For March 31, 2020
That this Earthly system is fracturing, decaying and dying can mean a number of things, if in fact it is a terminal condition and not just a cyclical occurrence.
My contention is that it is NOT a cyclical occurrence and that, in fact, the whole system is fatally flawed and doomed.
The number of possibilities are these:

  • The Creator of such a flawed system has lost control;
  • The Creator of this Evil System is dead; (True).
  • A Greater Will is being forcefully imposed on Evil and its condemned System.
    There can be no other explanations in view of the fact that for so long True Gnostics have said this phase of Termination would come.
    Of course, those of the Counterfeit Creation, which was doomed from its moment of illicit creation, mocked such prognostications and made light of them as they ridiculed the bearers of Truth.
    But no more, no more it seems. Those who sense the finality of this Evil System, even if they themselves are evil and part of it, now realize the accuracy of the Gnostic Eschatological Doctrine was valid all along.
    They do not celebrate this realization of theirs as Gnostics do with its imminent fulfilment.
    They shudder and fear all the more, for they realize their END, so long prophesied, is nigh!
    The greatest Evil fools remain in destructive denial and secretly seek their dead Demigod (an artificial Puppet) for deliverance from Truth so that they can continue wallowing in the Untruth and their iniquities.
    But fortunately, such cannot ever again be.
    Is this Poop, in the video below, thinking of the millions the Papacy killed over the centuries to establish the Evil Institution called Catholicism? I doubt it. I bet you he is thinking of how to keep the massive loot they stole over the centuries!
    Is this not the Poop that said Jesus had FAILED?
    Jesus Life Ended In Failure At The Cross – Pope Francis
    What is he doing now?
    He is calling to his SHEEP.
    But, we of awareness, are not sheep.
    We are particles of Light that can see the Hell he is pointing us to.

Justice for the World
It is the smallest hour of the darkest night
But I, fully awake, with a mind so bright,
say “Sleep, sleep, you fraudulent drunken World,
Sleep, and in your lustful dreams,
for the last time, whirl,
In the pilfered joy gained
sacrilegiously from the pain,
of my trapped brothers and sisters,
the True Beings, from whom,
surreptitiously also, energy you gain.

Sleep World, but know your ill-gotten rest
will very, very soon be no more.

Divine Power comes to settle the Final Score.

I, too, have come to stop your pilfery,

I, too, have come to help dispense True Justice
and put an end to all your malignity and iniquity.

Now, no sleep, cruel, deceitful, evil World,
no illusions, no trickery, no fraudulent dreams,
will give you wanted peace or rest.
Divine Power cometh in answer to
the trapped True Beings’ request
and at the Highest Chair’s behest,
to dispel your dark, depraved, immoral night
With the Light Heavenly, the Light bright.

Warned you were, fraudulent, satanic World,
O so many, many, many times before,
That we of Light True would come and try
you in the Celestial Court, for sure.

But, like ones with the minds of drunken,
confused fools you laughed and jeered repeatedly
and said that could never, ever be.

How wrong, O how wrong be your mockery!

Now forced are you to stand subjected in
front of the Lighted bench, in front
of all True Beings, and the likes of me.

Meet now the Judge of True Love,
of Eternal Justice, of Equanimity,
Before whom no evil can endure or be.

Your sleep, World, is that of
drunken demons and despots.

On the morrow dispensed to thee
will be the True Justice to others
you mendaciously denied.

You ask now your fate, cruel World?

None other than one of total destruction,
complete annihilation and transmutation!

And for you, know that no Being, of worth,
of the Higher, sincere Realms has cried.”

For March 31, 2020
Do you recall what happened in Vulcan and Mars?
You don’t? Well, I’ll tell you.
The evil Bastards blew themselves up because they can’t help being EVIL.
In Vulcan they broke the planet up into many pieces that remain as the Asteroid Belt.
Forget what Scientists tell you, they don’t know anything except what is written in fraudulent books.
Look at for example at their knowledge about the Pyramids at Giza.
They will tell you they are only 3,000 years old because the fraudulent books tell them to say that.
In fact, they are over 20,000 years old.
The Medical Scientists will tell you Colloidal Silver is useless except for turning you blue!
The truth is they are told to say that because they know no better.
The reality is that it is the best anti-viral, anti-fungal, anti-bacterial agent known to man.
It was maligned when antibiotics – which are now almost useless – were created some 60-70 years ago to combat bacteria.
The FDA banned Colloidal Silver so that they could sell the self-limiting antibiotics.
The world is run by, with and for Money, not Truth or honesty!
Back to my point I want to make:
History repeated itself.
Nuclear War, of which there is ample evidence, destroyed Mars.
The Good Martians knew it was coming and built subterranean cities to live in. They are still there, in greatly reduced numbers.
The Evil Bastards can’t help themselves when it comes to War and Destruction.
So, here, today, on Earth, we have this news:
The crippling Virus going around was created by, and in, the USA to start a WW3 which will be nuclear!
The target is China which the USA thinks is getting too big for its 1.4 billion boots x 2.
But, the real enemy for the USA is the Combo: China-Russia.
As I stated just after 9/11, there will be a WAR between the Vulturites that rule America and the Draconian Reptiles that rule China.
The Vulturites have NEVER beaten the Dracos.
And they won’t now, especially as Russia is there to make sure.
What is the End result going to be?
You guessed it, death of 10% of Humanity in a week to one month due to direct Nuclear bombing, and then death of 7 billion from radiation, starvation and secondary diseases in the following 12 months.
That will led us into 2022 when Dark Matter will come to wipe the scene clean of EVIL.
The USA was and is to blame, of course.
Trump has been used as the IDIOT Jackal.
His Ego demanded it.
He is in the crosshairs for assassination soon!
He has been used to the Max.
But he is too stupid to realize it!
Those of us with Metaphysical connections knew from the time of SARS, EBOLA, HIV, etc., etc. that this process would occur!
Here is some confirmation of the status quo.
COVID 19, Created in North Carolina for Bio-Warfare, Paid for by the CIA and Trump Blames China – Veterans Today | Military Foreign Affairs Policy Journal for Clandestine Services
Feat not.
It is the time for True Beings to cheer.
At last, my words of 1985 have come to fruition!!

For March 30, 2020
As the End approaches, we shall see more and more idiocy and stupidity.
We can’t do anything about it.
The Robots and Demons are programmed to be that way in order to cope with their imbecility!
Just as an example, take a look at this short clip:
I had reason to send this short letter to some of the radio presenters:
“Don’t plan too far ahead, now will you?
In 1985, in my first book, I wrote that over 80% of the Physical Universe had been destroyed by Dark Matter, as I and my Team had planned, and that it would proceed to the End of ALL Matter at the rate of 1% every 2 years.
It was not until 2006 that Astronomers reported that Dark Matter (which they had never heard of before) had destroyed 96% of the known Universe!!
My investigations in the 1990s revealed that in the 1930s, a Dark Shadow was seen by Astronomers to be covering much of the known Universe.
In 1985 I announced that the Physical End would come for Earth no later than 2035, and probably much earlier.
I’ve now set the Final Date for Earth and this Solar System as December2022.”
So, having written that, I want you to not fall for the fools, the plagiarizers and their BS.
My certainty of events grows each day.
As i wrote in my books and essays, 92% of Humans are AI Robots and Demons.
The latter have no Freewill and very severe, evil programming.
We are following the Agenda 21 prescription to kill 7 billion humans and the remainder will be mindless slaves whose brains will be fried by 5G.
That is the plan of the Vulturite Reptilians who developed this Virus from SARS.
They are now playing the blame game to accuse China, and thus start the Nuclear WW3 which the US thinks it can win, but it won’t.
“Fight the virus, not each other”
I told you that in a show just after 9/11 which they also executed to start the Oil Wars.
They know about the End but they think they can survive.
They can’t!
The Human AI Robots and Demons are just lumps of dead matter once Dark Matter interacts with them! They have no real souls.
21% of the Robots have turned to the Light and will be salvaged by having REAL SOULS implanted in them.
Only 8% of the populations are ‘True Beings’.
We will all have to leave by the date I gave.
I will be here till the last day even though I’ll be 79 years old.
Civil War in the US is a certainty…
Nothing can stop this degeneration.
If you have the True Vision, and you can see who is a soulless Robot, or a wicked Demon and/or a Viable with a soul, it augers well for you.
Have no fear.
These things MUST happen.
If you wish, your immunity to infections can be improved by taking daily garlic, Vit C, Manuka Honey and Colloidal Silver.
MADNESS will lead to rancid destruction, murders, cannibalism, etc.
The best thing that can happen will be our evacuation in\the End Days.
Massive crafts are seen everywhere for this reason, although the evil bastards are not revealing such facts.
If you have time, read my essays that give very specific detail of the End.
For Light Beings, the END is the best thing that could ever happen.
We have been waiting 50 billion years for this rescue.
We have to bypass Emotions which are planted in us to make us suffer more and more.
Emotions are artificial implants into the DNA, placed there by the Evil System to drain us of our vital energy!

As the end approaches for all things mortal,
and as systems, with which we have become, oh so
familiar, collapse around the world inexorably,
giving us the nascent feeling that impermanence was
always there in what we felt was for us forever, and
now acknowledge that in our minds, again wistfully,
we gave a solidarity to structures and to our lives,
undeservedly, that simply was not there,
in order to delude ourselves and blot out the
suffering and misery, and think, again hopefully, that
our lives perhaps were good, worthwhile and fair.

But as the decay proceeds in every aspect, from
the most basic to the most complex that we imagine,
quickly do we realize that we have, in fact, existed
in an Illusion of borrowed Time, as was told to us
by all the Sons and Daughters of Light who against
the Falsehood of this Parody, to speak out, did dare.

And while caught physically and sometimes mentally
in all the rotting framework on which we hung
ourselves in life as if we were an irremovable part
of it, of its actions and of the scenery, throughout all
its History, we sense, at times, twinges of Despair.

But know that such thoughts of mental
fragmentation come from your lower mind
which will, with the End of Time, dissipate.

Thus, when such thoughts begin, stop right there!

Give not an inch of ground to Fear or that Despair
which feed the Chief Archon caught in his lair,
in his Hell of pain and suffering and cruelty,
from whence he will, eternally, rue the day, himself
and all his Evil, with the Highest, he did maliciously
compete, and against the Divine Beauty his ugliness,
and wantonness, and unreasonableness did compare.

With the End of Time, with many things must you
now contend, not the least of which is Mortality,
and the ontological nature of those around you
whom you thought you loved and whom you did, in
fact, nurture and cherish consciously, freely.

Be prepared for SHOCKS of all kinds.

Be prepared for an END to your Mortality,
and think not of the Pain of Death, but instead
think of the end to all your Suffering and Misery.

Think, now as Time ends, that all had chances
infinite to change their ways and be of Light.

Think of them, who to you now appear to have
failed, that it was they who chose Darkness and
Termination, and not an eternity of Love so bright.

All will be subjected to a process most fair.

Of what they deserve, each will gain their share.

Those who have thrived on Devilry,
in Hell with Devils now shall be.

Those who sought Justice, Liberty, and Goodness,
away from this Horror and dank crassness,
shall now luxuriate forever more in “God’s” Bounty.

‘Tis the End of Time as far as Earth is concerned;
no more time is there for lessons to be learned.

Let your mind go free, and let it buoyed be
by the Joy of the Clearing New Green Energy.

Let your spirit soar above the corruption and rot,
above the pain and suffering that was your lot,
above the hate and venom from failed ones you got.

No longer against any Viable can they plot!

Do not, now that time does end, blackmailed be,
by what you see: Death and Injustice and Anarchy.

These are Mechanisms of Termination which those
of Falsehood, those of Evil’s illusive Parody,
earned for themselves by their wantonness, by their
unreasonableness, by their vileness and impurity.

They will for sure try just that, to blackmail you,
with scenes of starvation, and children’s deaths,
and inhumane conditions, on and on, repeatedly.

But, you know their Schemes for Energy Pilfery.

You know they have had innumerable chances to
stop committing the tragedies that you see.

Why did they not change earlier, willingly?

It suited them to be evil, to live maliciously.

Hence, now, accept with the End of Time, that they
are victims of their own Malice and Cupidity.

They had their chances from Evil to be free.

And as their anger grows, they may attempt to
engulf you with their foulness and vile crudity.

To that, on no account, be a party.

Resist the temptation to strike them if you are
struck, for their aim is to embroil you physically,
and then make you suffer, as they do, and hopefully
make you squander your chance for Eternity.

Their foulness knows no limits surely,
and now, as Time ends, they will be even more
fierce in their attacks, even more vituperative, more
calumnious, more vindictive, more hateful to those
of Viability, and they will ply their Evil
evermore, openly, uncaringly and unfairly,
for they realize nothing else can they lose, having
lost all that was truly life-sustaining and worthy.

And their Madness, the Terminal Madness
of the Endtime, will have no bounds.

Like savage rats, marauding in their decaying
landscapes, and minds, they’ll do the rounds.

And where they can, they will kill and burn,
and rape and loot, for that is the way of life of
Hell’s demons, who’ll all end, surely, at
the End of Time, securely, in Hell’s pounds.

And as land fractures and seas engulf the locations
where you may be, fall not into the Abyss of Fear,
but instead think of your Victory, of Liberty,
and the fact, for you, the New Dimension is near.

Do not become emotional!

Again I say “Do not fear!”

If you must, for the End of Time, then shed a tear,
but not one of concern; make it one of Joy
that now all Malice ends and of Evil we are clear.

And as of death, destruction everywhere you hear,
think of the Plan of Liberation and cheer,
for with the physical ending, some will have been
liberated so that to Purest Goodness they’ll be near,
while all others, if non-viable, will be in places
where they are meant to be, away from us far, and
with that idea you’ll know, in Death, there is no Fear.

Many horrors may be seen, but for the last time all
the ugliness of Evil we must see, and see clearly.

No traces of Doubt must in our minds linger.

The Illusion must be broken and broken completely.

All, in their Ontological Nakedness, we will see,
so that never again, God forbid, will we be fooled,
as we were in this Virtual Reality, so often, so easily.

Prepare now, well, mentally, if you haven’t done so,
so that into the Terror of the Endtime you shant go.

Indeed, that is where the evil liars and deniers are
heading, into Madness, and as their world crumbles,
and all the aspects of Truth which they have denied
so vehemently are seen for the Truth that they are,
they will undergo the Mental Fragmentation, and its
ensuing Rage, for which there is no end, no return,
and with the Shame of Fools they will then burn.

But we will know that they were more than fools
who paraded their Arrogance of Ignorance as
emblems of Imbecility; we shall know them as
purposeful sons and daughters of Darkness,
obfuscators and evil-doers who led repeatedly,
the innocent Sparks of Light astray.

And now these shamed fools, these thieves and
liars, in their Gloom of Doom they’ll stay,
for Ignorance for them was bliss only while they
were in the Night of Evil and could dance with the
exploited energy which they gained from fair ones
with their lies, and deceit and calumny.

At the End of Time, their arrogance being no
more, they will know what pain they caused;
they will suffer the rebounding Misery;
indeed, for sure, they will know the score.

And the Viable, of Light Resplendent, will begin
to shine even as the Darkness thickens, and they,
having prepared well for the End of Time, will
reach the “Turning Point” that I have written about
before, and will glow with Love and Confidence and
the Joy that only complete Victory can bring.

And their hearts, even while in the muck, in the
dirt of this Hell their bodies are stuck, will sing.
And they will hear all the bells, at Heaven’s Doors,
in celebration, in great anticipation for them, ring,
drowning out all the cries of pain and sorrow
which may still reverberate in their suffering minds,
replacing them with blissful visions of the Morrow.

Come! Celebrate even now,
inspite of your apparent woes,
pains and particular circumstance,
the End of Time, and join,
with ebullient heart,
with free Spirit imbued
with true Joie de Vivre,
the Family of Light in Its Victory Dance,
for our race against Evil we have all but run,
and in our hearts is the indelible assurance
that truly our Personal War
we have won.

