February 19, 2020


You decide what you want to believe!!

For the ‘Know-all” people and the “Morons” most of what I write is a waste of time.

They are as spiritually aware as decapitated robots are, to be sure.

Those of us with ‘Nous” often awaken just a very little with a resonating thought or two and then slowly evolve into a Higher Mind which gives us more and more information about what is going on!

We don’t need to know everything.

All we need to know is that there is more to the World than meets the eye, more than we have been told by those who control us, more than the Religions, Sciences and History try to push down our throats as absolute truths, etc.. 

There is always a punitive factor if we don’t believe what we are prescribed by the Evil Rulers. Have you noted that?

Why is that?

It is because the “Know-all” BS artists that control us want to keep us as ignorant as possible.

That way we are most exploitable.

Of course, they don’t know much more than we do, even while we are unawakened,  but they sure as heck aren’t going to admit that those of us with some ‘Nous’, know more than them, just in case we spill the beans and reveal the traps we are in.

That is exactly what awakening to the Greater Reality does – it reveals the traps we are in and the plan to rescue us.

The Evil Essence controls this dimension in which we as Humans find ourselves.

The Demons (the topic echelon of Evil) in control of this erroneous and doomed Dimension, do not want us to know the things I have explained in detail to those who would listen.

They do not want us to know we are trapped in this temporary and very evil dimension.

They do not want us to know they feed on us and extract our energy any way they can – usually by painful, forceful, exploitative ways.

They do not want us to know there is a Plan of Rescue by Light Beings to destroy this purulent, pseudo-dimension and to take those of us, who are worthy, back into the Divine Strata.

Demons actively attack, to destroy, anything of Light that enters the dimension, in order to protect their Cesspool, which this is.

That is why Higher Consciousnesses do not enter this evil realm, but rather communicate via Holographic Energy Beams to send us knowledge and energy.

The ruling Demons do not want us to become aware of what they are and what the Nature of this Universe is.

They do not want us to come to the realization that for them we are exploitable Units of Consciousness without which they could not live. In other words, we are Goyim – cattle – fodder, to them.

They hide the fact that we were trapped here against our will.

To camouflage all this they have created stories of pseudo-religions, pseudo-history and pseudo-science to keep us drugged in stupidity.

They do not want us to know that we are what feed them, even though it is obvious once we awaken and see the gross exploitation to which we are subjected and the energy they extract from us!

Every aspect of our existence on this level and the Astral Level (which is also artificial and a temporary part of the Physical Dimension) is about extracting energy from us for the benefit of Evil and for our eventual destruction.

The Evil Rulers do not want to be reminded of the facts we will know once we awaken, namely that this Illicit Universe, this Cancer on the face of Creation, is being excised totally and that they  are to be eradicated totally too, never to appear again.

They do not want to be reminded of that.

But that is exactly what is happening!

Those without a Higher Spiritual Component, as I described in other essays, cannot possibly reach the conclusions I am about to describe.

They cannot because they are AI Robots and Demons – tin machines (actually smelly meat bags) with electrical circuits – that have a limited capacity for knowledge.

All they know is how to traumatize us and exploit us maximally with the most evil mechanisms imaginable.

They purposely developed those mechanisms to extract as much energy from us as they could, for without that energy that we have, and they don’t, they could not, would not, live.

That is what is happening now.

They are being starved of this energy and therefore they ae going INSANE!

Do you recall my essays on Terminal Madness of the Endtime?

That is what those essays relate to.

The Demons are not exactly sure that is what is going on, but they soon will as all their exploitative ventures fail, one after the other!

Some in control (belonging to Class 5 – but still artificial beings) do know the facts of this illicit Universe and it is they that set up the false scenarios for our existence, the mechanisms for exploitation and for our eventual demise, if they are allowed to go that far in each particular case.

That you can learn for yourselves once you open your eyes.

They belong to the Essence of Zion about which we were warned long ago by Amos 6.1.

“Woe to them that are at ease in Zion”

Most do not suspect the corruption in his sentence.

 He was actually warning that those at ease in, and with the Essence of Evil, were in dire trouble!

That is the Essence of Evil which arose from the Experimental (Celestial) Error.

It had, and has, nothing to do with race, culture, lands, Nations, etc., except for the fact that some of these groups, on Earth, were invaded more by this evil essence than others.

But the Essence of Evil controls this ENTIRE UNIVERSE, not just Earth!

(Thank the True Lord 99% of it is now totally dissolved into nothingness!)

Having explained a little of this knowledge of the status quo, let me get to the information I want to impart to you today.

Over the years I have been privy to some information from what I term Superior Sources.

I can’t swear to the fact that the information is ALWAYS from Benign Superior Sources, for this is a War we are engaged in and oppositions play tricks constantly. But some information does seem to be accurate. We feel it in our bones, those of us that have the Inner Nous!

In all wars, and we are in the midst of a War of Essences, each side sends out propaganda to fool the opposition.

Earth is no different. Hence, be aware that at times information may not be accurate.

Time usually solves the problem of propaganda for us.

Some of the most pertinent points “They” – the Consciousness that are above this level of Consciousness – made to me are below.

You might recall I wrote that when they first contacted me I virtually told them that in my opinion all they said to me sounded like made-up fairytales.

Yes, I was that rude and brazen. After all, I had been indoctrinated with the utter arrogance and BS of Allopathic Medicine, so what could one expect?

With such degrees, we were ‘know-all’ personalities, or so we thought.

Have you talked to a doctor or priest or scientist lately? The moment a topic, any topic, goes beyond their level of understanding, they huff and bluff and want to blow you down with idiocy. They don’t see other levels of Truth for which they have not been trained and that is because they are limited idiots.

Do you really, really think the superiors of the Demonic Morons would guide them towards the Truth of things? Are you crazy? That is the last thing they want released – the truth of things on this level.

Thus, being self-deficient, the moronic demon doctors, or scientists or priests, whatever the case may be, bluster their way through an argument to win it with nonsense. Take note next time you are in such a situation.

Here is an excellent example:

Knock yourselves out with this written ‘flatus’ and other bits in other YouTube segments of De Grasse playing the Ass…..

Follow up other segments by googling his name and see where you get.

“Nowhere” is the answer!

Anyone so honoured by NASA so much sits on the wrong side of the fence!


Demonic ‘know-alls’ always legally win, of course, because they rub out any who dispute their authority regardless of how correct the dissident doctor/enquirer may be!

An interview with Maryam Henein about her breakthrough reporting: Details on Google’s aggressive and sinister censoring of natural health information
and Big Tech’s attack on independent voices.
Video: Brasscheck TV

Here is some proof of what I am saying:

The Law, the Police, the Governments, all uphold the Demons because the system is all theirs.

They rule in every way possible.

You know the saying: “You can’t win against City Hall, or the Church, or NASA, or authorized Historians, etc., etc.

How do we live with the IDIOCY?

They program the Meat Bags in which we are placed.

The Filtering Mechanisms of these bodies make sure we don’t find the Truth at all, if possible.

And these ‘Evil Rulers’ have hidden the Keys of Knowledge to keep us deaf and dumb and stupid, just like them.

But, as you well know, for I have told you often enough, their TIME is over.

This Hell is being demolished and we can go Home to True Love and the real Truth!

