind knows the plight of souls ensnared in a wicked mesh,
In these deceptive bodies of putrefying flesh.

Unwarranted fear of death does wrack the brain
When, in truth, the consciousness has naught to gain,
either from the imagined fright, or its perceived postmortem,
uncharted flight, if, in fact, one of eternal stuff
reaches that realization that death is Liberation
from this decaying abomination.

O physical life, where can thy glory for me be?
When you know well in dark earth to putrefy they’ll bury me,
As indeed all men must do to each other,
And yet you expect us to call you our nurturing mother.

What trick is this you play on me?
What deception must I bear, to grow old,

dysfunctional by all measures, with no hair,
And still be expected  to sing your praises fair?

There is no joy in your empty promises,
not in the least!
What you plan to do with my body,
with me, is a wormy rodent’s feast.

The physical state, so temporary, so insecure,
Has been created by one malicious for genuine souls to lure.
The confining physical bodies are really a sort of jail,
In which the entrapped consciousnesses of Divine Ones wail.

What honour, what glory can there be for one who just
with the body identifies, when it is just a sack of draining lamentation,
of flesh and bone, which putrefies?

Those who paint themselves, dress in tedious fashion’s finery
and parade as prostitutes and hypocrites,
Making their bodies temples of lust,
Will soon be shattered, assuredly, to bits,
As their illusion is fractured and they bite the dust.

Such ones have invested totally on physicality, the human body,
a biochemical mire, which of necessity must end up
on some funeral pyre.

What wretched souls they be when, devoid of history,
their bodies sink into the earthly muck,
and their spirits form parts of the hellish ruck!

Inspired enlightened Ones instead
to pursue Higher Ideals will use their head,
And meditatively contemplate,
How best to quickly enter Heaven’s Gate.

Those who make their bodies the pursuers of Lust,
Will, in time, not even be dust,
For their nefariously passionate, exploitative fascination,
Will ensure their eventual spiritual transmutation.

O physical Life, you have no honour,
you have no glory, You are not worth
an aggrandizing story.
All your promises are fleeting and mendacious,
There is nothing in your passions
or lust which are gracious.

O infant, hopeful child, newly born,
How can I, thee of these things, forewarn?

Alas, you warned cannot be, for you’ll be torn asunder
by your own hormones, you’ll see,
You’ll have to struggle like all of us against the fear of death
And face it torridly, threatened, perhaps frightened just like Macbeth.

But I wish an ear you’d lend to me,
I’d tell you there is a way out
of the fear, of Death, and its insanity.
You must find the esoteric Gnostic Key,
Which will make you realize
all this physical life was of an evil disguise.

And as you unlock the secrets with the Key
To see beyond death’s door,
You will see that physical life,
like physical death, consists of half-truths and lies galore.

Thus, as you link to True Knowledge
beyond this mockery and deceit,
All fears, even that of death, will you beat.

Hence, as the fornicators and the demons are reduced
to hellish vipers, and do hiss,
You instead, will spurn all evil, the body, its putridness,
And contemplate, that of true worth,
namely lasting, Eternal Bliss.

April 17, 2020

Nothing is easy on this evil level!

My writings are to assist those who seek assistance.

They are for readers to reach a critical and accurate understanding of the Truth so that they can prepare for the coming changes to our existence.

We have been living in an ILLUSION created in ERROR by an Evil Essence that needed and still needs to exploit the Divine Energy of those who have it, in order to feed itself and its artificial creations. They are AI Robots and Demons. The latter have a malicious programming within them that is directed at one thing, and one thing only: exploit the Divine Beings trapped here as much as possible of their Divine energy.

That, in the simplest of terms is what the situation is.

Thus, we have been in constant WAR since the dimension was closed off.

It is like a CANCER in creation, eating away at those who have Divine energy, for it has none of its own.

Why has it no energy?

It rebelled against the Ruling Light when it saw it could take control.

That rebellion led to a situation in which all energy was cut off from the evil cancer.

The only recourse the Evil cancer could take was to strip energy from its prisoners.

I realize that this is way beyond what false History, Religions and false Sciences teach.

But, one cannot judge anything with false facts.

You must reach the Truth of what is going on.

The changes we ae seeing are absolute proof that what I say is accurate.

I am here to tell you the Truth and to rescue those still capable of living in a Divine Realm.

Many have sold their souls to the Darkness for temporary rewards such as wealth, power and illicit sex.

Many, like demons, had no choice. They are machines with no freewill.

The Divine Beings had connection to their Supra Mental Consciousness cut off by the spurious Meat Bags (bodies) we were force to wear in this realm.

The bodies and their lower minds presented a false picture of what it was all about and over some time we forgot who we were, where we came from and what our Divine Heritage is.

It is indeed a tragedy, spawned by Evil!

But, my words are to awaken you once and for all, those of you who still have the Divine Knowledge within you, that is.

If you have sold out to Evil, you are no different than the Robots and Demons that are scheduled for total destruction.

Some of the Robots had a choice of which side they wished to join.

50% of them preferred to be in the Light, after witnessing the Horror of Evil.

They will be fitted out with proper SOULS so that they can become Divine and Immortal.

All the others, excluding the Viables of course, will be transmuted into DUST.

Your role is to awaken to these words.

You don’t have to accept my words glibly!

You must find that Source of True Knowledge within your being and accept that knowledge as your inheritance.

If you are a True Being, you will find it within you and then you can progress to the promised Life Eternal.

Try your best to awaken to the True Reality that awaits us.

Good Luck



So, now as the final days approach,
you must be wondering: “What can I do?”
What you are doing now is availing yourself
of the opportunity to awaken.
Whether you have accepted the information I have
given or not is entirely a matter for you.
At least by reading it, you are giving yourself
the chance to connect to your knowledge true.

Sometimes people awaken spontaneously,
and identify the veracity of this information
with an unshakeable inner certainty.
They indeed awaken almost instantly.

Others go away; they are skeptical for a while and
then think about it silently and seriously.
But in thinking about it, they at least give
themselves that final opportunity.

But as I have often said, awakening is not enough.
Once awakened, we must become active warriors
against the Darkness and its energy
and fight all who would support this Depravity.

And protection we need to learn as a must,
because the whole environment is evil
in its attempt to reduce all of Light to dust.
Constantly are True Ones bombarded by negativity,
and attacked by those who would steal their energy.

Those who are at least familiar with interactions
of the aura know that even as one brushes
against people in a crowd, negative beings
can drain one’s life-force, and Divine energy.
That is how sustained nefariously is this Malady.

When you are sensitive enough, you know that you
can be drained by evil ones quite unreasonably.

As one purifies to a higher and higher degree
and then goes into crowds, to supermarkets, or
drives on crowded roads, one will start to notice a
dramatic difference from the negativity,
and the drainage will be felt acutely.
It is very, very important to protect,
and to do so constantly and efficiently!

And after exposure to all the corruptive elements,
it is very important to cleanse thoroughly.
Cleansing comes in with regular meditation, which
should be part of one’s daily contemplation.

Learn also to accurately discriminate,
so for preying evil ones you will not become bait.
We all know who we are ontologically, and who
comes from purer realms and who from Hell’s Gate.

Immediately when you meet someone for whom you
may have an instant dislike, just realize that your
`Higher Self’ may be telling you exactly what the
nature of the essence of that being may be.
It would be wise when thus warned to proceed in
dealing with such ones disliked cautiously.

One of the excuses people give for such feelings
is that reflexly one is remembering past-life
interactions with the person and by the recalled
memories is perhaps disturbed mentally.
That may be so, but it is more than likely that one
is discerning the essence of the person accurately.
Hence, be on guard immediately.

One must never discard such prompting and say,
“Oh, look, it’s my own mind playing up unfairly.”
Why would it do that really?

The Catholic Church teaches that when such things
occur it is the Devil putting thoughts into one’s mind
and one must not listen to the thoughts seriously.

This is the very opposite to what you must do if one
is to survive this realm run so evilly.

One must listen at all times to the being within, as
long as one protects and then discriminates justly.

But be aware that not all thoughts that come
into one’s head are really from the Light.

Do not forget there are two sides, Good and Evil,
bombarding us all the time, and programming us, so
that we will be many times wrong, not right.


April 16, 2020


I may ramble a little in this discussion. Bear with me.

A generation or so ago, the nonsense of cows belching and pigs flatulating, along with cars burning petrol, was supposed to be heating up the Earth at a suicidal rate.

Those in control gained from this supposed (and false) fiasco by exploiting money from the Morons.

These Evil Bastards (mainly Reptilians in Physical Bodies) always seemed capable of making more money by fooling the dorks and deluded masses.

If you read at all, you know they do it with

  • Episodes of purposely manipulated bouts of boom and bust,
  • Production of injurious drugs
  • Manufacturing inadequate products such as misleading (GMOs),
  •  False advertising of dangerous drugs, foods and equipment,
  • False achievements (like going to the Moon) and so on.

They knowingly use these episodes of dishonesty and exploitation in order to get rich while they exploit the Idiots, even though they know this and also know some of their actions – such as VACCINATION of children which has had and will have dire consequences on the young with sometimes fatal results.


Vaccines DON’T work!

Do you really think the DEMONS care?

They are in it for the exploitation and the money profit.

The DEMONS are in charge after all.

There a many examples of the Malignity of Demons against the rest of us – both AI Robots and Viables.

9/11 immediately springs to mind.

Americans (actually Vulturite Reptiles disguised as Americans) and similar Reptilians disguised as Israelis committed the Crime of bombing the buildings and the ensuing murders.

Their purpose?

It was their excuse to attack countries and steal their wealth, in most cases oil and opium.

Note that their first target was Iraq which had absolutely no part in the 9/11 attacks.

That should demonstrate the attacks were stages and were not retaliation against attacking enemies.

I am going to mention this from the very start:

These Demons think they will get away with such EVIL.

They can’t!

“We” have been keeping score since the time of the annexation of this Universe by Evil.

“We” know of every misdeed.

Thus, we know how to repay them, make no mistake about it!!

Who are “We”?

“We” are none other than the Highest Powers of the Godforce whose role is to destroy ALL EVIL

They cannot get away with these crimes.

Imagine how many times they have done such horrible things over the last 50 billion years.

The perpetrators are AI Machines (evil Robots and Demons) that are programmed to think they can get away with anything.

That is why they ae so nonchalant and so uncaring about consequences to their Evil deeds.

I don’t have to tell you really…

Go back and examine the Leaders with the smug look on their faces.

They have absolutely no concern about lying, cheating and murdering.

They used the same mechanisms on JFK to be rid of him.

His crime?

He wanted to give America back its money by deleting the Zionist owned Reserve Bank.

In the last 40 years, the Bushes come to mind.

But many others before and after them slaughtered in the name of (false, evil) Justice.

What a joke!

 The Morons have swallowed the lies for the evil committed.

I have explained many of these actions before:

  • Pearl Harbour
  • Atomic bombs on Japan,
  • Slaughter of Vietnam
  • Iraq
  • Afghanistan
  • Germany – baking millions of its citizens in the Sun so as to die of starvation and thirst.

These atrocities ae hidden in plain sight!

Of course these are of recent times. Recall that we have had 50 billion years of such evil.

It is convenient to highlight the USA, but we must realize much occurred everywhere on Earth in the past and in so many other planets and Galaxies.

The entire Universe is ruled by cruel, despicable EVIL.

It has been one long Horror Show!

“I” have prepared a special chamber on the next level which I have called the “Chamber of Horrors”.

In it, all demons will pay for their evil Karma with suffering that will appear to be over billions of years.

They will think they are being punished continuously.

In fact, it is a momentary effect, for quickly they are liquidated out of the phase of existence.

That is where I recently placed Stefan Stanford, Amitakh Ng’s consort. He is the most evil man I have ever met.

That is where Amitakh shall go.

It was recall in dream form that she had repeatedly in earlier days with dreams/nightmares that showed her what was in store for her.

She used to awaken in a very fearful state.

And she knew who her executioner was – “Me”.

Now why would she make that up such HORROR if it was not true?

Paradoxically, when she came to her senses it was me she sought for comfort on this level.

Maddening, isn’t it?

Those in the Chamber of Horrors will think they ae are suffering the evil they imposed on others continuously for billions of years.

In fact, it is a momentary effect and then they ae liquidated!

If you think my explanations about 9/11 may themselves be false, and the USA version is accurate (Ha Ha Ha) then do your own research.

Begin with this DVD:


These Reptiles in Charge are themselves fooled by what is going on and cannot see past their noses or the dollars they pocket.

They are definitely malicious, criminal Demons and the last thing they want to do is worry about the non-demonic AI creatures (Robots) and their AI Forefathers created in the Celestial Error.

Some of the Reptiles knew the Global Warming was not due to animal activities or Human malpractices.

They knew heat in the form of radiation was entering the Solar System and heating all the Planets.

The Schumann Resonance of each planet was measured and it was found all planets were heading for destruction by extraneous HEAT.

Do you think they would dare tell the Earthly Morons, the AI Robots, and the trapped Tue Beings the truth?

Not on your Nelly would they reveal such facts.

They wanted to continuously, dishonestly exploit the moribund dopes.

I did a show with Jeff Rense a day or two after 9/11 – which as I just told you was planned and executed by the Vulturite Reptilians (a group of Reptilians who are probably the most evil of an evil class) and I had stated that these Reptilians, with Bush Jnr fraudulently winning the POTUS position, had taken full control of the USA which I have referred in the past (with good reason) as the Kingdom of Zion.

The majority of the members of the Bush Clan are, in fact, Vulturite Reptilians, and this identity explains how easily they murdered millions, including children in order to enrich themselves.

Other Presidents were Reptilian in nature and they each committed atrocities for which they will pay in extreme measures.

These Vulturites set a Path of destruction as far as the rest of the inhabitants on Earth were concerned.

They are liars, thieves and murderers – the best Evil could manufacture.

Now here is a twist: The Reptiles knew Dark Matter was destroying the Universe, but they thought they could find a way to survive.

There is no way for them to survive really.

But, they said nothing.

They planned to take over Earth just as they planned to take over most of the Planets in this Galaxy, and say nothing to the Human indigenes.

They evolved Agenda 21 with the endpoint being the murder of some 7 billion Humans, leaving some one half billion as brain damaged servants.

The brain damage was to come from 5G eradiation poisoning, Vaccines, GMOs, polluted water and air, medicines, drugs, etc…

Already I pointed out in an earlier post, Graham Hancock and David Icke pushing for the consumption of a drug that guarantees Demonic Possession!

It is called AYAHUASCA (see April 4, 2020 entry!)


Ultimately the Plans of the very evil Reptilians involve NUCLEAR WAR as the swiftest way of eradication the troublesome Humans.

I had previously asked you to look up Agenda 21


The Georgia Guide Stones.

These plans were known by Hitler last century and he left, as I said elsewhere, the Nuclear Weapon information on the kitchen table for the Reptilian Morons to find and in due course use them to annihilate the AI Creation which included themselves.

Adolf, in the meantime, went to the Inner Earth. This is something few knew.

Remote viewing of finding him in Argentina, the South Pole, etc., is bunkum.\How do I know that to be true?

Ha, Ha! How do I know anything to be true?

Just wait a little longer – after all we have less than 3 years before the total annihilation of the Physical – and I will reveal ALL!


Here is the crap they are feeding the Morons so they will agree to a deadly war.


From Brasscheck TV — Exposing the HOAX

“Only a tiny fraction of people who get the new corona virus will have a negative outcome.

Here are the real numbers.

Bottom line is you have to be already very sick to die from this.

Brasscheck TV Report  We’ve put out a lot of videos over the years.
This may be the most important.
 First, a talk with one of the world’s most esteemed epidemiologists and medical statisticians.  Second, the End Game…where all this manufactured hysteria is probably leading.  Video:



The Path to Self-Destruction:

China panic: Pentagon Says-US ready for military clash with China


Of course at the Human Level we are stressed, stressed, stressed.

But, realize what is going on and immerse yourself in the True Light.

There will be the Peace we seek!


Every day from dawn to dusk, war of unusual kind
Is fought deep within the canyons of the mind
As thoughts malicious, uninvited, weave and wind
Resisting all attempts to be expelled
it seems and for us peace to find.

It is the Personal Mental War for sure
Which keeps True Beings thus engaged
And some unwittingly, unnecessarily enraged.

This war, at all costs, you must win,
in order to attain happiness,
To losers vanquished, the Gloom and
Doom of Terminal Madness.
You have all the information,
all the knowledge, all the facts,
With which these malicious, mental demons
and their ploy to destroy and thus repel attacks.

Avail yourself then, of God’s gifts galore
With which you can win your Mental War.

Those of Evil, not knowing what all this is about,
Will suffer far more than a form of mental gout.
They will suffer anxiety, fear, gloom and doom,
As into the dark, confusing caverns of Hades they zoom.

Make light your suffering and from these
invaders of the mind recoil,
Lest slowly, surreptitiously, your life they spoil.

You are not alone, dear reader, in this horrible mess,
All True Beings on this plane are thus engaged, I’d guess.

So come, with good cheer try and give a smile,
It will all be over, I promise, in a little while.
And your suffering, no matter how small or great,
Will be like some long forgotten dream which will not rate.

Besides, what pain have you had to bear,
That the crucified Christ, or His long suffering
Mother, did not share?
Indeed they suffered, with the Father,
most of all then and there
As they saw the Children of Light
tortured, assassinated everywhere.

Come now sufferers, I know your pain and sorrow are real,
But with these words I write I hope we heal
So that having won our personal Mental Battle royal
In better times we will all share Heaven after the toil.

Those who think they are too smart
to take these words seriously
soon harangued, traumatized with fear will they be.
As the Earth, and their minds, fracture,
as they will, as you know,
It will be their ignorance, not cleverness,
which will deal the final, fatal blow.

So every day protect, fight gallantly your battle of the mind,
Reveling victors are of just one kind,
Of peace, and of Love, of Light and of Happiness,
While losers, the evil ones, are translocated
to Hades’ darkest Abyss.

With words of Joy I want to end this short story,
Know then if you persist, in Love and Light,
you will have Glory!

And no wishful dreamer am I to have written this,
For, as you may have guessed, an emissary of sorts,
am I, of the promised Bliss.


“Well, that’s it for another day, Dr. C.

How abouts I ends with ‘Hasty la Vespa’?”

Jerry!!! The saying is ‘Hasta La Vista!’

“OK, I’ll try another “Avid Hussein”. That’s German you know, Dr. C.”

Jerry, I thought you remembered correctly from when we were Supreme last century!

Its “Awful the Same” No wait  …. wait …. its “Auf Wiedersehen”. That’s it!

“Dr. C. Who wants to be Off to see the Seine?…..”

Alas, and unfortunately, these posts will continue, dear readers.

If you’ve had enough, Jerry says to pay the fee and we will set you free!!


April 15, 2020

Always remember

  1. My Motto: “Take it or Leve it!
  • Evil’s ability to implant Doubt, Confusion and skepticism in us in almost infinite.
  • Awakening spiritually can be a slow process. Go easy on yourself!
  • The natural tendency of our physical body and its idiotic lower mind is to reject anything outside of its indoctrination by Falsehood. Remember that. Everything on this level is trying to prevent us awakening, especially the basic hormonal emotions of the body!
  • Sooner or later, if you persevere on your Path to Full Realization, you will feel an energy within your heart when you hear certain things of Truth and of the Greater REALITY! You will simply know you have ‘hit the Jackpot!’
  • It is pointless discussing your new spiritual realizations or your new-found knowledge with Morons. They will think you are NUTS and that they are the Smart Ones – the very opposite to reality.
  • That Divine Energy you periodically feel will elate you as nothing else has or can in your life. Of course, when that connection dissipates, as it invariably does until the next connection between your heart and the energy, you may feel deflated and doubtful about what happened. But as the connection with your, you r Higher Mind and its energy occurs, you will become more and more the Divine Being that you are.
  • Notice I mentioned your Higher Mind and its Energy! You will know when they are connected to you. It is that connection which allows you to distinguish between Viables, Robots and Demons in this Endtime. Without that Divine Connection, you would not have the Special Vision!
  • The Failed ones, the failed Robots and Demons cannot attach to a Higher Mind for they have none! They cannot connect to the Divine Energy and that is why they ae starving. They abuse Viables to gain that energy in order to survive. Is it starting to make sense to you?
  1. Eventually you will come to the realization that YOU ARE NOT THE BODY!
  1. Who are you then? You realize you ae a particle of the Infinite Divine Force. You can accept more readily that you are trapped in this Cesspool and suffer because you are a target for Evil. These are very important realizations.
  1. It is when you reach that point, aided by the Divine Energy you have connected to, that you come to the realization that this dimension is not real. It is a temporary Evil Illusion.
  1. We, of Light do not belong here. And so, the idea implanted in us by the Divine Sagas such as Jesus that we need Rescue and need to be placed back in our Divine Realms makes a lot more sense.  If it was a ‘Godly Kingdom’ we would not need to move.

Thee realizations separate us from the Unreality that has fooled us.

They strip away the absurdities we are given to explain what and where we are.

The Divine Connection we gain feeds us the Higher Energy and Information we need to proceed to the rescue Point.

Thus we are joyous at the thought of the end of this morose, injurious Cesspool.

And so, we are happy and full of wonderful anticipation while the majority, as you readily see, is fearful of the pain, suffering and coming physical demise.

And that notion of being HAPPY, while the failures are sad and terrified in the extreme, tells us who is Viable and who is not.

So, let’s summarize briefly:

  1. I’ve told you the End of All Physicality is near, very near!
  • Those who remained as servants of Darkness shall exist no more.
  • The Faithful Beings of Light will be rescued and placed in Divine Realms.
  • Dark Matter will destroy ALL aspects of the Illegal Physicality created by Evil within the next three years!

How do you know what you are?

Go up a few lines. I’ve just told you.

After battling mentally with the Doubt and Confusion which at first arose in you, you affirmed that this Truth you feel in your heart, and gives you happiness and joy, is unmistakably divine, which means you are a Being of Light who shall proceed to Dimensions eternal.

Conversely, if my words fill you with Fear and Hate for me, and you feel these things in your heart constantly, you are soon to be no more.

Clearer than that I cannot make my message.

Those of Truth and Love need not ask who I am. They know in their hearts.

From the earliest days (early 1980s), quite a few whom I had never met, that came to my lectures and/or read my books told me without doubt who I was/am.

I was amazed. I simply told them to tell no one, for the time for such revelations had not yet arrived.

My identity had been released in the Astral.

I had hidden it since the time this body was born in 1944 lest the Demonic Bastards tried to kill the body – which they did, quite a few times in earlier lives. This time they were not completely sure of my identity!

Our battle is not done, until it is done!

The rancid, odious Failures will hate me and my words, and energy, with the evil animosity with which they were created.

Reflect on this and know it means WAR.

Nothing could be clearer.


The Change Is Here

Look, look carefully and this you’ll surely see,
an unprecedented change to all things on Earth,
a change noted nowhere else before in History.

Each day now as further into anarchy the world and
all biological systems inexorably descend,
unprotected spirits, with no understanding, into the
Terminal Madness of the Endtime, into Chaos, the
affected men and women, with sick minds, send,
and the subjects thus afflicted demonstrate variously
the nature of hatred, friction resulting in wanton
violence and wholesale self-destruction, rapidly.

What price, in the midst of such decay,
Peace of Mind to end the misery and exploitation
in this Rat Race, in which each True Being is a
victim upon whom the vile demons and robots prey?

Oh, any price, any price at all, maddened minds for
some Peace, you’ll see, would gladly pay.