For March 29, 2020
The History of Gnosticism,
The Two Creations and Earth Changes.
After these fragments of history there is not much documentation (because of the Christian sponsored “Dark Ages” and because the church controlled what was written) until the Cathars, and the Albigensians in Southern France in the New Millennium.
Gnosticism was practiced around the Middle Ages, by various sectors. Information was brought to Europe by commercial traders from the Middle East.
Some crusaders, in contact with the truthful tenets of Gnosticism, also began to see the Light again.
And this enlightenment gave rise to a number of groups including the Knight Templars, the forerunners of the Rosicrucians, and also the Freemasons who had waned in Europe.
The Knight Templars had originally been created by the Catholic Church in the time of the Crusades to protect travellers and others. But they rediscovered Gnostic Truth in the Arab lands.
However, with this discovery, they presented a threat to the established Church Hierarchy and hence, they were totally destroyed by the Church.
The Freemason movement is totally distorted now. It was a Gnostic society from before the time of Solomon, who was also a Gnostic Jew.
The original Cabala was an esoteric Gnostic creation.
The next chronological connection of Gnostic knowledge is via Luria who was an esoteric Cabalist at Safaad in the 16th century. Other Gnostics included Jacob Boehme, Giordano Bruno, Hus, Wyclif, Savonarola and Roger Bacon.
It is safe to say that there have been many people who have woken spontaneously, in all cultures, in all eras to this Gnostic Knowledge which has been distorted into myths.
Moses, Orpheus, and Hermes were Gnostic identities, but like the various Gospels (except the Synoptic Gospels, which are grossly distorted) all traces of Gnosticism have been almost completely destroyed and removed from the writings that remain.
It must be realized that even Gnostic writings that exist today from the past are not only distorted, but they are also totally misunderstood at times.
Apart from the difficulty with translation, there are fragments missing and many of the scribes and translators that were used have not been aware of the concepts with which they dealt and study even today.
Therefore there are modifications and distortions made as such poorly or totally misunderstood concepts are rewritten in the languages of today. However, the essence of what truth was allowed to remain in these Gnostic writings can be perceived. The references that remain describe the fundamental Duality of Essences on this plane and the WAR between them.
All of the people I have mentioned above spoke and wrote about the WAR.
This Cosmic Duality, as we know it, signifies that THERE IS Good and Evil and that there is a WAR OF ESSENCES.
And to understand this fully one needs to go back in time beyond the texts and understand the philosophical truth in terms of what happened at a level before the creation of the Universe and before the manifestation of Material Matter.
A Metaphysical explanation of how this dimension and this evil creation came about, in simple terms, is as follows:
Creation involves continuous experimentation, and there are various parts of each experiment in each sector of creation.
There are innumerable sectors and a massive controlling Hierarchy exists.
There are various creations called Universes, Super-Universes and so on, under the control of Absolutes, Higher Absolutes, and Supremes.
These I detailed in the earlier volumes that I wrote. Words are insufficient to describe the essences and Deific forces involved, however it is known that at times these Divine Essences, these Hierarchies, polarize in order to manifest and create their own experimentation and from there, from the polarizations, other activities continue which then allow beings to experience, express and evolve. And that evolution enriches the Hierarchy which manifested the beings.
At a particular point of the Divine Hierarchy, well above the Class of Humans, an experiment went astray in one tiny sector in which our dimension is contained.
A particular polarization effect went beyond the controlling forces. And from that there was an emanation of an aspect with an essence which contradicted the Divine one.
It was Evil.
And the first thing this Evil Essence did was surround itself with various barricades in order to prevent the Hierarchy which spawned it to adjust the Error.
It is difficult to understand such a concept, but it is crucial to the understanding of Gnosticism. A particular aspect of the Divine Hierarchy, from which all experimentation manifested, gave rise to this particular experiment which resulted in a reversal of polarity, in part of it, for some time.
And an abnormal essence expressed. And this is what gave rise to the emergence of the Negative aspect and the creation of Evil.
This evil consciousness (the evil demiurge) was of such a nature that it was able to seize the opportunity and turn within itself and temporarily escape the regulatory mechanisms of the Divine Hierarchy from which it sprang.
Being able to confine itself in a space where it was unimpeded at that moment by the Divine Hierarchy, it set up a creative process which went against the Divine Essence from which it arose, and to which it was opposed.
So it barricaded itself within its own dimension and it declared itself its own creator. And from there it was able to create a dimension in which all the other things that came from it exist.
All it creates is illusionary, for it cannot exist outside its evil dimension.
Once the Divine Hierarchy realized that it was a destructive, malignant process which was occurring, and that it needed to be curtailed and ultimately destroyed, it was unable to do so immediately because it could not effectively enter the dimension guarded by the aberrant essence.
The Evil Essence had sealed it off.
There was no means of entry to achieve immediate correction.
And that is how the Celestial War arose.
Since that time there has been the battle between the two sides, one trying to rectify the experiment and the other trying to sustain itself and avoid EXPOSURE and rectification at all costs, because it knows that exposure and rectification will mean its complete transmutation.
By its very presence the Evil Essence is exploiting those of Divine Essence wherever it can trap them. It has to, for it needs their energy to sustain itself.
Normally what would happen if an experiment went wrong before this error was this:
The consciousness that arose for the purpose of experimentation would have Freewill, like all other consciousnesses have. And it would be offered the opportunity to either fulfil the role for which it was created, that is, become part of the Divine evolutionary process in the Hierarchy, by which it could increase the knowledge and bliss of the Hierarchy, or it could exercise its right of Freewill and refuse to be part of the evolution.
This would mean its transmutation back into normal Primordial Energy.
Having the knowledge and vision to see that one choice led to involvement in the creative process, to productive experimentation, to a blissful enhancement and so on, and on the other hand, with the second choice, that it would not fulfil its role and would be simply annihilated and lose its consciousness forever, every consciousness before this Celestial Error chose to remain part of the Divine Hierarchy.
This option was also offered to the Evil Demiurge and its creation.
However, it refused and temporarily escaped being harnessed by taking over this Dimension and defending it in various ways.
Once it cut off from the Hierarchy’s influence it was able to conceal this choice from its subordinate creation and presented its own scheme.
(When gender is used for clarity, realize that levels of consciousness above the Human Level are asexual.)
Thus it declared: “I’m the true God. You exist within me. You serve me and that is your reward!”
In actual fact, it was only a minor aberrant demigod, a monstrous effusion from a failed experiment.
It overtook this (as yet non-physical) dimension where ethereal True Beings of another normal experiment of the True Divine Hierarchy were already present. And it used the energy from these trapped beings to enlarge its own empire.
A dual creation was formed, and as its evil essence expressed, it was able to trap the ones within that confinement which it declared was now its own dimension.
Some readers may have difficulty comprehending these concepts even though I have simplified them greatly.
In simple terms therefore, it can be stated that a spurious, rebellious son (Jehovah) of the Hierarchy in this sector became evil, took over a dimension and became its own creator, denying the existence of the True Divine Hierarchy and the creation outside the dimension. This is where we are trapped. And it is from that point that the material Universe has manifested, trapping the Beings of Light from the Hierarchy at various levels of evolution and consciousness.
And it is from that time that the Celestial War of essences has arisen. And it is to this that the True Beings within this dimension need to reawaken.
This is Gnosis. In each epoch, they now need to await the Liberator, the Redeemer, the Messiah, and the Father Energy, which will liberate them from the trapped dimension as well as finally transmute the evil Demiurge and all his counterfeit and demonic creations, his evil institutions (including the religious ones) and the mechanisms of exploitation of the True Beings.
This epic has been distorted very much in the literature but there are some pointers to it in the following:
a. The Chaldean Cutha tablets,
b. The Mesopotamian creation myth called the Enuma Elish. This was the one plagiarized by Ezra, who threw away most of what Moses wrote to rewrite some of the Pentateuch.
The Enuma Elish is the main source of information concerning Cosmology from that area at that time. Although it is distorted, it does explain the rise of Marduke (another name for the demiurge) the main God of Babylon, from a local deity to the head of the whole pantheon. This is what the demiurge (as Jehovah) did as I will point out later.
c. Hermetic mythology from Hermes Trismegistos (Thrice Great) also deals with Gnostic philosophy.
Gnosticism was everywhere in the known world and although it consisted of many facets and sects, the basis was a common one.
Again and again it explained the fundamental cosmological DUALISM.
The world was known, and is known, by True Beings to be the creation of an evil demigod.
This fact, like the fact that the Earth was a sphere, was purposely suppressed.
Jesus said “My kingdom is not of this world”.
If he was God, and if supposedly God made the World, why would His kingdom not extend to here?
Have you ever thought what Jesus meant when He said this? Unless you invoke the Gnostic Ancient Wisdom the above statement is nonsensical.
If it is taken at face value in the light of exoteric and distorted Christian Doctrine, the statement is also contradictory, for does not the current Christian Church teach that God made the World?
This is the first question in various Christian and the Catholic Catechisms. And the answer provided is that God made the world.
If God made the world, as the perverted religions would have us believe, why would Jesus, whom the Christian Church claims is “God’s only begotten son”, disclaim the world which his “Father” supposedly created? It is truly illogical.
If the churches were correct, Jesus should have admitted that the world was created by His “Father” and that it was His Kingdom.
But the churches are not correct. And this conclusion will be reached many times in my books.
The Reason Jesus said that which He did say was because He was a Gnostic and He knew the Truth.
He knew that this world, this plane, and this Dimension were NOT created by His “Father”.
He knew it was created by the rebellious evil Demiurge.
He knew it was an Evil Creation, hence He disowned it!
Jesus not only disowned this world and this dimension completely, He went further and said it was like a malignancy growing outside of his “Father’s Realm”, and that this spurious growth needed to be destroyed completely.
In the “Gospel of Thomas”, a text discovered as part of the Nag Hammadi Library in 1945, and first published in English in 1959, Jesus said this:
“The Pharisees and the scribes (that is, the ecclesiastics and other evil beings) have taken the Keys of Knowledge and hidden them.”
And then He said:
“A grapevine has been planted outside of the Father, but being unsound, it will be pulled up by its roots and destroyed.”
This grapevine was known to be the realm where particles of Light were trapped in Evil Matter.
Illusion was common here and the Gnosis (or saving knowledge) was required to re-educate the True Beings as to their true origin and the promise of Liberation.
But the evil ones had hidden the Keys of this Gnosis and distorted the Truth into myths.
Gnosticism parallels Orphism and other Eastern cults because they all have the same Truth as a basis.
In turn they strongly influenced early Christianity. There is a very clear explanation of Gnosticism from the writings of Hermes, a greater portion of whose writings were destroyed.
He acquired his inspiration from Moses, who had acquired his from the Egyptian God Horus, who in turn had been inspired by Zeus.
And in turn, Jesus, in preparation for His awakening, had studied Hermes and others at the Library of Alexandria in Egypt which the so-called Christian Church subsequently totally destroyed.
There is reference to an Egyptian Hermes and a Greek Hermes but that is because what little of the ancient texts remained became confused.
It is quite clear that Gnosticism, as a philosophy and recollection of the Primal memory of True Beings, was being spontaneously recalled in different parts of the planet independently. It predated Christianity. Yet many have claimed, erroneously, that it was a derivation of Christianity.
The Poimandres of Hermes (which, in truth, stimulated the Italian Renaissance) tells of The Divine Hierarchy, and the Will of God.
It tells of the Demiurge, the counterfeit creation and physical body of Man being a product of Evil.
It tells of how the material world was created by the evil Demiurge and Divine ‘Man’ became trapped.
It also tells of the tragedy of this mixing of Light and Darkness, of Spirit and Matter, and how the ensnared True Beings struggle to find the path back out of the material world and rejoin themselves to the pure realms.
But they cannot do it alone. They need a Liberator.
In parts of the Old Testament there are references to the two creations:
“And the Sons of God (the True Divine Beings entrapped in physical bodies) looked upon the daughters of men (the counterfeit beings created of his evil essence by the Demiurge) and found them fair.” Genesis 6:2.
This extract is an explicit reference to the TWO CREATIONS and the mixing of the two creations, mainly through sex, which is a very strong programming factor and very much a part of the imposed physical bodies.
Other references had been purposely removed in order to conceal the truth.
In the Gospel of John, 8:44 of the New Testament, the reference to differing ontologies could not be clearer.
Duality of existence is also evident in the Hindu Puranas, (which are a class of sacred poems in Sanskrit and which relate the mythology of the Hindus) and in the Vedas and the Upanishads.
The Vedas contain the entire sacred scriptures of Hinduism, especially comprised in four books of wisdom. There is the Rig Veda, which is the Veda of the Psalms; the Yajur Veda, which is the Veda of sacred formulae; the Sama Veda, the Veda of chants and the Atharva Veda, which is the Veda of Charms.
The parallels in these to Iranian and Orphic myths are unmistakable: “The Atman is trapped within matter.” In other words, Divine Beings are trapped within the material creation.
In the Dead Sea Scrolls and the Nag Hammadi Library there are obvious references to the two creations, the Beings of Light and the beings of Darkness.
Nonetheless, all these texts have been grossly distorted.
The Ramayana and the Mahabarata are epics which describe the fighting between the demonic beings in physical form and the Beings of Light.
In the Mahabarata the battle has been perverted to a war between cousins, but it is really a battle between the True Creation and the Evil Creation.
The present sacred book of Zoroastrianism was compiled about the 4th century AD, many centuries after the death of Zoroaster who wrote much more than that with which he is credited.
The Avesta of about 350 AD depicts creation in abstract physical terms.
It is also grossly distorted but speaks of the Light Beings trapped in matter and needing liberation.
After Zoroaster’s death his writings were changed. But there remained traces of references to Mithra (the Indo-Iranian sun god who was also Horus, Dionysus, Apollo, etc.) and the Great Goddess (the Divine Mother who banished the demiurge).
The two essences were Ahura Mazdah, the spirit of Goodness, and Ahriman, the principle of Evil. Largely in this form Zoroastrianism became the established religion of Iran and lasted until the Islamic conquest in the 7th century AD.
Islam acquired the distorted doctrines of the Goddess Kore (another form of the Great Goddess, the Mother) which were substituted by the Caliph Othman for Mohammed’s Gnostic revelations after the prophet’s death.
In fact, the Caliph burned all of Mohammed’s original writings.
Such distortion and destruction occurred to all writings from Divine Messengers, even Buddha’s. And the reason for this will become obvious as my writings are read.
The Avesta deals with the development of the Celestial War.
Esoterically it deals also with the Mother’s efforts to convert the evil essence with Her Love.
According to Zoroaster, the subsequent battle between the two great principles is being fought now on Earth and this is perfectly correct.
Whatever literature did exist within the tradition he initiated was destroyed by the Islamic occupation of Persia in the 7th century AD and this practice of destruction of texts was a common one.
All the ancient texts were either distorted or destroyed.
• The library at Alexandria was burned to the ground by the Christians in 391 AD;
• Jerome destroyed all the references he used to write the Latin Vulgate;
• Bishop Theodore of Cyrrhus destroyed 200 different gospels in 450 AD and left the 4 we have now. But the ancient texts are really no longer needed.
There are profound similarities between all religious doctrines.
However, the religious institutions are administered by EVIL elements who always manage to take over and control the texts.
It is only to be expected that in the usual evil priestly zeal to increase their power over the populace, the ritualistic and legal elements of the tradition were enhanced (so that they could control and punish) while the Truth was diminished and distorted.
Many have noted that the similarities between the Zend Avesta and the Vedas are far reaching, linguistically and conceptionally.
A complex mythology is evident in both, with a duality of demons and Beings of Light.
They are Gnostic in essence as are the Mithraic, Orphic and Hermetic Mysteries.
• “And each creature will stand by its respective creator.
• Human life and all cosmic phenomena involve continuous battle between these two forces.
• By self-consecration of the Light, self-purification, those of the Light are assisting in the final triumph over Darkness.
• And ultimately the dark spirits and its minions in reality will be destroyed.”
This is an extract many thousands of years old and is exactly like modern unperverted Gnostic thought.
Manichaean philosophy is very similar to Buddhism, and to what Jesus and Zoroaster taught. And that is because their basis was the one Truth.
Mani (a re-incarnation of Jesus), the founder of this form of Gnosticism, was born in Seleucia c. 215 AD and was executed some 60 years later by King Bahram the 1st. He wrote:
“After the initial defeat of the Ancients (primal man) by the forces of Darkness, the trapped Light and good elements tried to escape.
Rescue missions by the living spirit and the messenger were only partially successful, although the latter set the world in motion so that Matter would ultimately disintegrate, and Light be free.
Realizing his only hope for retaining Light lay in increasing the amount of Matter, the king of Darkness created the counterfeit human creations and encouraged them to procreate.
To counteract that move the Father of Greatness sent Divine Messengers to reveal the saving knowledge (that is the Gnosis) of true origin and identity to the True Beings.”
The basic Gnostic concept is all there:
There was rebellion, the demonic king of Darkness (the King of the world, the Rex Mundi, Yaldabaoth, Jehovah, Yahweh) took over, created this creation to suit himself, trapped the True Beings, exploited them, then created his own bodies, developed a process of procreation to create more bodies and extract more and more energy hoping that he could escape the rectification which had to eventually occur.
And in the meantime of course, the Father Energy sent in Messengers (such as Rama, Krishna, Moses, Horus, Zeus, Hermes, Orpheus, Mithra, Apollo, Dionysus, Zoroaster, Buddha, Tammuz, Jesus, Manichaeus, Merlin, King Arthur, Mohammed and others) to sustain the True Beings and to reiterate the Truth.
Before this epoch of recorded history, in the time of the Hyperborians, Atlantis, Shamballah, etc., there were other modes of expression and other messengers.
Do not think that History is only a few thousands of years old. It is millions of years old.
As they wait, True Beings lament their alienation from the Light and await their liberation from relativity and materialism.
In other words, there is an eschatological message in all these doctrines also.
Another reference to the duality of Gnostic knowledge comes in the Orphic creation myth.
Orphism is primarily concerned with the destiny of the individual’s soul, the inner essential and immortal self. The concept of man’s dual nature, his pure soul entrapped in a material body, led the Orphics to rituals of purification and initiation in which adherents were helped to become free of their bodies in successive reincarnations.
From Orphic myth came Cronus, the supposed father of Zeus, and Dionysus, whom I mention more in my books.
The writings of Lao Tsu are also Gnostic and refer to the Duality in this Creation.
Chinese cosmological thinking took the form of philosophical meditations more frequently than that of myths.
The Tao Tai Ching was the most influential book in Chinese history. Although it addressed itself primarily to the proper conduct of rulers it necessarily included cosmological statements with a Gnostic basis.
Around the 6th century B.C. Lao Tsu was the greatest of the Taoist sages, and emphasized the way of life with the polar opposites of yin and yang.
This concept has since been distorted.
He meant a Cosmic Duality: Good and Evil.
He referred to the creation of beings and creatures from this duality.
In other words, that there were beings of a Positive essence and Beings of a negative essence.
The Huai-Nan Tzu (the creation of the universe) from the Han period, 200 BC to 220 AD. in China was one of Gnostic philosophical thought.
Drawing largely on the ethical considerations of Confucius and Lao Tzu, the Huai-Nan Tzu asserts, as does Lao Tsu, that there is a duality.
The Altaics, the nomads of Mongolia, are a linguistically related group, including Turks, Mongols, Tungus-Manchus. They are shamanistic and their philosophy is similar to the tenets of Buddhism, Islam, Iranian religions, Nestorian Christianity (which believed in the dualism of the nature of Jesus just as Gnostics believe) and Manichaeism. And that is because they all have a Gnostic basis.
Some think they were influenced by these religions, but in fact the influence was the other way. The dualism of their creeds is clear. There is a Divine essence and an Evil essence.
Other references to the Gnostic truth can be found in scattered cultures.
There is even a reference in the culture of the Chuckchi Eskimos. They live on the Chuckchi peninsula in the northeastern tip of Siberia, the western most boundary of the Eskimo inhabited territory which stretches to Greenland.
Most Eskimo myths express the drama of creation through the opposition of the dualism of essences. They even have within their mythology the Celestial Battle of the opposites of Dark and Light.
The Salinan Indian myths of North America have similar Gnostic contents, but the Inca and Mayan myths are so distorted, mainly because Christian missionaries not only indoctrinated them but also burnt all their books completely, so that recollections are quite useless.
The most lucid ancient references to Gnostic Truth are contained in the Nag Hammadi Library which is quite illuminating.
There are many references to various Gnostic principles even though the texts are somewhat perverted.
The “Tripartite tractate” from the library narrates the origin and history of the universe from the beginning to the anticipated “restoration of all things”.
This is an expression that confounded people who came across it when translating it, because they had no idea what it meant.
As I have explained elsewhere, this material Universe is to be totally destroyed with restoration of all things of the genuine creation.
This Tripartite tractate deals also with the existence of the True Divine Beings, the Counterfeit beings and the demonic beings, all in the flesh.
“The Apocryphon of John” in the Nag Hammadi library is an important work of Gnosticism and the church fathers were familiar with its contents.
It supplies answers to two basic questions:
• What is the origin of Evil?