Is it not funny how scholars of Ancient Days knew about the trickery played against True Beings by the Demonic controllers?

Luke 11:52 52“Woe to you experts in the law, because you have taken away the key to knowledge. You yourselves have not entered, and you have hindered those who were entering.”

They rule via ignorance and stupidity and this you will learn the more you investigate how Medical Boards and other regulatory boards work.

They are based on the Principles of Church Doctrine of some 2000 years ago, modern knowledge be blowed!

(My best example is this:

Any cancer patient that undergoes modern medical treatment with Chemotherapy, Radiation and Surgery, etc., will have a 50% chance of being alive in 5 years from the date of the diagnosis.

Any patient who does absolutely NOTHING will have a 50% chance of being alive in 10 years from the date of the diagnosis.

A patient that follows any alternative lifestyle, including diet, alternate therapies, exercises, etc., will have a 50% chance of being alive in 15 years from the date of the diagnosis.

What does that tell you?

These Evil-programmed demonic idiots, programmed by the Essence of Zion that controls this false and idiotic, very temporary Universe are the ‘Know-alls’ we meet throughout the Ages.

Do you recall Galileo, the Father of Modern Physics? He took out his telescope and demanded the Clerical Idiots that ran the Catholic Church look for themselves that the Earth revolves around the Sun and not v.v.

Do you think the Demonic ‘know-alls’ took any notice?

Even with clear, indisputable evidence they denied Reality.

What chances have we, awakening to the Truth, against these demonic machines that really know nothing except how to abuse us all day and all night?)


Let’s get back to the essay of attempting to know the Truth:

Further studies and contact with Higher Sources eventually told me other things about the Reality of this Dimension.

Until we connect to our Higher Selves, no matter who they are, we

  • Cannot erase the Ignorance from our lower minds.
  • We cannot see Truth.
  • We cannot see beyond Evil’s wall of deceit!

We cannot appreciate what is to happen – namely, the destruction of ALL Evil and our rescue with a return trip Home guaranteed!!

Isn’t a major part of a major prayer to do with LIBERATION FROM EVIL?

Then why can’t the morons and fools not see the significance of what I say?

They are trapped by EVIL programming that will not let them think!

And besides, until the Ego is dismissed, one cannot teach much to ‘know-alls’!

The “Space Visitors” for want of a better name, were gracious enough to be patient with me.

I had communicated with them freely before my third birthday, as I wrote elsewhere, but by the time I had reached adulthood, I had been poisoned mentally by the falsehood of Evil’s mendaciousness.

That happens to everybody on this tragic level.

So, one must reawaken to the Truth.

And the degree of Truth is in proportion to the identity of the Superior Being who is trapped in the lowly, evil-created, Physical Bodies at birth.

It is a dastardly process, to be trapped and then having to attempt re-awakening!

They told me they were a Space Team beyond the confines of the Physical and I was part of their group. But having incarnated, and being subjected to the restrictive Filtering Mechanism we are all subjected to, I could, at the time, see myself only as a Human, and not as one of them.

Well, you might remember how the story went:

“Would you like to come up to the Spacecraft and meet us all again, T?”

“T” was the initial of my name ‘up there’.

They did not have to ask me twice.

We made arrangements for my leaving the dimension and that is how I visited them.

From then on I never doubted that they existed.


So basically what did they (and ME) tell me?

I’ve recounted these points many times.

  1. “The planet is too polluted to sustain life much longer;
  • It is going to be destroyed no later than 2035.
  • We may bring that date forward quite a bit depending on how things go.
  • They told me “You, T., will be here for the planet’s last day.”
  • Expanded details of eventualities will be given to you as time progresses.
  • We will leave this dimension soon and return near the End.
  • In the meantime, Evil will pursue GLUTTONY and self-destruct by many means. It will have no restrictive barriers like when we were present in the dimension.
  • Hence, as it only knows one thing, Evil will SELF-DESTRUCT!”

Within months I began receiving information that expanded on these points.

For example, I was driving to Taos, NM, to give a lecture when suddenly this communication arrived for me to consider:

Not just Earth, but the entire Solar System is being dismantled.

Then I received more communications.

Dark Matter (of which no one that I knew had heard about) was destroying the ENTIRE UNIVERSE!!

Now, with this information, I was in a pickle.

Who was going to believe me?

In 1985 I wrote in one of my first books that Dark Matter had already destroyed over 80% of the Universe.

Was I making improbably things up?

Or was this real?

I had not previously ever heard of Dark Matter!

Details galore flowed down to me, many of which I could not publish as the time was not yet right for such revelations.

The population of Earth was unawakened.

Then I realized with the little I released, the majority would NEVER awaken enough to understand and accept voluntarily what was going on!

They would have to be forced by developing circumstances to begin seeing the Reality confronting them.

But even now, very near the end, the “Know-alls” still want to argue.

It is simply too frightening for them to realize that Truth,

Justice and the Light will restore ORDER, as all Evil is destroyed and the Righteous Viables are rescued forever.

Having withdrawn completely from this Dimension, the Light is simply looking on as Evil self-destructs.

Evil can do no more than that. It is a time bomb and will destroy itself.

The USA is a small example of what I am taking about.

It is governed by the Essence of Zion and as we can see through the antics of the POTUS Trump, it is all blasphemous Evil that floods the nation.

Other places around the world are no better.

Greed and the need to exploit are never-ending problems that are destroying societies.

But we must lift our eyes and see more.

  1. The Entire Solar System is heating up to a point where Physical Life will be unsustainable. And yet “Know-all” Humans squabble about Global Warming via cows belching and cars running dirty fuel.
  2. Stars and Galaxies are disappearing at a phenomenal rate to demonstrate the Universe is dying. Yet less than one in a million of the citizenry would have any idea of this!
  3. All aspects of Nature are dying on Earth. The Earth itself has lost its consciousness. It is a dead planet!
  4. Vegetation is dying.
  5. The Animal Kingdom is dying at a rapid rate.
  6. Humanity is at the brink of annihilation. Civil wars are on the cards as is a Nuclear WW3.
  7. Famine, Infectious diseases, despair, suicides, cannibalism, insane murders, etc., etc., are part and parcel for the Endtime.

8          Some of us are fortunate in gaining the True Vision as promised for the Endtime and we can discern True, Viable, Spiritual Beings, as distinct from the AI Monsters – Robots and Demons who have been the bane of our existence while we were trapped in this Cesspool.

If you have understood the Message of Finality, the Death of Evil and the Rescue from this Hell, you well now know it is time to rejoice for soon you, with Greater Knowledge and Inner Nous, will be filled with Joy and Ecstasy at the thought that WE ARE GOING HOME.

The ‘meat bag’ which we inhabit may react adversely but it is up to you to control the negative emotions.

Negative Emotions were placed within us to feed Evil, not us.

Be aware of their nature and do not let them spoil your mood any further.

Look at Physical Death as release from this Physical Prison.

Everything must die.

But instantly, the moment the Physical Body dies, we shall see ourselves in our divine attire – as angelic forms that will live forever.

What could be better than that?

Even our pets will be joyous.

They will see, even better than we can, how wonderful they are in spiritual form.

We will all be together.

Some will be rewarded for the work they have done for the Light by going into Higher Strata of the Divine Realms.