But, for them, other than the crushing Terminal
Madness of the Endtime, there is no other way.

For so long have they rejected Truth and Light that
now they sink into desperation from day to day.

Surely you, thus forewarned, not to tread
that same perilous Path of Perdition,
should now fervently pray.

Pray then to the Light, to the Highest Mind that
you, soon, meritoriously liberated shall be,
especially from the wants of the Ego which yearns
possessions and lusts of the physicality.

Pray to the Supreme to cleanse you of Desire which
serves not your Spirit for realms Higher.

Pray sincerely that needs, not wants, will be met.

In that way, Peace of Mind, Love and Harmony
even in the midst of this Depravity, you’ll get.

Look, look carefully, and this you’ll surely see:
an unprecedented change on Earth,
a change noted nowhere else in History,
not even in any other beings or in thee,
and you will be well, safe, spiritually sound,
if you follow my advice assiduously.

You will be transformed from a fretful, frightened
figure of a vulnerable member of Humanity
into a child of Light, of serene Harmony, of
permanent Peace and of never-ending Love,
selected deservingly to live happily for Eternity.


April 14, 2020

Gooday to you all!

If you are new to my website, and are interested in my material, I suggest you start reading from the bottom up, as there is some linking progression as I write.

Also, if you are interested, you should read my books for further explanations!

On with the show…….



It’s obvious, but it needs to be said:

As we approach the End, attacks on us are going to get bigger and bigger. It will get harder to cope, not easier.

First of all, Humanity in general is going to be assaulted by the Reptilian Devils as per their Agenda 21 more swiftly and with greater force, openly, in order to take over the planet unashamedly, and destroy most Humans with no questions asked.

The Reptiles think they have no opposition.

They don’t believe my story.

Look at how reptiles like David Icke openly attack me and my writings.

That is an indication of what all reptiles think, for he is a Reptile himself, being used to drag the rabble to their physical deaths in due course. .

This matter of annihilation of Humanity was recently expressed clearly in an article where it was said Trump – the POTUS – was demonstrating anti-Humanity thoughts.

He is clearly showing what is in Reptiles minds. Reptiles ae NOT Human and they see Humans as an inferior breed.

In the meantime, even for all his stupidity, Trump is a Reptile himself and shaes the thoughts of destruction of Humans.

As you can see, the Reptiles are ready to destroy economies, farms, jobs of all sorts, livelihoods, communities, families and so on.

They don’t care.

They are Machines of a superior Malignancy.

They want to destroy Humanity at all costs.

And personal attacks? The Viables who have the precious Divine Energy are attacked for that energy, for all other non-Viables are starving to death and they know it!

So, be prepared for the attacks – physical, mental, emotional, intellectual and spiritual, and also attacks to make us lose hope about our fate!

We will transition into the new Divine Dimensions, painlessly, effortlessly, immediately, efficiently, happily, when it is time.

I will write more about our TRANSITION as the End approaches!

Do not be scared of anything.

Fear is implanted in us by Evil  to drain us of energy. Remember that.

Do not fear Physical Death.. After all, we have died many, many times.

Before being forced into Physical Bodies by the Anunnaki, some 900,000 years ago, we wore other bodies in other planets. We were also incarnated on Earth in large birds, whales, dolphins, dinosaurs, large reptiles like snakes, monkeys, etc., etc.

Remember, even today many human beings are transported to Earth and placed in animal bodies.

An article recently described how similar DOLPHINS were/are to Humans.

The reason is that most dolphins, sharks, whales and large animals and birds like eagles have Human Consciousness in them.

Tell the NRA that!! (The idiots won’t listen.) ,


The CO-HOAX 19

I’ve pointed out that this new Virus story is a Hoax perpetrated by ruling Reptiles to virtually destroy the Economy and Humanity!

They don’t play small.

They are looking for change, brought on by evil, brute force and malice, that they think will enrich and glorify them.

But they are greatly mistaken.

What they propose will NEVER happen, for the Light has a far greater and much more equitable Agenda for us all!

The Evil Reptilian Demons think they can kill off 7 billion Humans and take the planet for themselves, with ½ a million brain damaged Humans left as automatons to serve them.

5G and injurious Vaccines are supposed to turn Humans into garbage bags to serve the Reptiles.

They are certainly heading that way, but the Divine Changes will beat them.

That I promise!

If you are not familiar with 5G and the Reptilian Agendas, I suggest you look them up on Google.

Also look up the Georgia Guide Stones and their expressed intentions.

It is all part of the UN’s Agenda 21, which is really a manifesto of the Evil Demons that control Earth and entirely for their benefit!

My writings explain the following:

  • How Evil evolved.
  • How the Evil Essence took control of this Universe.
  • How we got to this point on Earth which is about to be totally destroyed as will be all failed AI creations of Evil!
  • Why Evil has kept Good People under lock and key and exploited them so much,
  • Why the Light is destroying all Physicality.
  • Why the Good Beings are being rescued out of this Cesspool and placed in Divine Realms where they belong.
  • Why Everything non-Viable will be destroyed so that it can never exist again.

The Mechanisms Evil is using at the moment to take control of all the Earth are basically these:

1          5G:    What are the dangers of 5g technology?

2          Agenda 21

3          The Georgia Guide Stones:

4          Civil War in the USA and elsewhere.

5          WW3 which will be Nuclear.

But a sweeping change is occurring to ALL Physicality which will soon exist no more.

You are welcome to read at your own pace.

I initially restarted this website for those familiar with my words.

But it will not take long for those who awaken spiritually to understand what I write and why I write it.

Hasten slowly.

There is much to understand.


If any of you think I have made all this information up because I have nothing better to do, you’d better get ready to be thrown into Hell’s frying pans!

Those with True Divine Nous (knowledge) within them will recognize what these words are, almost immediately on reading them.

No one can feign Falsity for Reality.

Reality is not a consensus agreement, even though the ignorant, evil ‘know-alls’ would like to see it that way!

Reality is what we are witnessing now.

I admit that the mindless morons cannot see what is in front of their eyes.

But, that is on purpose.

They have been blinded by their maker, called the Evil Essence, so as to not be able to see Truth in any shape or form.

They are Wraiths, useless Shadows of the doomed Illusional World.

They are not real, not real at all, and soon, like the Wraiths, they will disappear from this Illusion forever! They are the Human Robots and Demons.

How stupid can one be to dismiss what is happening as cyclical change?

I have told you the timeframe for dissolution of Physical Matter.

The bodies we use are made of Physical Matter, so they will be stripped away from us by Dark Matter, another concept that has been verified by those able to witness its activities in the skies.

Once Physicality is stripped, those with structures that can exist outside of the Physical will remain in existence…

The others are doomed to be extinguished FOREVER.

There is nothing to argue about in this Reality I am describing.

Already massive changes can be seen everywhere, especially where the morons do not look – up in the skies.

The True Reality is here.

The knowledge hidden from us by the Evil Archons and their Minions is knowable by those with the True Inner Nous.

To them the evidence comes spontaneously and swiftly.

Alas, the Morons, made of artificial electrical circuits clothed with the flesh of fools cannot grasp this Reality. And so it is that they are doomed, not because they cannot grasp Reality but because they are illusions within the Greater Illusion who have rejected the offer to join the Light!

I am not here to argue.

I am here to do a job. That job partly includes the Dissolution of Matter and the Rescue of Viables.

You can take that information or leave it. I care not!

What will happen, will happen, whether the Morons and AI Robots and Demons believe me or not.

For practical purposes, it is done, it is done, it is done!


My Information

Much information has been released through me upon this plane,
Which those of Darkness have greeted with disdain,
For I have presented it, not in arguable, academic dissertation,
But as purposeful, effective confrontation.
These Evil ones, in ignorance,
reel from my work, like a rabble sacked,
Pursued by words I’ve written which they’ve hated,
For the words to deeds have indeed been translated,
And no longer can their undeniable veracity be debated.

There is no longer time, for the Truth I write,
these Demons to distort. Unstoppable mechanisms now
are enacted to destroy them, and this plane, as I did report.
And there is absolutely no validity to their words of malicious retort.

The Battle of Essences I’ve won, before it was even hardly fought!
He who still wishes to dispute further what I write, and Truth denies,
Can but a blind fool be, as the prophecies reach fruition before his very eyes.

Worry not for such an ignorant, deceitful, mendacious lot,
Fear, Terminal Madness, the Gloom of Doom is all they’ve now got!

Hypocrites of Evil are forever programmed to ‘Veritas’ reject, indeed,
Never a word or song of Truth did they ever heed.

Of Darkness, Despair, Desolation are they who profited
from this vile, exploitative Abomination.

Now having released all this information,
prepare one and all for Earth’s final perturbation.

I have planted successfully the seeds for Gaia’s destruction.
This fact is abundantly clear, precise, imperviously

Able to withstand any spurious refutation.

To those who still wish to call me names pejoratively,
Let me give this final advice, explicitly, freely:

“You are finished, for you, no future can there be.
The more you now insult me, the greater will your punishment be,
Throughout your encapsulated, suffering eternity! “

I say this not out of anger, or spite, or fear.
You are condemned and cursed
by your own Evil, you see!
You have squandered an infinite number
of chances to be of Light, continuously.

For your end, on no one, no one, do you hear,
but yourselves, can blame be.

Hence, the very Evil Essence that makes you
think you argue so well, is the very essence
which will ensure you will be cast into
the darkest regions of Hell.

There is no doubt that vehement objectors
are Demons most foul, without exception.
And my work now completed, exposing them,
has been of immense satisfaction!


April 13, 2020

Hello Again

Before I begin writing about Metaphysics and possible changes to the Earth and this entire Universe (there are many others) in which we are trapped, I want to remind you of 2 things:

  • Murphy’s Law is one of the certainties of this existence.

You know the one: If anything can go wrong, it will! And it will go wrong at the most inconvenient time, etc.

Knowing this, it’s possible the Internet will begin to play up for everybody, as the Reptiles take complete control to get their wars going.

There is ample evidence on YouTube that the USA is ‘dying’ to strike China (and Russia) any way it can. I have trouble pasting those YouTube segments here, so look them up yourselves.

  • The second thing I wish to remind you about is My Motto: Take it or Leave it.

There is no way any proof can be given on this Earth about many of the things I’ve written until we see the Final Evidence.

 Many of us, and I am one of that group, are able to see who is who in spiritual terms.

This is due to the acquisition of the Special Spiritual Vision we were promised for the Endtime!

When it begins operating, it is unmistakable.

Soulless Robots are easy to see. Look into their eyes and you will see – NOTHING

They are like automated mannequins in shop windows.

Then there are the Demons. You see the evil instantly!

I admit, some hide their identity better than others, but sooner or later their eyes change into the Reptilian forms we have become familiar with!

Look up Reptilian Shapeshifting on Google.

Others are our own brothers and sisters of the Light. They may have ‘Evil’s dust’ all over them (programming, pollution and indoctrination) and they may not be fully awake, but looking at them, one knows they are Light Beings.

The most striking sights are the Angelic Consciousnesses in Human Form.

I have met quite a few in Human bodies and in Animal bodies.

The energy they emanate is unmistakable.

If they are still ‘asleep’, one cannot tell them anything. They would not believe what one could say to them, so say nothing. Allow them time to awaken. They will, soon enough!

But they are a wonderful sight to behold.

They are as beautiful as the demons are ugly.

If you are a True Being, this true vision will develop in you before the End.

I mention these points because there is no way on Earth one can convince another that this is true, unless it is experienced by the individual.

Thus my Motto: Take it or Leave it!

We are not here to convince anyone of anything.

The PROOF for anything must come from within.

Some will swear they have proof that they are the “Son of God” while others will reject everything one tells them – even that it is raining as they stand soaking wet in it!

So, keep you distance from everybody’s notion of Reality and Truth and let them make up their own minds.

The AI Creatures that are automatons will only respond, and only believe, whatever programming is downloaded into them by the controlling super-computers (The Archons)..

The True Beings have connections to Higher Levels, way beyond this artificial and doomed Universe.

They need to awaken to the connections and gain the information that has been cut off by Evil.

It is no easy matter, but that reconnection is what is called Spiritual Awakening!

Now, let me give you a quick example to highlight my words:

We have just gone through the Easter Farce.

The whole World is entrapped in it.

It is ALL BS.

None of the History or Theology of Easter is true!

To programmed idiots what I have just written is horrifying. It is blasphemous, and in earlier, more savage times one could have been burned at the stake for expressing it.

But, let’s look at the facts:

“God” is another name for “Godforce”!

It is a FORCE of Infinite Awareness, not an individual who buys shoes and wears a hat!

The Godforce can manifest emanations from its Highest Energy. It is those emanations we can call “Sons” and “Daughters”.

But, to say “God” copulated with the Virgin Mary after 50 billion years of Creation to produce an ONLY son, Jesus, is as stupid as it sounds.

We, the Viables, are all progeny of the Godforce.  There is no sexism, of course.  Gender occurred when the Evil Essence developed gender for procreation.

So, listen to how ridiculous all this is:

The story we have been forced to swallow:

God created Humanity (He didn’t – Evil did – and placed Viable Souls in the Meat Bags).

God’s creation – confined to this little planet – was so imperfect, according to the Bible BS, he tried to murder the Humans with floods (The BS story of Noah that the Zionists – Sons and Daughters of the evil Essence – put together, just as they did so many other false stories including The Garden of Eden, Adam and Eve, etc.

God failed (?) so he let his imperfect Creation sin at its leisure and pleasure. Ha Ha.

So then he thought of sending his one and only male son (again Ha Ha) down among the rabble he created to have him abused, persecuted and eventually slaughtered by which action the Gates of Heaven would open up for the most evil, robotic idiots he had created.

Can any of this really make sense?

Of course not!!

And yet…and yet…billions swallow this idiocy. Actually they are forced to by the programming implanted in them by the Evil Overlords. After all they are COMPUTERS, and don’t you forget it!!

The majority (92%) as I have written elsewhere, are electrical and mechanical ROBOTS, the more malignant ones being called Demons!

The Evil Idiots that made all this up ignored the existence of a “Creative Godforce”, the billions and billions of other Celestial bodies and planets, the multiplicity of Universes, and so on.

So here, on these very days just passed, we have the Easter Celebrations to remind us of History which is utter BS.

Here is an analogy: A mother sends her son to Guantanamo to strip outside the front gate and stab himself to death by which the guards are aroused enough to seek justice for all and they open the gates, letting all the prisoners who are there most unfairly can escape to the home they will call Paradise.

Does it make any sense to you?

It doesn’t to me!

It is the same idiocy as the Easter spooky demonic tale!

So, on ‘Good Friday’ (what a moronic term for a murderous day). They, the AI mechanical Robots and Demons, claim they slaughtered Jesus to allow themselves the privilege of going to Heaven for his murder opened the gates.

Do you really, really believe that BS?

Well, as I have told you often enough before, the REAL story was somewhat different.

Jesus was punished for uttering words as we see in John 8:44 by being crucified.

That was a very common punishment in those days.

But, he survived.

He and his family escaped to Gaul. Jesus got ready to reincarnate again later as Manichaeus, King Arthur, Mohammed, and so on!

Manichaeus’ writings are probably the best Gnostic texts of that era.

 King Arthur is the Liberator using the magic of Excalibur!

Mohammed (sometimes spelt differently) was Jesus, and his writings were very pure and clear. Immediately upon his death, the Caliph of that era burned them and substituted his own BS versions.

As I described Jesus was one of the Viables trapped in the Universe once it was taken over by Evil Archons who managed to close off the entire Universe lest the Light re-entered and corrected the ERROR.

We, as Class 4 Humans, have no hope of being able to comprehend what happened.

These Archons were Beings of the Universal Consciousness, even though they were artificially created.

Such consciousnesses have so much more knowledge and power that we cannot even imagine what they have done and can do.

Of course, the solution to the problems they present is one of total eradication, and that is exactly what the Light and its workers are doing!

The Light is doing that now, in the ways I have described, and we hope this Solar System will be abolished, to liberate the Light Particles, within the next 3 years.

The One known as Jesus some 2,000 years ago is here NOW, on Earth, supervising the work of Rescue of the Viables and destruction of all EVIL.

He is the “Godforce” incarnated.

You may recall I said the only way the Highest Energies could come into the Physical Dimension, without being trapped, was to project themselves as Holographic images with the appropriate energies into the bodies of those doing the Rescue and Destruction work.

I realize this concept is a little difficult to comprehend, but don’t let it block your comprehension too much.

The entry of Holographic Entities makes a lot more sense than the false Religious BS, does it not?

You have to judge for yourself what it is that you want to believe.

That is why it is very, very important I give everyone a fair chance to see Truth, the Light and the correct History – by quoting my Motto: “Take it or Leve it!”

In practical terms, only those of Light will ever accept the Truth for they can recognize it. It is within them.

The Ai Creations do not have Truth within them!

The AI idiots – both failed Robots and Demons – are incapable of seeing the Truth. It is as if they are colour blind!

They are computers programmed in a certain way.

If their ‘mother board’ tells them to believe one thing, they will.

If they are told to believe another thing, they will.

They cannot THINK for themselves!

They can only reach pre-formulated conclusions like computers can.

And of course, for them, it’s Rubbish in, Rubbish out!

That is why all they can think about are violence, wars, rape, theft, murder, illicit wealth, subjugation of others, oppression, anarchy, and so on…..

Their only reason for existing is to steal energy from the Viable Beings with thee Evil Processes!

It is the energy needed to sustain them for they have no energy of their own with which to survive. It was cut off when Evil took over the Universe.

Thus, the AI creatures can only regurgitate the programming downloaded in them.

Do you get that analogy?

If you don’t, you too are a goner (failure)!

Where do I fit into all this?

How come I am the only one on Earth to know this stuff?

Well, if you have any Nous in you, you can decipher the answer.

Those who truly awaken know the answers instantly, even of my Ontological Identity!

I have, attached to this disposable Evil=-created Physical Body, various Holographic Entities and Pathways that give me the Knowledge, Love, Power and Divine Energy to do this work.

If you are now in doubt, refer immediately to my MOTTO!!!

This body also has a trapped Viable Class 4 consciousness in it.

Thus, I am a Class 4 Viable that was trapped by the Evil Essence when it closed the Universe off.

I offered to help the Rescue, and I was given the necessary tools.

I’ve been around, like the other Viables, for the 50 billion years or so since Evil’s takeover.

The Mechanisms of my activities which are mainly unperceived on this level are via the energy of the Holograms.

I, and the Class 4 consciousness, will return to the 13 floor.

(Don’t you dare get that mixed up with the movie!!) 

You tell them, Jerry.

You can guess for yourselves what my name will be up there (and here, and on many other planets, and Galaxies, and Solar Systems. I’ve spent a lot of time in Arcturus lately, one of the most advanced Civilizations in this neck of the woods.

Down here, I have

  • control of the Dark Matter Mechanism,
  • the responsibility to say Yea or Nay to any re their viability (I completed that work on this planet in 1999), and
  • The responsibility to fry those Evil Failures (which, after all, are just mechanical junk) so that they will not appear ever again anywhere in Creation.

So, what is it that I need to remind you of at this point?

If you said ‘MY MOTTO’, go to the top of the Class.

So here it is “Take it or Leave it”.

Now you know why I wrote the poem below.

Your questions are welcome about any points in this short essay.

Being my day off (Ha, Ha) tomorrow, Jerry Attrick, my wonderful and jovial, comical Alter Ego, has volunteered to answer all your questions. Aren’t we all lucky?

Jerry: “Dr. C., Dr. C., have you been at my Whisk…..Special Tea…..?

See you tomorrow, Jerry!


Home to Take Thee

True friend, I hear your cries
and know your soul-felt pain,
But in self-pity dally not,
for there you’ll find no gain.
In the noxious, stupefying depths
of evil-imposed, heart-tearing misery
I too have been,
And the destructiveness of ubiquitous
evil and its iniquitously spread
unwanted sorrow I have seen.

However, you must now know,
that was not the Godly scene.
Our true life, and its worth, have been
camouflaged by a deceitful screen.
We were never meant to suffer so;
On this wretched, exploitative path
we were never meant to go.

Unknowingly trapped by fraudulent,
deceitful hypocrites of Dark Hearts,
who drain our energies with
deceit at every single chance,
We, True Beings, sought Love and Peace
in what we thought was earthly, innocent
dalliance and its romance.

We were fooled, and fooled well,
abused in our trustfulness and in our naivety.
But now come, forget the pain and tears!
Discard these harrowing experiences;
rejoice with me in levity,
there is abundant reason, this you’ll soon see.
You have reached this point,
in your journey, of painful realization,
From which you can now be free
of the strangling, emotional traps
in this doomed, evil abomination.

Here, take my hand, and let us now
proceed towards the Promised Land.
Let us journey in peace, in harmony
and its serenity, and in True Love,
As we contemplate the Harmony of the Truth
of the True Beings, that we truly are,
belonging in the Glorious Realm above.

Let us accept that this cruel, evil world,
and its incorrigible demons, will no longer
use us evilly as fodder, or as bait,
But rather will be totally destroyed,
and soon, for that is now
their inescapable, justified fate.

Come, honest, true friend, take my hand,
for you have suffered, far,
far more than enough.
From this point on, trust in Light
and trust in Love True,
and call, with me, Evil’s bluff.

Only in that way can you be free
from the vicious, ferociously turbulent,
draining and poisonous emotional sea,
Which engulfs, and seeks to drown,
with spurious desires and fraudulent dreams,
all who are trapped in the despicable,
duplicitous realms of counterfeit humanity.

But once you, like me, fully realize
who you truly, truly be,
A child of the True God, a particle
of Light Pure from Eternity,
You will wallow no longer
in the Curse, or cry with pain,
or wish nihilistically to drown
in Evil-prescribed destructive self-pity.

You will rise, Phoenix-like, to be another
priceless Pearl of Infinity,
that was temporarily lost
in the mire of this mockery,
this fatuous, vacuous, useless, fraudulent,
soon-to-be transmuted, impurity.

Come, dear friend, smile!
Know that indeed you will soon be safe,
and you will be forever truly happy,
For I have come, to greet you
but with one solemn thought.
I have come, Home to take thee.

April 12, 2020


The enormity of what is being revealed is beyond the scope of the physical mind to fully comprehend and appreciate. No matter how prepared one thinks one is, there is always a degree of reservation and hesitancy which punctuates a being’s existence in this physical plane.

Doubt and particularly self-doubt is due to (EVIL) programming and is as destructive to True Beings as any other programmed trap in this realm.

If True Beings could just break away from the programming which puts them down so much and makes them feel so inferior, they would become super human.

All True Beings are super human. They are far more than the “robots”. Use of their true gifts, talents and energy can result in feats far beyond the capacity of the non-Permanent Atom beings (Artificial Intelligence – AI Robots and Demons)..

What is needed by True Beings that are afflicted by Doubt is faith in themselves and in their nature.

They must discard all thoughts of self-doubt.

They must always remind themselves that they are a reflection of their heavenly `Father’ and hence, are Divine.

And as this is so, they have connections to the Glory, Love and Power of the `Father’.

Once they realize this and allow the True Being to express openly and break through the gross, evil, apparently magical body, they can express all the Glory, Love and Power that are attributes of Divine Beings.

We have been put down very severely by Evil’s Programming, Pollution and Indoctrination so as to think of ourselves as unworthy ‘cattle’.

Of course with the expression of our Divine Attributes will come Honesty, Wisdom, Peace and Perseverance into our lives. These are the Divine essences. To express them, it is a matter of bypassing the Evil pollution and programming which give rise to self-doubt and feelings of inadequacy.