• How can True Beings escape from this evil world to their Heavenly home?
The cosmogony seeks to answer these questions. It states that the Christ Light is sent down to save the True Beings by reminding them of their Divine origin. Only those who possess this knowledge can awaken to the truth and be liberated.
In the “Hypostasis of the Archons” a description is given of how this evil world is controlled by evil rulers.
This was a grim reality for all Gnostics as well as those of the Christian era who defined their own spiritual nature in opposition to that of the ruling and enslaving authorities.
In other words, the True Beings knew that they were different to those who were suppressing them.
The Gnostics were given hope by this text, for their spiritual nature would be more lasting than the Archons, and their heavenly destiny would be glorious.
It states that in the end the Evil Rulers will perish and the Gnostics, the children of Light, will know the Father and praise him.
It shows that
• there are two types of beings,
• that there are evil rulers,
• that a Redeemer will descend, and
• that an impeachment of the Evil Energy will occur which will spell destruction of the Evil Creation.
In the text called the “Exegesis of the Soul” there is also information given on isolation and avoidance of programming, pollution and indoctrination.
Symbolically it describes the entrapped True Beings going through the filth of the material creation, their need to purify and reconnect to the Light.
“The Book of Thomas the Contender” deals with the dangers of the fires of passions, that is, the Emotional Body.
The text of “Eugnostos the Blessed” exposes one blatant act of plagiarism committed by the “Fathers” of the so-called Christian church.
It also demonstrates that Jesus was quoted as a Gnostic (which he was).
This not-so-subtle act of plagiarism (which the early church fathers thought would never be discovered, for they ordered the destruction of all references containing the original text) shows that the authenticity of the Bible is not what the Christian Churches claim it to be and that a pre-Christian Gnostic tractate was modified in order to express newly formulated doctrines.
The Nag Hammadi texts confirm that Gnostic True Beings have their origin in the Father, that is, from the Unmanifested Divine Hierarchy and that a demigod exists who, with his subordinate powers, directly rules this world to the detriment of those who come from the Divine realms.
The evil demiurge is described. Sex, it is suggested, is one of the means by which enslavement of the powers was perpetuated, entrapping via the emotional body. The texts tell that two classes of persons will be liberated:
a. those who know the Father and pure knowledge: the Beings of Light,
b. the beings of Darkness who embrace the Light.
Platonic philosophical tendencies (which were also Gnostic in origin) are also presented.
The ruler of this world and this evil dimension, who is called the Rex Mundi, being evil, would do anything to prevent this Gnostic Knowledge becoming widespread. And he would do anything to prevent the awakening of the Trapped True Beings.
And he IS doing everything possible to stop the mass awakening that is occurring. But he will fail. All will now be forced to awaken to the Truth.
Confusion and suppression are the battle tactics which have been used by the Demiurge’s spurious religious doctrines in all religions throughout the ages.
The aim of all religions has been to prevent the spread of Gnostic Knowledge which is the Truth, and to prevent people awakening to this Truth. This even applies to certain religions which call themselves Gnostic but are not, for they are gross perversions of the Truth.
I explain this suppression of truthful knowledge further in my books using the so-called Christian churches as an example.
I have concentrated on Christianity because this is the religion with which most Westerners are familiar. However, all other religious philosophies have been taken over by evil, have been distorted, and used to exploit the True Beings, thus harnessing them to an unjust, brainwashing regime and inciting them to violence and atrocities along with the evil beings.
These things have occurred in all eras on every continent.
It is the same evil essence which has spawned these things.
The divisiveness, deviousness, bigotry and hatred are not exclusive by any means to Christianity.
All other religions have their characteristic way of pushing the evil trend.
The result has always been the same: Aggrandizement of the church hierarchy; unwarranted sacerdotal elevation; expressions of power, authority and wealth; entrapment and oppression of the populace.
Awakening to such evil has been too little, too late, but at least there has been some awakening.
Those who have not travelled extensively can still deduce from almost daily reports of racial intolerance and wars, that regional religions have persistently played a major part in these conflicts.
The feats of savagery and abuses by so-called Christianity are persistently repeated in the TRUE History of most major religions of the world. Those religions which appear to be more tolerant, rely on entrapment by intelligential brainwashing and elitist subterfuge to obtain similar results.
In the Christian Churches in the last few years the methods have changed. The modus operandi has changed, but the aims and results have been the same on the masses.
In other words, evil entrapment, exploitation, and spiritual destruction have still occurred.
Many people will not be aware of the atrocities as revealed in my books, but it is time to awaken and to become aware of these things.
“For wisdom is the principle thing.
Therefore get wisdom,
And with all thy getting
Get understanding.”
Proverbs (4:7)

Well, there you have it, and just in case you think all I can write about is History, and Epistemology and Jerry’s jokes, here is a poem just for YOU, yes for YOU!!
Poem 502

More radiant than fertile Summer’s glorious sun;
more enchanting than the loveliest garden in bloom;
more captivating than a splendiferous silvery moon
in a perfumed evening of Springtime fantasy;
more fragrant than the sweetest, purest rose;
that, Precious One, is how Thee I see.
As fresh as the whitest, most pristine snow,
as immaculate as the morning’s pure dew,
sparkling in Aurora’s beams so colourfully;
instantly such thoughts ignite my love for Thee,
for such, and much more, art Thou to me.
And as I think of Love given unconditionally,
I feel that nurturing Love Thou hast for me.
Inspired by it, I gain the strength of Highest
Heaven with which I may fight all Evil, now
and throughout all of Eternity, if need be.
Are they not bonds of Love which us
so fully bind, which cannot,
even in this Darkness, be denied?
Such Love indubitably is refused, repeatedly,
by Evil Ones who live, not in Light and Love,
but in deceitful, destructive,
all-consuming Hypocrisy.
For them no Beauty can exist,
for they reject all things of Purity
with their rancid negativity.
Thus it is that they cannot
honestly appreciate Thee.
But, enough of them!
Let me spend my time successfully,
contemplating the wonders of Thee,
for it is with such inspiring
thoughts that assuredly
I gain all that is promised
by Heaven’s Bounty.

For March 28, 2020
When I first began this work in 1985, I and my team agreed that I would be on earth, in the Physical, for the Final Day.
I am certain this will be the case, as the End seems to be just around the corner.
Thus, being on earth, I will be able to assist, as best I can, those struggling to understand what is going on and attempting to detach from the snares of this horrible, horrible, doomed Cesspool.
In the meantime, I think that regardless of your degree of awakening, you should try your very best to let go of all the indoctrination, pollution and programming that has tried to keep us trapped in Ignorance and to remain mortal, morbid Humans as slaves serving the Darkness!
Thus it is that I have written such poems as the one below to give guidance and to extend the vision of Viables beyond the False Illusion and to see the Beauty of our True Abode!
Poem 331

Letting Go
In the fruitfulness of time, when finally we see
that in this physical mess there is futility,
those of us who claim to have the Inner Nous,
come to realize indeed a signal from Above does
descend upon us, of such Nature, to reassess even
more carefully all that we are, have been, and have
done, in this world throughout our existence,
and to take, for the future, necessary steps,
in order to prepare a place in our spiritual house.

Thus it is that we begin with the Inner Knowledge
and respond to its prompting into the process of
Letting go, of finally Letting go,
so really ready we’ll be, for a New World to know.

Having had enough of pungent, frustrating
Confusion from senseless parodies spawned
continuously by this earthly, crass Illusion,
having witnessed, to the point of nausea, the vile
pilfery of energy, and all other things, from True
Beings, by Demons and Robots who cause such
suffering, such pain and unmitigated misery,
there comes a time when truly we are ready for the
next step of Final Liberation, spiritually,
and hence begin a Path by which, from this Hell,
we know we prepare to depart, and begin letting go,
of all the things which in former Ignorance us
bound to the destructive, artificial light,
by which, to its dirty tricks and gross exploitation
we were, unfortunately for us, sorely blinded.

Awakened by the Light True, and having tasted the
nectar of Love Divine, even in the smallest
quantities we can imagine mentally,
and no longer so easily fooled, we are very happy
for our True Home to begin our journey.

We are thus ready for the Final Thrust and that
is why the Final Process of Letting go,
by ones of Love and Light prepared so,
is so easily accepted, and the vision is cast
forward to the coming time of Love, of Peace and
of Joy, spent with enthusiastic gladness,
with members of the Celestial Fraternity,
rather than being left to decay in this Depravity.
When you have reached that point you’ll know, and
you will be glad to join the departing Company.

It will matter not how much physical wealth you
have or how fit you are physically and mentally.

These are parameters of the Robot world which is
due undoubtably to end, as you well now know,
soon and very painfully, destructively.

When ready you are, internally, you will just know
these physical things mean naught to you spiritually,
and out of this noxious, iniquitous dungeon,
which is a Hell for the Spirits True, you will,
with all your might, wish to be.

I can tell you now, when you reach
such a milestone, happy,
very happy indeed, will you be,
for you will have already,
in truth, let go of this world with
all its horribleness, and become
an inseparable part of the
celebrating, Celestial Family
and forevermore shall share
in its Love, its Joy and its
never-ending, glorious Camaraderie.

That, in essence, is what
“The Process of Letting Go”, means to me,
as fragmentation of all we had thought was
worthwhile, continues daily, inexorably.

My little mate Jerry Attrick asked to be in the act!
Who am I to deny my bestest friend?
Off you go Jerry:

“Weeeeee, I’ve arranged the program for
entertainment on the Spacecraft already.
Oh, I’m so excited, I cannot wait; I simply
cannot wait to go on board really.”

“You have to wait, Jerry.
We have to finish our liberating work carefully
and take care of every aspect meticulously,
for the rescue involves not just us humans, but even
the mineral, the plant and animal consciousnesses
who have been trapped by Evil so dastardly.”

“I know, I know the details, for Peedee told me.
He had read all your books while I listened,
drinking my whisk … err nice, comforting cup of tea.
But, I cannot help it doc, really.
I feel like a little child again, all excited and
goosepimply, just thinking that from this sewer
finally away I’ll be, and will not have to suffer the
slings and arrows, and much worse, of those
demonic spirit, mind and body hunters, who haunt
all of us, who, from them, want to be totally free.

I have seen in my life so much injustice and tragedy,
that not for one moment longer do I hesitate to turn
my back on all this vileness and animosity.

I’m taking your advice, and Beryl’s, and projecting
every moment that I can, into the future that has
been promised by all who have connection to that
Realm from whence we all came initially.

That is why with my few remaining neurones, you
know, the ones that survived the assault from my
constant drinking, … err … of green tea, hee hee,
I am so excited and oh, so uncontainably happy.
(If you must know, my drinking is a joke really.)

Not for one moment longer than is necessary do I,
Jerry, want on this crazed planet to be.
I have practiced my show for the evacuating
spacecraft’s journey daily, and most assiduously,
but I keep interrupting myself, even there, as I stop
and shout with glee, ever so frequently.

Even in the streets I smile and find it hard to
contain the happiness that infects me,
and those old grouches who’ve known me, do tut-
tut, and shake their heads, thinking finally I’ve lost
all my marbles; but they really don’t know me!

From Evil’s blackmail I know I’m free,
and Death cannot scare me any more, never,
for I am already living beyond it mentally,
as I see myself holding the stage of the Spacecraft’s
auditorium, practicing my routine, as Beryl checks
the List, as is to be done on all vessels routinely.

Weeee, I cannot contain my joy as you can see.
Put on a smile, all of you, and join me.
After all, you have waded through quite a lot of
fairly heavy Gnostic thoughts in this poetry,
to reach this poem where I can write lightheartedly.

So jump up right now and punch the air –
but don’t fall out of bed if you’re
reading this there –
and smile, smile, smile, we’ve virtually
made it to where we want to be!!

Hooray for you, Hooray for me!!
At last, from all this excrement we are free!!
Geees, when I feel like this I feel
I am a Capon of the Capelloni,
Dr Cipolin.”

“I wish to correct you there, dear Jerry.
I’m sure you mean Capo di Capi – Top Banana,
Boss of the Bosses, surely.
What you have just said means `a castrated
fowl, a proud, plumed cock with long-hairs’ no less,
castrated to increase its fleshy tenderness.