But we can all still communicate.

Eventually we, Viables, will all be placed in an EVIL-FREE ZONE.

It is intoxicating to even think of such a zone.

We cannot think of it on this level for we have been used to abuse, and pain, and exploitation and misery and evil attacking us constantly in a myriad of ways.

That will all end.

Indeed we will be in paradisiacal realms and we shall continue our spiritual development in another Evil-free Universe until we graduate and then move higher and higher until we reach the zenith of Divinity.

These concepts are beyond us at the moment, but soon enough realizations will come to us and we can luxuriate in the Joy that is ours.

So, who am “I” to have come down to do this work in the Endtime?

Who am “I” to select the Good from the Evil and take the Righteous Home?

Who am “I” to have this unique knowledge that feeds our hearts with the joy of Paradise?

Ah! For just a little longer I ask for patience!

You will know details soon enough.

For now, just recall that “I” am the one to take you Home.

And now you know why the Evil, Evil ‘Bastards’ took every opportunity to try and kill me physically, even at a young age, and why they set me up with spurious charges and found me guilty in Kangaroo Courts, and why when they realize more fully who “I” am, they will fall down dead when I ask them to do so!

“I” know who each being is, from the smallest atom in the Mineral World to the Highest in all the Classes.

You can believe what you want of course. Who am I to argue with you?

“I” know the fate of each.

“I” will dispense whatever any individual deserves.

No one can escape my wrath or Justice.

Don’t let the aging meat bag you see fool you into mockery.

“Vengeance is mine.”


February 18, 2020

My latest essay that I had placed on

The Blind Can’t See
Part One


February 17, 2020 …

Hello again. Problems with the software on this PC caused a delay in posting articles. I hope to be able to continue writing tomorrow morning!!


February 13, 2020

Computer malfunction postponed entires. But,, here we are again.

Following a conversation with a recent new acquaintance, I thought I would remind you of colours to be used in mediation, when cleansing, when attacked, when you need to protect, and when you have to avert attacks from approaching evil ones.

At all times when you remember, see yourself in a bubble of clear WHITE Light.

As soon as you awaken, cleanse with the White Light as if you are under a shower. The same applies when you get into bed at night.

When you walk into a store, see yourself in the bubble of White Light.

For more vigorous cleansing, see a Royal Blue Light cascading over you until you feel purified. It only has to be a few seconds at a time.

When you sit in your car to drive off, see the car and you surrounded by the bubble of White Light!

Do the Blue Light cleansing when you enter a house or any situation that does not feel ‘safe’.

After using the Blue Light for any occasion, see Golden and then Pink Light cascading over you as if it were a shower. You remain in the White bubble while you do this.

The Pink is LOVE.

The Golden Light is further positive cleansing.

When you are approached by an evil (demonic) entity and you wish to minimize intraction, see the being in a bubble of the Royal Blue Light. This destabilizes him/her and attacks are less. In a short time they will leave you be!

As you know, the World is becoming more unstable.

Become more and more aware of the company you keep, where you go, your food and drink, your activities, your interactions, what you watch on the idiot box, what you read, conversations you get into, etc., etc.

We are all targets.

Attacks are irrational more and more, so be aware and make the use of the above colours a spontaneous thing.


February 5, 2020

My latest essay:

Our Metaphysical Anatomy Is Complex


February 3, 2020

To me the Path to a Nuclear WW3 is clear.

I recall as a young student in Australia that China was always called the sleeping Giant, and the Yellow Peril.

Why was that?

The West was always frightened that one day China would rise and invade the West with its Hordes and Terrors to dominate the (evil) Western World.

That domination was the Role of the (most evil) USA, don’t you know?

The Metaphysics of the situation is interesting.

Have a look at sites for Reptilian information

The Vulturites are probably the best known. They are by far the most Evil.

I include in their group Amitakh NG, and that greatest bastard I have ever met, her late husband, Stefan Stanford, nee Birch.

That body had multiple demons within it. He was a criminal, kicked out of the Law institute in the USA for money crimes.

He migrated to Oz under a false name and passport and evaded the law only after he was fined every dollar he had in the USA.

On clinical grounds, he was also a Chronic Schizophrenic with multiple Personalities and severe paranoia with a hate that burned his heart totally in the end.

The little demonic bastard is shortly to join Birch in the

He is currently where the Light has placed him – in the Chamber of Horrors undergoing his punishment.

His only expectation is the arrival of the equally evil Amitakh with whom he committed many, many crimes, including defaming me, stealing from people, tax fraud in the USA and Australia, and so on.

He now knows, for sure, who is of Darkness and who is of Light.

But, let me move on.

The Vulturites took over the USA when George W Bush was illegally elected president.

He is the demon responsible for millions of deaths with the invasion of Iraq.

Guess where the Light is putting him soon?

Look up George W Bush in Wikipedia

Was his election as POTUS legitimate?

No, it was not!!

Again I advise you to look up the fracas around his election on Wikipedia

You may recall the dispute with the Florida votes, the fracas with the Supreme Court which Daddy Bush had stacked, etc.

What is my point?

America has never been the Great Democracy of the World!

It has always been, since its inception, the Prime Malignant Dictatorship and this action proved it, as have ALL Presidential Elections.

Apart from destroying Iraq, the Leaders had no qualms about murdering Americans at 9/11 to initiate the wars and pilfery in the Middle East to support Zionism.

Just after 9/11 I did a Radio Show with Jeff Rense and I told him sooner or later a War that would become a World War would occur between China and the USA and that the USA would lose!

As you may know, the USA has tried to destroy China in many ways since WW2 – by dividing Korea and sitting on China’s doorstep, and taking Taiwan to do the same.

None of that has worked.

China IS the World Powerhouse now, and assisted by Russia, it will annihilate the USA when it is time.

Of course due to the coming End it is all rather irrelevant.

Where does the recent virus outbreak fit in?

Could Coronavirus be part of a Bio warfare program gone out of Control?!

Yes, it is, just like SARS was years ago and Ebola.

These bastard Reptilians don’t care what they do, even if it backfires and affects them and the rest of the World.

They are insane.

Now, the final thoughts: Do you really, really think China would do this to itself?

What other Nation do we know that released deadly poisons to destroy other Nations?

You can include Agent Orange in Vietnam if you remember it.

You have your answer, don’t you?

What does all this mean?

To me it means that China will be far more determined than ever to eradicate the USA from the face of Earth.

I have absolutely nothing to do with what is going on.

All I am doing is reporting the facts as I see them.

Do you now see how Evil works?

I am observing how Evil operates.

Aren’t you glad we are getting out of this smelly Hell?


February 1, 2020

We of Divine Origin are prisoners locked in an entombed Universe.

Communication with our ‘Family’ outside of this Hell is via Holographic Messaging.

Some of the Viable, Divine Beings trapped within the Universe have been chosen to be the recipients of these Messages and they are then able to distribute the information to the ones ready to listen.

The most famous and therefore well-known is Jesus of course, and he had many other lifetimes to teach us the truth as the Grand Master Teacher.

I have mentioned many lives of his lifetimes in the last 6 thousand years or so. He has had many, many others of course, both on Earth and other planets. But few believe this because it does not suit them.

The fact that we are prisoners confined in a locked space causes us many problems, one of which is the inability to communicate freely with our ‘Family” outside of this Iniquity.