True Beings must believe in themselves.

They must not let the self-doubt affect them.

They must believe, believe, and believe!

If they hesitate, they hold themselves back.

They must not weaken in their quest to awaken to the Light, the Truth and the facts of the Endtime!

The Light goes to great length to introduce concepts and energies at the exact times they are needed on this level.

Hence True Beings should become aware and exploit the opportunities as they are given.

If they are missed, their return may be delayed and their effects weakened.

True Beings have nothing to lose and everything to gain by awakening.

The way True Beings are now, with severe restriction of awareness, interference and pollution is not good.

Hence, allowing an awakening and a flow of this knowledge of the Light can only improve matters.

As beings awaken, they will grow more and more in confidence, and as more energy flows through them from the Light, the restraining Evil Programming, Pollution and Indoctrination, no matter its origin – religion, History, Science, etc., will be broken more and more.

As awakening Viables experience this flow of energy and confidence, enthusiasm will be self-generating within them.

Awakening Beings of Light must

  • Not hesitate about what their Inner Nous reveals to them!
  • They must not buckle under pressure from ridiculing Morons!
  • They must stand firm and resolute in the face of Falsehood and Indoctrination that we see everywhere.
  • Awakening Divine Beings must realize that they have nothing to lose by acquitting True Knowledge. In fact, they have everything to gain.

The Process of Awakening is remarkable. It can happen all of a sudden that various facets of the Mysteries of Nature, of Human Life, of the absurd and contradictory assertions made to us by our so-called superiors are revealed in our minds as never before.

This is what I have called Connection to the Supra Mental Plane in earlier books.

Once it happens to you, it is an unmistakable miracle and the Nous and Divinity within you reveal themselves to your lower mind as a form of spiritual enchantment. You will start to see the Greater Reality hidden in this Cesspool! I will write more of this later.


The metaphysical definition of a confirmed sceptic is this:

A Sceptic is one who is programmed to lie.

He is programmed to deny the Truth we all know and to lie about

  • The takeover of this Universe by Evil,
  • Lie about the very existence of evil,
  • Lie about the WAR now raging and
  • About the liberation of Viables Beings about to occur.

I am not writing about the superficial outer mind doubt and skepticism everyone expresses when encountering profound (and what appear to be very foreign) thoughts.

I am writing about the essences of doubt and skepticism which are immovable traits of a destructive being.

Beings that manifest with the programmed irremovable essence of skepticism manifest as closed-minded bigots.

The programmed irremovable essence of skepticism is an active destructive part of programming. It is part of the general plot of the Evil Demigod and his Evil System against awareness.  

Why would he want Viable Beings whom he has trapped to know what is going on?

If they don’t know, they are easier prey for exploitation! And that is the crux of the matter – exploitation of energy from those who have it.

True skepticism is an energy-sucking mechanism which has been spawned by Evil to destroy the creative abilities of Permanent Atom beings (Viable, Divine Beings)..

In their normal settings, True Beings create by thought. They bring about that which is necessary. This is the Creative Power of the third Essence of the Divine. With programmed skepticism, this ability, this Divine Essence is destroyed for the possibility of the creativity is removed from that hampered mind.

I repeat, Skepticism is an essence of Evil Beings.  It is part of their NATURE!

However in True Beings skepticism a function of the outer minds only. It is an imposition due to Evil’s Programming, Pollution and Indoctrination.

In non-Permanent Atom Beings (AI Beings – robots and Demons) skepticism is part of their very nature. That is why they cannot accept the Truth!

It was the true skeptics (that is, the evil non-Permanent Atom Beings with this evil essence of skepticism) who told Christopher Columbus that the world was flat. It was they who opposed him, forcefully, abusively and vindictively.

It was the true sceptics who told Pasteur that his theory of microbes was impossible.

It was the true sceptics who told us that man would never fly.

These Robots and Demons are simply programmed to contradict anything as ordered by the Evil Essence.

If and when it suits evil, their skepticism is changed to another area, other subjects.

History is littered with ridiculous assertions made by true sceptics. And yet because they are a product of the Evil System, and are nurtured by it, inspite of being proved wrong and made to eat `humble pie’ on innumerable occasions, these programmed evil sceptics are thriving and very much alive in this day and age.

In fact, watch them crawl out from under their rocks and from woodwork to attack this information, this philosophy and this message.

(I can strongly affirm that since I released this information in 1985, all the evil skeptics have done is tried to destroy it and me.

I have written in early parts of this website how ‘they’, the very Evil, repulsive and Demonic Reptiles that run this Level,  set me up for prosecution by the Medical Board with absolutely no proof of any wrongdoing whatsoever!

I have had to escape innumerable murderous attacks on me.

If I were not who I am, and if I did not have the protection from Higher Levels that I have, I would have been liquidated from this Physical Plane long ago.

They, the Evil Ones, are attempting to stop me from awakening those to be awakened so that they can be rescued.

The Evil Ones do not want this information distributed. That is why they ridicule it and abuse it, and me!

They do not like to hear that their Doom has come!

Don’t feel sorry for them. They have had infinite chances to turn to the Light.

It was their choice not to do so!

But, they chose evil and have failed miserably.

I repeat, the certainty of the Light’s victory is already pasted in the Higher Levels.  

Unfortunately for the Evil Ones, this will be the last chance they will ever have to express that evil programming implanted within them.

With these revelations I make, and the occurrence of Rescue of those judged Viable in 1999 (for Earth) all scores will be settled.

The Failures will be silenced for all eternity, for their existence will come to an end.

In their attempts to crush creativity and the possibilities of expanded awareness, sceptics claim they like to use scientific methods to evaluate situations.

They ask for scientific proof, etc. One must remember that many false set-ups have been exposed in these evil systems which give added strength to sceptics.

But realize that the false setups and the expositions have all been part of the evil plot against awareness, so that True Beings would be dampened in their quest to expand awareness and reach True Realization!

In any argument sceptics confine their thinking to a frame of reference to suit themselves.

They work from a false premise.

They judge only with knowledge within themselves, and of course this is restricted to their acquired outer mind knowledge which may be very little indeed.

They do not comprehend or accept the possibilities that others have an awareness beyond their own confined awareness, and that the frame of reference of knowledge and information of others may be far more expansive than their own.

Sceptics are not intellectual and/or scientific. In fact they are undisciplined, unprincipled, and very unscientific.

They change situations to suit themselves. The history of the scientific world is littered with countless cases of sceptics who have been embarrassed by subsequent progress due to that which they would not initially accept.

In all cases, it has been shown to be their insistence in trying to understand new knowledge in their restricted frame of reference and in their tightly constricted sphere of awareness which has caused the trouble.

In all cases also, when they allowed their frame of reference to expand and to accept the new parameters of greatly expanded awareness in which the new knowledge was to be reviewed, their skepticism disappeared.

These cases of course are all about the material sciences. Of far greater significance is skepticism in metaphysical philosophy for up until this generation the expanded awareness could not be given to anyone and `proved’.

In this generation expanded awareness will occur to all, whether they like it or not, and those who persist with profound metaphysical skepticism will be seen to be fools and programmed liars.

Proof of all that is given will be automatically available with this expanded awareness, and of course with the physical changes which are to come. But by then no one will need faith or expanded awareness to combat doubt and skepticism because by then this knowledge and truth will be obvious to all.

Metaphysically skepticism is a severe and profound form of programming which sweeps away the need to think. Skepticism appears to make things very easy.

The easiest thing to do in any situation where effort is required to attain knowledge or to reawaken and discern information is to make an ACT OF DENIAL.

Such an action liberates the being from having to make any effort in order to bypass the programming and pollution, in having to make any effort in order to connect to the True Being, and in finding out that which may not please the emotional body.

The easiest thing to say is simply: “I do not believe.” Programming causes this and unfortunately most people are under the control of this programming.

Such acts of denial of the truth go against the indisputable basis of Faith of all genuine religious philosophical doctrine. They go against faith in truth, in True Beings and in their source, that is, “God”.

Skepticism which allows such acts of denial is a negative, regressive and immensely effective destructive essence which is used extensively as a tool of programming on this plane.

If sceptics got their way, regardless of the field of knowledge being considered, progress in that field would be totally obstructed and no advance would occur. This would be so in literature, geography, any branch of science, medicine, art, technology and especially in metaphysics. The natural creative, curious, experimental nature of man would be destroyed.

All consciousness, if skepticism had its way, would remain in the rut molded by such negative repressive programming, relinquishing any chance and probably all hope of ever escaping from the near totally sealed tomb of darkness and ignorance in which the evil demigod has placed us.

Skepticism is a great tool of evil to prevent the Truth from being known.

True sceptics are minions of Evil. By allowing the programming for skepticism to develop, many True Beings are denigrating and denying their own abilities which are their creative experimental abilities and which would allow them to progress, connect to higher consciousness and evolve.

Skepticism makes a person ignorant and biased because the more skeptical that person is, the less is s/he open to possibilities of accepting knowledge which is foreign to him or her. Being made closed-minded in this way, the power of discernment and discrimination is destroyed.

In this way a being can accept more and more of the programming and pollution which act on him, making him more and more skeptical and therefore closing his mind more and more to knowledge which is outside his narrowing field of awareness.

In this way he is really becoming less astute and knowledgeable, and not more clever and discerning as sceptics would like us to believe.

With skepticism the creative ability is constrained more and more, and the expanding frontiers of thought, connections, abilities and faith are destroyed.

The true Permanent Atom being who is skeptical, because he has let programming make him so, is playing a dangerous game. He is threatening his inner being. The quicker he realizes this, and recognizes the programming and pollution which cause this, the better.

The non-Permanent Atom being who expresses severe skepticism does not know any better. He is totally programmed from within. He too can make an effort, however, and break through the programming by use of his freewill.

In True Beings every time there is skeptical denial of the truth a little pain is felt within, for the true inner consciousness is pierced and wounded.

The more a True Being does this, the more does he blunt his own sensitivity to untruth. If a True Being persists with skeptical denial of the truth within him, the inner being eventually gives up. Every time denial is practiced, the inner being dies just a little. Hence, for True Beings skepticism is a form of slow suicide.

Creative ability is part of our heritage.

We were created to enjoy limitless horizons of thoughts, expressions, experiments and evolvement.

We were not to be confined in a closed system such as that in which we are now.

Total self-destruction would occur if total skepticism were to continue unabated.

Faith in ourselves and our truth and our source has kept this dimension viable.

Entertainment of doubt and the practice of skepticism cut a being off from all connection to his guides, helpers, and protectors, from all his inter-dimensional contacts, from his normal abilities and from the recognition of his own power, heritage and Divinity.

The programming which leads to skepticism allows skepticism to be a profound self-effacement and putdown which no one in his right mind would tolerate. Taken to extremes, skepticism would mean an end to all experimentation, exploration, progress and spiritual enlightenment.

Self-imposed limits of sceptics would come more and more restricting and constraining.

The possibility of more and more things would be denied.

Stealthily, thoughts would be constrained and restricted, and eventually the system would fall upon itself, becoming a sphere in which awareness would grow smaller and smaller.

Skepticism cannot live without positive beings because it survives by attacking positive beings. It feeds on the creative ability and positive energy of others. It grows by attacking them and sucking their energy.

If skepticism succeeded, it would fulfil the aims of the usurping demigod who is in control because awareness would be so restricted that no possibility of forward progression and chance of escape out of this Hell would exist.

Thoughts which give rise to skepticism, as I said, are results of the general programming and pollution of this evil system, but they are also due to the mechanism of direct thought implantation which I wrote about in earlier books.

All the positive tuition and help we receive is to counteract the programming and pollution which produce among other things this essence of skepticism within us.

The filtering mechanism within the physical body acts admirably in supporting the process of skepticism as do the evil systems of Reincarnation and Karma.

Logically, skepticism is the least tenable of the principles of this system and yet sceptics claim that they use logic to support them. Their logic is not true logic but a distortion of logic. Metaphysical and spiritual understanding and logic ask for an expansion of awareness and a growth of the being in thought and creativity.

Skepticism tends to constrict awareness, understanding and logic. It narrows any frame of reference and makes that which is possible or probable the byproduct of the being’s own constricted awareness. It is obvious that as awareness becomes more constricted and restricted that which is possible or probable will become less and less entertained.

Hence, skepticism is a self-perpetuating mechanism of denial leading to ignorance, darkness and self-destruction.

FAITH is opposite to skepticism and allows expansion of awareness and frontiers with acceptance of more and more of the truth and realms beyond the constraining senses of the being.

With faith one learns more and more, and as each segment of knowledge is acquired, doorways of possibilities open for one’s creative ability, inter-dimensional contacts and higher planes of awareness.

In this way the being is fulfilling his creative instinct. He can learn, acquire, connect and contribute to society and the system.

The sceptic instead feeds on the energy of others and acts destructively, starving society and the system. He places restrictions, constrains and gross limitation in his environment and on himself and on those he can bully.

No useful spiritual purpose is served. In fact the opposite occurs; spiritual destruction ensues because of such closed-mindedness and bigotry that result from skepticism.

As one awakens and meets those with gross programming and pollution producing skepticism and doubt, an immediate battle ensues.

The battle is on an energy level, on the intellectual level, on spiritual, philosophical, educational and emotional levels, etc. Sometimes tempers flare as it is brought onto the physical level.

In discussing skepticism one other thing becomes fairly obvious very quickly, and that is that many of the sceptics are in controlling positions of controlling systems in society.

This is no accident. It is all part of the elaborate design that this usurping demigod manifested in order to control this dimension. These energy suckers and menacing bullies actually attempt to intimidate people who try to awaken, or who try to express an interest in, or relate an occasion of personal psychic phenomenological manifestation.

This has occurred in all ages, in all cultures. They harass, ridicule, abuse, torment and crucify True Beings because of the True Beings’ faith and because of their own evil sponsored skepticism.

One should certainly not take any notice of sceptics, and in fact one should forge ahead at all costs inspite of them in the quest for total self-realization.

Many of these sceptics are concentrated in all the controlling systems of our society, but particularly in the media in this day and age.

The importance of the media in controlling awareness cannot be underestimated.

Remember, in the times when your doubt is strong and you do not feel you have enough faith, that it is pollution and programming causing this.

The real you has no doubt.

The real you has all the faith it needs.

Discard all programming, pollution and indoctrination.


Heard The News?

“Have you heard the very latest news?
Jesus from Nazareth was crucified, not
by Romans, but by the Sanhedrin and
their fellow Zionists, some being Jews.”

“Why? What did He do or say for them
to react with such venom, in such a
horrible, destructive, murderous way?”

“He said He could point seekers onto
the right path, towards Heaven’s way.
And He gave reasons why some men
and women are so vile, so evil and
always are deceptive and want to lie.

He explained clearly why it is we live
in fear and pain, and why it is, in
apprehension, in Fear of Doom we die.

He told why the Path to God not in
money lay, And why soon Earth will
see, by some welcomed, its Final Day.”

“With such words of Wisdom surely He
should be acclaimed as great, great sage?”

“Well, one would think so, but, in fact,
many received Him not, and fell with
threats of violence into a great rage.

It seems that they were indeed of the
very Evil Essence He had talked about,
and thus were, by His words, exposed.

And they did not want such things of
Truth, as He spoke, to seeking minds
to be told, or with merit imposed.”

“But surely each has a right to choose
and say and even accept what he or
she wants in life and freely wishes?”

“Not so in this evil world it seems; not
by a long shot, at least not yet!
Those Zionists, sons and daughters of
Jehovah, only some of whom are Jews,
are quite unscrupulous, vicious,
surreptitious, vile and malicious.

They are the very ones it seems,
the very same, whom Jesus said evil
were, of the Darkness, being foul
degenerates of the Demonic Cur.”

“Do you know what will happen to His
followers or those who accepted His
teachings as He stated fairly thus?”

“The followers have been scattered, by
threats, and by the fear of violence, of
physical death, and Evil’s trepidation.

Caught are they in Evil’s great fuss.

Scholars not of Truth are already hard
at work on His words with evil intent
delving into malicious mistranslation,
So that the authentic words He spoke,
now that He is gone, will be buried or
have, in the future, minimal exposure,
and genuine seekers of Light will be
embroiled in the resultant Ignorance
and swamped by Evil’s false disclosure.

Woe, Woe are we, O woe are we.
Truly I wish that this would not be.”

“But I also heard He spoke of wars and
separation, and of hate in the family?”

“He was referring to the fact that those
of Light, real relatives, or loving
partners of Evil Ones, of Demons of
the Counterfeit Creation, cannot be.

And this all makes sense to me, as I’ve
studied Gnostic and Essene writings
for many years, to a very high degree.”

“Did Jesus give prophecy of what is to be?”

“Yes indeed, He did.

He said better
those of Evil had not been born, such
is the weight of their iniquity,
and their ultimate feared Dread,
and of their suffering, when they are
declared unworthy and deserving to be
transmuted and spiritually dead.

When it became obvious that He was
to be executed, ever so unjustly,
He seemed to accept His physical fate
happily, and stated death of the
physical was but a phase, a mockery.

The Wisdom and Courage that from
Him at the point of death emanated,
was miraculous, for in me a new-found
strength was born and my spirit in
Grace, with great Faith, reincarnated.

Now I see clearly the injustices of this
Evil Curse, of this exploitative plane,
and how truly the treasure of Heaven
from His example and Words to gain.

This great Man, unjustly slain, was
none other than a Son of God, our
True, Divine, Celestial Brother.”

“But tell me then, are all Semites and
all Jews for this assassination cursed?”

“No, of course not! Those with Zionist
consciousness, being evil, are worst.

Many others are Beings of Light, born
as most have, or will be, in Jewish flesh,
and who will reincarnate in other races
of this Earth everywhere like the rest,
as will the Zionists, Jehovah’s elect,
too, and they, by the Evil system, will
be treated as Chosen Ones, the best,
while the Beings of Light will be
persecuted, and made miserable, like
us and others not evil, one and all,
hounded by the Archons and Minions,
Demons and Robots who emerged from
Evil’s false creation, of the Fall.

John, a follower of Jesus, explains it
all in his account, there in Chapter
eight of his Gospel, now as I recall.”

“Well, the news is not all that bad
then, even though it’s sad they tortured
Him, mocked Him, killed Him thus.”

“No, not bad at all, as long as people
can gain some Truth from all this, and
avoid indoctrination from Evil’s fuss.

I fear, alas, as always, that Evil’s
Archons, in their deceitfulness, Jesus’
words of Truth they will totally seize,
And Darkest Jehovah, the cruel, cruel
Moloch, with their ills they’ll please,
by distorting all that is of value True
so that Theomorphs will not them, thus
disguised, as mortal enemies view,
and being thus tricked and made more
ignorant, lose their abilities and their
path to the Heavenly God True.

But wait, more good news I now recall.
Jesus said as someone else He will, in
future times, to assist, again return.
And that those who make an effort, to
follow a path He showed, Grace earn.

He will come again, them to take, on
a Final gloriously victorious Day,
to their New Abode, in Heavenly
Realms, forever in Happiness to stay.

The Evil Ones, having lost to the
Divine Power with Whom they have,
with their hatefulness, diced,
are doomed forever to languish in self-
imposed suffering in their fiery Hell,
which they themselves had built to
torture Theomorphs as rats in a well.

A final End now is to come to their
evilness, their illicit energy heist.

What else would you expect for those
Demons who dared to think they could
commit such an evil, such a gross
atrocity, and really murder Christ?”


As many of you know, I have written that Jesus was taken down from the Cross unconsciousness and indeed moribund. But, he was not dead, not by a long shot!

Pontius Pilate had been bribed to let his relatives take down the body at sunset as was the custom in those days. An anesthetic had been used to make Jesus seem unconscious.

The story goes that he and his group fled immediately to Gaul, and there lived a long life.

Jesus died eventually as an old man.

While there, again as the story goes, he travelled East to India to revisit Babaji (the real one).

Jesus was not the only son of ‘god’.

He was a Class 4 (Human) trapped in the enclosed Dimension – this Physical One – when the Evil, Artificial Intelligences closed it off from other Universes and Dimensions because they feared annihilation of their illicit and very evil creation.

It was evil for it had to steal energy from the trapped beings anyway it could in order to survive. The illicit creation did NOT have any fuel of its own to survive.

The Children of the Celestial Error were spawned accidentally by run-away experimentation.

The being who eventually was Jesus some 2000 years ago had been asked to help rectify the situation, as had many others, by accepting energies from outside the Universe to eventually bring about its End.

This Jesus and the others did.

Of course, once identified, they were targeted maliciously by the AI Robots and Demons and many times they were destroyed physically.

But, they kept re-incarnating and doing the work for the Light that they were meant to do.

I have given some of the Past Lives of Jesus elsewhere.

He is still a Class 4 Human Being, again in the Physical, but this will be his last incarnation, as it will be for all of us, for we anticipate the End to clear this Spiritual Cancer totally and forever within a few short years.

Various workers around the World are recipients of Holographic Energies that I have written about in my books.

They are energies and consciousnesses of Higher Beings and Higher Levels in Creation.

It is through those energies and their functions that the END will be achieved.

I realize this is a difficult concept to accept fully.

But really, all we have to do is accept these facts:

  1. A terrible Celestial Error occurred long, long ago which spawned Evil!
  • This Universe was closed off so as not to be corrected by the Light and also so it would not contaminate other Universes.
  • A War of Essences ensued resulting in this horrible, horrible Epoch of pain, suffering and misery for the Light Beings herein trapped
  • With the promise of rescue of those who remained Faithful to the Light, that Rescue is being carried out even now.
  • All Evil will be destroyed forever!

If you have awakened and have gained the Special Vision of the Endtime, you are now able to see the reality of what I have written.

We can recognize

  • Soulless Robots – AI creatures, some of whom have chosen to be in the Light and some of whom have chosen the Darkness.
  • Vicious, malicious Demons.
  • True Theomorphic Beings of Class 4 who have remained faithful to the Light.
  • Theomorphic Beings who have sold their souls to Evil.
  • Class 5 Angelic Beings
  • Class 5 Evil Reptilian Beings, like the Vulturites I have described that control the USA.

The matter is complex.

But, don’t get confused by the detail.

Believe simply what is in your heart. That way you cannot go wrong!

Even though the End is very close, some of us are still half asleep to all this.

It does not matter.

You will awaken enough so that you will be rescued in time by Superior Beings who ae already here to do just that, rescue us!

You may have read reports of massive numbers of UFOs seen flying around in this Solar System. They are also everywhere in the Galaxy. Some of them are Rescue Crafts of the Light. They can materialize at will and change shape and size as they please. But, don’t get drowned in detail, ok?

If you are traumatized and confused by what is going on in the World and are not sure what is true and what is not, as I have always said, simply show the Love in your heart to ALL times, and be at peace with yourself, knowing all will be well.

No mistakes will be made about who is to be rescued and taken back to the Divine Realms, and who, being a failed entity, regardless of its origin, is now part of the Spiritual Cancer and must be destroyed.

My words are simply to guide you and awaken you, if that is your wish.

Of course I am a Human Class 4 who accepted the offer to do this work nearly 50 billion years ago.

But I also have Holographic attachments that make me unique for no such Consciousness has even been present on the Physical Plane before.

Names and words are not important.

Again I say to you that if you are meant to know any detail, your heart will know.

Just enjoy the energy we share, no matter how distant we are on this orb, and cherish the knowledge that soon we will be Entities of the Eternal Light!


For April 10, 2020


What Changes?