And besides, with Dr. Cipolin, you just called me a
multi-coloured block of laminated marble, or to
make it at a point even finer, a little onion,
in Romanesque philological derivations,
now almost forgotten by the world, Jerry.”

“Sorry, sorry; but see, see,
we then really both agree, with Nietzsche.
Language does falsify reality!
Pretty hairy stuff, hey?”

“I think you mean `scary’, Jerry!
Say goodnight then, and let us all get some sleep
before with your mirth we start to weep.”

“Night Dr. C. See you in dreams heavenly …”

It appears my PC and Website have been constantly under attack for some time and I am not receiving many of the emails sent to me.
Investigations are ongoing.
Please be patient if you do not receive replies!
For March 27, 2020
The History of Gnosticism,
The Two Creations and
Earth Changes
Gnosticism is the subject which explains the existence of True Divinely created Beings (also called Permanent Atom beings or PA beings by me) and Counterfeit beings (false, mock beings, non-Permanent Atom Beings, or non-PA beings) created by the Evil Demigod as an experiment that went terribly, terribly wrong.
Activation of the Evil Essence (which should have remained as the dormant Negative Balancing Pool) also gave rise to the artificial Evil Demigod and all the byproducts of Evil’s experimentation.
This aspect is important to understand!
It tells of True Beings eventually trapped in Evil Materialism. And that is where we are – stuck in a temporary Physical, Illicit Universe which, by its fraudulent Nature, has a limited life and must per force, come to an END.
It is very much like a spiritual cancer that has caused nothing but trouble.
But misinformation and misrepresentation by its workers (Evil-created Robots and Demons) have fooled True Beings trapped by it to think it is spiritual and valid. It is not!
Gnosticism exposes the existence of the two creations in this dimension – the True Theomorphic One and the spurious Counterfeit, temporary, Evil one.
Through Divine Knowledge, called Gnosis, True Beings can seek preparation for Liberation via the mechanisms of a Messianic Energy, distributed by the promised Redeemer. He has been the same individual playing that role since Plans were formulated for Rescue of the Viable Beings and destruction of the Cancer.
In the last 6 thousand years he has been known by many names – Zoroaster, Buddha, Jesus, Manichaeus, King Arthur, Muhammed, Giordano Bruno, Galileo, Frederick Nietzsche, Shri Aurobindo, and others.
Whether at this stage you believe what I write does not matter too much, for many of you are in your early preparative stage of awakening to the Ultimate Reality!
Gnosticism supplies the knowledge which explains the existence of Duality in essences and the identity of both Divine Beings and Counterfeit Beings. This ontological duality exists only in this sector, not throughout the whole of Creation. It is only where Evil has penetrated.
This Universe is only one of a large number of Universes. It is only one of a few which have been affected by the Evil Essence. Being less polluted, others were/are more easily cleansed.
Gnosticism tells how the Divine True Beings have been trapped in an Evil Materialism created by the rebellious Demiurge (an artificial pseudo-consciousness – an A.I.), that then enslaved them and blocked their knowledge and memory of what had happened by various means. And it is by a reawakening to this knowledge called GNOSIS, that the True Beings can become aware and eventually liberated.
With the NOUS (inner Gnostic knowledge) the True Beings can confidently await Liberation.
They can see what has happened to them, and await the promised Messianic energy, the Redeemer, the expression of the “Father Energy” to release them from this vile material entrapment.
The fundamentals of Gnosticism explain the Cosmic Duality in its present form from this level of perception and explain that there is a COSMIC WAR because of that Duality. They explain also a polarization of Essences and the eventual external manifestation of Good and Evil.

  • By GOOD is meant that which is of the Inner Mind, of the Divine Spirit and of Light and of Divine Essences.
  • EVIL is that which is opposed to the Divine Essences.
    It is of Materiality, Deception and Darkness.
    The History of Gnosticism is fairly obscure to follow in extant texts, mainly because texts have been greatly distorted.
    However, for all intents and purposes, it can be traced to the Hyperborians, who were members of the Ancients.
    They were the Divine Beings who escaped the material manifestation (The Illicit Physical Universe) as it was being created by the rebellious Demigod. And it was they who continually fed information of what had happened to the stuporous beings who remained trapped within the dimension.
    I realize statements as the above do not make much sense to us, especially as they occurred in a time when Humanity had not even been created.
    From that time to our era of recorded History, traces of the Gnostic Knowledge can be found in the cultures and books of the following:
    a. The Altaics, a race of Nomads in the Mongolian region,
    b. The people of the Indus valley,
    c. The Sumerians, the Babylonians, Chaldeans, Assyrians and others of that region and time.
    d. In the history of the Egyptians, Greeks, Hebrews, the Middle East Christians, and Mediterranean peoples.
    e. The Druidic movement of Ancient Britain.
    f. The doctrines of Manichaeus.
    g. The writings of Luria of Safaad.
    h. The Essenes, as revealed in the Dead Sea scrolls discovered in 1947.
    i. The early TRUE Christians, as revealed in the Nag Hammadi Library discovered in 1945.
    j. The writings of Hermes.
    There are many, many others.
    In fact, Gnostic thought is found in the history of any people of whom records exist.
    From the Altaics to the Hindi, knowledge of the War of Dualism remains as pseudo-mythology in the form of
    • Rama’s exploits in the Ramayana,
    • Krishna’s in the Mahabharata, and, of course,
    • The production of the Puranas, Vedas, and Upanishads.
    The present doctrines of Buddhism arose, not from the teachings and writings of Buddha (the Messiah that kept incarnating to sustain and teach the trapped Viables) but from perverted documents which were substituted long after his death.
    No record exists earlier than 500 years after his death.
    His original teachings were Gnostic as were Zoroaster’s and Muhammed’s.
    The stories of these Divine Messengers (the One that kept re-incarnating) were distorted as were the Religious Concepts of the Western Civilizations as they later manifested.
    The distortions gave rise to many Myths which, along the Indo-Iranian line, were used to formulate the eventual myths of Christianity as it is now, of Islam, and of others.
    The radicals of the belief systems built around Mithra, Dionysus, Apollo, Tammuz, Jesus and others flow from these sources.
    From the Sumerian, Babylonian, and Mesopotamian History, many other myths have resulted.
    Some dealt with Creation and the formation of the Zend Avesta from Zoroaster’s writings.
    The scriptures which remain have been greatly distorted, like all other writings.
    From the Chaldeans and Egyptians arose the myths of Isis, Osiris and Horus, and, of course, of Hermes.
    From the Greeks came Zeus (who in reality was the Messiah in his period) and His Pantheon of Gods, the Giants, the Titans, etc.
    From the Altaic-Indo line, the Orphic, Mithraic and Apollonian myths and mysteries arose and influenced Judaism and Christianity greatly.
    All cultures have similar distorted facts of Primal Myths (Valhalla, Odin, Manu, etc., etc.).
    But these distortions are not simply myths. They are not stories which people made up.
    Why, may one ask, are they so similar in basic formulation?
    The answer is because they are not just myths. They were based on facts which became grossly distorted. They are inter-related stories of the one theme which some have erroneously called, as I said earlier, the Archetypal Myths of Man.
    From the Hebrews, later generations inherited the Old Testament, a compilation of distorted History and plagiarized earlier writings, including the Myth of Genesis.
    The Judao-Christian traditions and myths have continued from there.
    Most of the heritage claimed to be of the Hebrews is from non-Hebrew sources.
    The Dead Sea Scrolls of the Essenes (at the time of Jesus) and the Nag Hammadi Library texts and other texts found last century describe the strong presence of Gnostic thought in those times. These help in linking these myths together.
    At about the time of Jesus and also long before, there had been a movement in Northern and Central Europe which extended to Britain and gave rise to Stonehenge, Avebury, Glastonbury and so on. Few records remain. This was the Gnostic Druidic movement. The myths arising from all of these are distortions of Gnostic Knowledge.
    In the third century AD, Manichaeus revived Gnosticism in Persia but very little remains of his pristine writings also.
    Recent discoveries at Turfan and Egypt have exposed the non-sensical spiteful distortion of his texts by evil, so-called Christians, who were hateful of the Manichees.
    In the 5th and 6th centuries, Gnosticism spontaneously reappeared and thrived again under the auspices of ‘Tullah’ (Merlin) and King Arthur.
    Various Gnostic Christians were scattered by the Church which was being taken over by even darker elements (Demons) in the early centuries of the “Years of Our Lord”.
    The Celtic Druidic Church was driven Westward into Wales by the invading Christian Church early in the 5th century.
    The Bogomils were pushed into the Balkans and eventually hunted down and executed, also by the so-called Christians.

Here is a relevant footnote:
Since writing the book ‘Camelot’, in which I erred about some of the spiritual identities, I have come to the realization that Guinevere, and, her most evil lover Lancelot, were Vulturite Reptilians implanted there by Evil to destroy King Arthur (the re-incarnated Messiah) and his kingdom. And this they did! History written by evil ones hides that fact very well. But, they will not escape Justice.
The Druids knew who King Arthur was. To them he was the re-incarnated Jesus. They stated clearly Arthur/Jesus was the Once and Future King who would destroy Evil and take the Viables to Paradise which they called Annwn!
Excalibur was the Sword of Justice with which Arthur (Jesus) would cut the Evil away from the Viables (who were prisoners in this Hell) and being thus separated from the Demons would be restored into their Pure, Heavenly Abodes!
Lancelot, who was known as Stefan Berch/Stanford in his last incarnation, is now physically dead. His Astral Body – for he has no true soul, like all Evil Demons – is hanging in the Chamber of Horrors awaiting his full punishment as prescribed by his Karmic evilness. The punishment is for the sins he committed over millions of years against True Beings of Light.
Amitakh Stanford, nee Ng, Stefan’s consort in many lives, is still alive. She is very psychic, even though she is a Demonic Entity.
For the many years that I have known her, she has suffered harrowing nightmares.
She described them in detail to me: They were visions of her being punished, in great detail. It is her punishment in the Chamber of Horrors where all Demons end up. What terrified the most was that I was the executioner!
She knows what is coming for her.
She is terrified by her own Evil and its punishment.
She will die a horrible physical death knowing exactly what horrifying Evil she has committed and what her Evilness demands in retribution!
No one of Evil can escape punishment!
The Physical FEAR is one aspect of the lives of these Demonic Bastards.
But there is another side: While in this filthy Cesspool created by evil (the Physical Universe) the Evil Programming that works on them gives them an arrogance and apparent certainty that they will live forever.
It is the False Evil Programming from the Evil Essence within them, of course.
It makes them stupid and yet simultaneously certain of their untenable beliefs and prominent imbecility! If ever one needs an example, D. Trump, the current POTUS, is a prime example of stupid, demonic Idiocy!
AMITAKH ADVERTIZED HERSELF AS THE QUEEN OF HEAVEN no less, and yet her avarice was infinite.
She planned the murder of Gilli Kroy in Melbourne, Australia, simply because Gilli called her a Malaysian Slut, which she was/is.
She could not stop copulating with any male in her vicinity that was capable of having an erection. It was disgusting!
But that is how demons get their energy. You have heard, I’m sure, of decrepit old men and women having sexual encounters with minors (Paedophilia) for the reason of energy extraction!
I know that sounds crude, but it is the truth!
That is what DEMONS are like.
Remember, all that Demons are interested in is Money, Sex and Power.
Sex is a fast way of them draining energy from those who have it.
That is why it is the Oldest Profession in the World.
Most Prostitutes (male and female) are DEMONS. They drain Viable Beings of their energy when copulating or during fellatio, , and then they, the prostitutes, service many other demons in the community to whom they give the stolen energy so the Evil System can continue more nourished than before.
BTW, that is why SEX was added to these meat bags. When first created, these bodies did not have sex organs or means of copulation or pro-creation.
The Anunnaki who designed the bodies modified them to allow energy distribution to occur spontaneously, via copulation, rather than relying on them, the Anunnaki, for recurrent energy fill-ups. It was simply a matter of adding Sex Chromosomes to the bodies.
The ‘Astral Bodies’ still have to return to “Astral Service Stations” to gain ‘Astral energy – Prana” during sleep.
Look at the Demonic Bastards who run the World and tell me that such sex redistribution is not so.
Well, we have a clear picture of Evil versus Purity.
Here comes the big, big question:
How do I know I am right about all this?
The Historical Aspects of Theology, Human Physical Evolution and possible Spiritual Evolution, etc., are easy to trace from what History remains.
But, is the conclusion of what is happening to us, to Humanity, to all living creatures, to Earth, the Solar System, the Galaxy and all of the Physical Universe accurate in the way I describe?
Is what we see in front of our eyes, the beliefs we hold, the prophecies by the Messiah, whom I have named in his many incarnations, accurate?
Are the changes I have written about for the Endtime accurate or speculative?
Are we on the right path or are we being duped once again?
These are the questions that haunt us.
We want to believe, for we of Light do not want this abomination to continue further with all its suffering and abuse of us, the Animals, the Vegetation, etc.
Ultimately no one can answer these questions we ask ourselves. Our own hearts and minds must provide the answers.
We must provide the answers we seek from within.
And that can only happen if we truly have the NOUS within us.
Somehow we know, for we feel it in our bones, that Finality is coming to this cursed existence.
It can be no other way.
We cannot see Evil continuing ad infinitum.
This evil scene in front of our eyes, and in which we are immersed, is an affront to the real Godforce Energy.
Could we really believe the Godforce would be this ugly and exploitative for all of Eternity?
Come on! Common sense tells us there is something wrong with all this evil suffering and exploitation.
Logic tells us something has gone wrong and it needs fixing.
Is that not so?
The answers come from inside us.
It is the Nous – the Divine Wisdom within us – that tells us what is to come.
After acknowledging the accuracy of that Inner Personal Nous come the patience and wisdom that tell us all will be corrected in due course, as long as we remain faithful to the True Light.
Alas, with its promises of Power, Sex and Money galore, the Evil System seduces the weak-minded beings to its side.
But it is a Dead-End they, who accept and serve Evil, are drawn into, as we see now.
If we don’t believe in Rectification of the Error, in dissolution of ALL EVIL, in destruction of the Evil AI creatures, then we have nothing to believe in.
Infinite Love, Peace, and Tranquility can only exist in a Divine setting.
Without such a setting, there is nothing but eternal DOOM from unavoidable destruction.
That is what we are seeing today in the last 3 years or so of Earth.
And it is a positive sign for us that all will be well for those who are of Light and who serve the Light with their Faithfulness and Dedication.
We shall share True Love (not emotional waffle) with all who seek Divine Peace.
We shall be in a truly spiritually nourishing, harmonious Eternity, without the Evil that haunts us every day in this Cesspool.
If my information is accurate, it is not long now till the End.
Only then can we make a decision of whether I was right or wrong.
Your HEART already tells you what answer you have within you.
But until Finality comes, a little doubt remains, for it is implanted in our lower minds and genes so as to destabilize us.
Until the Final Hour, only you know what value these writings are.
Only you can see the Light, for your benefit, with True Vision.
No one can force you to decide anything.
You cannot force any BLIND, Evil Bastard to see the Light and its Truth!
You, with your Nous, shall be the Victor if you remain faithful to the Light and its Truth.
And to the Victor will go the spoils!
If, by chance, I have erred for whatever reasons, in all these years of writing, then I deserve to be scorned.
But, if I am correct ….. Love and Glory will be ours forever more.
It is up to you to decide.
So many left my side to attach to Amitakh, it was disgusting.
But, were they not Demons from the start? I think so!
If any follow me, and my writings, I can only take them to the font of Ecstasy.
It is they who must make the effort to drink the Divine Nectar if they believe it is pure and true because their Nous tells them so.
Evil Ones cannot win.
The Pure of Heart cannot fail!
End of Part Two

For March 26, 2020
Time to review what I wrote about Trump in June 2019
Donald Trump

Delivering America’s Cursed Karmic Consequences

The Corona Carnival
What the Black Priest has to say.
Listen carefully.
Then listen again, substituting Zionist whenever he says Jew!
Then listen a third time substituting Class 5 REPTILIAN DEMON for Zionist every time
you will have the EXACT picture of what is going on!