Thus, we are restricted and fed BS by the ruling, controlling, abusive Evil Jailors.

Their rule does exploit us of energy as much as possible, for they have none of their own, having been cut off by the Divine for they ae cancerous units that make healthy Divine Beings die.

The implication of this situation explains why we feel not only trapped but also abandoned at times.

We are not really abandoned for Rescue is on its way, but communication with the Light is almost impossible and we are programmed to feel abandoned.

We are trapped any way we move in this Hell. We pray and pray and pray but our prayers seem to go unanswered, simply because the communication lines are not there.

All we can do is hold onto the Faith that we are indeed heard and that sooner or later Rescue will arrive.

In the meantime, we have to suffer whatever punishment Evil sets out for us.

We have to accept this scenario for there is no other.

We are lucky enough to continue existence and have now almost reached the point of liberation.

Understanding this status quo should make our minds more serene, knowing Evil rules the lot, that the Light knows what is going on, and that Rescue is on its way.

It is those that give up and go to the Evil energy that are doomed.

Don’t give up.

Remember that Rescue is at hand, no matter how miserable you may feel at times in this Cesspool!





January 31, 2020


Often have I written that this is the Endtime when ALL EVIL will be exposed and destroyed.

One does not need to be an expert in anything to realize that Evil is being seen everywhere, more so than ever!

It is obvious because it is being exposed on purpose by the Light in preparation for its total destruction. Even those of Evil can see they are evil, for the vectors of their destruction are looming on the horizon.

To be more specific, we must now accept the fact that 99% of the Universe has been destroyed by Dark Matter and that we are in the last 1%.

Go back and read the essays I wrote called ‘Fait Accompli’ for details of Dark Matter’s destruction of the Physical Universe.

As I wrote earlier, stars near us (and their revolving planets, satellites and moons) are disappearing. This is a sign that it is the End. It is being reported by the most cursory of astronomers. Would they want to make that up? Of course not!

This site has numerous articles you might want to read:

Humanity was warned long ago in ancient texts that STARS WOULD DISAPPEAR. Thus, today, we have the evidence in front of our eyes.

There is no need to accept anything you do not understand or do not want to understand.

Refer everything to your “Inner Mind” and heart and see where you stand.

If destruction of Evil and its Estate (the Evil, Physical Universe) makes sense to you so that all Evil will be removed from our existence, then live in that thought of physical and SPIRITUAL cleansing that must occur.

No one is being forced to believe anything.

You know in your heart what is true – if you are a Divine, Viable Being.

No need to argue with “Know-alls”. They will shout at you until there are blue in the face wanting to convince you that nothing is going on, that we are in a another physical phase, that Humanity is evolving, expanding, changing due to DNA mutation, etc., etc.  This, of course, is all nonsense coming from them.

Forget the fools.

Leave them be. Don’t argue with them!

They will be dust on Hell’s floor soon enough.

You just practice to recall what you feel in your heart.

Apart from the truth of what is occurring, you will feel the Serenity and Love of our Source, and the promise of a Future full of everlasting Love and Serenity.

The filth of Evil will soon be gone forever!


This exposure of Evil is occurring on every level.

Here is an example in the circus of  the USA:

The United States of Organized Crime


For January 29, 2020

This is the sort of BS we have to put up with.

Note the Reptilian features  of the presenter. Could not be more obvious!

CLASSIFIED: Everyone Must Know This! It’s Actually Happening.. (2020)

The AI Creatures will do anything to hide the Reality of their END!

The Universe is now less than 1% ‘living”.

How long does anyone think it will last as each molecule is destroyed so that Physical Life will vanish?

Of course, True Consciousness will continue, but that is another matter!

With the progression of the transmutation of the artificial, Evil-created Matter by Dark Matter, I have brought forward the date of the End even more.


For January 28, 2020

Good Morning once again to you all.

From your correspondence I gather we feel the same regardless of where we are in the World and what we do for day to day activities.

The Earth and its energy are crumbling and we feel it within us.

I was told in 1985 that this would be so.

Be careful, I have noted outbursts of nasty, malicious and therefore negative energy from people who otherwise appeared normal moments before. They appear to be irrational for just a moment or two and then they settle down. Don’t get involved. Pull back as quickly as possible. You have nothing to prove by being brave against demonic idiots.

Could it be that the programming of these AI creatures breaks for a moment or two and control of them – physically and mentally – is lost?

I think that is the case.

Imagine then when billions are involved. It will be murderous mayhem.

As the world becomes more and more unstable, we automatically question everything we know and have been told.

That is a ‘Human” thing to do, so don’t panic.

Go back to basics.

1 We have been told the End of Physicality is coming! Who are we to argue with that? It is not as if we have a bird’s eye view of the Univere and can say “Yes” or “No”. We simply accept what we are told by Higher Beings. All the fragmentation points to termination. It would be silly to argue against it.

2 We have been told some ‘Humans” are AI Robots and Demons. We are starting to see them now, so why argue the point?

3 We were told energy would run short and conditions would become more and more difficult on Earth. I think that is self-evident, especially when we examine the daily basis of most people in most Nations. Even in ‘wealthy Nations’ like the USA, people can hardly make ends meet. Exploitation, suffering, poverty, abuse and harsh programming are at their zenith.

4 I had predicted Civil Wars, a Nuclear WW3 and massive loss of life before total destruction of the planet. We must prepare mentally for these eventualities. Do you recall I recounted the story of being told in 1985 (by Higher Beings) that all living creatures must leave the Earth in preparation for its total destruction?

5 Timing of Earth’s destruction is not static. I was told 2035 was the latest for full destruction, but earlier if at all possible. Now we see the earlier the better, for it would ease suffering all around.

6 We can only prepare for these eventualities in limited ways. To mentally prepare is the most important aspect. Project yourself mentally, if you can, when you sit quietly, into a serene, happy future.

7 Be flexible with timing. In February last year, Astral Beings suggested the End would be in 2025. As the year progressed, it became 2023, then the end of 2022 was the terminal time. Of late I have felt the Wars have been brought forward and we could see the End as early as mid-2022.

8 It does not really matter when the time of the End comes. We know it is soon, we know there is variation, we know we will be here or there in due course. Stop worrying. Project into the future and rejoice. The End of Misery is around the corner. That is what we need to focus on!!


For January 27, 2020

Good day to you all.

Why do I write entries a day ahead of the actual date?

Actually Jerry Attrick forces me to do it. He wants people to realize I am ahead of my time!! Ha, Ha.

Anyway, in the last week or so, all the communicators I have had have expressed the one thought:

In a nutshell, it is this prayer:

“God, we accept the coming of the End, but please, please, please HURRY UP!”

Yes, once we awaken even just a little, we become anxious to see the end of this Evil Empire.

We want to return to our REAL HOME, the place where we truly belong!

The Evil Beings cannot have such thoughts for they belong here.

They have no real home. This Hell is their home.

Hence if this Physical is destroyed, they are homeless.

And that is exactly the point of it all.

They are unreal images in an unreal location with no futue whatsoever.

Their natural progression is one of eventual dissolution.

They cannot advance to anywhere.

They have no future.

They will run out of fuel eventually, even if the Light does nothing.

That spells their END.