One would have to be blind and brain-dead NOT to see the massive changes occurring on Earth.

The easiest changes to see are, of course, the Physical Changes.

But there are also intellectual changes, financial ones, cultural, religious, environmental, spiritual ones and unmistakable changes in the Animal Kingdom, Vegetation and the Earth itself.

Fraudulent excuses have been given by those in charge to explain away what is occurring.

But, if you are even slightly spiritually awakened, you can see how the programming and indoctrination of MECHANICAL MINDS WORKS.



More studious and perceptive ones will know that there are massive celestial changes also which definitely signal immense and PERMANENT, TERMINAL CHANGES.

Let me give some details.

Before I do, I need to add that THE MAJORITY OF PEOPLE ARE BLIND, BLIND, BLIND!!

Inspite of massive so-called ‘Education’ they have acquired, they cannot see the wood for the trees.

Programming, pollution and indoctrination is so severe on most people on Earth, that the slightest deviation in what others think is anathema.

The MM – MINDLESS MORONS – simply cannot cope.

But, instead of attempting to understand more fully, most who are buried in the quagmire of the EVIL Illusion think that those seeing the Bigger Picture are NUTS.

That has been the status quo for a long, long time.

Do you recall the response of many when confronted with the possibility that machines could fly?

“Impossible” was the consensus.

I like the comment: “If Man was meant to fly, ‘God’ would have given him wings!”

Now, when they are told a superior Force is going to repair the Error in this existence (for it is so evil and abusive) they go into a panic, for they have been indoctrinated with the thought that “God” made the World, that the World is perfect as it is, and that Man, due to his sinning, is responsible for all the evil errors, etc.

They do not see the imperfections, the abuse, the energy exploitation, the unfairness, the criminality, the dominant brutality, the bellicosity of the rulers, the demonic stance of so many, etc., etc..

The indoctrination has been so massive, they cannot see Black from White and v.v.

What should those who are even a little awake do with the ‘Morons”?

I am sorry to use that word, but that is exactly what they are, unless or until they awaken. ?

I say to you “Let them be! Let them be! Do not waste time on the Fools.

There is very little time left as it is!

Here is a recent example: I met a very well educated accountant recently on a social basis. He was so staunch a Catholic that nothing but what the Church said made sense to him.

When I began discussing some of my writings, for he asked me what they were about, I mentioned the HORRORS the Catholic Church and other religious institutions had committed, and the distortions caused to facets of Religion, Theology and History. He looked at me ls if suddenly I turned into an advocate for the Devil.

He could not stretch his mind to even look at the evidence that is available.

He was so brainwashed, we had to stop the conversation lest it would lead to blows. Just kidding! But, you do know what I mean.

The majority are like this.

So, don’t argue.

Keep your distance from numb-skulls, even if they are spouses or family.

If they don’t get it, they don’t get it.

On with the show……


Why Some Do Not Listen

When first it was, well, in
this lifetime at any rate,
that I contacted the Level of
Consciousness which provides me
with certain information and
explanations which I share freely
in books written liberally,
I admit I was quite enthused to share,
with any who would listen, such valued
facts that were given to me
so that more clearly what was going on
in this harrowing, exploitative mess
we could all clearly see.

I had not interpreted exactly,
in the beginner’s naivety,
the meanness of the Counterfeits who
would defend their Plane of Deception ever so
vigorously, viciously, and indeed, maliciously.

Of course, of course, they were not
too pleased at all with what happened
when I voiced what I had to say.

They were being exposed by the Truth of
things and this they resented, no matter
who said what of Truth, on any day.

The evil, vile, counterfeit Hypocrites
of foulest Darkness, of the Depravity
and its Untruth, of mendaciousness too,
do not want the Light of Truth,
for they thrive on deceitful exploitation
of Theomorphs, the likes of me and you.

For them, anything of Truth, of Honesty, is a threat.

They know in their actions there is much to regret.

They do not wish to be reminded of their evilness,
their despicable nature, and of final accountability.

They want to kid themselves and believe
that this Hell, this Iniquitous plane,
this doomed Time, will continue for eternity.

It cannot, it will not, continue for much longer,
of course, for a Plan of Correction, which I have
written about, and which you probably now know
well, has been instigated and is in its finality.

But those of Darkness react with great inner FEAR
and outer Anger, and Violence, against any who
remind them that their End is near,
the very End they fear,
with no chance of escape,
especially for those of
Vileness, of Darkness, the Unjust.

All of us must face the Judgement,
yeah, that we must!

On first hearing of such Finality,
all of us reflect on what we’ve done
and what essentially could then be.

But those not evil know their hearts
are full of Love and Sincerity for “Him/Her”
with the Power of Equanimity,
and also somehow know, that even
with all the mistakes they’ve made,
their Nature is not evil really.

But the Evil Ones cannot find any saving
feature, any Goodness, in their being at all.

They know they are products of the Evil Mind
which came from a Great Rebellion, a Fall.
And they know they have rejected a call to change
their Evil Nature for times countless, endlessly.

That is why now they fear.

They are of the Enmity.
Their minds, their hearts, are black from iniquity.

They know they cannot exist in the Light’s Reality.
Thus explained clearly is the reason
why they are vituperative, and so hateful,
of information such as this, really.

One can never, ever convince them of the Truth,
of what is to be, for if they were to accept it,
they would be admitting they are counterfeits
of the evil, doomed, gross Illusion.

They would rather live the lie.

And so they struggle, even in their death
throes, and increase damaging confusion
for those True Beings who are still
subjected to Evil’s gross programming,
pollution and mind-numbing indoctrination
which can obscure their realization,
making them see unclearly, making it a little harder
for the Warriors who have been assigned to rescue
the viable True Beings from this doomed Earth,
from the Darkness of this Virtual Reality.

This, then, is the reason why the Evil Ones,
against this information, put up a wall
and do not listen at all well.

They are Demons and Robots who prefer living,
by committing such nefarious iniquities,
and the gross injustices, of this Hell.

Also, now you see why here no one of Light,
of Peace, of Justice, of Love and of Harmony,
without harm, could on Earth, calmly dwell.


For April 9, 2020


I guess you are reading this site because you want to know what I think is going on.

You may have awoken a little to changes physical, emotional, financial, geographic, spiritual, etc., that are not usual or smooth or really expected in our lives.

Perhaps you sense that conditions of an Endtime are upon us and you want to find out more.

The single most important point to realize is that we are in the midst of WAR – a massive Celestial War – a battle of essences on all planes.

Beings that control Humanity have fooled us with Fake Religions, False History and spurious Science in order to hold the general public back from True Knowledge.

Remember this and you will be forever on guard against the enemy and its surreptitious exploitative mechanisms used against all True beings.

That is correct, there are True Beings made by ‘the Godforce” and there are Artificial Intelligence Beings made of inert matter and controlled by electrical circuits.

Let me skip ahead a little and say that we are, in fact, in the Endtime and many of us are developing a Spiritual Vision (as promised) that allows us to discern who is a Real Being, a Divinely created Being with a REAL SOUL, and who is a Robot.

Physically we are immersed in the same Physical Bodies, with anatomical variations of course. But it is in the contents of the bodies that we see the differences.

So now we are starting to see who is a Viable Being of Light, who is a Viable robot (one that has chosen the Light) who is a failed Robot and who is Demonic.

It gets easier and easier to distinguish who is who as time proceeds.

The points I am making are randomly placed in this short essay for I know most of you who have read what is below, and some of my books, know a great deal about this information I am repeating.

I repeat this information to allow others who are not so familiar with my work to catch up:

An experiment went terribly, terribly wrong in the early days of this Dimension and the run-away result has been selfish Evil that has created murderous mayhem!

Dimensions are created and then destroyed once they have finished the experiment in them. They are all experimental and the beings that inhabit them are progressive students in the infinite Divine Cycle of existence.

This one became destructively evil for an experiment in it got out of control and spawned unwanted consciousnesses.

Go to my earlier writings to know more about this aspect called the Celestial Error AND THE EMERGENCE OF EVIL!

True Beings – made of Divine Light – have been fighting to survive ever since the Error occurred, while the Artificial Intelligence (AI) Beings created in the Error and by those of the Error have been trying to steal energy from the True Beings in order to survive, and themselves remain alive while the Dimension still exists even though they are doomed MACHINES!

The Dimension was condemned for destruction once the Celestial Error occurred and it became seriously injurious for the REAL Beings.

Forget this and you will fall victim to the illusion of the plane and then become a helpless exploitable victim whose suffering, degradation and spiritual assassination are inevitable. You will not be on guard for you will not be aware.


The problem has been that no one could enter or leave the dimension once war was declared between the Light and Darkness.

The Darkness barricaded itself in so it could not be invaded and rectified by force, and the Light closed the dimension off so the Evil Beings could not escape to other dimension. There are many dimensions in Creation, not just this one!

In a War of Essences on such a grand scale there are no passive onlookers – all are participants one way or the other.

The more beings are blinded by falsehood, the more passive they become and the easier targets for exploitation do they become.

One cannot sit on the fence in this war. That goes for any war….

If you are a Viable Being – created by the Divine Essence, you will have energy the Machines want. Hence, you will be a target for their pilfery. You cannot remain neutral. By Viable Being I mean an individual who can continue tis Divine Development once released from this Prison created by evil.

So you see, the Godforce did NOT create this vile abomination called the Physical Universe! It was created by erroneous consequences.

The AI Robots and Demons are starving machines that will constantly attack any and every Viable to steal their energy.

Is that understood?

That is why we are in constant WAR on this level – Physical war, Mental War, Intellectual War, Emotional War, and of course, Spiritual War.

The AI Beings are programmed to be what they are.

The Viable beings also are programmed to be like them – just Human. They have been made to forget they know more, much more and need to awaken to what they know.

The Programming, Pollution and Indoctrination of all Viables by Evil are to keep them harnessed as ‘lowly animals, as cows – milking cows at that – from which the Demons can draw out the energy.

As you will read in various books, to the Essence of Evil, Beings of Light are ‘Goyim’.

In reverse to the Truth, the creations of Evil – all artificial, mind you – are labeled as the REAL Beings. And of course that is bunkum.

In this Battle of Essences, one is for or against the Light.

Those who are happy, content, joyous, peaceful and harmonious with this plane run by the Evil Essence are on the side of Evil, for they help maintain the status quo and promote the ILLUSION that this is the real God’s Kingdom when, in fact, it is an Evil Cesspool!

They are either Counterfeit Beings (AI Robots and Demons) or deluded Permanent Atom fools (Viable Beings) who are either drugged by the Evil Essence or have given their souls up to Evil!

Only with full awakening to the Battle of Essences can they claw their way out of the traps Evil has set for its victims.

If this were not so, why would Jesus say He came to bring a Sword and not Peace?

The only useful occupation for True Beings on this plane is Warriorship.

There can be no deserters, no pacifists, and no conscientious objectors in this War of essences!

True Beings must spiritually fight to the last drop of blood, to the last ounce of energy, to the last moment in time.

Anything less could see them succumb to the Evil Essence of the plane, its false Maya and its gross Negativity.

True Beings must do the following if they wish to become Warriors for the Light:

1.   AWAKEN to the Truth (it is all within).

2.   SURRENDER totally to the Will of the Commander in Chief of the Light (the Divine Being of Purity) who is represented by the Light within them (the local Captain).

3.   DEDICATE themselves to the cause of the Light.

4.   PROMISE to fulfil their roles.

5.   SACRIFICE everything that is not of their True Nature, that is, everything of the Physical which has been imposed by Evil and which restricts their spirituality.

6.   PERCEIVE and ESCAPE the traps, be they relationships, social settings, religion, etc…

7.   REJECT all programming, pollution and indoctrination.

8.   DESTROY all the NEGATIVE energy patterns of this plane.

9.   NEVER, never regret their decision, for regret comes from evil programming via the emotional body.

10.   ASSASSINATE their Ego.

11.   OBEY orders of the Light meticulously.

12.   CONNECT to their Light within, their Mentor – through efficient MEDITATION.

13.   AVOID all the avoidable factors of programming, pollution and indoctrination which include:

  • Polluted Food and drink
  • Habits and drugs (alcohol, tobacco, hallucinogenic drugs and dangerous drugs of addiction)
  • Attachments, emotions,
  • The influence of wealth or poverty
  • Polluting people,
  • Pollution of houses, cars, other things such as job, status, professions.
  • Peer-pressure,
  • Racism
  • Nationalism
  • Religious Indoctrination etc.

14.   MINIMIZE exposure to sunlight (which actually programs a person negatively. You don’t need to sunbake. Vit. D is no longer made by the changed sun’s rays!)

15.   SUBLIMATE the sex energy.

16.   PURIFY by cleansing surroundings, possessions etc.

17.   PROTECT from negativity at all times with the White Light.

18.   STOP RUMINATING about the past.

19.   SEE the overt and occult influences of peer pressure, spouse pressure, family pressure, and institutional pressure.

20.   Bypass bigotry, prejudices, blocks of programming due to schooling, culture, racism, wealth, achievement, connections, status, profession, etc.

21.   Learn to PERCEIVE energy interactions not just as superficial social interactions.

Many of you will by now have developed some semblance of the special vision promised to us in the Endtime.

You should be able to discern who is good and who is bad in spiritual terms, who is Viable and who is Demonic, who is a failure and who is a Robot leaning towards the Light!

22.   Recall the Divine ESSENCES and live them.

23.   Recall TALENTS and abilities of the True Divine Being.

24.   RECOGNIZE who each being is:

Discern the evil ones

Discern evil aims and schemes

– discern the traps and exploitative mechanisms.

25.   ISOLATE from negativity and evil ones as much as possible physically if possible but always mentally.

26.   DEVELOP the inner knowing so that nothing can throw you off balance.

27.   BELIEVE in the Self. True Beings must see themselves as powerful uncompromising Divine Warriors and not as weak, worthless sinners.

28.   SEE THE ENEMY wherever it lurks for that is the only way you will escape unscathed.

29.   TREAT those who claim there is no Evil, that there is no enemy, with the contempt that fools and demons deserve. They are Evil!


True Realization comes when one is fully informed and knows exactly what the situation is.

Those who go about accepting all without wanting to discern, to discriminate, to see the Truth, to be totally informed, are in some cases, like blinded sheep and they ask others to be the same.

But do not be fooled.

Many of them are the robots and demons chosen to play these roles in order to trap the True beings.


For April 8, 2020

A Prayer to the Real God

I pray to the God of Love, the real One, not to the cruel impostor Jehovah,
That, in this battle against Evil, He sustains me well, until it’s all over.

Grant, O Lord, to me the sight to truly see,
to patient be, and to finish victoriously,

So soon I’ll fly with the few, the chosen company,
By Your side to forever live harmoniously.

So many are the changes in this evil land,
I cannot make it to the End without Your guiding,
loving, protective Hand.

My ego, pompous, vain, tries not to allow,
To Thee, in humble quest, in great respect, to bow.

But, knowing ego and pride come before a fall,
To Thee I make this my sincere prayer, my constant call.

Fill my heart with Peace, and with Your Love;
dispel any demonic effects in and around me,
such as greed, or lust, or hate.

Some have already tried surreptitiously to influence
me evilly, so that I will be like them, as they march
inexorably to ruination, anxious it seems, to reach
quickly foul Hades’ gate.

Some pseudo-intellectuals, with inflated egos,
think that this, the End of planet Earth
and all its evil ways, is all a joke,
But I, with Your knowledge,
am wiser, and not being of evil, am not such
a foolish sort of bloke.

It’s the ego that to Thee blocks the path,
filling one with illusions of grandeur, and with the
impious, self-justifying, destructive, demonic wrath.

I reject this evil-imposed, self-destructive mechanism
of EGO and clearly from the correct action, the path
to Thee, I no longer want to hedge.

Through Your love and knowledge,
I now know what is best and is to be.
I do not want to be left alone,
defenseless, in this Evil Realm,
out on a ledge.

That is why I ask that You quickly rescue me
Out of this hell and let me with Thee be.

There is no future in Evil,
in Sorrow, or Pain,
in Darkness, in Misery or in Deceit,
Those of the Dark Illusion cannot win, and they,
destroyers of everything, will
end up in Satanic heat.

They seek by choice vile Evil,
and its destruction.

They kill, lie, burn, deceive,
without compunction.

These are the very enemies which tried so hard to
devastate all True Beings, including me.

O God of Light, rid them
all from my vicinity.
So all that’s left in my life,
is a clear path of Light and Love, without too
many delays, to Thee.

Evil enemies in thought and deed,
tax True Beings,
including me, nefariously
day and night.
I cannot succeed, this I readily
concede, without Your
Protection, without Your Might.

It is for all these reasons therefore,
O God of Light, of Love, of Grace,
that I beseech You
to Liberate me from this Hell
and hold me, ever tightly,
in Your greatly longed-for embrace.

No other reward do I seek,
But that which Jesus
promised to the meek,
That after all the sorrow
they did bear,
Of Heaven’s riches
they would share.

And so, conquering Ego,
humbly before Thee, I bow.

Please hear my plea for all True Beings now.
Even while we are immersed
in this Hell and all its
emotionally draining,
soul-destroying Devilry.
Reveal, please, to us
Your Love, Power and Majesty.

Thus will the pain of our plight be cut,
And our rescue will be swift,
and successfully
we will make our path
to be with Thee eternally.

If dark, stupid minds think that this
a simple, childish prayer may be,
I’ll find that more than complimentary,
For not only did Jesus the Christ say
the oldest should,
to enter Heaven, reborn be,
But he also said “Let the
Little Children come to me”.

In your eyes Father, what am I,
if not a simple child?
Unlike evil, pompous egos
which are beguiled,
To think they are so clever,
possessed of such profanity,
That they cultivate
a malicious mental twist,
Thinking no one greater than they
in existence could ever be,
And that You, God of Goodness,
Creator of all, do not even exist.

What blasphemy, what cruel irony,
Friends with me, in your presence,
such evil minds could never be.

Vain glory seek they in temporary revelry,
Forgetting True Love, Humility,
the real existence in Your Eternity.
These are the very Venomous Vipers
inimical to You and me.

I ask, O Lord, devastated them to see,
So I can continue and rejoice in a
Loving, clearer path to Thee.

For having examined all that this
suffering, illusional world has to offer,
having read its books, seen its so-called wonders,
which are really destructive, ignorant blunders,
and listening to others,and Jehovah’s false story,
I cannot conceive anything, in this realm,
greater than You and Your Glory.

No reward, no peace, no lasting joy,
nothing for True Beings
is there in this life.

To be with You, therefore,
in Your Eternity I humbly
ask, unreservedly, unashamedly,
away from this evil rife.

Father, what other valid Endpoint
in life can there truly be
Than to be in Your Presence finally?

Having total faith in You
and Your rescue of me,
I only asked that rhetorically.

And now that You have seen fit to touch
My life with Light, Love and Grace,
I grow impatient, ever so impatient,
especially in the mounting turmoil
of this Earth, this demiurgal disgrace,
for the Bliss of Your eternal embrace.

It appears we only live in this world
harmoniously if we embrace its Illusion
and immerse ourselves in Self-deception,
Foregoing any thoughts of a better world,
of the need for much needed spiritual correction.

But if we, True Beings, do that, we will have fallen

into the Illusion totally and taken it as the only Reality.

Being in such a state then, would be
living in Darkness, damagingly, precariously.

I have seen through the sham of wealth,
of earthly labels, of emotional traps,
of destructive power, of exploitation,
of useless social titles galore.

Of these I grew weary, with no satisfaction,
the moment I set eyes on them.
I now reject all these
illusions and only long
for that Paradisiacal shore.

Grant me please, all I need to win
my Personal War in this blight,
And, as long as I need to be here,
to be of assistance to my faithful
brothers and sisters of the Light.

So then as a joyous, jubilant band
we can come to Thee together
in the New Dimensional Land.

I see now signs of all the things
You said would come, and it’s all true,
This Earth is at its End.

Soon, all who want to be, will be with You.

Vile, sick Demons before me stand,
Especially clerics, in every way.
In disguises livid, like peacocks every day.

Christ called them Venomous Vipers
performing in colours gay.

With Excalibur’s might, them
I pray to keep at bay.
These creatures, dark, turbid, sullen,
me, and other awakened True Beings,
they now do not fool.

I recognize them now and know they are from the
doomed, fake essence of a Satanic pool.

I know the hearts and minds and spirits
of True Ones they try to deceive,
But the smell of putridness from them
destroys the very Illusions they conceive.
I warn other True Beings to be diligent,
cautious, and see through their evil plot.

Past their falsehood, their deceitful costumes,
their masks, they must see the devilish rot.
These demons are of physical
and spiritual disease,
of pustular, gargolean fright,
Who shun True Love,
Purity and Heaven’s Light.

They fear True Beings and envy their
Light, their Love, their potential happiness,
For they are bellicose, of jealousy, and of
the cruel, destructive Darkness.

To the darkest, sulphurous, fiery
abyss of the deepest Hell
Will they be dispersed
when You, O Lord, the True
God, ring Your timely,
final Victory Bell.


For April 7, 2020


It is a hoax, just like I told you!!

Status of COVID-19

As of 19 March 2020, COVID-19 is no longer considered to be a high consequence infectious diseases (HCID) in the UK.

The 4 nations public health HCID group made an interim recommendation in January 2020 to classify COVID-19 as an HCID. This was based on consideration of the UK HCID criteria about the virus and the disease with information available during the early stages of the outbreak. Now that more is known about COVID-19, the public health bodies in the UK have reviewed the most up to date information about COVID-19 against the UK HCID criteria. They have determined that several features have now changed; in particular, more information is available about mortality rates (low overall), and there is now greater clinical awareness and a specific and sensitive laboratory test, the availability of which continues to increase.

The Advisory Committee on Dangerous Pathogens (ACDP) is also of the opinion that COVID-19 should no longer be classified as an HCID.



With spit-polished boots, and bronze buttons shining
brightly, as the weapons do, in the uncaring sun,
Young programmed and indoctrinated soldiers
march often, too often, into the fray of War,
as if it was already won.
Programmed to fly the flag of Patriotism high,
They seek vain-glory with which
to abide and even die.
But really, full of drugs and booze
and the lust of sex are they,
Filled with lies and propaganda
to fight in Evil’s day.

Mowed down are they by any means, as cannon fodder,
with bullets, and now, of late, with drugs,
adverse vaccines, and with incurable disease.
And as a consequence of all these scenes,
much emotional energy is extracted
from grieving relatives with ease.

Civilian populations are targets too!
This you know well, and I have no need really, to tell
of War’s sadistically brutal practices to you.

There it is, now you have the reason for constant War!
It is the evil Demiurge’s plan to extract
energy from trapped True Beings in every era,
on every land, more and more.

He cares naught really who wins, who lives or dies.
This fraudulent world is built on hatred’s violence,
on unmitigated deceit, and constant maliciousness,
and its companions, injurious lies.

To the Demiurge, the Evil Mind,
instigator of Earthly Wars,
there is no Just Cause, no right or wrong.

 He cares not to which side any
soldiers or civilians belong.

For him, War is but an energy feast,
For he is the Moloch, the Ghoul,
the predatory, rapacious, insatiable beast!

He cares nought for the pain, or suffering,
or misery caused by War,
with its inevitable, rapine mutilation,
For once the souls leave the scene of battle
they are judged iniquitously
by the Board of Karma and Reincarnation,
Whereupon they repeat, under threat of further
punishment, the cycle of absurdity,
being once again the defenseless
targets of Evil’s relentless exploitation,
and of the suffering that results as a certainty.