Coronavirus Vaccine Will Bypass Safety Testing
What is REALLY in this VACCINE?
Don’t forget this is the WORK of the Evil Vulturite Reptilians who want to kill 7 billion people (Humans) and take the planet for themselves!!
Coronavirus Vaccine Will Bypass Safety Testing

Some people still think Aliens and UFOs are hoaxes.
UFO Best Close-ups. Different Races and Different Ships.
Bright elongated UFO releases orbs filmed by plane passenger

For March 25, 2020
As some new readers to my work are appearing, I thought it might be a good idea to explain fundamentals of Gnosticism and the True Knowledge of our Existence.
So here we go with information I published in 1985.
It is a little bit about
• The History of Gnosticism,
• The Two Creations and
• Earth Changes.
Don’t despair if it does not make much sense to you in the physical mind. Take your time to reflect and gradually, if you do have the Nous within, an understanding will come to you to prepare you for our Rescue into the Spiritual and True Dimensions.
The physical Universe is the temporary creation of an evil Demigod aspects of which go by many names including Jehovah, Rex Mundi, Yaldabaoth, Saklas, and Satan.
This being has gone mad over time and lost control of his spurious creation. This explains the MADNESS we now see manifesting around us.
This whole mess, including the manifestation of this demigod and his evil creation, all called the CELESTIAL ERROR, are in the process of being corrected.
Those who are EVIL are being transmuted, for they have no place in a peaceful Divine Creation.
Those who are not evil are being relocated.
The Physical Dimension, including all evil in it, is being transmuted and dissolved totally as part of this Correction Process.
Those things which are not physical, including consciousness, are being classified and dealt with according to their Spiritual Viability or their evilness which makes then non-Viable..
Nothing can stop this process of destroying ALL Evil!
We on Earth are now experiencing this process in a way which is, or will be, obvious to all.
There is no other path for Earth, for Humanity, for the evil aliens who have used and abused humans, for the animals, for vegetation, not even for mineral consciousness.
These few pages have been placed here as an introduction for those who wish to read further into the topic.
The following is an extract from Volume 3 of the series “Making Sense of the Madness” edited for this website. This particular volume 3 is called “Death of an Evil God”.
All Mythology is distortion of the one Truth. Superior consciousness has entered this trapped dimension in which a Battle of Essences is raging between a trapped segment of the Divine Creation and a spurious, counterfeit one created by the rebellious demiurge.
The reasons for the entry of Light into this illicit Dimension are:
1 Liberation of the Trapped (theomorphic) Divine beings;
2 Re-establishment of Divine Order in a New, unpolluted Dimension once all Viables are rescued.
3 Judgement of all consciousness;
4 Transmutation of all Evil, of all spurious entities, of all beings created by the Evil Essence, including the Robots and the Demons, in human and alien bodies.
In essence this is the undistorted Gnostic Eschatological Doctrine.
The aim of the Evil Essence, apart from stealing energy from True Beings for without it they starve, , has been none other than to obscure the simplicity of these Gnostic Truths.
The fragmentation of consciousness and the subsequent loss of memory of these things by all True Beings have been very much on purpose, in order to confuse these four simple reasons for entry of Light into this plane.
The treachery, manipulation and dishonesty which have allowed corruption of this simple Truth of what is going on are hallmarks of the Evil Essence which has manifested in many guises but especially as the guardian and promoter of religious doctrine.
Unable to help itself, the Evil Essence has not stopped at merely distorting the Truth and fabricating a confusing illusion. It has also created and used crude mechanisms of exploitation for the extraction of energy from the trapped True Beings, for its ultimate aim has not simply been their intellectual confusion, but also their total spiritual destruction.
t needed the spiritual energy of the trapped True Beings to sustain its own existence and that of its illicit creation. I have covered these concepts in many of my other books.
As inconceivable as it may sound, and as contrary as it may appear, the spiritual assassination and permanent destruction of the True Beings have been the ultimate aims of organized religious institutions on this plane, for they are none other than instruments of destruction devised by the Evil Demiurge around the Gnostic Truth of the Divine Messengers. This fact will become obvious as my books are read!
Such evil genealogy of the Myths and of the myriad of confusing Religious Doctrines as they exist now can be explained in no other way, for in fact this is the truth of the matter.
The confusing and conflicting mosaic of spiritual thought is not a purposeful variation in order to colour existence on this plane, but rather, it is an EVIL PLOT to confuse and entrap beings whose memory has already been filtered by the physical bodies’ Filtering Mechanism and clouded by other factors of programming, pollution and indoctrination.
The fragmentation of the fundamental Gnostic Truth can be discerned as the religious and cultural history of various peoples and regions of the world are examined from a critical Gnostic viewpoint.
Even Gnostics were carved up into historical sects by their evil enemies in order to obscure their solitary underlying truthful theme, as we shall see. It was part of an evil plot to create an evil illusion (Maya) which Evil hoped would mask the truth forever.
But Evil has failed in its endeavour and these words affirm it!
The time for Myths is finished forever!
End of Part 1.

For March 24, 2020
Poem 279

Why Some Do Not Listen
When first it was, well, in
this lifetime at any rate,
that I contacted the level of
consciousness which provides me
with certain information and
explanations which I share freely
in books written liberally,
I admit I was quite enthused to share
with any who would listen, such valued
facts that were given to me
so that more clearly what was going on
in this harrowing, exploitative mess
we could all clearly see.

I had not interpreted exactly,
in the beginner’s naivety,
the meanness of the Counterfeits who
would defend their Plane of Deception ever so
vigorously, viciously, and indeed, maliciously.
Of course, of course, they were not
too pleased at all with what happened
when I voiced what I had to say.
They were being exposed by the Truth of
things and this they resented, no matter
who said what of Truth, on any day.
The evil, vile, counterfeit hypocrites
of foulest Darkness, of the Depravity
and its Untruth, of mendaciousness too,
do not want the Light of Truth,
for they thrive on deceitful exploitation
of Theomorphs, the likes of me and you.

For them, anything of Truth, of Honesty, is a threat.
They know in their actions there is much to regret.
They do not wish to be reminded of their evilness,
their despicable nature, and of final accountability.
They want to kid themselves and believe
that this Hell, this Iniquitous plane,
this doomed Time, will continue for eternity.

It cannot, it will not, continue for much longer,
of course, for a Plan of Correction, which I have
written about, and which you probably now know
well, has been instigated and is in its finality.

But those of Darkness react with great inner fear
and outer anger, and violence, against any who
remind them that their end is near,
the very end they fear,
with no chance of escape,
especially for those of
Vileness, of Darkness, the Unjust.

All of us must face the Judgement,
yeah, that we must!

On first hearing of such Finality,
all of us reflect on what we’ve done
and what essentially could then be.
But those not evil know their hearts
are full of Love and Sincerity for “Him/Her”
with the Power of Equanimity,
and also somehow know, that even
with all the mistakes they’ve made,
their nature is not evil really.

But the Evil Ones cannot find any saving
feature, any Goodness, in their being at all.
They know they are products of the Evil Mind
which came from a Great Rebellion, a Fall.
And they know they have rejected a call to change
their evil nature for times countless, endlessly.

That is why now they fear. They are of the Enmity.
Their minds, their hearts, are black from iniquity.
They know they cannot exist in the Light’s Reality.
Thus explained clearly is the reason
why they are vituperative, and so hateful,
of information such as this, really.

One can never, ever convince them of the Truth,
of what is to be, for if they were to accept it,
they would be admitting they are counterfeits
of the evil, doomed, gross illusion.
They would rather live the lie.

And so they struggle, even in their death
throes, and increase damaging confusion
for those True Beings who are still
subjected to evil’s gross programming,
pollution and mind-numbing indoctrination
which can obscure their realisation,
making them see unclearly, making it a little harder
for the warriors who have been assigned to rescue
the viable True Beings from this doomed Earth,
from the Darkness of this Virtual Reality.

This, then, is the reason why the evil ones,
against this information put up a wall
and do not listen at all well.
They are demons and robots who prefer living,
by committing such nefarious iniquities,
and the gross injustices, of this hell.

Also, now you see why here no one of Light,
of Peace, of Justice, of Love and of Harmony,
without harm, could on Earth, calmly dwell.
For March 22, 2020
And will continue to be Complex till the Last Day!
Every consciousness, every living thing, every atom in the Universe, is involved one way or another in this Battle of Essences which will definitely conclude with the total dissolution of ALL Evil!
The Battle and end of evil has been forecast for a long, long time, for Evil’s development has been an illicit aberration in this enclosed erroneous Universe.
True Beings (Beings created by the Divine Godforce, and not the Artificial Robots and Demons) are trying to awaken, especially in these last few days, to the awareness of the Greater Reality, to which they belong, unless, of course, they have given up the struggle and aligned with Evil.
Every Evil Consciousness, regardless of its vehicle of manifestation, is subconsciously trying to prevent that awakening to Light and Truth, and trying to reinforce the Evil programming, pollution and indoctrination which form the traps to awareness the True Beings must break.
The present CONFUSION about the new ViRUS spreading throughout the World, the CALL to WAR, the FINANCIAL COLLAPSE in MOST NATIONS, STARVATION OF THE MASSES, Unemployment, etc., etc.. is literally destroying the minds of the Robots and Demons.
Every one you meet, every animal far and near, every organism which invades your body or causes you illness, every interaction you have, is either helping you or hindering you in this battle to awaken and reach the Liberation the Light offers.
Believe me, there are very few genuine Beings of Light to help us.
You don’t really need me to tell you this.
The majority is exposed as consisting of programmed and demented AI Robots and malicious Demons.
Thus, the great majority are evil agents.
Hence, you can see the constant need for protection, for cleansing, for Divine assistance.
Isolate, protect, assist others of Light but do not let those of Darkness drain you of energy in the myriad evil ways they know.
Even the atoms in the air we breathe, often transporting illnesses, are adversely programmed against True Beings. They cut Inner Mind awareness as I have explained elsewhere.
Evil, passive programming of exposed minds is very real, so PROTECT, PROTECT, PROTECT, AT ALL TIMES.
And when you are at home, learn to cleanse, even if you think you do not need to do so.
Many ASSOCIATES you thought were best buddies may turn out to be of Darkness.
Fulfil all social obligations, but distance yourself from those that would do you harm, that would pollute you, that would drain you or your own brethren of Light.
Because of this massive ever-present Evil programming, pollution and indoctrination to commit evil and to decay minds, it is easier to do the wrong thing in this dimension. The tendency to the negativity of the plane sees to that!
Reptilians in control are all EVIL.
They, not realizing that all Physicality is to be destroyed, want the planet for themselves.
They intend eradicating most of Humanity so they can control the planet more openly and freely.
By now you must be aware of the massive numbers of UFOs seen around Earth, more than ever before.
That is no coincidence. They are here to take over the Planets in this Solar System, for Dark Matter has destroyed their own habitats.
Being Evil, programmed fools, they are ignoring signs of the END.
They are fools to destroy so much for no real gain.
Be aware of what the Demons are doing.
By programming the Robots and Demons mentally, Evil is doing these things:

  1. Starting the Civil War in the USA,
    • Sponsoring hatred and lies all over Earth to get the Nuclear WW3 going,
    You will note from YouTube reports, China is the target, and the USA is the lying accuser.
    The hypocrite Pompeo is very much anti-China.
    Obvious and unscrupulous Demons we will now see coming out of the woodwork because this is the Endtime when ALL EVIL WILL BE EXPOSED AND DESTROYED!
    Some of you may recall that on the day after 9/11 I did an interview with Jeff Rense. It should still be in his archives.
    Among other things, I stated that the Vulturite Reptilians that took over the USA were the natural enemies of the Reptiles that were controlling China.
    According to my sources, the USA wanted a war with China to show them who is boss, and to gain as much power and wealth from them as possible. Greed in Evil Ones knows no boundaries!
    Unfortunately for the USA, the Vulturites had never beaten the Chinese Reptilians in the many wars they have had.
    A new war between them was and is on the way – and that is the coming Nuclear WW#.
    My sources tell me China (backed by Russia of course) cannot lose the coming conflict.
    So it will be goodbye to the USA once the war breaks out.
    Of course, shortly after the War it will be the END for all Physicality!
    True Beings will be overjoyed for their Liberation.
    Vile, evil Robots and Demons will despair at the loss of their Illusional existence!
    • Poisoning Human Minds with 5G in order to destroy them. The Class 5 Evil reptilians are immune to such radiation.
    • Destroying seas, lands and crops so the Humans will starve.
    The battle is complex, and there are problems for which there are simply no solutions on this evil level.
    The only solution is
    • Liberation of the Viable Beings of Light

    • Total destruction of all Evil in all Classes of Consciousness

    • Abolition of this illegal and spurious dimension – totally and forever.
    I have previously mentioned that over 98% of the Universe is now totally destroyed by the action of the Light using the tool called Dark Matter.
    You are free to believe what you like.
    But, I dare say, Dark Matter is already destroying Galaxies as professional Astronomers are witnessing.
    Why would they want to make such a thing up?
    We will witness the absolute Truth of what I write when Dark Matter appears in our Solar System.
    That day is not far away, not far away at all!

One of the few things which demons possess
greater than their evilness, their overt
spiritual malignancy, their ugliness,
their mendacity, bellicosity and hypocrisy,
is their blindness to perceive
the imminent Day of Reckoning!
March 20, 2020
The White and Black Brotherhoods
A little bit of Esoterica.
I must remind all readers of my Motto: Take it or Leave it!
Not all readers are going to agree with what I write, so refer to my Motto, and your own thoughts, Hence we will all know where we stand!
Reading my former books would greatly assist further understanding of what I write here.
Admittedly, I write about esoteric matters in this short essay, and it will not make much sense to all readers, especially those who have not considered these topics before. Never mind, read on and let the Light penetrate your psyche so you will acknowledge it as it enters this Darkness!
Not all entities in physical bodies are the same ontologically (spiritually).
The purposely distorted information (from the Evil Side) that controls this dimension wants people to believe that if one has no more karma to work out (because they are told such) one does not need to incarnate any more.
This false reality in which we are trapped is bunkum!
The false philosophies state that only the ones who have attained liberation have a choice as to whether they will re-incarnate or not, and that if they should sacrifice themselves and re-incarnate they would not be subjected to the limitations affecting ordinary men and women. In other words it tells them that they will always be joyous, serene, contented etc. Do not believe this fake information.
The so-called Board of Karma with its band of administrators was an instrument of the Evil Demigod. Through it, a great deception called the ‘White Brotherhood’ was propagated. This is all false information to trap the unwary.
There was never a White-Brotherhood. This so-called White-Brotherhood is, in fact, the Black calling itself White.
As True Divine Beings awaken, more and more is the fraud exposed.
If this dimension was truly the True Godforce’s Kingdom, why would there be a need to destroy it completely and salvage those who are genuine spiritual beings?
In this false realm, the evil ‘Lords of Karma’ and its minions assumed the name of the consciousness of the Light, picked the Truth these High Consciousnesses had given out as their own in order to fool and trap the True Beings who yearn for the Light and Truth, and caused them to plunge into further and further entrapment and to eventually destroy their very Divinity via pollution and energy drainage!
Many True Beings were deceived into thinking what is presented in this false dimension is the real thing, and they have given their cooperation to the Darkness.
Awakening means, among other things, awakening to the Evil Traps we have fallen into, as unaware trapped individuals, and realigning with the True Light.
Awakening brings forgiveness of the entrapment for genuine ones, though it is amazing how many refused to truly awaken.
The (Evil) Black Brotherhood set up pseudo-enlightenment for those who sought Liberation from the physical bondage. The so-called liberation one attained was really still within the Astral worlds of the Demigod.
Ordinary True Beings who had actually been fooled into pursuing this (false) ladder of enlightenment had always to re-incarnate again and again inspite of the false promises.
However, the so-called enlightened counterfeit beings of the Demigod were allowed to remain in the Astral Realms for their hierarchy permitted them.
The one known as Lord Maitreya is, in fact, the manifestation of the evil mind known as Ikluk.
He and his minions have fooled and continued to fool many seekers on the spiritual path using Evil’s cunning and well-organized plot. The intent of the Dark Hierarchy (the Black Brotherhood) is to serve the evil Demigod and its evil creation at the expense of the True Beings.
Elizabeth Claire Prophet, whom some of you may remember, is another evil being (residing in the U.S.A. when in the Physical but is now Astral bound)) who claimed to have the sole connection to the higher resources and also claimed that Master Morya, St. Germaine, and others were/are working through her. The truth is that she was/is the manifestation of the very evil, demonic essence both in the physical when she was here and in the subtle levels.
Certainly the real Master Morya, who is of the Light, never worked and never will work through her and her ilk, for these are of the opposite essences. She had a good connection, not to the Higher source of the Light, but instead a connection to the Hierarchy of the Black Brotherhood under the pretense of being the White.
They are calling the White, Black, and themselves who are Black, White. If you know the sorts of things that are really going on in the inner levels and at the top levels of this Evil Empire, you would understand why they are so evil.
Do not be fooled by the expression of any Evil Ones in the Physical and the things they said or did. They are not what they claim or appear to be.
Evil beings often play the game of imposters and assume roles opposite to their own kind to confuse and distort the truth and further trap the True Beings.
I wish to vigorously assert that the true Morya, Kootoomi, Jesus and St. Germaine will never co-operate with the Dark Side. Those who claim these masters are working through them are deluding others of their own essence. They themselves are evil or else deluded by the spurious agents of the Dark Side. As this is the Endtime, all this nonsense isnow being fully exposed.
It is true that the Black Hierarchy has existed in the past but it is now collapsing. It must be known that it is of the creation of the evil Demigod and not of the true Divine Godforce.
For a long, long time, due to the distortion and confusion of all physical dimensions, most beings, even High Beings, have been at a loss to know who was who. Often and unknowingly, the ones of the Light had assisted the Dark Side believing that they were serving the Light. In such circumstance, the intent of these True Beings was to serve the Light.
Therefore, they have not betrayed the Light. However, due to the trap they fell in, they suffered the many consequences of this evil dimension.
The Law of Karma and the Law of Re-incarnation are two major impositions placed on those who exist in the dimensions of the Demigod. The sole purpose was, once again, to exploit the True Beings so as to continuously extract their energy. It is the True Beings who have a direct link to certain energy sources.
The traps for those who have yearned for the Light have been all around them and it was extremely difficult for beings of Light in the past to awaken. However, this time is unique and this is the chance that has been afforded to all those who wish to sincerely serve the Divine, and receive Its Love and Light.
All these evil traps of the so-called White Brotherhood (which in truth is the Black Brotherhood) which have fooled so many for so long, shall be once and for all totally destroyed for the deliberate destruction they have caused.
Each True Being on Earth has its own particular work to perform and can appear to be working in different ways. However, inspite of the apparent diverse ways amongst them, there is no antagonism or clashes with the Main unit or amongst the sub-units.
(A classic example in this developing WW# is Putin of Russia. As I mentioned elsewhere, he is a double agent and is assisting the eventual physical destruction of this abomination!
Watch for signs the Darkness and its Demons recognize Putin’s role eventually and will want to attack him, and Russia, for all they ae worth. They of Evil will have fallen into the trap of self-destruction!)
Inwardly, those involved in the sub-units of the Army of Light will gradually recognize the Main Unit when their vision becomes clearer which will occur as they become more and more purified by the New Green Energy.
The “Light” will re-enter what remains of this evil Dimension soon, for the Final Days. Those of Light will recognize the Light energy and will be overjoyed.
I was told in the 1990s the Light Beings assisting the Physical Destruction would be leaving this physical zone but would return close to the End. That time is now!
In this confusing Endtime, many appear to speak the “language” of Truth, but go deeper and you will find, with discrimination and discernment, the difference between the ones of the Truth and the ones of Falsehood and of Evilness.
I will write more on this topic as time passes so that True Beings can identify those of Light amongst us.
In the meantime, do not fear.
You know what the mess that is developing is all about.
• The infrastructures of Evil are collapsing due to the lack of energy to sustain them! This is so physically, mentally, emotionally and pseudo-spiritually.