You will notice the DEMONS hoard as much wealth as they can.

That is a desire within them to exist forever, and thinking enough money and wealth will do that, they become thieves of everything.

But, it will get them nowhere.

They do not have permanent spiritual bodies to last once the Physical is destroyed.

They are machines, and as such, they are doomed.

Those AI Robots who have asked to be in the Light, for they have rejected Evil, will have spiritual bodies (souls) implanted into them so that they can then live in Divine Realms. What a wonderful achievement that will be for them!

In the meantime, we must all be patient. All will be achieved in due course!

(“Pssss! Dr. C., Jerry here. Apart from me, how many others wrote to you this last week or so?”

“Two others did, Jerry!”

“Wow, your popularity is really skyrocketing then? And to think you have only been writing since 1983.”


For January 26, 2020 I want to post these essays on


Ray, a long-term reader from California reminded me of the fact that these essays on the Great Awakening that I wrote earlier helped him a great deal to focus on the spiritual aspect.

I hope newcomers to my website are assisted by these essays:






Your thoughts, that may help other readers, are always welcome!


Welcome to my latest attempt to open a viable Website.


For JANUARY 24, 2020

There is not doubt that when it is not understood clearly, what I have written can be scary stuff.

I certainly did not mean it to be that way, and that is why I insist that you “Take it or leave it” as your mood dictates.

There are a number of ways to view my words.

I think the best way to view what I write is to think of it as obscure and yet extravagant Science Fiction. That way none of us can get tangled in ossified Theology or Metaphysics or Gnosticism.

What we may be experiencing on Earth is a natural decay of the Physical so that we can move on. Where to? Who knows?

This may occur to all structures in the Universe and, in fact, to all other Universes if, in fact, they exist.

We just don’t know and no one has told us one way or the other.

The best explanation we can come across in ancient texts is that we are living in a ‘Leela’, a play of the ‘gods’ who in turn are higher consciousnesses that rule the Universe.

Once the play is over, we all incubate and are reborn in differing roles.

The good, the bad, the ugly, the malicious, the loving, the dopey, etc., etc., are all players in a role for the play.

Thus, it is all an ILLUSION and nothing is really damaged or destroyed as we play our designated roles.

That makes a lot of sense considering that a Prime Principle must create anything and everything in the Universe.

Whether there are other Universes is not really our concern.

Whether a Universe takes a wrong turn in its ‘Leela’, in its experiments, in its developments, appears to be neither here nor there, for that is what the Leela – the Play – is all about: experimentation.

That some appear good and some evil may be due to the camouflage they wear while playing their roles in the Leela.

Once the PLAY is finished they divest themselves of their robes and are the same as everybody else in creation except that some have developed more than others according to when they were created.

To me that makes a lot of sense.

To say some creatures are AI Robots may be valid. They would be part of the experiment, the Leela, and play some part in it.

So what?

Don’t we have mechanisms that assist us in our lives – cars, refrigerators, ships, airplanes, electronic robots, etc.?

The manufacturers program them for various tasks. We can and do lable them as good and evil depending on what they do. But once we turn them off, they are inert machines are they not?

Could it not be that many such machines exist in our Leela and will be turned off when they are no longer wanted/needed?

I might have been a little harsh in declaring the End of Physicality as if it was a punishment.

It may be a natural closer of the ‘Leela’ and its scenary.

After all, we all know the Physical cannot continue forever. It was made to decay and rot.

So what are we complaining about?

When you buy an expensive garment, you know that at some time in the future it will turn into rags.

The same goes for our Physical Attributes and all other impermanent attributes such as the Etheric and Astral Coverings of our spiritual component.

Some of the artifical machinery may not have a spiritual component so it cannot continue once it turns into dust.

Does that not make sense? Of course it does.

So, can the end of the Universe simply be a stage of ending the Leela, the Play, so we can move on?

Of course. What else could it be?

Those of spiritual stuff will continue, regardless of what roles they played – good or evil.

Those with no spiritual component are just temporary props to fill roles in the play.

Does that make more sense to you?

So, in a sense, everyone has played a role, good or evil, that has served a purpose in the Leela. The actors are not going to be punsished for playing those designated roles. They just played them as they were told to play them.

It would be most unfair to punish them for doing their job well.

So, Good and Evil, progress, evolution, decay and death of the perishable parts are all part of the Leela – the Play of the Gods.

What right have we got to judge who is who and what is what?

The ‘Evil Ones’ are simply playing the roles they have been designated.

The ‘Good’ Actors are playing the roles they have been designated.

So you see, there is no need to lose our temper or our energy or our minds.

All is a pre-programmed play by the ‘gods’.

What they hope to achieve is NOT our concern.

All we can do is play the roles we have been designated.

This way, all are salvaged after the Leela, no matter how brutal and mauling it may have been for individuals.

The trouble is that we have forgotten that we are playing a role in a play.

The Supreme ‘god’ in charge would indeed by a great fool to create Good and Evil without the maximal degree of equanimity!

It is we who get lost in playing our roles and think we are the roles, rather than realizzing we are individuals playing temporary roles.

That makes a big difference to how we live life.

It makes us calm and resolute once we know each is playing a role and it matters not whether one appears evil or good.

We all end up in the same pool outside of the dimension without our costumes of good and evil. And we see we are all the same – units of consciousness created by the Godforce from the Divine Primary Pool of Consciousness.

But, while we are playing our roles in the Physical, we do not understand this too well and are confused by what can happen.

Keep such notions in mind when you see a cat eat a mouse, a lion eating a rabbit, a soldier killing another.

What is lost?

Only the meat bag containing the rest of the individual is lost. It was going to be lost sooner or later.

It is our lack of underatnding that makes us suffer.

So there, the Leela Theory of Creation and its progress is one very sound aspect that can explain what we are and what our fate is.

This explanation shows nothing of value is lost and we all end up joyously sharing our Happiness in the long run.

I will write more on other existential possibilities as we go along seeking whatever Truth may come our way.

Realize that in reality, no one on this level has the Truth.

Truth is an intangible mist reserved it seems for those we cannot reach or communicate with at his time.


All the previous websites ones I had were either attacked by hackers or “Demonic” bastards whose Stupidity would not let them see one sparkle of Light in their lives.

I will be writing more about Science Fiction, Metaphsycis , Gnosticism, etc. Yu are under no obligation to believe any of what I write.

Use the words for amusement. And if they trigger thoughts in y our head, think about things to YOUR satisfaction.



My Motto says it all: If you can’t stand what I write, for whatever reason, go jump!

Actually the Motto that I am sure you know well is “Take it or Leave it!”

There is no doubt in my mind that this is the Endtime.

When I wrote such things as Finality, the Endtime, Terminal Madness, etc., etc., in 1985, there was a great margin to argue about what was going on, but with the passage of times, with the evidence that EVERYTHING on this Earth, Solar System, Galaxy, and in fact the entire Universe is decaying and dying, there is little room for denial.

But, the fools will deny until the last minute when they are thrown into their pits of fire to be liquidated into nothingness.

Deal with any doubts you may have in a logical way.

Do not let the Evil Programming we have all been subjected to by the controlling Evil Essence make a fool of you.

The very fundamentals of existence which we have been taught in this filthy and very evil Cesspool are wrong, wrong, wrong!