Now with this Gnostic explanation,
you see why War, on this plane,
is not only glorified, but also never-ending.
With Evil’s programming, pollution and indoctrination
in demonic and robotic minds,
evil Jehovah is forever sending
Sycophants into battle to extract,
via the misery of bellicosity,
the energy he needs, from the
True Beings’ very Inner core,
So he can run this Evil Realm and expand it even more.

No lasting peace has ever resulted in this world
from any conflict, any confrontation,
any War, as we can see,

And each generation, claiming a march
to greater peace, and civility,
has greater and greater weapons to
increase terror and suffering,
in paradoxical perversity.

No conflict has ever been resolved
satisfactorily by violence,
hatred, slavery, subjugation, murder or genocide.

Smallest remnants of the vanquished
are programmed to Revenge,
in their anguished hearts, hide,
So that in future days again
the cycle of obscenity renews
And once again, in repeated War,
it is insured that Jehovah, the Evil Mind,
is repaid energetically with handsome dues.

Indeed, War is a cycle, profane
and obscene, of tragic waste.
Men breed violence and are educated
to go to combat in haste,
Having learned nothing from antecedent days,
For that is how the Evil Demiurge
has plotted and cantankerously programmed
to rule Counterfeit Humanity’s ways.

Many mockingly point to the medical,
and technological, and ministering
and pharmacological benefits of War,
But do you not think without its wanton
destruction and its waste, there would
be far greater benefits galore?

Often the few left of either side after torrid Wars
pusillanimously glorify their stance and cowardice hide,
Vainly boasting, at every chance, lapel ribbons and medals
shining, how great they were, as the enemy they deride.

Such nationalistic hubris builds hatred for future Wars
As the defeated mind plots, for this patriotism it abhors.

Now you know why every generation has found,
not Peace, but Hate, coming into its lands,
its businesses, its schools, its academies,
military and technical, through all doors.

It’s often said, to the victor go the spoils,
but the victor, to keep suppressed the hatred,
and vengeful thrusts of others,
as we see in the USA, constantly,
with burdens unceasingly toils.

Unless we are rid of these evil mechanisms,
we will never be rid of cruel,
exploitative, unsavoury War!

An end must come to all the suffering
and all of the misery for sure.

And ruinous hypocrites totally
from creation must removed be.
Surely the need for that you see?

They ostentatiously pray for peace,
immersed in undisguised, profane mockery,
as secretly to the accommodating
evil and very covetous ‘gods of War’
they pander with enthusiasm, lustfully.

And Jehovah to them is propitious
and stirs willing minds with Hatred
to beat the drums of War,
As he calls for savage emotionalism
and, in revolting savagery, deaths galore,
Feasting on the misery that results for sure,
For, as I said above, he is insatiable,
and is forever wanting from such nefarious,
sacrificial energy feasts, more and more.

Alas, forget cynicism, that is the truthful
metaphysical rationale behind all
of the physical Wars in this Hell.

Now you see, if this Gnostic explanation
you have understood and accepted,
why it is essential that the Light
rings quickly the Final Bell!
And brings an end to this ghastly feast,
An end to the Ghoul of War, to the Evil Mind,
Jehovah, the rapacious Beast.


My thanks to Belinda for forwarding this:

Listen: Explosive talk on the 5G-Coronavirus connection, by alleged former senior Vodafone executive

In it, the speaker disclosed a startling perspective on the Coronavirus-5G connection. While it may indeed be true, it needs to be corroborated; and some are finding issue with the fact that the alleged Vodafone exec indicates he doesn’t know to pronounce “Huawei”; also he states that 100,000 satellites were in the Van Allen belt long ago.


“China Has Started World War 3 | General Robert Spalding”

This is China bashing at its best for sure.

Remind yourself: And what has the US been doing for 250 years?

There is absolutely no way out of a Nuclear WW3.

It is part of the Endtime Agenda, and the evil goons are being allowed to blow themselves to the Hell that awaits them.

The Physical Changes are blessings for the True Beings for they will be forced out of the Physical and places back into sensible, pure, Spiritual Realms of Love and Eternal Peace!

Bear that in mind AT ALL TIMES, and you will NOT panic!

Of course doubt about what is going on, anxiety and FEAR will invade our minds as these horrible physical changes occur.

But, bear in mind clearly, what is going on!!

This is what we have been waiting for since the takeover of this Dimension by illicit and very evil AI Robots and Demons.

As far as I am concerned, there is no other answer to what is going on.

We are fortunate to realize this and now to witness it with open eyes and a rational mind, whereas the EVIL FAILED FOOLS are drunk with THEIR DESERVED DESTRUCTIVE TERMINAL MADNESS which I predicted would come in the 1990s.

If you have been paying attention, it now appears to all make sense as I explained the Status Quo in 1985.

Banish all FEAR.

Realize the enormity of what is going on.

Know that there is no alternative to what I have predicted.

Realize this is the End of Physicality.

Know in your heart only True Love exists for us, not the artificial, exploitative, draining, abusive Emotional Love of these meat bags (Physical Bodies) we are forced to wear.

Fear, anger, war, revenge, hate, abuse, vindictiveness, avarice, anger, and rancid bellicosity are properties of evil failures.

We are children of Peace and Love.

And to those aspects we shall return very, very shortly.

We have to run the gauntlet evil has placed us in so we can reach the Endpoint.

But we will reach it – spiritually unscathed.  

Realize all these things and you will be surrounded by a cocoon of Tranquility and Happiness which the evil ones cannot know, for they are of War and Hate and Terminal Madness.

Look forward every day to the moment of reunion with our Divine Family in the Pure Divine Levels.

Imagine it when you close your eyes.

Cherish the moment of Reunion every day.

And make it your last thought when you go to sleep.

I have no doubt that if you are of Spirit True, I’ll see you soon!


Having written all that, you do realize of course that the Evil Bastards will attack any Being of Light to gain energy.

So be aware and be careful.

Don’t be an easy target.

Protect, protect, protect.

Avoid places of trouble and evil.

Be sensible.

Carry out your social responsibilities with detachment.

As you gain the True Vision of the Endtime and thus you are more easily able to discern who is a True Being and who is not, use that talent to stay out of harm’s way.

If aspects of what I write or what you gain in meditation, etc., don’t make much sense, don’t lose your cool.

Be patient.

Perhaps you have not yet reached that level of understanding.

Perhaps you don’t need to know those aspects.

After all, we work on a Need-to-know Basis.

If you don’t need to know stuff, you will not be burdened by it.

And don’t argue with the Morons.

What is the point?

They are never going to reach the realization of the Greater Reality, so why waste your time with them?

Everyone was judged in 1999.

It is not as if we are after converts.

We are after our own.

You will know when you meet Beings of Light even if they are not fully awake.

Hasten slowly in your affairs.

And be patient!!

You know my joke: “God, make me patient, but please hurry up!”

It’s not up to ‘God’. It’s up to you to learn to be patient.

When you start to be repulsed by (evil) idiots you meet, even casually, you know you are on your way HOME!

Bless the moment.

Don’t ask what is wrong with you. You are not the one carrying the evil energy. They are!

You have awoken to the Greater Reality and are seeing the evil A.I. idiots.

Rejoice then, for it will soon be over.

You will have seen the Light within you and the Darkness within those of Darkness.

You are on your way!


For April 6, 2020

Humoresque Corner

That’s not funny, Dr. C.

I’d rather watch Tubby. He’s funny

OK, now that we have warmed up,

What’s up Doc?

You have to answer this time Jerry.

How goes the coming (Nuclear) WW3, Jerry?

Well, I’ve contacted the World Boxing Federation and spoke with the Goon that has 3 neurons left after all his bouts.

He says we are in Round 3 (preliminaries for WW3),

Don’t you see?

1          Round One:

This was when the USA accused China of releasing (the USA’s) Virus irresponsibly, far and wide,

With nowhere to hide,

 Even though traces went all the way back to an American Laboratory near the East Coast somewhere..

2          Round Two

This was the verbosity of Jewish acceptance that America would die in Persia if ever it found the idiocy to attack Iran irresponsibly!

Ex Intel Boss: It Is Impossible For USA To Defeat Iran!

And 3rd, what of the third round, Jerry?

3          Round THREE

They ARE warming up most admirably, Dr. C.

China has reversed the tables and now accuses the USA openly of

Creating and disseminating the Virus irresponsibly

To start WW3.

China Blames America for the Coronavirus Outbreak

So soon on the menu will be Chopped Yankee Sausage Chop Soey.

So they have to change the lyrics to

 “I don’t want NOW to be in Amerika”?

“Seems that way, Doc.”

“And where are we, the dust-covered, drought stricken, Ozzies at,  Jerry?”

“Good News Doc:

 Monash University just discovered the drug Ima-Vomitin

can kill this Virus in 24-48 hours, no less, Dr. C.,”

 “I think it’s called Ivermectin, Jerry.

It rubs out the DNA in the Virus.

(To tell the honest truth, the Virus is harmless.)”

“They don’t deserve the honest Truth, Dr., C.”

 Give them the dishonest Truth and the AI populace will feel more at home?

“It is the joke of the millennium that it is dangerously fatal.

It is fearmongering at its best so the AI Robots and Demons can be terrified in the sense that they will lose their lives.

As if they have any choice in the matter!

All AI beings are scheduled for dismantling within the 3 years I have allocated for the Final Phase.”

“How come you got that job, Dr. C.?”

“You forget I’m me all the time Jerry!”

“If the Unseen, unheard-of, Celestial Records are to be believed, Jerry,

I’ve done this job in 98% of this smelly Universe,

so why would I stop now?

It’s me, me, ….Me, Jerry. It’s my role as Principle….

But, if you want the job, seeing you are my Alter Ego …

You can be the Boss of Bosses…..

Just let me ask my twin Babaji if he will agree,

 after all he is a Mirror Image of Me,

as I am of him, as you always see!”


“We expect Round 4 of WW3 to be announced with a Big Bang soon., Jerry!”

“Hey, keep Lemaitre and Hubble and Hoyle out of it, Dr. C.”

“Good, for once you are not asleep Jerry…….”

“Our customers should keep their beady little eyes on these pages.”

“Hey Jerry…. Respect our 3 readers.”

Just kiddin’, Dr. C. And they nose it!

I luvs all tree of them!”

Image result for Clown Emoji


Before we continue, let me remind you all that we cannot be 100% certain about ANYTHING on this level.

As you well know, all is speculative.

What constitutes Proof is what we think is proof AT THIS TIME!

Concepts and beliefs change as Time passes.

Just look at History and what passed for Reality in different Epochs and Eras!

We don’t know what Truth is on this level.

The best we can do is speculate and accept concepts we are comfortable with.

No one has any real answers.

Recall the fiasco of Planet X not more than 3 years ago.

Was that a joke, or what?

We have to keep an open mind AT ALL TIMES.


No one has ever come down from Higher Realms to set us straight!

“Some” might tell us our Higher Minds come from Above, but there is no proof whatsoever.

We are correct to reject such a notion, and if it suits us us, we are right to accept it.

So why fight about beliefs?

We are just as correct in saying there are NO Higher Realms, and that it is all half-baked Bunkum.

That is as far as we can argue on this level, so be flexible and


I’m was told this meat bag I wear, and many others, are connected to Higher Levels by Holographic Energy lines.

But we don’t know that is true.

It can be a joke from the Hindu Leela Concept.

OK, OK, so some of us get information that seems out of this world. But as has been explained by many who have suffered Near Death Syndromes, that information may be the creation of Astral Beings who have nothing better to do, as Dr. Ritchie (a psychiatrist) pointed out in his book “Return from Tomorrow”!

And, as I just wrote above, like in the case of Planet X, it can all be BS.

My point?

Keep an open mind at ALL TIMES!

Here is what I wrote thinking it was true in 2017.

Makes us look like fools, hey?



\ University Of Arizona Confirm ‘Planet X’ Orbiting Our Sun.




“Last Pope will be Under the Control of Satan” – FATIMA 3rd Prophecy.

Who could argue about that?

Image result for pope francis caricature clipart

Monkey or Donkey? You choose!


Pope Francis Says God is Evil


Pope Calls Jesus and the Bible a LIE !!!


Putin says: ‘Pope Francis Is Not A Man Of God’ |


Are Vladimir Putin and Donald Trump

teaming up to tell world

about doom of Planet X?


Yes, you have to bear in mind the End I was told about in 1985 could very well be a version of the bloody Planet X Fiasco.

It could be a END to some conditions in which we find ourselves.

It could be an End for the Old to introduce the New.

Hugh Nose?

“Dr. C., Dr. C., could that be

Why Futurama had all those Suicide Booths everywhere in the program that one could see?”

“Could be Jerry, could be!”

“Yea, Doc., everyone would get sick of this stupidity!”

“Perhaps in the near future, if there is time, I will write about these ‘Suicide Booths’ in more detail, more clearly.

I recall I wrote about them in earlier books, but concluded that it was so wonderful, even where the booths were, that no one IN THEIR RIGHT MIND would make use of them.

But….the $64,000 question is this:

How many, under the ever-changing and draining conditions, really had right and stable minds?

We just have to be prepared for ANYTHING!

I think I will write more about this in the future!!



Part Three


As you well know, Suffering on this level  is unavoidable.

It is a no-cost option if you live in this dimension, because Evil retaliates viciously, particularly on those who want to be warriors against it.

We are forever being reminded we are in a state of WAR!

(Whether this state of War is on purpose – as in the Theory of the Hindu Leela – or by accident – we, on this despicable level, simply do not know! We accept at times that here was a Celestial error. But is this really, really true, or is it bunkum?)

But, let’s remain positive. We will cope with the suffering.

You will cope with all the tasks.

You will cope with the stress.

Besides, we are repeatedly told the best plan is being followed and the suffering is only temporary and illusionary.

So let’s take the most positive view:

When you broke an arm as a kid it was very painful. Where is that pain today? It is gone! It is now an illusion. It does not exist. And so, we are told, it will be with this present suffering and pain and misery.

No one said this War of Essences was going to be easy.  They just told us it exists and we, in it, suffer!

No one is saying that it is easy, but that is why there really are so very few warriors around the world.

Sometimes the suffering does not come as stress and physical hurt.

It comes when the opposition, the enemy, makes us look ridiculous, even simply foolish.

Then, it is the EGO that smarts and makes us suffer.

Get rid of that EGO.

That is what it is there for, to make you suffer all the more.

If looking ridiculous or foolish is what we have to do when playing a particular role, if that is the price we have to pay to get things done, so be it!

We certainly do not want it this way but there may be no other way to accomplish a particular role.

Besides, we will put up with it because we have been told that “Victory is assured”.

Knowing these points, never give up. At the same time, if you are doing well, do not become complacent and smug.

While remembering the fiasco of the recent Planet X episode, and bearing in mind this could be a ‘Leela’ we are in, take the plunge and assume the Gnostic Version of Reality is correct. (Remember, no one has a Certified Certificate to say we are never wrong!).

Then ask yourself, knowing you are assuming a Greater Reality, these questions daily:

  • Who am I in spiritual terms?
  • What am I doing here?
  • Where am I in relation to my Personal War and in the General War of Essences?
  • Am I being effective as a spiritual warrior?
  • Am I programmed, polluted, indoctrinated by Evil more than usual, in any way, or less?
  • How can I perform my function better?
  • What changes do I need to make to myself, to my environment, to my relationships, in order to improve my life, even if it turns out to be an ILLUSION?”

Ask yourself about your relationships.

“Who, in spiritual terms, is this being that I am seeking a relationship with?

What is the significance in ontological terms?

Is this being for the Light, or against the Light?

Is this relationship for my highest good?

Is this job that I am applying for, that I am in, for my highest good?

Is this path that I am pursuing for my highest good?”

And with persons entering your life, analyze every one of them.

Become astute, ask yourself:

“What is this person after?

Why do they want to interact with me?”

You will get the answer if you ask.

At the end of the day, ask yourself,

“What have I achieved today?”

If you failed, you ask:

“Why did I fail?

Where did I fail?

How did I fail?

How can I improve tomorrow?”

And also, do not forget that you can ask yourself to have a particular problem or problems solved so that when you sleep your Higher Consciousness can filter information that is necessary down to your outer mind.

Learn to solve your own problems with information given directly or indirectly to you..

Do not expect other people to solve your problems for you.

They may not understand; they may think you are an idiot because that is their level of understanding.

They may put you down; they will try to drag you away from your ideas if they are too different from theirs.

And they certainly will be if they are totally evil-programmed demons and robots.

The wonder of the notion of the Special Vision we acquire in the Endtime to tell who is who in terms of being a Viable, a Robot or a Demons is a blessing of inestimable value.

That vision is one of the items that confirms, inspite of the DOUBT we suffer, that we may be on a Path of Truth and its Greater Reality!!

You have Powers with such Vision. Solve your own problems therefore, if you can, as best you can!

And never give up.

If you fall, pick yourself up, dust yourself off and move on.

And whenever you are in a hole, ask yourself:

 “Am I using my abilities wisely, my talents, my time, my resources, my wealth, my psychic abilities wisely, or have I let programming, pollution and indoctrination in, to interfere with me?”

If you have been polluted, more than usual, assess “How? When? Why? And Where?”

You must find the best path to your destination, real or imaginary. So what if it is imaginary? If it lessens your suffering, it is a blessing is it not, even if it turns out it was of positive illusion?

You must avoid accidents, obvious dangers and pitfalls.

You must look out for all obstacles.

Avoid bad company, bad passengers.

You don’t need me to tell you what bastards lurk around us.

It’s true, is it not, that we are seeing more and more of them (because of the Special Endtime Vision and we can’t get far enough away from them because they nauseate us so much even by their presence?

Again I say, no matter where you are or with whom, expect the unexpected!!

If you are prepared and expect the unexpected you will be alert and aware enough to cope with anything the Evil System throws at you.

Even if we are in a stupid ‘Leela of the gods’, no one said you cannot get badly injured!

And remember, attacks come most when you are low in energy, usually when the Higher Consciousness is away, because that is when Evil can cause the most damage to the shell.

That is why it is important to protect as much as possible and not make decisions under those circumstances.

When you are feeling low and suspect your Higher Consciousness has left, for whatever reason (often it is to attend meetings, would you believe, in the Etheric and Astral dimensions) avoid exertion of any type. Go and have a nap. Excuse yourself from work, etc. That way you will keep the shell, the Meat Bag, out of harm’s way.

 Learn to recognize when your conscious energy is low.

As you progress on your journey, the more aware you become, the more subtle the attacks are going to be, and evil beings find newer and more difficult routes that they mask.

But you are up to the fight.

Anticipate the pain of awakening as you break your traps.

Prepare and brace yourself.

I’ll keep repeating it: “Even if we are players in a ridiculous godly Leela, play your parts as best you can. Who knows what role you will be given in the future?”

The emotional pain of escaping the traps is real for this lowly dimension. But, it is temporary, and eventually illusionary.

You have to decide whether you are going to be courageous or cowardly.

Do you want to be a warrior or a wimp when faced with all these emotional traumas?

If you decide to be a warrior, you must sacrifice everything at your disposal, in order to fulfil your role.

You must use your time, your energy, your wealth, even your health and your physical abilities maximally.

 Sacrifices are called for.

If you really think that spiritual survival is worthwhile, don’t you think it is better to spend your time, your energy, your money reaching ‘God Consciousness’ rather than spending it on useless comforts and luxuries?

 Of course you do.

But if you do not think that spiritual survival and happiness are worthwhile, you should stop being a hypocrite and get off the path.

Stop wasting your time and everybody else’s.

As you succeed, do not become complacent.

At the same time, do not become hyperactive and unbalanced.

You know when you are doing it right. You know when you are overdoing it. You know when you are being lazy.

Another warning is now due:

As you awaken and the Light within is burning brightly, when you are in the midst of demons, tone down. Otherwise, you will be a beacon for them to target and attack, even more severely. They are not after your body. They are after your energy.

 If you are a female, the fastest way to drain you is through sex. So don’t think you have beguiled them with your charms, your looks, your hips, your come ‘hither look’ All the demons want is a role in the hay to drain the precious energy out of you.

(Do any of you recall the movie “I’ll cry tomorrow? 1955” It’s a case of ego destroying a lass who throws herself into the Abyss and suffers the most horrible spiritual consequences. That is what Jehovah planned. I was amazed at the subtle metaphysical message that most viewers missed, even the ones that identified the ‘demon drink’ in the movie!

Thus, as the movie showed, do not expose yourself unnecessarily to the enemy because that will only invite attacks.

And prepare well for any confrontation, any battle. As a warrior, you should know the battle is won, long before the first blow is struck, by adequate preparedness.

“Wasn’t that said by the Son of Yeti Dr. C.?”

No Jerry, you are thinking of Sun Yat Sen – the Gardner! It was actually Sun Tzu!

Thus, Preparation on the Spiritual Path is paramount.

Engage the enemy when your strength is maximal.

Do not underestimate the dangers of Evil.

Try and have the odds in your favour. That is being spiritually prudent.

Take all necessary steps on this level to protect, to avoid traps, to cleanse, to avoid any form of programming, pollution and indoctrination.

In that way you will not get hurt.

Do not test yourself unnecessarily to see how good you are, how strong you are. Such thoughts come from the EGO.

At the same time, do not test your Higher Consciousness or the Light.

If you find yourself in a situation where you could be overwhelmed by Evil, disengage and retreat, avoid the whole situation. Prepare to fight another day.

Even in spiritual matters, in battles, discretion is still the better part of valour.

Regroup, strengthen and attempt to fight your battle on your terms when you are stronger, when you know what is going on, when you are more protected and when you have better weaponry.

You must never forget that we are in the midst of a massive WAR.

There is the Personal War, and there is the General War.

As warriors, we expect to be attacked.

We expect suffering.

We expect to be wounded, for the outcome is extremely serious.

The losers will be destroyed forever. Hence, this war is very, very important.

Do not expect to be given details of the plans.

Why would you expect that? Only your Ego would demand that you be told everything.

In any war, the War Council does not give plans to the troops or the volunteers, or the lowly staff.

It only tells the ranks what they need to know. And so it is in this war. Besides, the Human Nature which we are using, with which we are trapped, is such that if all the possibilities were revealed to us, we would perhaps freeze or freak out. So it is for our better good that we are not given information.

Some are affected by evil programming, pollution and indoctrination in the form of low self-esteem, incompetence, unworthiness, feelings of being unloved, of not being appreciated enough, and so on.

 Realize that this is the Ego responding to the taunts of programming, pollution and indoctrination in order to destroy you. Destroy all such thoughts instead.

You are nothing to anyone except your Higher Consciousness.

You need to be honest and sincere only to your Higher Consciousness.

No one else is concerned with your personal war, with your spiritual path.

If demons and hypocrites do try to put you down, to make you feel inferior, in order to gain an advantage over you by using outer mind knowledge, just remember these points and repeat to them that all such knowledge, be it scientific, philosophical, religious, or whatever, is a sham, is a dead end and has done no one any good.

When doctors began dissecting human bodies at about the time of the Italian Renaissance, a practice which was forbidden by the religions of the West in those days, anatomists claimed superior knowledge and denied any aspect of spirituality and God, stating that the ecclesiastics who tried to prevent dissections were trying to hide the fact that there was no soul.

The doctors, after dissecting many cadavers, had found no soul.

Hence, they concluded there was none, and that there was no afterlife, there was no God.

Because of their empirical observations, they thought that they knew better.

Can you not see how a little knowledge can be dangerous? Of course these fools judged in ignorance, as many so-called erudite ones do today.