• Thus we see destruction on a grand scale around what remains of the Universe.

• Dark Matter is destroying Galaxies physically.

• Black Holes are swallowing enter Galaxies,

• The Earth is decaying at a rate unheard of in former days.

• Mentally we are seeing Terminal Madness of the Endtime which I wrote about some 20 years ago!

• Emotionally, the vast majority who do not know wht is going on are falling to pieces. Erratic behavior, mixed with Madness and Fear of what is happening will destroy most.

• False Endtime pseudo-spirituality will seize minds of the robots and Demons, as dictated by the programming within them.
These changes are unavoidable!
If you want proof of what I write, look at the responses to this Virus unleashed on Earth by the Vulturite Reptilians (who control the USA.)
It is causing havoc.
Madness is evolving everywhere to strain Humanity beyond limits when, in fact, none of it was necessary.
It has all to do with destabilization of Humanity, culling the World’s population (Agenda 21) so the Vulturites can take over after the mess due to this virus and the coming Nuclear WW3!
So, in essence there are 2 plans acting simultaneously.
1 The plan of the Reptiles who have not fully realized they are themselves are finished!
2 The Plan of the Light which will dissolve all of Matter (via the action of Dark Matter) and rescue the Viables to a safe zone.
If you have understood this status quo, you will not panic.
You will have no fear.
You will wait for our rescue and will praise the Light for our liberation from Darkness!

As seen through the eyes of a Gnostic
Part Two
Parents, in the Animal and Human Kingdoms, feel the loss also when offspring die, or are cruelly taken and eaten by other animals or humans. Have you ever been near a cow whose calf is injured or killed? If you have, you will remember its distressed and distressing bellowing forevermore. Have you experienced the anxiety of birds rearing their chicks? Many of them often fall prey to the weight of responsibility. Indeed, they suffer.
Humans separate litters and sell the offspring for financial gain. The parents do suffer the emotional separation.
One TV documentary I recently viewed revealed the ridiculousness, cruelty, and the suffering that even the lowest of species suffer very clearly.
In the desert outskirts of the Sahara, as a mature snake attacked a mongoose’s lair to eat the young ones, an adult mongoose was shown raiding the snake’s nest and eating the eggs. How ridiculous! How cruel! How absurd!
Watch, if you care to, the frenzy of a fly caught in a spider’s web next time you see this scene. Examine the situation closely. If you are sincere and open to the suffering of others, you will sense the anxiety and fear of death in the fly – yes, a puny, little, so-called useless fly.
But, who among us is fit to judge what consciousness is in that fly? The anxiety and fear of the fly are real enough. Of course, eventually it resigns itself to its fate, but not before it suffers greatly and is drained mercilessly of much emotional energy. Can you not see that cursed could be ‘he’ who set up such a cruel, exploitative system?
Apart from questioning the supposed benevolence of this cruel system, and apart from highlighting the ridiculousness of this Plane, my point is that the physical, emotional and mental suffering in these creatures, in all animals, is real enough.
Many humans are oblivious to this cruelty. Recently, on a children’s nature program on television, the treatment and recuperation of injured wildlife was documented. An admirable effort one would think. When eagles were shown, the caretaker stated that they prefer live rodents to eat, and then simply picked up a mouse and gave it to a juvenile eagle.
The screams of the poor rodent being torn apart while still alive by the eagle were music to the caretaker’s ears apparently, for she took absolutely no notice and simply handed another one to the eagle in due course.
The pain and suffering of the rodents were palpable and very, very real for any who wished to perceive them.
Just who are such humans to judge the value of one life above the other? Who are they to dispense cruelty in such a carefree manner? I will tell you. They are either very stupid, or very ignorant people, or else they are demons who themselves gain from the suffering of others.
An episode with David Attenborough, probably the most famous of the TV naturalists, showed penguin chicks running the gauntlet in the sea near Antarctica. Leopard seals attacked at will but they did not go in for a mercifully swift kill at all. They played like cats do with mice, flinging the penguin chick each caught here and there for at least 15 to 20 minutes. Eventually, of course, the chicks gave up the ghost and were then devoured.
The cruelty and resultant suffering were obvious. And, of course, such seals are themselves subjected to crime and punishment, to inescapable suffering, as sharks and polar bears ensnare them and devour them live. They, too, are torn to pieces as they scream for the mercy that never comes under those circumstances.
The Animal Kingdom, just like all the other Kingdoms in this cruel Virtual Reality, is based on a horribly brutal, malicious, pitiless, often spiteful, Evil System which has been purposely created to exploit all who are trapped within it, and to maximize the suffering of its members.
Most will have seen the fish cartoon of the minnow-sized fish being eaten by a larger fish as it eats a smaller animal still, and the larger fish being about to be devoured by a larger one, and so on.
Animals led to the slaughter know what is about to happen. And they suffer. Go to an abattoir and listen to their cries for mercy. Look into their eyes and see the fear; approach them and touch them and appreciate their suffering.
Even driving past the cattle yards of an abattoir allows one who is aware to sense the apprehension and fear of the poor animals on Death Row. Alas, eventually they resign themselves for they cannot alter their fate in this cruel, evil, exploitative system.
But, why is it like this? Who has created this abomination? Only Gnostics have the answers.
Often, many excuse the absurdity by turning to Springtime, when they witness the rebirth of Nature in all its glory, and the birth of so many young in so many species. Thus, they excuse away the yearlong slaughter by reasoning that if all of them survived, the Earth would not, could not, sustain them all anyway, and therefore Nature culls them for the good of all.
But, of this we must ask the following: “Philosophically, existentially, spiritually, has an individual not the same rights as any other to survive once it is brought forth?”
If it has that right, then the system is crazy and very evil if it allows such wanton slaughter. It is a system, therefore, of Injustice.
If each individual has no such right, then the system is also crazy and evil for bringing forth that which has no right to survive. In that case, the creation of such individuals is itself an act of injustice.
Why can the Earth not cope with what it brings forth? From whence and why have the corruption and inadequacy come? Why is this such an inadequate, painful system in which all must suffer, especially animals?
Whichever way we look at it, THE SYSTEM IS CRAZY, CRUEL AND EVIL, based totally on the exploitative whims of unacceptable injustice.
The suffering of animals, and of any of us, should never have been a factor in our existence. And, for true thinking people this situation is intolerable.
We thank the True God that such an exploitative corrupt system is to be destroyed, and soon shall be no more.
Many will deny animals have souls, as Descartes is perhaps erroneously reported to have said.
To most it appears that it does not matter how and what they suffer.
Besides, some unaware ones contend that it looks like Nature produces these young insects and fish and animals as food for others, and not to have a right to survive at length. But, could not such a right be truly granted to any consciousness?
Who will lawfully and justifiably dispute that the properties of a Unit of Consciousness will vary from any other Unit of Consciousness due to time or space considerations?
Well, from my Gnostic perspective, animals do have ‘souls’. Many people agree with me. Animals do suffer, as I said, physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually. And that should not be so.
Why should animals simply be fodder? Why could the creator of this existence (the Demiurge) not provide for all equitably in his system?
The short answer is because ‘he’ is EVIL, and ‘he’ can only keep ‘his’ crazy system going by exploiting the energy of all consciousnesses in it, including certain ones, called Theomorphs, who have the Divine Energy that really counts.
Animals will exist in the New Dimension after destruction of this system but not in the cruel way that makes them suffer as on this planet.
More esoterically, it must be mentioned that many human consciousnesses are present in various bodies of animals. Of course, this cannot be proven scientifically and physically in a laboratory.
But, those with special extended psychic vision can see them and communicate with them, and feel their pain as they sense their suffering and hear their supplications for healing and mercy.
These facts are not fabrications. Before the end of this horrible system such sight will be restored to all humans and we will all be aware of this cruelty and suffering of all animals.
And so it is that many will kill these animals with human consciousnesses within them to devour as animals of prey do.
There is no need for it. Man need not be a carnivore. Besides, this being the case, whose father or son or grandmother is being eaten today? And one knows this is no joke. It is what happens, known by ones who are in the know!
This system in which we presently find ourselves, which causes such suffering, is really very cruel. It is evil and crazy.
Animals suffer and die from diseases, injury and fear. They are exploited at all times in the jungle. Their lives are ruled by fear. And depravity is inbuilt into some of them. They do not wish for this depravity nor for the suffering they undergo.
This madness, craziness and cruelty that results in so much suffering is all the design of the cruel, evil instigator, the vile Jehovah, a product of the Evil Mind which manifested temporarily as a result of the Celestial Error. I have written about these topics at length in my books.
It is ‘he’ who programmed things in such a way. It is ‘he’ who provided the genetic programming, the reflexes, the instincts, etc., into both humans and animals in order to cause such severe pain, suffering and evil exploitation in what appears to be a most necessary and never-ending cycle.
But, of course, it is not a necessary cycle, and it will certainly be brought to a full stop very, very shortly.
I can reveal now “I” am involved with the dating of the END of Earth. As things stand today, it shall be in late 2022 or if delayed, very early 2023!
Some of you may recall that in 1985, I announced the END of Earth would be 2035, the latest!
I then stated that the date would be earlier depending on developments.
With the anticipation of
• Civil War in the USA (which is tearing itself apart) ,
• Nuclear World War 3
• The arrival of annihilating Dark Matter
The End is now in the vicinity of very late 2022 or very early 2023, as I wrote above.
The current viral pandemic is merely a trigger for WW3 as most are now beginning to realize.
I will write more about that soon.
Back to our wonderful partners – the Animals:
It’s true! It appears that most people think they are better than animals.
• They see animals as dispensable items.
• They hunt them for sport,
• They breed them for food,
• They keep them as pets and then abandon them when it no longer suits them to keep them;
• They selectively breed them to gain characteristics that suit the owner;
• They buy and sell them,
• They breed them to slaughter and remove parts that humans want;
• They race them for sport and send them over steeples and hurdles, and then shoot them if they break a leg, and so on.
We must be patient.
There is much we could discuss concerning animals. It is the ignorance of Humanity that has allowed such abuse of animals. Most humans are no better than animals and in many cases a lot worse.
What does a human have that an animal does not? Is it emotions, or methods of expression? I dare say they have those in abundance. Is it thought? Is it their apparent inability to appreciate art, music? Is it the thought that they do not work things out or calculate to any seen degree?
It can be none of these things, for I know, as do many owners, who appreciate their pets and farm animals, that animals do think and are appreciative of many things, even things humans cannot comprehend.
In future, as we speak of them, we shall need to keep in mind the robotic, mechanistic shell of Class 3 (the animals) and the consciousnesses that may occupy such shells. There will be many surprises in store for those whose human hubris makes them turn their noses up in a ridiculous manner.
In the meantime, as the Corrective Process manifests, you can choose to be Part of the Problem or Part of the Solution.
It is your choice.
Be Part of the Solution by showing unconditional LOVE to your pets, and all animals, just as they show to us given half a chance.
• Stop eating them.
• Speak up when you see cruelty towards animals.
• Show your displeasure, in any civil way open to you, when you see examples of people who enrich themselves through the exploitation of animals.
• Ask for Blessings by the True God for the about-to-be-slaughtered animals whenever you see a truck loaded with animals going to a slaughterhouse.
• Adopt a stray animal if you are in the position to do so and share all the goodness within you with it and all it represents.
• Donate food, and money, whatever you can, to Animal Welfare organizations.
• If you have the courage, pray that God will treat you in the same way you have treated the members of the Animal Kingdom.
• Affirm that, in True Justice, each Unit of Consciousness, be it animal, human, vegetable or mineral, will receive according to its merit.
What could be fairer than that?
What more could one want?