So discard them and seek the Light.

Only in that way can you escape the Darkness.

I will be posting a good deal of new material, as time permits, and also many of the old Essays, Poems, articles, etc., which I think may be of benefit.

We can all review and refresh our memories with the old stuff.

Be patient with yourselves.

We all forget things as time passes.

And it is the enrgy content of the information, not the words themselves, that sustains us to the very End.

Read on and realize any rewards you gain are through your own efforts and no one else’s.

You will succeed on your merits, just as Failures will fail on their iniquities!


FOR JANUARY 24, 2020

End Of The Earth
And All Physical Things
Part Three

You will find Parts 1 and 2 in the ESSAY Section


FOR JANUARY 25, 2020

What remains of this Physical Universe is fracturing so that it will eventually exist no more.

I had been told in 1985 by the Higher Beings conducting the Termination Process that ALL LIVING Creatures were to leave Earth for it would be totally destroyed no later than 2035.

I said “I don’t believe you”.

I really thought it was some sort of hoax being presented to me via AMitakh NG who was in trance.

The very second time she went into trance a Being called “Jude” came in and said “This woman is not to be trusted. She is not of Light.”

Well, you can imagine how clearly I was thinking thereafter.

But they the Beings who kept presenting to me, being of a superior intellect said “Well, what if we take you on one of our “Crafts” and show you what is going on?”

They did not have to ask me twice!

They did just that, and by the time I got back into the Physical Body (the Meat Bag I call it), I believed everything they had said to me for it appeared most accurate.

Now, of course I have found all sorts of actions that lead to the End of the World – the entire Universe.

We have Dark Matter, and we have out-of-control cascading Galaxies.

I’m convinced.

Here is an article that points in that direction:

Mystery Gravitational Wave Sparks Debate on if Enigmatic Star Betelgeuse is Ready to Go ‘Boom’ – Sputnik International

Here is another:

There’s a galaxy hurtling towards our Milky Way that could wipe out life on Earth — RT World News

So you see, I can hardly be making these things up!!


January 15, 2020


As I have stated many times, this is the ENDTIME.

In the ENDTIME, all Evil will be exposed and DESTROYED!

That is why it is called the Endtime – it is the End of this farce called EVIL.

To give you one very small example, I post an article I found on the Internet by accident:

This was obviously written by a malicious, moronic and most stupefied DEMON.

I have no idea what he or she had against me, but the TRUE facts are completely opposite to what was written here.

HA, HA. The author or authors of this piece of trash must have been following me for years to get a chance to write this BS.

Let this be a reminder that you should not accept anything in the press until you verify its veracity.

And if you see such slanderous articles, ask yourselves “Why would anyone bother to write such idiocy if he or she had a functioning mental capacity?”

I paste this article which is all BS as an example.

There are many others.

In fact, reverse what they say and you will be closer to the truth.

So there, we are able to put Evil in its place (under a rock) and let the Light shine through!


January 16, 2020

Does anyone really think the Demons are going to get away unpunished for what they have done to the Beings of Light after being warned of the consequences again and again and again?

Final Judgement has occurred of all living creatures.

Justice has prevailed.

Evil Beings cannot claim that murder, rape, theft, violence, avarice, etc., etc., were not crimes against the Innocent!

They cannot claim they did nto understand the Rules!

Do you really think I will let go free without punishment all of those who abused me and mine so often and so viciously in this life and many other lives?

They were told there was a price to pay for their iniquities.

This was repeated many times to them.

They were offered Mercy many times for genuine remorse, but they had none!

Thus, it shall be Justice that they now receive.

Those that have remained faithful to the Light will cherish the Bounty of Infinity!


January 16, 2020

Today I am going to write a few words about David Icke.

Without mincing anything, take note: Icke is a Reptilian Demon who pretends to be of Goodness and Truth.

He is anything but that.

No one becomes rich and famous as he has become without being a TOOL of the Evil Essence.

In due course you will see that what I say is accurate and he will be liquidated physically, etherically, astrally and spiritually for all time like all other Demons and spiritual failures.

You know my Motto well: “Take it or Leave it.”

ALL of the Dark Side cannot stomach the Truth and need to attack me whenever they can.

So be it! Doing so they expose themselves ratherclearly.

There is no need to panic.

I said Earth will be destroyed by 2035, the latest.

That time being flexible, is shrinking more and more so that now I am able to say Earth will be gone by very late 2022.

But if that date various, it does not matter!!

If the End is delayed, no one that understands what is going on is going tobe too bothered.

But the Evil Bastards are bothered.

They want to prove me wrong at any and every opportunity.

Let them be.

They will suffer in many more ways than by attacking me and the more variable predictions.

The changes we see now around the Universe (98.5% of which ahs vanished thanks to Dark Matter), the changes in this Galaxy, in our Solar System, on Earth, in Humanity, in Vegetation, in the Animal Kingdom, the Mineral Kingdom, etc., etc., all point to Termination as I have predicted.

What more do you want?

Nuclear WW3 is guaranteed with the Trump antics.

Civil Wars are about to break out everywhere.

Australia is burning to the ground, and so on.

Let fools like Icke be!

They are there as Pied Pipers to mislead whomever they can.

I have cited the changes for the Endtime on numerous occasions in themany essays I have produced here and on the Rense site.

Read them and be joyous that we will soon be free from this Hell, if you are a viable.

If you are a doomed fool, (stupid,demonic) like Icke, you have every reason to panic.


January 17, 2020

As you can see, many are stressed and even terrified with what is occurring in the World.

They have no understanding of the Endtime!

They are not Divine Beings, or else they are still totally asleep, and it is our information that is to awaken them!!

If they are not Viable, they do not have the capacity to understand what is going on.

They have no comprehension of the ENDTIME.

They lack the inner NOUS that tells them what is going on.

With no Divine Capacity to understand, the majority, being Artificial Intelligence, cannot understand the concept of Finality of the Physical.

They cannot conceive an Endpoint to this physical Existence.

Thus, they panic for they know no better.

They have no true spiritual sight.

Thus they cannot see the different classes of individuals mingled together – The Robots, the Demons and the True Beings with real souls.

It is no accident that those with Inner Nous, a real soul and a Divine Heritage can see the different beings that exist and which I have just described.

Having this spiritual insight is part of the reward of being eternal beings that will continue forever once the artificial Robots and Demons are no more.

Now you see why so many, not understanding what is really going on are so distressed by physical world changes, changes that are necessary to end this H ell.

And now you can understand why the faithful few rejoice at the thought of an Ending to this Evil Cesspool.

If you are LIGHT, and sense it, rejoice, for we are going home.

There is nothing we can do to, or for, the Failures.

They have had infinite chances to turn to the Light.

It is they who chose to fail.

Thus, Justice will finally prevail.


January 18, 2020

In 1985 I wrote that:


One of the lesser reasons for this was going to be the degree of POLLUTION of EARTH that would necessitate total destruction.

It was more than that of course, and as I wrote in my books, destruction of Earth was part of the TOTAL DESTRUCTION of the Solar System, the Galaxy and the rest of the Universe.

I then wrote in that year, 1985, that over 80% of the Universe had already been destroyed by Dark Matter, and our total destruction of Earth was going to be earlier than 2035 if at all possible.