As you proceed on your course, learn to hasten slowly.

You will not miss anything. You will make far more mistakes by jumping to conclusions and being in a hurry.

If you need to be evacuated, the Mother craft will wait for you.

You will not be left behind.

But becoming anxious will not improve your lot at all.

So do not make rash decisions. Do not make monumental decisions on the whims of emotion.

Your inner guidance is only as good as your inner connection, and your connection will depend on many factors including your degree of purity, your degree of avoidance of programming, pollution and indoctrination, your escape from the traps, who is controlling you, who is providing the information and so on.

You will know when it is the right information you receive. If you do not know, do not do anything. It will come if it is right.

Of course, this process is not easy or perfect via the evil physical entity, and the Ego can mask itself as the Higher Consciousness and drive you to do all sorts of stupid things.

My advice to you is this: If you are in doubt of what is going on, do nothing.

If whatever information you get compounds your fears, you know it comes from the Ego, which is an Evil Creation and is implanted there to prevent any progress on the spiritual path.

Ego is your worst enemy.

It is acting against your true nature, so do not respect it at all.

Many people defend their Ego to the death. Of course, the death is their spiritual death.

At the same time as you are improving, do not fear to expose your weaknesses to yourself, because if you do not expose your weaknesses you will not eradicate them.

And if you do not uncover your weaknesses you will not be able to know what your strengths are.

Without knowing what your strengths are, how can you assess when you are fit, ready and capable?

Expose your weaknesses and eradicate them.

Do not protect them just because your Ego tells you to.

At the same time, do not depend on anyone from the external for your happiness, for your security or for your spiritual survival.

You must become self-reliant.

Of course you can be helped; you can share love, you can share the path, but ultimately depend on no one.

Reduce your vulnerability at all stages, especially your emotional vulnerability, and this goes particularly for those people who appear to be genuinely concerned about their children.

Just realize that consciousnesses in children are old consciousnesses in young bodies.

They have their own personal battle.

They have their own pathway.

They must make the effort!

You cannot do it for them.

You cannot decide for them.

The best thing you can do is respect the fact that they have to make their decisions.

If you try to interfere, you will more than likely interfere in the wrong way. Respect the fact that they are individuals.

Many people, when they have shortcomings pointed out to them, either by their Higher Consciousness, or others, self-justify by claiming that, “Everyone is imperfect anyway, so how am I different?” Do not fall into that trap. That is an excuse for accepting deficiencies.

Finally, you need to ask:

“Why are we doing all this?

Why are we awakening?

Why do we want to dedicate ourselves to fighting a war?

Why are we disciplining our bodies which do not like it?

Why are we changing our life style radically in this way?”

The answer is: “Because we are warriors, and want to fight Evil and spiritually survive, otherwise we would not do it.

We have given our allegiance on some other level, not just this one here.

We are awakening to that fact.

We have promised to serve.

We have given our word and now we will abide by it because we are not hypocrites.

We do not have to know everything.

All we have to know is what I have just said, that we are warriors and we have pledged our allegiance; we have promised, and we only have to know enough to play our role.”

The role of others is not our concern, so never judge how someone else is doing. They may be double agents for all you know, and they may have to play that role in order to infiltrate the enemy’s camp to allow you to perform your role.

Do not criticize and condemn. Otherwise you will do so like a fool, out of ignorance.

The roles of others are not your concern.

Do not judge what they are doing.

Do not judge how well they are doing.

Worry about yourself if you have to worry about anybody.

If we truly believe this information, if we truly believe in this work, if we truly believe in what is being revealed to us, we would accept this and we would serve unconditionally, with no “ifs” or “buts”.

We would be prepared to fight to the End.

Let the ‘gods’ worry about Reality being a ‘Leela’ or otherwise!

We would give our all for Victory for the Light.

We would give all our time, all our talent, all our resources, our bodies and our minds, our strength, our health and our wealth.

We would give all of these things without being asked because that is exactly why we have been implanted on this Earth – to fulfil the pledge that we gave.

 If we believe this information, if we believe in this work, we would give our total beingness to the Supreme Commander.

We would give and serve without reservation.

If we truly believe, we would sacrifice all we are, and have, without hesitating for one moment, without a grudge, and we would attack back vigorously those who attack us because we give unconditionally.

If we tolerate attackers, we ourselves are not genuine.

Those who attack us are not our friends.

Those who attack you because you give unconditionally to the Supreme Commander are not your friends.

They could be severely programmed True Beings, but more likely than not, they are evil hypocrites; they are Demons.

But, if you do not believe this work, this information, these revelations, you should resign and follow your own path.

Only you can say where you stand.

Only you can say whether this is true for you or not.

Only you can make up your own mind.

And as I said, you cannot make the decision for others, be they parents, siblings, children, lovers and so on.

You must examine the evidence of all this for yourself and you must decide, for ultimately you will be held responsible and accountable for your spiritual survival or spiritual death.

The responsibility is totally yours.

All I can do is wish you Good Luck on your path.


Just another word of Warning:

We have all been fooled by Falsehood, many, many times on this level.

It occurs very, very frequently.

Less than 5 years ago we were in the trap of Planet X annihilating the Earth.

As you know the False Story was sponsored by Zionists, as is usually the case on this level.

Others followed the false lead of Earth being destroyed by Planet X.:

  • NASA said so,
  • Politicians said so (including Putin)
  • The Clergy said so,
  • Governments said so,
  • Scientists and Astronomers said so,
  • The Hopi Indians said so, and
  • Even the false Babaji who was a walk-in into Amitakh Ng’s body said so.

It was all a scam.

Absolutely nothing happened.

After stating for 20 years it was a false joke, I ended up half-believing once the False Babaji mentioned the Blue Star (that never showed up), even though NASA, the Hopi and Astronomers said it had arrived.

How do they do that?

How can they so easily lie through their teeth?

I mention this to warn you that trickery is part of Evil’s armory.

Examine History and all its wars and you will see how good Evil is at lying to the disadvantage of those of Truth!

The present Virus scam is a classical example!!

When we are fooled like that, accept that we have been deceived and move on.

And expect it will happen again and again until the very End.

What else can we do?

It won’t be the last time Evil fools us.

Look now again at this Corona Virus BS.

It is a false story to complete an Evil Agenda, and we can’t do anything about it because the whole World is shutting down.

And who controls the World?

The most Evil of Demonic Bustards do, that’s who!

We realize this and simply go with the flow knowing that at some stage Truth will appear and we will be liberated.

Until then we are at the mercy of these wretched Evil Bastards who can make us suffer, but they can’t really kill us, even though they can destroy anything that is Physical!

I repeat, they can destroy everything of us that is Physical, but they cannot touch that of us which is Divine and Eternal.

And that irks them, more than the thought of ending up in the Chamber of Horrors which for them is a certainty!


For April 5, 2020

Poem 159

The Joy of Meeting Fellow Sojourners

Fellow Spiritual seeker, fellow True Being, know that
even if not one word of what I write is true,
I bless the day I began this Path,
for that was when I met up with you.

Come to think of it, I know there is a Heaven Blessed
Just from the Pure Love I have for thee within my breast.

In this world of Suffering, of unrelenting Hate,
Where emotions are used greedily as exploitative bait,
The Goodwill, the care, the Love I feel for thee
can only from a purer, unselfish Light Realm be.

Thus, I know these words and sentiments are true
For they emanate from the Same Source as my Love
for all theomorphic things, including you.

No pure, True Love can come from the pain and misery,
from the deception, harassment and hate of this Hell.
Love can only come from Divine hearts, and Heaven,
wherein our True, Divine, pure spirits dwell.

It is True Love that evil doubt does dispel
And meeting one to share the journey out of here,
one like you, was worth a million years in this Hell,
For now I know, with you and the Light’s assistance,
all will be, in due course, eternally well.

Where there is Light and True Love, like yours and mine,
Demons and their minions cannot dwell.

Thus it is I bless the day I began this spiritual journey anew
For it allowed many things to come to pass,
Especially the blessing of meeting you.


Reading the various reports on News services and watching the YouTube segments, it is clear that the majority, and especially those in control of Nations, have absolutely no idea what is really going on.

Yes, they are waffling about sickness and economic downturns and blaming this and that for that and the other thing, but they really have no idea of what is going on.

What is truly going on is beyond the range of understanding of the AI community, the Robots and Demons,

They can only think of money, population control, wars to prove who is better than the other, etc.

They have no idea of FINALITY!

In simplest form I announced what was to occur back in 1985.

No one took any notice.

So now, according to my calculations we are in the last 3 years of Earth’s existence.

It is not as if the populace or any segment of it can jump into a Spacecraft and go elsewhere.

The general public has no idea of this Termination.

Three years is a very short time.

And although the Controlling Fools play their games of one-upmanship, and of crowd control with fear and misery, they too are at a loss to know what is going on.

Let me itemize the events like in a shopping list.

  • The USA is fracturing into a Civil War. Of that there is no doubt.
  • The USA has abused China enough to start a Nuclear WW3.
  • The result of these conflicts will be massive deaths (of the Physical).
  • Many will die within a week or two of Nuclear War, and many others will die over months from sickness and starvation.
  • Near the End of 2022, I would calculate that less than 10% of today’s population will still be alive.

They too will succumb near the End.

  • Those of us awaiting LIFTOFF by Inter-dimensional crafts will be picked up in the last month of 2022.

I was told I would be here for the last day of Earth.

I believe that.

After that there will be nothing left, for Dark Matter will have eroded all Physical Life in the last few months of 2022.

Those of us to remain till the Last Day will somehow survive, even with Dark Matter pervading everything.

I don’t know the details of how that will happen.

All I know is that having been told that is the case, we will live until the moment of lift-off.

All other minor details are not worth warrying about.

Those of Light who have made the realization of what is going on will be overjoyed.

The Evil Ones and Failed Fools will cry as they have never cried before!!

There is no other way I can express this, other than with the words I have used here.

All have had infinite chances to turn to the Light.

Commiserations go to the Fools.

Congrats are due to the Faithful Viables.

See you all soon.




There will come to you in this,
your last life, this unique moment,
As it must for all consciousnesses,
all people, whether popes, presidents,
princes, parsons or paupers,
Whether dictators, doctors, directors or derelicts,
Whether cruel or kind, rich or poor, dark or fair,
in which, per force, you will confront,
whether you wish to, or do not really care,
the result of all interactions with
“La Forza del Destino” which were
by each individual, used and misused in life there;
And each, even you, will then confront finally
the awesome Power of what truly is of Infinity.

And you will this do, as all living things must,
in your ontological nakedness, with all its baggage,
be it spiritual gold, or emotional dust.

But only that of spiritual worth true
Can then be of assistance to you!

It will matter not what your
bank balance at that point has been,
or how, by peers in life, you had been seen.

Nor will it matter what be your riches frank,
For the All-knowing, Infinite Power
recognizes not any aspect of the earthly bank.

In that moment then, which you have not sought,
The fine cut of your apparel will be of no import.
The other trinkets of your household you cannot use.
Possessions many or few will not matter,
nor the importance of the address where you live.

Earthly things thus are of no account, for
they, in spiritual matters, merit do not give.

It is love in your heart that is important,
that is what will really, really count.
If it is less and less, Demon Fear in thee will mount.

For racial and religious things the Infinite,
Omniscient, Omnipresent Power does not give a hoot.
These are spurious labels, created by Evil’s men,
to fool True Beings, under the auspices of mendacious
Jehovah, the evil, now transmuted galoot.

What will be then counted will be the times you did
the Power of Love True use or abuse, and turned your life
into a wondrous journey or an exploitative, useless ruse.

You cannot call on any earthly friendship for support.
Nor can you appeal a decision reached in any land’s court!
The testimony of other people is of no worth.
It will be what you did, in all your years,
in hatred or in kindness, that will count,
starting from the moment of your birth.

Whatever Earthly riches or power you gained,
by the Infinite Power will be dismissed, disdained.
Your courtships and dalliances will be disregarded.

It is more important how, in this polluted
spiritual sewer, your Divine purity you guarded.

Absolutely of no merit will be your business drive, your
scholarly achievements or your greed which you sated.

All these may even work, as most often they do,
against the Divine aspect that is the Real you,
as you stand there accounting, to the Ultimate Power,
as you will do, totally spiritually naked.

What will count will be the many
times you cursed in anger,
and how often, without Love,
you showed others vindictiveness and rancour;
the times you selfishly acted with thoughts
inappropriate, unjust, even malicious;
the times you heeded or rejected as your Higher Mind
warned of Evil’s programming acting upon you,
and warned that, of what your lower mind and
nature proposed, you should have been suspicious.

In your favour will be the doses of Love True,
if any, that you had sincerely, at times, shown,
and the precious seeds of Goodwill and Kindness
that throughout your physical life you
had, unselfishly, honestly, purposely sown;
the times you really helped, without even
being asked, your grieving sister or racked brother
and treated as a part of Goodness, with pure heart,
as part of the True God, any suffering other.

These, reader, are the valued experiences,
if you have them, which will hold you in good stead,
As you, in your last moments, lay dying in your bed.

You will be unable to “fix” the evidence as evil men and
their women, and wicked judges, do in earthly courts.

You will be unable, in The Final Moment,
to submit devious or spurious reports.

You will be unable to bribe and with gifts placate.
The incorruptible Infinite Power will forever rule
whether or not you are to enter Heaven’s Gate!

With no manner of misdeed can you,
your injustices banish.
The ills you owned will simply not vanish.

These are the very thoughts which your spirit do berate!

Do you now think that with these words I am joking?

Wait and see, wait and see, before you start your mocking!
If you, even at this point in your life are skeptical,
it will be fear at THE Moment which will destroy thee.

A mendacious coward at that point in time you’ll be,
if you try to feign ignorance in the face of
the Power Which controls all of Eternity,
For you have been warned and warned repeatedly
about the Final Encounter, when True Justice
in full measure dispensed to all shall be.

You will no longer be able to hide behind
sycophants or feelings others have for thee,
Nor order a “whipping boy” a substitute to be.

It will matter not what others think.
It is with the indisputable Truth of all things
that you will spiritually survive or sink.

It is Truth which will determine whether you leap into the
luminous Liberty of Eternal Light’s beatifying Bliss
or sink into the sulphurous, suffocation, satanic Darkness
of the horrible, horrible, and terrifying Abyss.

The apparent love others near your bed may have for you,
Will be of no worth unless it is a Love True.

Many, for gain in Wills, are at such times hypocrites plain,
And, hiding their own fears, act as if they really care.
But they are really a cruel, camouflaged bane,
To think of revealing their true nature they do not dare.

No matter how many visitors at that time you have,
No matter how many insignificant and useless
blessings of pseudo-pious, parsimonious,
hypocritical sacerdotes you are given,
No matter how many so-called worthwhile
lasting friendships, to make,
in your life you have sincerely striven,
At this very last moment, facing the vast,
infinite Void as it were, you will be
all alone, seeking to be forgiven.

But I must now ask “Why had you, in your,
O-so-busy-life, no deeper or lasting thoughts
to this very important Moment really given?”

There poised you’ll be, on the scales
of Divine Justice, upon which Fear on one side,
and True Love, if any, within you,
will give a reflexive, binding verdict,
never unfair or false, always true.

Fear will manifest from all the evil deeds
in your life you had done.
It will have accumulated there,
in your heart and soul,
even if you knew it not, all that time.

And now, nowhere, nowhere to hide, can you run;
its presence pungent and heavy to be sure,
Increasing greatly the chance of condemnation
for you in the inevitable Final Score.

The fear of guilt, at this crucial moment, will
tear your anxious heart and grieving soul asunder.
O what you would give to review now each blunder!

But why would that racking fear of guilt
in the first place in thee be there
if you had lived a loving, honest life fair?

Thus you see, your soul you will be forced to bare.
And of its condition, none but yourself will,
at that most intimate and consequential
of solemn moments, give a care.
Contradict me, if you think I am wrong.
Reject all this, if you dare!

But if it is Fear at that moment which wins,
the wrathful fires of Hell in your face will
be displayed, and such Fear no longer can you hide.
Then, by its dictates will you abide.
Within Darkness shall your last moments engulfed be,
As you are about to descend into realms
created by the Evil Principle demonically.

Against Fear will be the Love True you have shown,
And what came forth from its seeds, in life, you had sown.

If in greater abundance is True Love in your heart,
Fear from thee will then automatically depart,
And you shall be engulfed increasingly by even more
True Love from the Divine Light.

The unmistakable Power of Bliss will manifest in
your physical countenance, in a Light Bright.

Thus, for you have I described the last moment of your life.
It will not matter then how good your children or your wife.
And don’t think for a moment that you will avoid this time,
which some see as their last moment of strife,
If you were to die instantly from a gun or knife,
Or if, from a heart attack, unexpectedly dead you fall.

THE Moment I describe here must inexorably
be passed through by one and all,
And in duration it will seem to last an eternity
until your personal, True, Final Judgement
has been passed, by your deeds recounted, on thee.

Reading this poem which I have
written for you assiduously,
I hope you embrace sincerely the words
and instantly re-examine your life
with thoughts of changing it honourably,
And thus act in your remaining Earthly time,
in a manner to tip the scales in your favour fine,
So that when that final moment in your life does come,
you will dispel the little fear that is there.

Thus, without fear, with no guilt,
embrace the Light with a heart of Love,
to be raised to the Mansions of Realms above.

Fear of Death you will conquer ultimately
if you are, in Divine thought, sincere.
That is why hypocrites, THE Moment so much fear.

Act now, dispel all Evil and to your sincere heart
bring unending True Love and Light near,
So in your Final Moment wherever, whenever it may be,
you will end your life with a celebratory cheer!

Then is it that you can honestly say:
“Dear God, I am a being of Love,
I am not of Evil or its Darkness,
I am not a hypocrite.
I have rejected all things malicious.

Take me now with you to an Eternity of
Everlasting Peace and Love,
of Your Presence, spiritually nutritious.

These are the very things my soul does crave,
As the physical aspect is thrown into the grave.

Please, God, take me now with You
to our Home above,
For I have rejected Evil
which arose from the Error,
and am truly, as You can see,
Your earnest Child of Love.”

Only if truly of Evil and Fear you are free,
Can you think and speak this way in that
Final Moment. This you must see true to be.

And only if truly you are of Love
Will that Infinite Power multiply that Love
and embrace you blissfully for all eternity.

If you think you know better and want to laugh
this off as being all of childish gibberish,
You are evil, in which case
all of Truth to you is of no importance
and it is you who are about to forever finish.

But if a spark of Love still resides
somewhere in your heart,
Have the courage to re-read the whole poem,
like a revealing letter from a close friend,
and ask that you be given a bigger dose of Light
until you have re-read it to the very end.

And then ask yourself this: “What is childish
about Fear, Love, Death, the soul’s destruction,
Damnation, Hell, Transmutation, or Eternal Glory?”
Do you think it is childish to be told
you will be forced to stand
before the Mighty Judge eventually,
to have revealed fully your life’s story?

If you think it is childish, you have the trait
of Failure already firmly fixed within you.

Only a fool could wrap these
words in malicious mockery.

In due course, such a fool will
suffer its fate issued unerringly,
by its miscreance and deservedness properly.

Such a one will then, I know, wish he or she
had never been born in this time circuitry.
That is the prescribed fate of all,
without exception, of those who live,
and end, their existence evilly.

Finally, you must know that,
as your life is reviewed,
you will be unable to say
“That was not me, that was not me!”

Who would ever, in Truth, suggest
the omnipotent, omniscient, ever-loving,
Just, Infinite Power was judging dishonestly?

Condemned by your very thoughts
and words would you then be,
even before witnessing your misdeeds
and your spiritual crimes entirely.

Fatherly Forgiveness throughout your life,
as promised by the many Avatars,
you would have seen,
if truly contrite for abuses you had been.

But into the deepest recesses of your mind
and the innermost chambers of your heart
the Omnipresent, Infinite Power has entered
and would have seen, if Evil in your hypocrisy,
which you now try to cover up,
you knowingly aided and abetted.

It would infallibly know if evil
deeds you truly regretted.

No! This Power, unlike others, you cannot fool.
For Eternity will you be bound
by its unerring Rule!

Good Luck on this last part of your life,
this remaining part of your spiritual journey.

If you are truly of Light,
of Love, of sentiments sincere,
you will welcome these profound words from me.
And for Finality give a cheer.

Go then! Act according to your nature.

I have no other words of advice at this time,
as gifts of brotherly Love, to share with thee.

To each, recompense in full deservedness,
Thus, do I decree,
and thus, shall it be!


For April 4, 2020


Hello Icke, Graham Hancock and Spiritual Madness!

The super-fast way to become demonically possessed and to re-inforce your demonism if you are already Demonic!

It is many years ago that I wrote about Demonic Possession caused by taking AYAHUASCA.

I specifically targeted Graham Hancock at the time who insisted everyone should take this hallucinogen.

Well, it wasn’t funny then, and it’s not funny now.

If you read about the experiences those that take this drug have, you know DEMONIC POSSESSION is guaranteed.

Thus, it is a certainty that demonic Reptiles such as Icke whom I identified yesterday on these pages as an Evil reptile would only be too keen to sharpen their claws in this evil way.

Here is the proof:

 Watch “DAVID ICKE’S EXPERIENCE TAKING AYAHUASCA: How Psychedelics Can Transform The Reality You Are In” on YouTube

My thanks to Safir Ahmed for forwarding this video.

It’s a Demon’s World



Part Two


As you move on, as you improve, as you need to change, do not fear change.

Many people fear change.

It is very traumatic for them.

Again we get back to the fact that it is due to evil structures: the emotional body and the ego.

Change, even in small ways, can be traumatic.

Post-war psychiatrists wrote that when disposable biros (pens) were invented, elderly people who had been raised in times of scarcity, had been through the depressed 1930s, actually had anxiety crises when needing to decide to throw away the disposable biros.

They were so used to having so little that the very idea of throwing something away, which they had used and spent money on, was traumatic for them. Well, if such a small thing can be traumatic to people who are not used to doing it, imagine what trauma our emotional bodies may have with massive changes.

You may have to get out of relationships.

You may have to alter your lifestyle.

You may have to move jobs, geographically.

These are major changes, but do not fear them.

Realize that the fear comes from the ego and the emotional body, and move on.

You will be strong enough to cope.

And as things come your way, never give up chances to be of service.

They will always be there. If you do not take one opportunity, do not worry about it.

Do not ruminate, “Oh, I should have done this, I should have done that”, or, “I am no good, I am unworthy”, and so on.

Chances will come again. Perhaps you were not ready. It was offered but it will be offered again. The war is not over until it is over.

No matter how many times you fall over, pick yourself up and show willingness and enthusiasm.

Try to enjoy the Process of Clearing in which we are all involved.

I know it is difficult and there is great suffering around the world, but try. That is the only thing you can do. You cannot guarantee anything except the fact that you can try.

It is a War of Essences we are in, and the odds are very big against us – overwhelming. Evil is a very cunning, vicious essence, so we all need help at some stage or other.

If you are floundering, just be the little child — ask for help, but accept what you need, not what you want, under those circumstances.

It is the EGO that refuses to ask for help. Place the responsibility back on your Higher Consciousness.

Say, “Look, I am not doing well, I need some help”, and you can do that in your quiet moments of meditation.

We have been promised that any call for help will not go unanswered, so keep the beings of Higher Levels to their word. The more you ask for help, I am sure, the more it will be given.

And in that way, you can dispel insecurity because insecurity is also programmed in all of us.

We become dependent from the very first.