March 16, 2020
As seen through the eyes of a Gnostic
Part One
Alas, suffering is ubiquitous in this unjust World. And, as one would expect, the greatest burden of pain, suffering and misery falls on those who are the weakest, the most vulnerable and the most defenceless.
Things should never have been this way, and were it not for a Massive Celestial Error, which is well under way to being totally corrected, with the Justice promised to the supplication of countless prayers throughout the Ages cited by those whose purity of heart withstood the Winds of Evil and shone in the Darkness of this Malediction, no suffering would have been our lot. The Celestial Error is a Gnostic Concept of why we are as we are today in the Physical Dimension.
But, for now we must struggle as best we can against the tyranny of oppression and exploitation.
Nowhere is the INJUSTICE of existence in this doomed Plane, whose basis is DISHONESTY and HYPOCRISY, better seen than in the tragedies of the Animal Kingdom.
Indisputably, there is immense suffering in all species of the Animal Kingdom. As I stated, such suffering should never have been. The Kingdom has been developed in such a cruel, exploitative way by its evil exploitative creator (the evil demigod of this sector of creation who is an illegal usurper) so that animals suffer maximally.
A food chain exists within the Kingdom and nearly all stronger animals prey on the weaker in the case of carnivores. Those that consume vegetation are either themselves targets for consumption or else suffer in different ways.
We humans have accepted this very cruel and diabolical suffering of animals as an aspect of the wonders of Mother Nature and its marvellous ability to sustain life in a cycle of death and rebirth.
We have become blind to the suffering and exploitation, labelling that which exists as a ‘normal function’ not to be interfered with.
It may well be classed as ‘normal’ in the abnormal and ignorance-producing paradigms of this Virtual Reality because it is what happens, but it cannot be classed as ‘normal’ in an undisturbed non-evil creation, for in the True Reality, none shall suffer. Besides, by husbanding animals, selectively breeding them, experimenting with them, racing them and shooting them when they are injured, humans have for many centuries interfered in the lives of animals, much to the animals’ chagrin.
The Fall of Awareness in Humanity has been such that many scholars and philosophers, who should certainly know better, cannot even now acknowledge that animals, as they are preyed upon and slaughtered for food by other beasts, and for food and sport by humans, actually do suffer.
How many times has Rene Descartes, now presumably in a better place, regretted his supposed assertion that animals have no souls?
What demons seized his mind temporarily to utter such nonsense, such untruth that has seen the dear, gentle and lovable animals we all know become the victims of greed, malice, and cruelty?
Has this utterance been the basis for openly expressed demonism? Indeed, that is what the practice of most humans towards animals is.
Even most ecclesiastics who claim they represent their ‘god’ have no scruples whatsoever in killing and consuming animals, remaining oblivious to the pain and suffering they impose with their executions.
If they do not commit the slaughter themselves, they certainly do not object to the butchery done by others, on their behalf.
They, and the rest of Humanity, justify this massacre, of course, by saying man is a carnivore, and has to eat the flesh of animals in order to remain healthy.
Besides, they claim ‘God’ gave Man dominion over all the Animal Kingdom. It says so in the Bible, they’ll tell you. And the ‘god’ therein often asked for animal slaughter as sacrifice to appease ‘him’.
Does dominion mean wanton slaughter? Since when does it mean the right to cannibalistically devour those whom one is entrusted to protect and nurture?
How many accept that these sections of the Bible are interpolations into Gnostic texts that were stolen and then used to form the basis for the Bible, and that these interpolations are used to serve the avarice of demons?
But, if animals and their lives were useless, as their wanton slaughter might suggest, what good was such a sacrifice to this ‘god’?
Their death must have meant something of great significance to ‘him’. The pain, suffering and misery of murderous sacrifice must have given this ‘god’ something of value for which ‘he’ had a predilection, otherwise why else would ‘he’ ask for such a distressing sacrifice?
Imagine taking your cutest and most loved pet, binding it tightly, placing it on a slab, and slitting its throat so you can watch it die in agony, with both of you, and any other witnesses, choking on the pain of the emotional distress and the haunting thought, especially in your hitherto trusting, loving pet, of why you would do such a horribly evil, unjustified and despicable thing.
Who but one of utter ignorance, stupidity, or malice, could perform such an act of demonic cruelty when directed to do so by a greater demon of Malevolence?
Who could gain from such suffering, from such injustice?
Could or would a God of Love and Light want such exploitation?
In my opinion, the answer is “Never!”
Again I must say that this is what is recorded in the Bible, but it certainly was not the real ‘God’ who asked for such wickedness.
It was the blood-thirsty ghoul, Jehovah, who is none other than the evil demiurge, Satan, who took over this sector of Creation, and developed this absurd system where the majority suffer, as much as possible, in a maximum number of ways, in all kingdoms including the Mineral, Vegetable, Animal and Human Kingdoms!
In this way does ‘he’ exploit the energy of some sections of these kingdoms, which ‘he’ did not create, but which ‘he’ trapped, and extracts energy from them, in order to sustain his diabolical schemes.
The fact that such a ‘god’ would ask for such an horrific event such as a sacrifice, which involves fear, massive energy exploitation, gross emotionalism and murder, and that it would please ‘him’, identifies ‘him’, Jehovah, as none other than the Arch Demon in this Battle of Essences in which we are all caught, in this War between Good and Evil which is even now, on this Earth, being fully resolved with the call for True Justice.
Animals DO have an emotional body. Ask any owner who has developed a close, loving relationship with his or her pets, and you will be told with indelible certainty and totally honest sincerity, that animals do suffer physically, emotionally and mentally. Vegetation does too, as various experiments of late demonstrate.
Animals think, react to dangers and fears, and alter their behaviour due to anxiety, depression, and fear of pain, of injury, of disease and of death.
Even the most spiritually unaware pet owner will confirm that this is so. Many sections of society know this.
Most pet owners who are close to their pets can tell when their pets are anxious, depressed, in pain, ill, injured even if the injury is not obvious, etc., etc.
Communication exists on many levels between aware ones and their pets. And this can be so between all types of animals and humans.
Psychologists that specialize in animal behaviour exist to cure neuroses in animals.
Most unaware people – the majority of whom are very ignorant, prejudiced morons, for which there is a very good reason – treat this level of care for animals as a joke, but it certainly is not.
Some humans still hunt animals for sport. What sport is that? It is nothing but cruel massacre.
Anyone who has witnessed a hunt and kill will know, if one takes the time to observe, that the hunted prey, no matter how wild or primitive we may think it is, is filled with gross anxiety and the fear of death.
When it is captured, even if not to be killed, but to transport it from the wild to a zoo, the ordeal causes it to suffer a fate worse than death in many instances.
Any beast, no matter how gentle or ferocious, will show, if examined, all the symptoms of gross anxiety and fear when it is molested by humans or by any which hunt it. The signs of suffering are all too obvious.
Why should any of us dispute the fact that a hunted or maltreated animal does not have the obvious physiological changes of what all human animals would suffer, namely the symptoms of the Fight or Flight Syndrome? Each threatened individual runs for its life, knowing the Fear of Death.
Observe Nature, in all its flawed stupidity and you will note this distress in the Animal Kingdom occurs daily from the first moments of life in many species.
They live with the constant fear of being eaten, of being slaughtered, of being destroyed, and they adapt accordingly. At this point in time, it is indeed a cruel, evil, demonic system in which we are all trapped.
Who has not seen examples of the gauntlet the young of various species need to run shortly after birth in so-called Documentaries on Nature? The fear, cruelty and exploitation are horrendous. But, we have been surreptitiously indoctrinated to accept it as being the norm of Life, because it is ‘Nature’, and besides, we are really in no position to interfere.
Examples are many: Turtles and tortoises have about a 1 in 200 chance of survival as they leave the hatchery to go to the sea. At the hatchery they are in danger of being consumed by reptiles. As they make their way across the sand, birds eat them.
Even in the water other animals and fish feed on them. Although they are equipped with the instinct to find water and escape, these young ones are still suffering the fear and the anxiety caused by the thought of death, and the desperation brought on by the instinct to survive.
Of those that survive from the hatchery (1 in 200) less than 1 in 200 makes it to adulthood. The others suffer the pain and misery of death shortly after being born.
Hoofed animals in the wild develop the ability to run within minutes of coming out of the womb. Because of the presence of constant danger, they stagger off quickly. Immobility can be death. Many are caught by the ever-vigilant, ever-hungry scavengers and beasts of prey.
This system is ridiculous. It certainly should never been that way. Of course,
New Agers claim this is how wonderful Mother Nature works. But, if we take their assertions at face value, namely that this is a classroom in which we learn about existence, about Goodness, about Love and God, what, pray tell, has such a creature learned by being eaten a few minutes after birth?
How equitable is this classroom in which one is born just to be a meal for another? Or, are we to accept that the value of life is a variable, changing with the whims of any with more destructive power?
Alas, is that not the lesson the World teaches us, even as powerful nations destroy wantonly?
Is it not all a most ridiculous existence as it stands?

March 14, 2020
Having a Doctorate in Metaphysical Science (Cal.) I have interacted with a number of ‘natural healers” and working ‘psychics’ over the years.
The ones I have met are mostly women. I had written in my books that testosterone, which is in higher levels in males, blocks communication with the Etheric and Astral Levels’’
I still believe that to be the case.
Analyzing many ‘readings’ patients have told me about, I’ve come to the conclusion that these psychic readings, while being genuine transmissions from other levels other than the Physical, are of a mundane nature, and often consist of guesswork.
Very few genuine forecasts are given to the ‘client’.
As I have written much about Endtime Prophecy, I naturally asked the patients (clients) if this subject was mentioned by the psychic.
In general, I found it was completely ignored by the “Higher Minds” that communicated with the client via the psychic.
Is it a case of “they do not know” or is it one in which they refuse to tell?
I have found that judging by what they have to say, those talking to the physical being do NOT know what is going on.
Why is this?
You need to recall that the Etheric and Astral worlds, just like the Physical, are controlled by EVIL Entities.
They are not there to enlighten anybody!
If anything, they are there to obfuscate the situation so we, on the Physical Level, do not find out what is going on.
If the ‘Humans’ in the Astral were told the Truth, would they agree to re-incarnate? Of course not! In fact, I know they are tricked to be reborn into the Physical!
The more aware ones would rebel. But where would that get them? The ones that know the Rescue Plan are different again, as I will write below.
Those kept ignorant, like the majority of Humans, have nowhere to go in this multi-layered prison at the moment.
There is talk of Ascended Masters by the New Age people.
That is utter baloney!
There is no such thing as the ladder of Ascended Masters.
There are however, Demonic Entities who rule the evil caverns of the Astral and dictate what is to be believed and what is to be done on this level.
So you see, it is one complete trick to keep Viable Beings in ignorance.
I have had a number of exceptions in my present life. Those who knew of the coming End and died, on communication with me were aware of the End and were concerned about the dating thereof.
These included my maternal grandmother, my mother, one of my sisters, my son, and my brother-in-law who helped me with lectures while still in the Physical. It seems they retained what knowledge they acquired on this level.
This point is interesting: My grandmother died before I began this work. She has been one of my guides and protectors all my life. I had never discussed the End with her here on the Physical. Yet she knew! She also knew my higher identity even before it was revealed to me! This means that some of the Viable beings, and I have no doubt she is a Viable, gain access to Higher Knowledge while in the Astral and the Physical, or else, she had Holographic Connections from the beginning of time as I have had!
That would have to be a sign that the Message of Finality, coming from outside the Astral, which is part of this Evil Dimension, has penetrated the Evil Empire and some received it. I dare say Jesus and many others, including St John the Divine, did also.
We could assume therefore, that the Evil Hierarchy was aware of its fate but obfuscated the knowledge so others trapped here would not find out.
Thus it that we have the reference in the Bible: The “lawyers” blocked Truth and kept the rabble in Darkness.
Luke 11:52 52“Woe to you experts in the law, because you have taken away the key to knowledge. You yourselves have not entered, and you have hindered those who were entering.”
That being the case, what information of absolute Truth do you think they can give to Humans in these mundane psychic readings??
None is the answer.
If they were genuine beings of Light and knowledge, communicating with this level, when I released the information in 1985 that the End was coming, they – the astral beings providing information – would spread the News of the End far and wide if they were privy to the Truth.
But that did not happen, did it?
Regards timing, however, some sort of breakthrough did occur some 3 years ago.
Before that my brother-in-law connected with me to say he had been kicked out of the body (a frequent occurrence I must say) and was in the Astral where he would have to wait till the End for liberation!
My son gave a similar story. He too was thrown out of the body and was in a cell waiting for the End in the Astral. Both used the term “END”.
The amazing thing was this: Without a Physical Body with its Emotional Body, they seemed to be relaxed and not stressed in the slightest!! It felt that as they were speaking Time was of no importance.
We on this level can’t comprehend that, of course, because we are basically ruled by Time as are our perishable Physical Carcasses. We think we are the meat bags and that sets limits to our thinking, and great fears to our minds!!
The mother of this physical body I am using in this incarnation, having passed away in 2013, makes periodic visits to me when I am discussing philosophy and metaphysics with my favorite psychic.
Her mother, my grandmother, whom I mentioned above, happens to be one of my guides – we all need guides for guidance and protection – and together they are able to give much information the others cannot get. I don’t know why that is. Perhaps it is due to my identity and theirs.
My Grandmother has always given hints of ontology but never specific details. Perhaps it was not time.
One day some 3 years ago, my mother barged in – yes barged – into a conversation my psychic friend and I were having and gave extremely accurate information about my identity which no one on Earth knows.
The only other that knows this information is my Celestial Twin.
I was both amazed and shocked when my mother released this knowledge of identity, but then on reflection I realized what it meant.
It meant that a gateway had been opened from the Astral to the Higher Levels, the Divine Spiritual Levels that had the absolute Truth of things.
This then allowed the announcement of progress in our War of Essences and the timing of the END.
Up until then, I had to rely on what the visiting Aliens had to tell me in the 1980s and early 1990s. This is apart from what I could pick up in meditation and in quiet moments of contemplation.
The mechanisms that the “Higher Beings” use to communicate can be subtle, as I have found out. I have mentioned this before: One time I was driving North in New Mexico USA, when a communication entered my mind about the destruction of not just Earth but the entire Solar System, the Galaxy, and the Universe, and soon.
Previously my discussion with the “Space Command” had been restricted to the Termination of Earth.
What was amazing about that episode was that I was certain of the information I was getting and it gave perspective to what I had written about Dark Matter destroying the entire Universe.
Over the years, snippets of knowledge began to enter my head and having unloaded myself of the profuse (often irrational and physically based) Medical Knowledge (let’s call it programming BS) I was able to make a clearer and clearer picture of what was happening to us, to the World and to the entire Universe.
Thus I was happy that I had made a breakthrough beyond the Evil confines of this prison.
Evil ones could not stop me accessing this information (because of my connection to the Holographic connections to me which I will explain later) so they tried the next best thing: Evil tried to stop me broadcasting the information by eradicating me physically. But, each time it failed, for I had and still have protection.
Why is it I can get this extra-Astral information and the psychics cannot?
This leads to my identity.
I have implanted Holographics within the Physical and they communicate with the Higher Levels others cannot access.
Hence, a clear line of communication exists that allows the acquired knowledge at any particular time to come down to me in the physical. It does so on a ‘Need to Know Basis”.
And so it was that last year, in accordance to what I had been told, namely that the timing to the End would be shorter and shorter as we proceed, (remember I had been told 2035 was the limit, but earlier if at all possible) my mother and grandmother implanted a new date in my mind.
Whether the date came through the Holographic Pathway to me and they were told also, or whether they received it and passed it on to me is not that important.
But the important thing was that a psychic who sensed something had been planted in my mind (she could not decipher the meaning of it) asked me THE MOMENT SHE SAW ME “What is this 2025 I see circling in your head all about?”
I said: That is the latest year I received recently of the End.
As I said that, she claimed she saw both my mother and grandmother, whom she had seen before and with whom she had communicated on my behalf before also, laughing and shouting and jumping up and down in glee that I had received the message!
It was the forwarded date of the End!
The psychic knew nothing about the End of the World. She did not know what my work involved. I had to explain what 2025 meant. Amazing, hey?
Well, time moved on.
Two months later, my younger sister died unexpectedly of a stroke. Within days she communicated and implanted 2024 into my head.
My excitement grew.
I was beyond the stage of thinking I was hallucinating or being just plain NUTS, for I had had too many of these specific experiences.
I was as “happy as Larry” even though I don’t know any Larry!
This was getting intense.
In a discussion with my Celestial Twin in the 1990s, he stated emphatically that if events to terminate the Physical did not occur orderly as time passed, they would happen all at once.
Lo and behold by August of last year (2019) the 4 in the figure (2024) in my head changed to a 3! We were now to consider 2023 as having the End.
I could not believe the rapidity of change.
Naturally I was very excited but realized few would believe me if I said anything, so I kept silent.
And then, just before 2019 ended, you would not believe it, I got a precise MONTH of TERMINATION.
It was to be November 2022.
That is now the favorite date in the betting.
The possibility was December 2022 if there was any sort of delay.
My Goodness, who was I going to tell?
It felt really good to me.
I was joyous at the thought of going Home.
We are all getting tired of waiting are we not?
At almost 76, I am extremely fit as Jerry Attrick (my Alter Ego) shall aver!
(All bow your heads in reverence for now Jerry speaks:
“Well, that’s apart from a few minor issues you have, Doc. – Diabetes, and heart problems like all diabetics get, cataracts, tinnitus, deafness, double vision, hay fever, arthritis, coming renal failure, the crook knee that won’t let you walk straight, the odd moments of pretending you’re a cranky old man – no wait! U is a cranky old man! Look at the number of times you tell me to put my whisk… bottle … err cup of tea…away!
“We won’t count the dementia, the uterine prolapse, the pimple-itis, the cerebral hernia, the hunchback, the sorry ass – I mean the psoriasis – the squint, the stuttering, the prowling, feline stance …..”
“Jerry, put that Medical Dictionary away and sit silently!”
“Sorry Doc. I meant to blow some life and humerus into the essay. “
“Jerry, the Humerus is an arm bone, knuckle head!”
But here is an amazing thing: When it comes to the spiritual work, my mind has the clarity of a 10 year old. How is that possible? At 76 we all have memory lapses.
I would say when it is important, the Holographic Mechanisms take over so we communicate with the Higher Energies.
How many of you have experienced that?
Well, I’ve finished my coffee, so it must be time to sign off.
Until next time …….
Smile, laugh and be happy.
No one else is going to do it for you.
PS Jerry, Jerry, ……. I can’t end this short essay without asking. “What’s with the uterine bit that you mentioned above?”
Jerry: “Oh, I just wanted to see how many readers were paying attention.”
Dr. C.: “And what did you find?”
Jerry: “2 were on the ball!”
Dr. C.: “Who?”
Jerry: “So far, it’s me and you …..”