I wrote about the progressive destruction of Physical Matter by Dark Matter in the essays called ‘Fait Accompli’. If you are interested in this topic, it would be wise for you to read them.

By giving the Message that ALL living things were to leave the Planet Earth, a number of conclusions could be reached:

1 All living things would have to have other structures apart from Physical Bodies to be able to exist outside of the Physical. Had you thought of that?

2 The statement pointed to the fact that there are many classes of Consciousness sharing this Earth. Thus, clearly we have Human, Animal, Vegetable and Mineral Units of Consciousness.

3 Implication of such a major change meant nothing more and nothing less than the ENDTIME of which some had written about in the past in more esoteric and religious terms. I have expanded the topic.

4 I, the ‘little Human’ could not have possibly made up the information I presented in 1985. It is obviously ‘a priori knowledge’ from the Supra Mental Plane. I have explained what that means elsewhere.

5 The Problem of Evil came into the equation and I wrote about that at length. Thus, there was to be a sorting out, a Final Judgement and a separation of the Good from the Evil!

6 One of the factors of Termination came up very quickly, and that was Global Warming.

I stated in a Radio Show with Jeff Rense in 2001, and in essays, that Global Warming was NOT due to polluting fuel emissions, or cows burping and pigs flatulating. I said it was more serious than that. I explained that extraneous energy was entering the Solar System to cause the general heating of ALL the planets. This was confirmed by checking the temperature rises in the planets. In other words, the Warming of ALL structures was part of the Destructive Process of all Physical Matter!

The Demons who had privy to this problem of heating took advantage of the situation and enriched themselves in various ways by blaming Global Warming on Humans. These Demons are prone to do such things in order to gain more and more money. Take a look at what they do with Pharmaceuticals, Medical Care, Food Production and distribution, etc., etc. A lot of good it is going to do them, I don’t think! They will be destroyed forever.

Here is an example of such Climate change in Australia that is clearly forcing Living Beings to leave the planet and the Physical Plane

There are many other mechanisms by which we, and the Animals, the Vegetation, etc., will leave this planet.

You know about the Fukushima radiation, the coming wars, the diseases from Nuclear War, the starvation, etc.

Alas, as cruel s it sounds, we have to leave.

Those that understand what is going on are joyous at the thought all the Evil will end and we will be liberated from this harrowing, exploitative Cesspool where we have illusions of happiness but far more real pain, suffering and misery!

Those with the Inner Divine Nous are starting to realize we do NOT belong here. This is NOT our HOME.

This Earth is a PRISON, as is the entire Universe. I have written how all this came about.

Of course, anxiety and fear will cross our minds at the thought of Physical Death.

But, we must be strong. We have physically died many times, and yet, here we are still.

In moments of true contemplation, we sense a Joy of being in Higher Divine Levels.

We must believe that what is happening is for our good.

We are witnessing the destruction of the Evil apparatus in order to free us.

Those without a soul, meaning those that are A.I. Robots and Demons, cannot go anywhere. They are Mechanical Structures that will be sent to the scrap heap. They are NOT real!!

Miraculously, some of the Robots have, in fact, turned to the Light and they will be salvaged. In due course, ‘Divine Soul structures’ will be added to their anatomy and they will continue!

Fear not!

There are necessary steps we must go through in order to be liberated.

I will be here till the last day and I will advise and guide you accordingly.

My Higher Identity is not important for the moment.

What is important is that you develop the Love, Joy and Wisdom of True Beings. And with these assets you shoud cherish those you love.

And that brings me to another point:

You will develop the Superior Vision to know who is who. This special vision was promised to us for the Endtime.

Thus, we will know with our eyes who are ‘Good’ and who are ‘Bad’!

You may hace already experienced this.

You must NOT be disappointed when you discover that those you thought were worthy loved ones turn out to be of DARKNESS or chose the Darkness.

You are to remain the same person, the loving individual that aspires to the Divine Love and Wisdom of the Highest.

Treat all with Patience, Kindness, Joy and Understanding.

Those of Evil wil be repelled by your Pure Love and energy. Let them be. They are failures by choice, unless they are Demons in which case they had no choice at any stage.

Don’t let whatever you discover in your personal life ruin your day.

Alas, this will apply to spouse, children, pets, and so on.

You must be strong!

No one said it was going to be easy.

Forget the Past.

Look to the future.

Infinite Joy and Glory await the Faithful!


January 19, 2020


Once any of us make the realization that we are prisoners trapped in an evil dungeon (The Physical Universe) and are exploited relentlessly for our energy, naturally we become impatient for release from this HELL.

But, you must realize that only Viables, with some exceptions for others,  have the Inner Nous that allows them to see the Truth of things.

The idiotic AI Creatures have no real sense of this dimension being an evil One.

Thus, you can see who is who in society by the fact that they either WAKE U P TO THE EVIL TAKEOVER OF THIS DIMENSION OR ELSE ARE OBLIVIOUS TO THE GREATER REALITY.

It is pointless arguing with the ones who have no spiritual  insight.

They are totally mindless and insane.

But at the same time they will call those who have even a slight glimpse of the Truth as insane, simply because they, the Morons, cannot cope with the Greater Reality that is emerging!


One  has to be patient with them, and with those around us who mean us no harm.

We have to be patient with ourselves also for we long anxiously to see the END of this abomination and to be taken Home

This sense of Rescue does not come to all.

Those without the Nous have no idea of belonging elsewhere.

They know no other world.

They cannot project beyond the filth of this doomed World. They are fooled by FALSE Religious Doctrines about a fairy Paradise, but that is a mockery of Truth.

So, be patient.

The End and our Rescue will all happen when they are meant to happen.

Variability occurs due to time factors we on this level cannot control.

It gets harder and harder as we creep towards the END POINT.

That is because of the successful realizations we have made of what is going on and so we become more and more impatient in the lower mind..

If we had  no idea of those true alternatives, we would not worry so much.

So, be gentle on yourselves.

Restrain thoughts of impatience.

Live day by day as you always did, except that now, in your mind you have the answers that you have always wanted.

  1. This is an evil Cesspool.
  2. We were forced to become prisoners in this dimension
  3. Rescue has been promised to those who remained faithful to the Light
  4. We are almost at the end of the road.
  5. Victory is ours.
  6. Rescue is coming!
  7. We can rejoice as much as we like for we have achieved what we set out to do – be saved!
  8. Those without Viability, without Nous, without a Divine Soul, have no idea of these thoughts. They are stuck in a bubble of artificial Time and will soon expire with the dimension that has been condemned.

Remember these point and you will be joyous and happy ALL THE TIME.

There is nothing more Evil can do to us.

We are Victorious!


January 20, 2010


True Realization of what is happening to us, to the Earth, and to what remains of the entire Universe is NOT a LOWER MIND intellectual exercise!

The entire Physical Apparatus and the Physical Existence have been created by an Evil Essence so that we wouldnot know the truth.

It created this Physical Dimension so that it could exploit prisoners (trapped True Divine Beings) in it of their energy. Thus, it would hardly tell them the truth of what had happened, who the inmates were and why they suffered so much.

I have referred in the past to segments in the Old Texts of those in charge hiding the Keys to Knowledge. (Luke 11:52)

To make the true spiritual realizations needed, we need to connect to a Higher Plane – The Supra Mental Plane so-called.