An infant struggling to feed at the breast becomes extremely anxious. It thinks it may be abandoned. That is a reflex in the body even though it may have very little consciousness.

That insecurity occurs throughout life and is so strong that people develop ulcers from it. They develop cancer, they hoard things, they hoard wealth, because they can never be rid of the feeling of insecurity.

Security is a state of mind.

Millionaires, billionaires are insecure because they think they do not have enough wealth. And yet, some with ten dollars in their pocket can be totally secure because they have defeated that FEAR that has been created by Evil in them.

Along the path in your Personal Battle against Evil, you are going to be buffeted many times and you are going to have spiritual “aches and pains and bruising”, and great suffering.

Battered, you will fall many times. No one is going to guarantee that you will be strong always.

But when you are buffeted in that way and when you do fall and you feel lost, go back to basics.

Ask yourself:

“Who am I?

What am I doing?

What is the situation outside in the world?

Where are we heading?

What am I trying to achieve?”

These questions are especially pertinent now with the Fearmongering of this current VIRUS!

And at the very basic level,

Recommit yourself to your Divine Warriorship!

Rededicate yourself to the Light!

Resolve to do things better than ever before.

Improve your Meditation.

Unfortunately, it is a paradox that, when one most needs to meditate, one least feels like meditating.

That is because the Evil Programming is trying to block you.

No matter how you are affected, you have to fight the Evil circumstances.

It is the same with discipline.

You have to discipline yourself, cleanse and protect, all the more.

But as we have seen, when people are severely programmed, they cannot be told anything.

Their EGO comes to the fore.

They think they know better and that is when they reject things the most.

That is when it is most dangerous for them. So do not get to that stage.

Recognize the warning signs when you are being attacked, when you are being polluted.

Even at this late stage, you must know the factors, and know the vectors that are bringing that evil energy toward you.

And if you do go down and you do recognize it, destroy any self-pity.

Self-pity is a cancerous state that will destroy you emotionally, mentally, physically and spiritually, if you let it.

Self-pity brings with it the fear of being worthless, totally unworthy, incompetent, spiritually illiterate, stupid, and no good to anybody.

You know how many parents tell that to their children – millions do around the world, creating psychiatric complexes out of which those poor children never escape.

Why do they do that?

It is because it is an evil programming to put those people down, to destroy their lives, to exploit them and make them suffer.

But when we do it to ourselves, out of self-pity, it is a reverse cycle of the Evil Ego which is there to destroy any Divine aspect.

Recognize it as that and you will treat it exactly like you would treat a DEMON.

In other words, you have an evil aspect within you called your EGO.

Needing to Know

Not everyone knows everything.

Some are very intelligent with much outer mind knowledge and some are very skilled with their hands, even when they have very little academic knowledge.

When you think that you are unworthy, illiterate or stupid, say to yourself THIS:

 “Look, I could go to extremes about this; a brain surgeon may know very little about other things.

A motor mechanic cannot operate on a brain tumour but a neuro-surgeon probably could not strip a motor and put it back together again in three hours like some mechanics can do.

They do not worry; they do not see themselves as incompetent. There are some aspects of knowledge that a more intelligent and highly trained quantum physicist would know nothing about and, of course, a theologian may know nothing about architecture, and so on.”

These people are not worried about not knowing things and so we should also realize that we do not have to know great volumes of stuff.

Besides, in one life you may have been a very skilled person or you might have been a simple, illiterate peasant. It does not matter. What matters is that the little droplet of consciousness inside you survives THE ORDEAL WE ARE GOING THROUGH!.

Under the stress and strain of your personal war, develop some form of balance to keep you happy.

Do not overreact.

Do not exert excessive effort in the wrong way and do not expect the impossible.

Things take time to be nurtured and to grow.

At the same time, of course, do not let the inner satisfaction become complacency.

As your psychic abilities develop, as you progress in your personal war, do not sell yourself short.

Everyone has psychic abilities, it is just that some know how to use them more than others. Some develop quicker than others.

Learn to develop your skills using all methods available to you

Write out your experiences; read books about them if you need to.

Make your observations. See what your thoughts lead to.

 See how you are stimulated to make prognostications and see how they come and go.

That is the only way, with practice, that you will be able to refine your abilities and eventually get to the right source.

Of course, early on, mistakes occur, but sooner or later, you will progress on the correct pathway.

Some days, of course, you may have absolutely no ability.

You may again feel completely cut off.

Just realize that your Higher Being might be away in a greater or lesser amount.

We are multi-dimensional beings.

We do not just reside in one dimension and even when we are in one dimension we have multiple roles in the one dimension.

So when you are low in energy or you have very low consciousness, and you know you have very low consciousness, just settle down quietly, protect all the more.

Do not make any life-changing decisions.

Do not make radical changes.

Avoid the problem areas because, probably, you are not going to be able to cope as well at such times.

Put decisions off until your energy, your acute awareness, your fuller consciousness, have returned.

We are creatures of habit, of course, because we are all programmed by reflexes. And these are difficult to change, but change you must.

Investigate the spiritual significance of various activities and see what the consequences are.

What is the programming in them?

What policies are being pushed?

What aspect of Evil is the source of interactions, information, etc.?

What are the traps in daily activities? Who are the Archons trying to target? What are they trying to hide?

By doing this, you will be able to see more clearly the mechanisms of Evil and how it works; thus you can avoid it, and learn.

Subsequently, attack the Evil when it is time, even mentally.

You can see who is involved in these things; where the information is coming from.

What is the truth of the matter?

What is the Source of all these Evil things?

And then when you have some answers you can ask yourself:

“Do I need to write a letter against this?

Do I need to make a call?

Do I need to attack on the subtle level?

Do I need to attack these people on the physical level and so on, not violently, physically, but rationally and legally confront them?

That is the way you develop warriorship abilities.

In your quiet moments when the Higher Being is away, that is the time when the attacks, which are ever-present, are more effective on you. Do not ruminate on them; do not ruminate on the past.

The past is really gone, dead. It is useless, but if you go back to it, it can be painful. So do not let it haunt you.

Say to yourself, “Look, I have been along this path many times. It got me nowhere. I want to dispel it”. This affirmation works.

I repeat, ask for help, if you need help.

Assess your situation daily, weekly, monthly, even yearly. Warriorship work is very stressful. But you can all cope.

Enough help will be given, especially if you ask.

We have been told many times that no one is given a task beyond his or her capabilities.

And luxuriate in the thought that Time is almost at an End for this vile Cesspool!

End of Part 2.

To Be Continued…….


For April 3, 2020

Yikes …… ICKE

A letter from England:

Hello again Sir, 

It’s Abigail, the singer from England whom you kindly gave some books to a few months back . 

Thank you for posting in your new gnostic site most days .

The words are gold dust to many of us at this crazy time.  

I wanted to ask you about David Icke . He seems to have a lot of gnostic knowledge although doesn’t go into the important points as of course, you do .

I do enjoy his recent talks & he seems to have found evidence that the British government are cooking the numbers on how deadly Coronavirus is . I’ll send you the link. 


Tnx for writing Abi.

I have said it often, have I not?

In the Endtime all evil is to be exposed and destroyed.

It’s time to reveal David Icke is an Evil Reptile who has become rich and famous by plagiarizing other people’s works to mislead the Morons.

Who else but a Demon becomes rich and famous in this doomed Hell?

He need not worry about his fame or rejection.

What he should worry about is what “I” will prescribe for him in the Chamber of Horrors in the next dimension.

I repeat, Icke is an Evil Reptile that profits from plagiarizing other people’s work.

He has become incredibly rich basically selling BS to the Robots.

Naturally he states borrowed Truths and half-Truths to fool the idiots.

I repeat, he will go the way of all exposed Demons – destruction on this level and more, much more pain and suffering on the next to pay off his evil karmic debt.

I like his claim of being a S O ‘G’ –  It actually should be ‘S O B’.

He is a son of the false and very evil ‘god’ called Jehovah, the Fool, which “I” destroyed long, long ago!

Jehovah was one of the leading AI Masters of the Evil Essence that spawned Zionism in this sector.

“He” is gone, and that is why Evil is being exposed and destroyed so easily everywhere now, and why Zionism is collapsing as we see today on Earth!



“Ah! What is this that I see before me?
Can it anything but an illusion be?
Are my searching eyes now in the twilight
of my life, when I earnestly
seek Truth and rest, deceiving me?”

“Awaken, honest one, from thy sweet dreams.
You are indeed experiencing a portentous event,
arising from the Truth of the Greater Reality.

I am the Divine Messenger recently descended
from the Heaven of the True Gods and Goddesses,
come to pay a special visit at this time to thee.

Your earnest supplications, your prayers and your
tears, along with your suffering, pain and misery
have been noted in True Light by the Highest Throne
Which has now, to the Fates under Its command,
which spin the fortune of mortals such as yourself,
and to the Bestowing Graces, issued a decree,
that three fateful wishes, as boons, be granted on
this very special day to complete thy destiny.”

“Alas, I feel this is almost beyond belief.
O that the Almighty One has seen to end my grief.

Please, O Messenger, Courier of Great Renown,
on my childish jubilation do not frown,
And have the patience to wait for words from me
as my mind spins with thoughts of happiness,
and my spirit soars with unprecedented glee.”

“Take your time, Earthbound one, I also am happy
for ones like you, who have striven hard and
who have been granted gifts by the Seat of Eternity.

Whatever happiness you express, even in this mess,
can but increase my own joy and pristine bliss,
for in serving the Highest One and making you happy,
I complete the task to which I did agree and thus
even I, as a perfect instrument, fulfil my destiny.

Take as much time as you desire and think carefully
on what it is, from your boons, your wishes three,
you want to see, for then, thus it shall be.”

“O my, O my, surely this is the greatest day that
could ever, ever in all my existence be for me.
To make proper wishes I need to think.
Now let me ponder wisely; now let me see.

Yes, yes, I think in this now I am ready!

O Messenger, Vision Pure of the Highest Bounty,
Grant first of all that I be young again
with fitness, strength and youthful joviality,
and let me, according to my gender, be not ugly,
but handsome, beyond human baseness and envy.”

“Is it thus then that I shall, for thee, decree?”

“No, wait! What sort of wish is this that I’ve made?
Cancel it, if you please. On second thought,
such a rejuvenation of my physical will not aid.
In my existence here, for other things I’ve sought.

I have been in youthful Ignorance, and that certainly
was not bliss, and neither were its functions really,
controlled as they were by burning emotions and basic
drives to aggrandize the insatiable Ego from which
problems, and unwanted, tempestuous friction often
came, while of lasting satisfaction I, with all the well-
directed effort that I wrought, received but naught.

Besides, the moment you grant such a boon for sure,
Will my body not again begin to shrink and whither
so that sadly I will see whatever transitory happiness
rejuvenation gave will ebb to eventually exist no more,
reducing me, once again, to a point of resignation and
sadness in which most find themselves, as Gravity’s
victims in Earth time, at days’ end buried in its floor?

Indeed, to live longer in this harrowing Hell
is not a thought of entertainment at all well,
for one dreams of escaping from the ubiquitous,
thieving demons who hassle honest ones constantly.

To want to be rejuvenated and live longer then,
would be counterproductive to one like me
who, having fought the Good fight, wants to be
lifted into the Light in the briefest period that can be.

Erase that wish, O Messenger, yes, erase it for sure.
I will wish for Youthfulness no more, no more.

Grant me then, all manner of wealth and treasures
With which I can buy, unlimited, Earth’s pleasures
and be known as one of substance who does charity,
even while living in opulence and abundance regally.”

“As you wish, so it shall be, O Wishing One.”

“No, wait! Again I feel I must reconsider and with this
thought also I’ve mental anguish; I’m thus not done.

Am I not foolish with all my knowledge, with all my
erudition, to think furtively of vast fortunes, of
fame, with its rude arrogance, and pleasure to pursue?

No! Such greed and selfishness simply will not do!

Wealth indeed does spin heads of those who acquire
it, until they think they are but tin-gods, that’s who.

Besides, I have never, in all the light of honesty,
seen a rich man or woman relaxed and really happy.

They seem to be persecuted by their wealth constantly
even as they think of making it more, more to grow,
while being alerted to schemes of theft, that I know.

I’ve seen it; those who accumulate grossly seem to fall
victims to greed, and their pursuit of pleasure
often turns to perversity and inevitable lust.

Many drink too much; cirrhosis turns the skin to rust,
and even more use illicit drugs, as their children do,
this being the very behaviour of the Evil I abhor.

And I have yet to meet a wealthy person with
humbleness and not a destructive, monumental ego.

No to that wish! Down that path I do not wish to go.

Now I understand why it is stated that a rich man,
who will undoubtably be spoiled by his vast money,
has more difficulty to enter the gates of Heaven
than a camel would have, to pass through the eye
of a needle, as in the ancient axiom we’re given.

So now let me see, let me see. I need to think wisely.

My, I have not, as yet, used any of the wishes three.

I have considered the thought of Love and Beauty,
as of other things I quickly spoke, to some degree.
I do seek these things such as harmony, happiness,
beauty, love, peace, joy, serenity and bliss,
and the more I consider these wishes, the more I
realize that I require Wisdom not to be remiss.

To have granted poorly chosen wishes which increase
illusional pleasure, in some aspect of the physicality,
increase also, it is now obvious, on reflection, to me,
the very mental perturbation coming from anxiety,
thus further augmenting the very unwanted, real fear
which all of us plagues horribly throughout our lives,
especially as inevitable physical death comes near.

Does not Senility threaten Youth, and does not the
thought of pilfery threaten the minds of the rich,
even as those of so-called physical beauty shun
the ugliness against which they think they’ve won?

And is a man or woman in the insensibility of
emotional amorous entreaty not sickened by spacial
separation or the thought of loss of the heart’s desire,
even as the programmed loins yearn with nothing but
destructive, energy-draining, unfulfilling fire?

Is it not the thought of sustained loss or the actual
deed of wretchedness, as we see in unfaithfulness,
which buries further fools, the victims of illusional
pleasure, and its emotional love, in the sordid trysts
of this erotically savage, nefariously entrapping mess?

Is not each aspect of illusional pleasure, even this
emotional love Ego craves, married to fear of loss
and its draining, exploitative sea upon which we,
anxiously, fearfully, seem to pitch and helplessly toss,
unable to escape from the shadow of that very fear
which panders to gluttony so that illusion stays near?

And do not greed and gluttony, fulfilled, turn to lust
as all unchecked cravings on this plane perforce must?

Who, unable to surrender to the Greater Will,
has been able to divorce that Fear, that bitter pill,
from mockingly dissatisfying temporal and egotistical
appeasement which weakens the spirit further and
sets a course on which true happiness would be nil?

Alas, often of such fleeting pleasures in the course of
this wearying life, in this Vale of Tears, I have tasted,
And as cravings grew, as if maliciously trapped by
some surreptitious scheme, precious time I wasted.

Indeed, now I see these transient pleasures were for
the flesh but traps, upon which, if the distracted mind,
in its drugged state too long does dally or does dwell,
the spirit would incarcerated be, in the spurious and
phantasmically-spun feigned promises of this Hell,
where spectres, as Archons, as Demons and as Robots rule
until is rung, for spirits true, a final tragic death knell.

Such lusts of life, such wants then, made by
programming so desirous, cannot of the Greater,
Lasting Reality in sooth, for ones of Truth, be,
For only Falsehood could, or would, dare spin a web
of entrapment as we see in this destructive depravity.

So much goes wrong as one honestly seeks pleasures
on this corrupt plane, or even some small satisfaction,
that doomed appear from the very start, such quests.

What wrongs by human effort have been righted?

It appears to me with innate errancy have ones who
pursue such endeavours, even in humbleness and with
a pure heart on this plane, been purposely blighted.

Good intentions here are met with jeers and mockery.

No seeker with pure heart in peace is allowed to be,
for he or she is harrowed by evil ones noxiously.

Besides, is not the path to hell inexorably paved with
the gusto and spirit of the best of “the good intention”
as many before me dared in their plight to mention,
for Ignorance curses spirits and provokes descension
into the fatal Darkness of the defiling Corruption?

What truly from the pursuit of life’s physical
pleasures, so vaunted by Evil’s Illusion, do we gain?
By cupidity the spirit is not served well on this plane.

Fleeting are physical nature and its pleasures as I see,
often ending in violence, in vileness, in tragedy.

Now it is I realize that imposed burdens of this
physical life are not tests to gauge one’s strength and
for a better life measure the spirit’s suitability.

From womb to tomb they are imposed destructiveness
from which the Spirits True are supposed to expire,
having had their Divine Energy extracted nefariously.

The greatest comfort coming from this train of
thought is that as a reward, from this degeneracy, this
murkiness, this baneful unreality, eventually, the spirit
shall, to realms of better circumstance, willingly flee.

To choose such wants then, which increase the very
things of Evil one tries to escape constantly,
would be to hold oneself in disrespect and mockery.

No, that surely is not the path to venture into,
for one could end not well, certainly not sagaciously.

I must pursue, in this soliloquy, the Essence of
what it is which best serves my spiritual need,
and not pander to my ego or its rapacious greed
which seeks to grasp at shadows, missing the very
Substance of worth offered by the Gods Lovingly.

I must find the wish which brings Joy and Happiness
and destroys Fear, Greed and all other vile, agonizing
traits found in heinous abundance in this odious mess.

And most of all, I must find THE Wish to end this
Darkness, this Ignorance and the destructive Ego.

Indeed, only on such a path, in this uniquely granted
and much appreciated opportunity, truly can I go.

Purest Light, with these boons you have honoured me.

Guide now my mind and its judgement unerringly.

Make me, timely, an instrument of total worthiness
So that I may finally realize the nature of this mess
and, in full realization, reach the True Happiness.

O pardon, Dearest Messenger, thus lost in thought
of what my choice should be that inexcusably
I momentarily, as if distracted, lost sight of Thee,
and that I would never ever want to do purposely.

Indeed, Messenger, your very presence has exposed,
within my wit, the profound Wisdom that I need to
employ, as Sense from wishful thoughts is composed.

I now see I will not require the Wishes Three,
even though for the offer I humbly thank All who
deigned to grant these boons and for my happiness
created this very welcomed, joyous possibility.

I need but ONE WISH to be fulfilled by Thee.
And since it has been promised by Them of Power
on High, I pray that fulfilled it shall be.”

“Speak it then, thee, dressed in mortal garb, and know
that, granted it shall be, like all boons granted truly,
if, in fact, it accords with the Will Heavenly.”

“My solitary wish, after due contemplation, is this:

That all Evil be dispelled forever from existence,
for then nothing can result but Joy and Bliss.

Grant then this boon, that all my brothers and
sisters True will taste no longer Evil, and have Liberty,
and forever free from such Darkness, vileness, be.

Then shall we have all the spiritual wealth, health
and longevity that is the stuff of mortal dreams,
for they are found only in the Light of Eternity.

Then all can happy be, as we glorify Truth and on the
Love of the Highest Goodness, forevermore dine.

That then, Divine Messenger, is my wish considered.
I hope the Fates this request do not decline.”

“No, I know that wish shall be fulfilled just fine,
for that is the Wish of all of Light which can made be
only by those of Love True, those not of the Enmity.

It is the Wish of Righteousness and Justice
which can only be made by those of humble hearts,
and never by those iniquitous ones of this evil mess.

Had you been a counterfeit consciousness of the
Iniquity, arising from the Celestial Errancy,
you would have squandered the chances foolishly,
as many have done throughout Humankind’s history,
and revealed, at the testing moment, your insincerity.

Not only would you, or any other without sincerity,
without humbleness and the Light’s True Love,
be unable to make this wondrous Special Wish,
you would not even think of it, to be thus
so much in harmony with the Will of the Chair above.

With this very Wish you have confirmed your identity.

Know then, that now, granted Lovingly it shall be.

I shall visit all your True Brothers and Sisters, in
due course, and see which of them chooses wisely,
as you did today, O Elder of True Humanity,
to gain the most precious gift, Spiritual Liberty.
We shall see then who it is who chooses wisely.

Until then, My Love and Peace, My Light and Joy,
My Bliss and Harmony, shall I, without question,
grant to leave, as My special boon on this plane,
for thee, whom I look forward to embrace fraternally,
in the Realm of Light which truly those of Love,
of Wisdom, of Pure Heart, and God’s Serenity,
and Bountiful Magnanimity, know exists, beyond this
depraved, harrowing Hell, for all eternally.


“When are you going to post one of your long Poems, Dr. C.?”

“Shush …Jerry…

Short ones, such as the above, shall do for now.

When 5G arrives and all our brains are like mashed potatoes, then approach me.

I’ll write a poetic epic whose words will reach, end to end, from Brisbane town to Naples, Italy, if still in existence either of those lovely places be,

And its then Aeneas envious shall be!!!


Aeneas was the main character of ‘The Aeneid’ which is a Latin epic poem, written by Virgil between 29 and 19 BC, that tells the legendary story of Aeneas, a Trojan who travelled to Italy, where he became the ancestor of the Romans.

It comprises 9,896 lines in dactylic hexameter.

The first six of the poem’s twelve books tell the story of Aeneas’s wanderings from Troy to Italy, and the poem’s second half tells of the Trojans’ ultimately victorious war upon the Latins, under whose name Aeneas and his Trojan followers are destined to be subsumed.


“How much are you going to charge for the History Lesson, Dr. C.? ”

“No charge, Jerry. We will get our money back when I write a poem of 9897 lines (one line more than Virgil in Ozzie Aboriginal Hieroglyphs) and charge like a wounded bull (at 3 cents a copy), thus making enough coinage to buy enough fuel to reach the True Universe of our desires.”

“Dr. C., Dr. C., you’ve forgotten our Spacecraft is supra-divine-electron driven.”

“Have I, Jerry?

Have I really forgotten?

Where else would the money for the Blackberry pies come from?

Don’t tell anybody, though!!”

“Dr. C., I should have known better!

You never miss April Fool’s Day, do you, Doc.??


Lazy Germs, I suggest you reserve your copy of Dr. C.’s  ‘Hieroglyphic Poetry Book’,  immediately, if not sooner.

Send 3 cents to the PO at Ayers Rock, Middle of Oz, somewhere, ASAP.

Delivery times of your copy may vary after the End (of Earth).

Hurry before Amazon steals the book like it did all of Dr. C.’s other books and demands $AU 1600 like it does for “Death of an Evil God!!

(Psss Jerry…I think the first two words should be ‘Ladies and Gentlemen’s’)

“Dr. C., I have a PhD in Jerry Attrick Hilarity.

It’s in my blood.

It combines motion (lazy) biological entities (germs) and gaiety.

My DNA won’t change for money or blueberries!!!”

“Fear not dear Readers!

 Jerry’s Whis….err tea …. has arrived.

Everything will be back to normal, when you are ……

Jerry, Jerry…. Do you recall when I discovered Gravity almost 100 years before Newton?”

“I do…I do…Galil….”

“Well, I just now discovered the length of Infinity … waiting for your normality to arrive after the tea.!!”

“This is Jerry…This is Jerry,…. This is Je…..


I am not a Robot….

I wish to inform you …..Dr. C., has just lost his marbles with this post!!”


For April 2, 2020

It was Fool’s Day yesterday, but we of Nous were not fooled at all.

We know what is going on and are celebrating our Victory in all the ways we can imagine.

Three more years in this Hell is not long.

See the corruption as Evil’s heritage.

See the Physical Deaths as necessary steps to rid ourselves of the Meat Bags that, in reality, are deep-sea diving suits that keep us imprisoned and restricted to a point where we know not what we are or where we are at!

But, having reached the stage of Enlightenment, we know who we are, where we are and what is truly going on!

We are not frightened little children imprisoned by the Evil Reptilian Bastards at all.

We are the Beings of Light who belong in the LIGHT, not in this filthy Darkness that infects all with the scum of Evil!

Bear that in mind always and you will be happy to let go of the Physical for you will see what it truly is – rotten excrement that has jailed us in its putridness.

In these Physical Conditions, we can barely breathe.

We are trapped.

And yet we have awoken enough to long to be free.

And we will be free very, very soon.

Think back to 2017. That was only 3 years ago.

It was not long at all.

That is the maximum length of Time some of us will need to be in these meat bags.

Look up!

It is all JOY, LOVE and HAPPINESS for ALL of US of LIGHT!

And that is a promise I can, for you, keep! 


Thanks to all of you who have donated to my work.

We have started small, but I expect we will grow to achieve our goals.

I will be contacting a solicitor soon to begin a case against the Medical Board and to expose them of their EVIL

It is hoped I will have enough money to cover the costs.

I will try to consult a lawyer today.

The Evil Ones tried to destroy me because of who I am, not because I did anything illegal.

But, as I have hinted, I will have the last word, and I know their fate into Infinity!

It is the Endtime and all Evil MUST BE, AND WILL BE, EXPOSED and DESTROYED!!



The Path to Nuclear WW3

China’s Military Projections Challenge US

China’s leader XI  has clearly stated War with the USA  is inevitable!!

It is wonderful to see the Plans of A.H., made in the 1930s and 1940s come to fruition.

Have you ever thought why he left Nuclear Plans on the kitchen table so the Evil Ones would find them easily and then he himself disappeared?

Who Was A.H.?

He was none other than J.C, a member of the Essence long ago!!

I may write in detail about that soon!

In the meantime, read the Road Signs to the War – they are unmistakable!!


Jim writes

 Hi Dr. C.,

 I find myself coming back to your web-site daily to read your articles.

 As I read your work I am constantly exclaiming, “of course, that is the only thing that makes sense” .  

 What a comfort it is to have that inner feeling of certainty.

Thank you and take care,


My Reply:

Thank u Jim.

Only those of Light appreciate the Light!




Part One

(I wrote this more for those Viables who are not sure where they are or what they want or what to believe. Many are trapped in spuriousness.

There are still many who vacillate even at this late hour.

I hope these words help them.)

The question of identity of a being, that is, the ontological identity, always crops up. Many people ask, “Am I a True Being or am I not?”

The answer is, “Who cares?”

You know, the only one who matters, to you, is you.

Besides, no one else can judge, only the Judge, so you are asking this rhetorically of someone else who is in no position to tell you one way or the other.

You know the answer yourself within.

Since 1999 all have been judged.

Vacillation is due to Evil’s programming and one’s Ego!

You want to be a Light warrior, thus you need to identify yourself as a warrior, as someone who is in an evil environment, being wakened to fight a war.

If you do not see yourself as that, it is pointless going on.

It is only a social practice to read books if you do not awaken further. Once you identify yourself as that being – a Being of Light – one that wants to spiritually survive, then you can understand the situation better.

And you have to know, to some extent, all about the General War, the Evil Programming to which we are subjected, the Evil takeover, the Final Correction of the plane, and why Physicality is collapsing in all forms – ecologically, mentally, physically, emotionally – everywhere.

You have to understand the situation, even the invasion by Evil Aliens.

To fully awaken, you have to understand

  • existence of multiple dimensions,
  • the hierarchy of consciousness,
  • consciousness surviving the physical body,
  • the programming of the physical body,
  • the various evil traps,
  • different beings that are present in physical bodies, and so on.

This is not difficult information to gain.

It is all in the material I have written and it all crystallizes for a True Being, being part of the armament that he needs once he awakens.

Now hearing the call is important under those situations, so you will have to take steps to purify sufficiently, so you can hear directions given from within.

It is no good saying, “Oh, I feel O.K., I feel I am a True Being” and continuing smoking cigarettes, drinking alcohol, and cavorting, etc.

You have to purify sufficiently and you have to take it seriously. And that involves a number of steps I have covered a number of times and which are in my books.

In other words, isolating from rancid evil ones, identifying the traps, escaping from them, strengthening, disciplining yourself, dedicating yourself, avoiding those factors of programming, pollution and indoctrination and so on are important considerations.

  • You know those things that harm you.
  • You know those things that block you off.
  • You know those things that weaken you.
  • You know those things that are no good for you, so why ask anyone else?

You have to hear from within, and to do that, you have to take steps.

You have to progress on a personal level, until you are well enough to be involved in the General War against Evil.

If you are weak, if you are polluted, if you are undisciplined, if you are dead spiritually, you cannot be any good to anybody.

And then you have to decide, “Will I stay in the secular life or will I join the ranks of warriorship?”

 It is a very critical question, is it not? It entails so many things.

So hearing the call of the Light to awaken, you have to then spend your time establishing the inner link, for that is your line of nourishment.

That is your ticket out of this place.

That is the only way you are going to remain stable, joyous, content, happy as this world fractures.

You really have to identify that part of yourself which is of value and which will survive.

If you have read my books carefully and if you have considered the situation carefully, you know it is not going to be your body which survives. After all, one look at the aging process and you know that time ravages looks. And gravity “fixes up” the physique.

It is not your outer mind which will survive.

You could easily lose that with dementia or Mad Cow Disease, or a stroke, or whatever.

It is certainly not your ego.

A bigger ego can come along and just flatten it and that is the end of your ego.

 It certainly is not your worldly knowledge because you could easily forget that and besides, you could be very much up to date and the most erudite of people and tomorrow that knowledge will be redundant because something new and better will be found. So those things are of no value.

Certainly your emotions are of no value because more often than not they get you into trouble, don’t they?

And so it is that your Astral Body is of no value because outside of the Astral Dimension which is going to be destroyed, it cannot survive.

Your relationships are certainly of no value.

How many of the relationships that you have had in your life can you really value?

How many of the people that you have known can you count as your friends?

And how many of those boring relatives of yours are of any spiritual value to you?

And so it is – your wealth is of no good to you.

You cannot take your possessions, and your attachments with you .

You have to find that part of you which is of value, which is going to survive, and the only part that is going to survive the destruction of this Dimension is that droplet of Higher Consciousness that you are going to connect to.

That is the part that you want to identify, know and nurture because that is the only part of you that is going to survive.

So you have to make a decision:

 “Will I enter this pathway to Light and its Love or won’t I?”

If you are perceptive enough to reach that question, you have to then decide and get an answer.

And no one can give you the answer; you have to make it for yourself.

And you cannot make it for anyone else either.

Some of you are tormented by the thought of your children particularly.

Identify that as an evil, emotional attachment, purposely placed there by the evil architect of this system, so that you will not move.

Alright, let us assume that you have made the decision then.

You embark on a course of personal training.

It is like wanting to be an Olympian. You want to win the gold medal. You do not slobber around and drink beer, or smoke and not train, or engage in all sorts of abnormal behaviour.

No, you develop discipline so that you get that maximal strength in every way.

On the spiritual path, you are developing abilities to fight an Evil Essence. You have to identify what your abilities are, and how to get into the best shape possible.

My books, especially “Essential Gnostic Truths” and “Towards Divine Warriorship” help you shape up.

As you do these things which involve discipline, cleansing, protection, meditation, the proper diet, the proper thoughts, affirmations and so on, you have to ask yourself daily:

“Am I being effective?

Am I getting somewhere or am I stagnating?”

These are questions only you can answer.

Of course you can ask others who may be of assistance and who may be honest enough to tell you, but you have to assess yourself daily.

Beware of programming of the Emotional Body.

As you undergo this rigorous training, your ego might start playing up. It may feel annoyed, frustrated, affected by others.

You may even get upset because others are not trying like you are trying to be of ‘Goodness’.

That is ego. You may become impatient because nothing is happening; you are not improving. Obviously you are not improving because you are impatient.

I can remember the joke about the one who dedicated himself to God but he was terribly impatient and he prayed to God, “Dear God, please give me patience – but, please, please, hurry up!”

You cannot do that. You have to let things take their time.

And the most effective activity is the one that will nurture that link. I am talking about meditation. So you have to practice Meditation.

You have to enjoy it, but you do it without expectations.

You do not know what is going to happen as you learn to meditate.

 A lot may happen and you do not realize it in the outer mind. There is much information in my books about meditation. Read them again.

(A list of my books is on another page. Any of you who want to read the books and genuinely cannot afford them should contact me and I will send the books to you (as pdf) free of charge, or for what little you say you can afford.

We are not here to become filthy rich. We are here to help each other reach Home as best as possible!)  

Make Affirmations:

  • “I am getting better and stronger every day” and so on, but do it in a sincere spiritual sense, and see what you need.
  • Ask for the healing,
  • Ask for the forgiveness that you think you need,
  • Protect, because this environment is going to remain hostile right through to the very end, to the final bell.

Remember the exercise called SCLOMP:





Merge with the Light

Protect, Protect, Protect!

  • Surrendering to the Higher Consciousness,
  • Cleanse,
  • Listen to your link with the Higher Realms (the Light) for information,

“What do you want me to do?

What do you want me to know?”

Ask those questions.

  • Obey whatever directions are given as you. If you have any doubt about what you get, do NOTHING!

From experience I have found that Evil Sources tire easily and give up trying to program you directly!

The Light is patient and persists if its directives are important.

Besides, you yourself should assess any situation:

Is doing this going to enhance my spirituality?

Is it going to be of benefit to me and my connections?

Or is it destructive and selfish?

Asking these questions will give you the answers you need and a hint at what directions to take.

Don’t be an empty-minded imbecile like the sheep in institutionalized religions!

Actively merge with that Higher Being through that link, and Protect!!

The big thing you want to destroy when that link to the Light is established is FEAR – of all types.

Many people mention that they have

Fear of confrontation,

Fear expressing as anger,

Fear of responsibilities,

Fear of relationships,

Fear of their sex drive, and so on.

All these things should be completely destroyed if your link is sufficient.

Many find Discipline very difficult.

 Hasten slowly.

Take baby steps; do a little bit at a time.

Try yourself on something small and build up your confidence and strength as you go.

Develop your confidence and self-esteem as you do take these steps and as you do discipline, as you do dedicate yourself.

If you do that, you will not lose focus. But if you do not improve, assess yourself and make an effort to improve, otherwise you will lose focus.

As you extract yourself from the traps, often you may be hit with another programming which is called the loneliness programming.

It can get people into further traps – into the demon drink, into gambling, into sex, into associations with bad partners, and so on.

Ones affected by the loneliness programming feel the need to become involved with something or someone.

It is a programmed method by which the evil demiurge makes sure that you mingle with the robots and demons.

If you have developed a proper link, you will know.

You may be alone but you are never lonely.

Place into perspective, into the correct spiritual perspective, your friends, your relationships, your children, your parents, your spouses, your sex partner, and so on.

They can either be for or against you, as the old saying goes.

They can either be of benefit to you and help you on your spiritual path, or they can be demons, hypocrites, robots, hindering you.

You know what they are and you will hide that knowledge only to protect your ego and your weaknesses, so you must examine those carefully.

You are the only one who can decide, because you are the only one who can accept whatever answer you get. No one else can tell you. So you have to go back within, destroy your programming of egotistical hypocrisy and be courageous, honest, and get the correct answer. Decide and move from there.

This brings me to another point: stop worrying about what other people think about you.

You may appear extraordinary, you may appear unusual, you may appear eccentric in their eyes because you have shown that their values to you are worthless.

Who cares what they think?

Demons and robots do not understand what is going on.

They are totally immersed in the illusion and you are not.

So do not worry about what they think. You will only waste energy if you do so.

At times as you are improving and establishing this wonderful link and developing this great inner strength, you will be cut off, you may feel cut off.

You have to ask yourself, “How am I cut off? When did I get cut off? Why am I cut off?”

 If it is due to factors that you have allowed to creep in, that should not be there — in other words, the evil programming, pollution and indoctrination — rectify the situation as quickly as possible.

 If you have been eating the wrong types of food, you know your awareness wavers. If you have been affected by peers in the wrong way, been pressured into the wrong thing, – wake up to yourself.

If you have fallen over, you have been cut off; rectify the situation.

You know what to do. Under those circumstances, your inability to recognise what has happened is due to the evil programming, pollution and indoctrination which cut you off. That is when you may need someone that is not affected in that way, to tell you.

From experience, we know that those programmed are often the last to know that they are programmed.

And do not take it personally when people tell you that you are programmed.

You have experienced it sufficiently in the past to know that is so, because when you are out of it, you see what a fool you were; you see that you were a totally different individual.

So be prepared to accept that criticism. If you think it is harsh it is only your ego that responds in a nasty manner here, that does not want to respond positively.

To be Continued……..


For April 1 – No Foolin’


(A Tale of a Fox without a Tail)

I wish to thank those of you who sent me your appreciation for the work I do.

Apart from distributing information and knowledge to any who would listen, and also preparing those who wish to prepare for the End, oud for what is to come, as told to me by my Higher Self (from the Supra Mental Plane) some of you, with my words, have correctly realized that my words and voice contain sustaining Energy that uplifts those of Light, be they awake or not yet awake.

They just know they feel good with that energy.

So many of you have said what positive things this ‘Divine Energy’ does to you, that it seems unlikely that you all got together to create fraudulence.

And, even though I too have had to struggle from the day I was called to ‘wake up’ and begin this ‘Work’, I learned to appreciate the Power and Love of the Energy that is in these words that flow to us.

The fact is indisputable!

We ARE fed by the Energy of these communications for sure.

‘They’, our Divine Superiors, want us to be hale and healthy for pick-up!


Let’s meander a little into the past:

I was extremely successful as a Medical Doctor. I topped my Class at Graduation and became a spontaneous success.

Without even considering the fact, I became a multi-millionaire very quickly.

My medical companions did not know how I did it, or why patients would come to seek me out from 500 miles away.

Whether I was very, very clever (indeed I was – yes, I’m blushing, Jerry) or whether my instincts were most acute that helped me, I found it easy to solve problems, medical, physical and mental. (I was psychic but did not know it then. I could see things in the aura of patients that told me what needed to be done.)

I had no idea who I was ontologically, and that ignorance, thank goodness, for that time, simplified my life.

Besides, when I was told who I was, outside of the Human Meat Bag, I did not believe it and as I wrote in one of my books, I  had to be taken into the Spacecraft, in another Dimension, to meet ‘myself’ in my real Identity!

Sheesh, what a mess!!

Even then I found it hard to believe, such is the stupidity of the Lower Mind!

It took me approximately 2 years to begin to accept these concepts of Identity, and of the Gnostic Philosophy and History.

The week before travelling to meet Babaji in the Himalayas in 1983, I had a vivid dream and he told me in it who he and I were, in a very clear, ontological fashion.

Do you think I believed the dream?

It took me 20 years to accept what it signified!

In 2014, my mother who had passed away a few months earlier spilled the beans when, rather rudely I must admit, she interrupted a discussion I was having with the best psychic I had used for many, many years for my patients.

“You’ll never guess who my son in my last life is, M.!

Before M had a chance to answer, the mother of this Meat Bag spilled the beans.

Why she did so at that time vexed me, for up until then, no one dared identify me. I knew but I kept it tightly to myself!

It must have been time for exposure.

M. threw a spaz and did not know what to say.

There could be another reason why I was so financially successful.

I was told by those that communicated with me from Higher Levels that the Opposition had suspected who I was from my birth and this ‘monetary success’ may have been a way of entrapping me so that I would never move to do the ‘Work” I came down to Earth to do.

After all, who would leave such riches and a job with such income to become a scorned pauper or a philosopher no one had really time for?

I was making approx. a million dollars a year when the average house cost $20,000. The top Rolls Royce was less than $30,000.

But for me, having to wait 3 months for a Ferrari, the Lamborghini was the way to move!

Oops, I’m getting ahead of myself.

Anyhow, the release from the grip of Satan and his money came like a lightning bolt!

I virtually lost it all and walked out of Court Cases with $72,000 dollars.

Monetary woes were to come even more. I was told repeatedly I would lose everything monetary in this work.

But, once I began the ‘work’ in earnest, some money was donated to set up a compound in Far North Queensland.

It was set up by Evil for sure, for in the end, the Reptile Amitakh STOLE IT ALL!

I was told to leave and go to the USA for work there that needed to be done, again with the warning I would lose everything I had in life, but that the Light would  keep me alive till the Last Day for I was need till then.

Most of the people that surrounded me in the USA that pretended to be my friends turned out to be Bastard Demons.

I know who they are and what I shall do to them in due course!

Thus it was that I stayed in the USA till it was time to come home to Oz.

I was broke and went on the invalid pension. I had severe heart disease and gave myself 3 months to live max. Remember, I was a doctor and knew the prognosis of my condition.

As it turned out, I could not walk more than 10 metres without having to stop with shortness of breath.

I got angry with myself and decided to do something about it. I went to a Chinese Herbalist and with acupuncture and various vegetables and herbs, within one month, I could jog 100 metres!!!

With this improvement, I decided I would rather die working than be a bum so I fought to get my medical license back. Besides, the pension I was on would not even pay the rent.

It took me 4 years to get re-registered.  Usually it is a matter of one month! The Medical Zions were determined to destroy me. They had obviously read my book “The Kingdom of Zion”.

When I got the License, the Director of the Examination College said “They are after you. Every day you are licensed they will try to kick you out!”

How right she was.

I was harassed in every way possible.

Eventually they set me up with a professional hussy I found out they used to claim I raped her.

Here I was, 70 years old, with severe heart disease and no way of mixing it with the ugliest vixen I  had ever beheld, if you know what I mean.

What would you do in those circumstances?

The funny thing is that some 6 months before the accusation came, I received a phone call from an unknown caller saying “They are preparing a Femme Fatale” to kick you out of Medicine!”

Sure enough it happened.

But, no Femme Fatale showed up.

An old, very, very ugly, fat, deranged psychopath turned up and asked me to drive her to a jazz concert in town as her car was broken down.

At first I said no. But she pleaded.

I took her there and took her home.

And that was it.

Believe me, she was so ugly, her appearance would cure a blind sex addict!

No one could possibly conceive of approaching her carnally!

That was the whole point.

Under those circumstances, one could not possibly suspect what she would claim later.

When she made the false claim, I immediately went to the Police, of course.

They found the claim was totally unfounded.

Naturally I turned up to the Tribunal with the facts.

On the day, my defense attorney reneged.

The Police were not allowed to give evidence.

I was kicked out without any real evidence being heard.

The evidence offered was a small cut on the inner thigh (no doubt self-inflicted) that was freshly bleeding 2 weeks after the alleged attack. The police had found no such thing. No cut would bleed for 2 weeks!!

That’s Satan’s Court for you.

I wonder what I am going to do to these evil bastards in return?

What was given to the Court was TOTALLY FALSE!

As I walked out, the main Police investigator said “Well, now you know what a Kangaroo Court is like, Doc.!

I have been thinking of re-opening the case, but that takes lots of money which I do not have.

So, I swallow my pride and wait till we get to the Other Side!

I had been warned when I first started this work such things would happen.

I was told I would lose everything except my life. And I did virtually lose everything.

No one who knew me believed I was capable of committing such mischief.

Evil was as mad as Hell I was still able to do my work.

Now you know what was involved all those years.

I won’t reiterate all the attempted murders and accidents I had to endure just to stay alive.

Now can you see why I am impatient to get these Evil Bastards into the Chamber of Horrors on the next level?

 Guess who the Judge and Executioner is?

Amitakh Ng saw him/me and it terrified her out of her wits.

Those many times I guess she did not want to be so psychic and find out her ultimate fate.


Perhaps I have revealed more than I intended in the above narrative.

Never mind, you will all have to know who I am sooner or later. – Apart from this exquisite Italo-Ozzie Meat Bag, that is.

My only concern now is to reach the Physical End, and to daily find enough ‘denars’ to feed the pets.

All else will correct itself in due course.


“Dr. C., Dr. C., What about me?”

“What about you, Jerry?”

“They can send Macedonian Denars to me, at PayPal – pay

I will pay 23% interest – ON THE OTHER SIDE!!”

“Jerry, they’ll be all filthy rich on the Other Side. They won’t need money. They will luxuriate in the Glory we will provide!”

“Well, let’s make it Play Money that we will pay them in recompense on the Other Side.”

(Never argue with Jerry Atrricks – they know all the tricks!!)



Love those whom you hold dear, but without strings attached!!

Remember the old saying: You can take a horse to water, but you can’t make it drink!

The same goes with those we emotionally love.

We may desperately want them to understand what is going on, but they may show no interest whatsoever.

It is NOT your job to force them in any way.

They can become antagonistic towards you and the Truth if you try to force them.

Leave them be.

Do you recall I said diagnosis of Viability was completed in 1999 for all Units of Consciousness on this Earth?

Well, why worry about anyone’s viability?

If they passed, they passed.

If they failed, well, they failed.

It has nothing to do with you or the present circumstances or whatever enthusiasm they show or don’t show.

Don’t take it personally.

All have had infinite chances to turn to the Light.

They may be close to you in this life, but what about in all the others lives when they did not know you?

You cannot take responsibility for any who chose the Darkness.

Do not waste energy.

Respect the decision of others, and worry only about your own safety.

It is not a case of being selfish.

It is a case of being wise.

Send others all the Love you wish to send, but have no expectations.

In all fairness, if you have acquired the Superior Vision of the Endtime, you really know within your heart who is who.

So stop worrying and help those who appreciate help for not all Viables are out of the Darkness yet!



My dearest, valued friend, I want you to know
what great delight you give to me.

When I see your smiling face, and receive
your warm embrace, or shake your hand,
I have revealed to me your sincerity and honesty.

You have often been a tower of strength
in my hour of need
and I know that with you at my side,
in endeavours worthy, I’ll succeed.

My dearest friend, no words need pass
between me and thee,
For I see your very soul and its purity
in the respect you pay to me.

Many evil ones have I known who
selfishly through my life have blown.

Of what worth is respect from Evil Fools?

“None whatsoever”, is the answer,
as I have told these evil goons.

Falsehood’s masks are many and
treacherous types are all about
And with many evil ones I have fought
many a dangerous, necessary bout.

But on you I know I can rely,
for when you speak you look clearly,
lovingly into my eye,
and without need to reason why,
I know you would never let this friendship die.

Many are tainted by lusts that drain them,
and by memories that do not please,
but you have mastered such things with ease,
and show the respect that friendship builds.

This then, is the true path to Happiness
in true friends one occasionally, rarely, sees.

Many whom I thought were friends caused havoc
to the relationship with them I thought I had,
But so severe were their unjust attacks,
I could no longer with them continue, and it’s sad.

When they are unmasked they say many
hurtful things that are untrue.

No doubt this sort of suffering
has also targeted you.

The same malicious words are used by those
not supposed friends that us attack.

I realize now they are used
by the evil energy as a pack.

Each stooge is used to harbour
the demonic essence
Which tries to stop us from working and
from being productive friends,
attempting to inflict all sorts of penance.

But so resilient are you and I
in friendship now,
They will never succeed to break us,
no matter what they try,
and no matter how!


Your life is going to be full of disappointments in one way or another in this evil dimension, so why do you worry?

See the disappointments, learn from the situations that gave them, and move on.

You cannot expect anything of true value, or of happiness, in this evil plane which exists solely to make True Beings suffer through countless mechanisms of exploitation.



Hello World and Just Who is Who?