The knowledge we gain from such a connection is rather different to what we know on this lower level. It is so strange that at first meeting it, the immediate response is to reject it. But, with time and patience, slowly we learn to adjust.

This knowledge from Higher Levels is impossible for non-Viable Beings too accept. They have no capacity to understand the Higher Truths. Thus it is that they reject news of the Endtime and the true method of salvation and liberation from Evil. All they can relate to is what they are taught by fraudulent Religions, Science and History!

Thus it is that the True Picture of what is happening to us and our World is hard to comprehend with the knowledge in our lower minds alone.

If the majority don’t even know anything about Dark Matter, it is not very likely that they will know what it will do to us and all physical structures, right?

And what about the concept of Excalibur?

Most think it is a Myth for little children.

Far from it, it is a representation of the Sword that will separate the Just from the Villains!

With Excalibur are associated Jesus of Nazareth and King Arthur, the Once and Future King, who is to take us to our Heavenly Abode.

Do you think that is a fairy tale?

Do you think the Druids of Ages Past made all that up to amuse us 1500 years later?

It is ignorance that occupies Lower Minds in Humans, not Higher Spiritual Knowledge.

Jesus re-incarnated as King Arthur, and many other beings, throughout the ages.

Who are the ignorant nincompoops to argue with me?

Ignorance is a very powerful tool on this level and there are many examples I can give of what disasters it can create.

Just for one example, let us speak of Giordano Bruno…..

  He had the good fortune of recalling the Greater Reality he had experienced. 

But, the demons who refused to understand, mainly because they could not, being severely limited by their AI Minds, destroyed him rather than entertain the Truths he revealed.

You can well imagine the battles I have had with the little knowledge I revealed from 1985 about the existence of AI Robots and Demons, the destruction
of Earth, the Rescue of Viables, the Final Judgement, the arrival of Dark Matter, the Endtime and the total destruction of this evil Universe, etc., etc.

When I was confronted with such gross Ignorance and Stupidity, especially by Medical Boards, I simply retreated and decided to wait for things to happen.

Even now most are blind to what is going on.

And yet, the few know instantly what I am talking about. They are the Viables who have been awaiting the Rescue.

Why are the majority blind?

It is because they cannot comprehend Higher Knowledge.

They have been created as MACHINES, and they possess the infused (false) knowledge of their makers. You don’t expect Truth to be part of their make-up, do you?

Being infused with false knowledge, the Robots and Demons convinced themselves that they would get away with their crimes against the Children of Light.

That is why they murder, plunder and rape so easily. Just look at CRIMINAL ACTIVITY OF THE USA in Vietnam, the Middle East, Libya, Afghanistan, etc., since WW2.

That is their way of stealing energy from the True Beings that have the energy.

And that is why we see the Demons in charge act so nonchalantly, in spite of various commandments they claim they believe in, in order to murder, plunder and rape at will.

What they don’t and can’t realize is that there is a Superior Power, beyond their Evil Overlord, that watches all, that will bring all to account, and will render True Justice in due course.

Do you think they ever thought of that?

Of course not!

They are machines that act according to the Evil Programming within them.

Worse for them shall it be when the Final Bell is rung!


January 21, 2020


Evil is in full control in this enclosed Evil Dimension which it built after the Celestial Error that motivated Evil took full control.

The Evil Essence is an exploitative Essence that is mandatory for the Evil AI Creatures (Robots and Demons) to continue to exist.

Without that Essence of Evil, they would not attack and drain the Divine Beings to gain their energy.

In other words, if the Divine Beings are removed from the Dimension, it would collapse for lack of energy.

The Artificial Creation has attempted to gain new sources of Divine Energy with which it could continue, but it has failed.

So, now, with no energy, the Evil Creation is doomed.

The Light waits for it to run out of energy which it soon will, and also waits for Dark Matter to do its work which is to neutralize the electrical components in the Artificial Circuits..

The entrapped Viables simply have to be patient and let these processes that will end Evil do their job.

Do not struggle against Evil. It will only hurt you more.

Know it is doomed.

That should be enough to satisfy us until the End.

Evil can only hurt us as Physical Beings.

It cannot erase Viable Spirits like the Light can.

Thus we see throughout History Evil Ones have punished and murdered many of the Light in order to gain energy from them.

But in the end, they could do no more unless the Viables did something horrible which was to give in to Evil and have their energy taken from them which would mean spiritual death for those that chose Evil.


January 22, 2020

My dearest One

My dearest One, as with Eros,
the God of Love, I did conspire,
Seeking dreams with which to fulfil
my heart’s desire,

The purest thought of you,
on majestic wings, into my mind, flew,
Thus it was that the mischievous cherub’s
arrow my heart slew.

But then my gain, a beautiful rebirth,
no one in history ever knew,
To rise like the Phoenix,
and live forever,
in the bliss of loving you.


The Wheel of Justice

 Whenever I think of those who abused many,

including me,

Or took advantage, defamed, stole maliciously,

I cannot help but think how much

their troubles multiplied will be,

When the Truth of what I said, and say, is plain to see.

For them, there will be no consolation for the misery,

No benefits reaped from the mockery.

Terminal Madness of the Endtime they will suffer triply.

First for rejecting the Light

and remaining evil continuously,

Secondly, for cowardly attacking the Light

and the likes of me,

And thirdly, for trying to profiteer from such evil

and ensnare the True Beings nefariously.

Thus, triple-doomed, cursed by their own evil curse,

No thought of mercy or pity for these villains nurse,

They are of Evil essence which could never be

In God’s Light, or of Love, or in Serenity.

For they are destructively pusillanimous

in the extreme, acting surreptitiously and cowardly.

They murder, lie, rape and steal constantly.

But, Justice, like the proverbial revolving wheel,

Will crush them fully with the weight

of the evils they committed voluntarily.

That of necessity according to the True Seat of Justice

is how their end must be.

And this, does the One on High decree!


January 23, 2020

Terminal Madness (of the Endtime) is obvious every where.

Open your eyes and you will see the anarchy and senseless destruction, the pathological thought processes of the majority as their AI Programming breaks down, and their thrust to Nihilism gathers momentum!

The Vision of the Endtime is developing  in many. Those with ‘Nous’ are expressing the fact that we cannot go on this way in this rubbish dump called Earth!

Many are asking “Has Humanity always been this horrible?”

The fact is that it has been this decrepit and Evil all along. But now we (those of us awakening tot he Greater Reality) are seeing it with different eyes. We see the rancid EVIL in which we are immersed, and want to be out of this Hell-hole!

Signs of Terminal Decay of this horrible, horrible experiment are everywhere.

Recent promises of progress in the form of advanced electronics are just a means of self-destruction!

Only those with the Light of the Divine within can conclude what all this means.

It is the END of this failed experiment.

The Viable Ones are going Home.

The Destruction of Evil and all its sycophants is a necessary corollary.

Stay true to what is in your heart.

If there is ‘Heaven” within, that is where you are going.

If there is anger, and lust, and abuse with the need to exploit, and fear, then the ones who have such properties in their hearts are shortly to be no more for they are made of MALICE that no one outside of Evil wants. And seeing Evil is being terminated, so shall be those of Evil.  

To this point in time, that is my Message.



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