March 11, 2020
Re COVID-19:
This virus is one of many calamities to come.
It is man-made for sure, but really sponsored by the Vulturite Reptilians who want to control everything.
It’s a bio-weapon to knock out China – made by USA.
In a show just after 9/11, I released details of the Vulturites (that took control of the USA) wanting to start a war with China. I had been privileged to hear from the Supreme Mental Plane that the Vulturites had never beaten the Reptiles controlling China.
My Higher Self said quite emphatically that a war will be fought between them and China will once again win! I released that information on the show.
As things go on this level, no one took any notice whatsoever of what I said!
Like everything the Evil Ones do, this friction is going to get out of control in due course.
Of course, using this virus as an excuse, China will retaliate in due course.WW3 is on its way!

In the 1980s, I wrote that in the Endtime ALL Evil will be exposed and destroyed.
Do you recall Agenda 21 and the Culling of Humanity that I wrote about?
Here is more specific evidence regarding Vaccines and their real function:
We are going to see more and more Evil practices exposed as the days continue.
As we see the terminal changes, we wonder why the Demons and the Class 5 Malignant Aliens have not panicked.
They seem composed and well adjusted.
But, are they really?
Don’t forget, they are Artificial Intelligence – motorized consciousness in Meat Bags. They can only know what they are programmed with.
They are not able to reach the Supra-Mental Plane!
The Evil Overlords have not told them they will all be wiped out as a Final Judgement had been made for this Illicit Empire.
These Evil Creatures are living a pseudo-reality in an Illusion.
All the Masters of Evil know their time is over, but they have not passed that information down to the lower classes of AI Robots and Demons.
Most Humans are AI Robots and Demons and that is why they cannot really comprehend an ending to their existence. Their brains and psyche cannot understand that.
That is why they murder, rape and steal with no scruples.
Look at how Vietnam, Iraq, Libya, Afghanistan, etc., were attacked by the leaders of some of the FREE world. They did it without scruples, without remorse, without second thoughts.
It was because they themselves were machines selected to perform those tasks of UTTER EVIL.
Could I be wrong about an END to this Earth, this Universe, this Evil?
I could be. Anything is possible.
But when we see references in ancient texts, such as in Revelations of St. John telling us what to expect – stars falling from the sky, etc., – we have to go from possible events to probable events.
Did I come down into the Physical just to spread falsehood for which I have been attacked by the Evil Ones with murderous intent? I don’t think so.
There must be some truth to my story.
Could I have made it all up?
Believe me, no Human could make up all the information I’ve released.
It is most clear to me that what I release only makes sense to those with the Inner Truth.
The Morons cannot feign it.
Each individual knows, somehow, it is correct or it is not.
And this leads me to the final point for this short essay:
Those in the know acknowledge the Truth which is within them and they are joyed by the thought of the Finality of Evil and this Prison.
Those with no idea what is going on are more confused than ever. They are fearful, not joyous for, being of Evil, they really cannot see the Light.
And they cannot see the need to destroy this, their “Wonderful WorldThey will be hypocrites till the END.

March 9, 2020
I wish to thank all of you that write to me regarding the various items I have discussed on this website and in my books.
Most of you understand that some of the work is speculative about coming changes and their timing.
Other parts of my writings are Metaphysical and of an Ontological Nature that none of us can prove or disprove on this level.
That is why my Motto is “Take it or Leave it!”
Unless readers have a connection to the Supra Mental Plane, they will not have the knowledge and ability to decipher what various postulates mean.
In other words, those without NOUS (the Inner Spiritual and Divine Knowing) are going to be struggling with trying to understand what I am saying and why I am saying it.
If what I write in esoteric form does not resonate with your “Higher Mind”, you will not be able to accept it as being accurate and infallible.
None of us, as Humans, can decipher the contents of the other Higher Realms, nor can we know what existence is like in those other Higher dimensions.
The fact of the matter is that we are like grubs digging in and out of various soils and all we seem to do is make active weapons to annihilate others.
That is hardly a Divine way of living or a Divine way of establishing a Divine family to progress into something better.
The power we have as Humans is that of sustaining ourselves until we are rescued from this absurdity or else we self-destruct.
I have explained how Humans came about. By ‘Human’ I meant the meat bags we see walking about aimlessly, trying to cheat others, abuse them and murder them if the occasion arises.
They are programmed to do that by the Malignant Essence (Evil) that controls them for it, the energy that produced them, needs the exploited energy to keep this sick joke (the Illicit and temporary Physical Universe) going as long as possible.
But, beings like me know the end is coming. It is almost here.
So, why do some know about the ‘Origin of Man’ in a True Spiritual Sense and some do not?
Some, like me, are not really ‘human’, in the limiting physical sense of the word. We have come into this flawed and malignant dimension to destroy it, for it is a cancerous, illicit growth that has trapped True Divine Consciousness.
While we await that Ending, we give solace to those that understand, so that their misery will be lessened.
Most, as you must be aware, are totally unconscious to the Grand Reality that exists outside of this Realm.
Most are AI Robots and Demons with no capacity to comprehend the how, when and why of Evil, for they themselves are THE progeny of Evil.
And so, when they are confronted with ideas about the Great Reality that truly exists and which states they were created as plastic morons with artificial means and that they have no future of any kind, unless they step into the Light, no matter how much energy they steal from beings of a True Spiritual Nature, they want to argue about things they know nothing about.
They want to claim that what they know is accurate and that I am making my story up just for the Hell of it.
They wish that to be so for that thinking suits them.
But, their thoughts are wrong, wrong, wrong!
As things change in the Endtime, in exactly the way I proposed, they begin to wonder if I may have some facts that they can’t accept because they truly cannot absorb them into their limited psyche.
To rationalize what I am saying, they would have to surrender to a Greater Reality than the ‘fraudulent nonsense’ they have been taught.
Only those without EGO and with a desire to better themselves can do that.
They are the robots who earnestly want to see the Light and be in the Light.
There are enough of them to make a good group of converts that seek the Light!
The failed ones are held back by their ignorance, stupidity and ego.
To progress, they would have to admit there is someone superior to them.
This especially applies to the Reptilian Demons I have mentioned often who were created to supervise this evil dimension.
Their EGO will not let them surrender to a Higher Good for then they would lose everything the Evil Essence gave them on this doomed level.
They are in conflict but don’t know it!
To acknowledge a Great Dimension and a greater Godforce beyond them would mean they would lose their place as rulers and leaders in this Cesspool. That is hardly a position of grandeur, believe me.
So they hold themselves back by denying there is anything above and beyond them, that there is anyone more powerful, more destructive, more egotistical and more abusive of Normality, a Normality which is NOT really found in this den of murderers and thieves.
To highlight this point, examine the nonchalance with which the murderous evil Reptiles act as little gods, destroying at will, murdering at will, stealing at will, and so on.
This dimension has always been like that and it is on a self-destructive path leading to total DOOM!
These DEMONS do not know this is the case. Do it you?
The other point that comes with confrontation of these revelations that I make is decisive in a manner that gives the Evil Doomed Demons nightmares.
It means that someone of greater power, knowledge and authority is on this level to seal their fate.
Do you realize that?
The Demonic Entities suspected who I was from the moment I was born into this Meat Bag.
They kept a watchful eye for confirming signs of my identity.
And once I made public the revelations about the Fate of this Universe, their suspicions were conformed.
They thought that by destroying my physical body they would stop the process of elimination of the Doomed Ones (all the Demons and failed Robots) and this illicit Realm, and the important Rescue that was promised long ago of the incarcerated Viables.
They did not wait long to attempt my physical destruction.
Many were the incidences in which I was supposed to be physically eliminated, but the evil ones failed every time.
Of course I am protected.
And that is why I will be here till the last day – to see the end of the Evil Goons.
We are near the End.
I can reveal it now.
“I”, the Greater Me, not the simple Meat Bag, hold the Power that will destroy these Demonic Bastards and the Failures totally in due course.
There is no point arguing about it.
For me it is just a role like I have played in many other parts of this doomed Universe in order to harness these murderers and rescue the Viables.
Names are not that important just yet on this level.
Those with the Divine Inner Nous know who I am.
When we are back Home, those of Light will know full identities.
The failures can never accept what I have just written.
Let them be.
As I have often said, they are ‘Wraiths’ blowing in the ill, evil wind, waiting for total extermination.
For me, this work I do on Earth is just another day at the office.
I have performed similar roles in many other planets and galaxies and happily I can say we are near the End.
It matters naught to me what the fools call me.
They are like dung and detritus on Hell’s floor, so why would I want to worry about what they think?
I tolerate fools not at all.
Regarding your personal question of what I have written, of who you are, of what your fate is going to be, all I can say is this: It is only important to you.
No one else really cares.
If you have the Love and Purity in your heart like I have often explained, you will be on the craft to take you Home.
If you are kidding yourself, you know your fate too.
It matters not in the slightest what you tell me or others about your Divinity or Otherwise.
The only thing that counts is what I tell you that you are.
And on that point there will be no argument for there will be no error on my part.
You can call me any name you wish. And I am sure the failures will call me many rude, crude and pejorative names for that matter.
That is of no concern.
It’s what I call any individual that counts.

A little tangible evidence of what may be:
UFO ‘Bigger Than Earth’ Flying Past the Sun ‘Spotted’ by NASA Observation Mission – Sputnik International
We can never be sure what NASA publishes.
It may be genuine.
It may be an Alien craft not necessarily of True Beings.
Aliens have been attempting to escape areas destroyed by Dark Matter.
It has not dawned on them yet that the End is very near.
As we are in the last 2%, of this Universe that still has ‘life’, of course they will try to reach a safe harbor somewhere here. They do not know about the total extermination Plan.
Of course, without adequate data, if could be one of our Space Command vehicles positioning itself to rescue Viables as I have written.

And here is another hint of Finality:
Could this be a precursor of Dark Matter arriving soon?
“Hell in the Sky? Mysterious Black Rain Hits Japan Leaving People in Fear – Photos – Sputnik International”

March 7, 2020
It was 1985 when I was able to openly give the approximate date of Termination of this Terra Firma – this evil, violent, useless Earth!
I publically stated emphatically that the Earth would NOT physically last beyond 2035.
I then gave the reasons of how, when and why!
To be quite sincere and honest, my lower mind greeted the response of the Morons to what I had to say with this remark: “What a bloody waste of time”.
It was like talking to brick walls.
I recall my very first interview with a TV crew.
The fatuous bimbo holding the microphone and asking stupid, stupid questions of me, and who was probably thinking of her next sexual encounter that evening must have thought the meeting with me was a big joke!
This next question she asked me made me end the interview. It was a question after I had given a long and detailed explanation about what was going on and what would go on in the next 50 years or so:
“You don’t believe in UFOs do you?”
With that idiotic inquiry, I ended the interview.
I realized I was simply wasting my time.
Admittedly we were in Melbourne, Australia, and not Area 51 Nevada. But all the same, her ignorance was most offensive.
Australia, in many ways, is a wonderful country. It was terribly English up until the 1950s, even though the local (originally English) Australians hated the English and v.v.
To make things worse, from what I saw, the rabble was governed more by the Catholic Church in those days than the politicians. We all know how dishonest, abusive, greedy and murderous the Church had been over 2,000 years inspite of its claimed affiliation with JC.
The problem in Oz in the 1950s was that the Irish made up the religious numbers, so we had those in control (the clergy) hating everybody else.
I recall the severe prejudice we were under at school, a Catholic School, from Primary to High School.
Yep, the Irish, with the odd exception, hated everybody!
I landed here in 1952 with my family, and the stark contrast with the musical, joyous, fun loving Italy, even for a 7 year old, was a shock, inspite of the fact that the USA saw fit to bomb the living daylights out of the peninsula, just because it could. Evil does not need an excuse to murder wantonly, even when it dishonestly claims the right to do so!
Never mind, children are malleable in the easiest of ways and we got by.
Then, with massive migration from Italy, Greece and other European countries, the character of Australia changed.
Little Italy, Little Greece, China Town, etc., demonstrated cultures the locals had never heard of.
Suddenly food and drink, individual housing of architectural splendor, restaurants with vastly variable menus of which the locals were unaware, and theatres of operatic quality all opened up communities. Music from Italy, France, Germany, etc., and festivals galore, laughter and prosperity flowed with the migration.
Most migrants sent their children to University and an educated class took over the scene.
Knowledge grew enormously, and with the fake Moon Landings, and semi-accurate publications like ‘Chariots of the Gods’ thinkers were sent spinning into the fantasy of a New Super and hopefully enlightened Age.
Buck Rogers Comics helped too, and many of us as students, as I recall, were already in advanced states of mind with which we could accept greater possibilities, including other Worlds, Aliens and UFOs.
But, from another perspective, the long-term locals failed to mature, as the saying goes, and much to the shame of the country, racism expressed its ugly head everywhere. This was especially noted when African-American entertainers came to Oz to seek work and entertain the locals.
(It was less than 30 years from the time it was legal for Bounty Hunters to shoot and kill Australian Aborigines so their land could be stolen. The Government paid a bounty for each pair of ears. It ended, according to some, as late as 1933. Shame! Shame! Shame!
It was under these circumstances of a confused Australia that I met this moronic reporter to give her the good news of the triumph of Good over Evil and the sequelae to come.
As I said, for me, being the bearer of what I thought was great, great news, the exercise appeared just like a waste of time.
So, I packed my bag and went home to rethink the strategy of how to introduce Earth to this New Knowledge.
As American influence swamped Oz, it was obvious to me that the Evil Essence that controlled and drove America was exactly the same essence that ruled its lapdog –Australia!
The information I had was not new to me (to this Physical Being). I had been exposed to it in 1947 before I reached the age of 3. I know most of you cannot comprehend such a situation.
The “I” in this case means this ‘Meat Bag’ I am forced to wear, just like the rest of you Humans are forced to wear, if I want to be a Human.
After the initial venture into the public domain in 1985, I decided Humanity was not ready to hear what I had to say. And yet, those “Higher Beings” who were running the show obviously from Higher Dimensions wanted this information out to the public at that time.
Vacillating about the situation, I thought I would wait and let the ‘Corrective Process’ take its course.
I must admit that, apart from what I wrote in my books and what I spoke of in lectures, I did not press other details in those early days.
But, I knew there were 4 basic phases to reach the END.
And here they are:
As instructed by my Higher Self – I will identify My Higher Self when it is time – I gave the news of the END. This was the first thing to do.
Knowing my meetings with Higher Beings, including my Higher Self, were of paramount importance, I asked my mother before her death in 2013 to testify that she sat with me in our lounge in Italy when I was not yet 3 years of age and that the Beings came through the wall to hold conferences with us, describing what was going to happen, when it was going to happen, why it was going to happen and so on.
Later I learned that many other visitations with ‘Contacts’ by “Superior Beings” commenced with the Beings coming through walls to approach those to be ‘contacted’. Many were taken to crafts and so on. AS we learned, not all the Aliens were benign.
My mother was only too willing to affirm what happened. She had no reason to make things up. Besides, how could she make details up if she had not been present at these conferences?
I was in constant communication with the Higher Beings until they told me they would recede for a while but would come back later as the End drew closer.
In the meantime, communication continued via Supra Mental Awareness.
In 1999, I received the Message that Final Judgement of ALL Consciousnesses on Earth (Mineral, Vegetable, Animal, Human, and Class 5 (Angelic and Demons) had been completed.
I admit it is very difficult for us Humans to understand the Spiritual assessment of a Unit of Consciousness that may be in soil or a rock or a leaf, to be classed as a viable or as a failure. But, that is what this Judgment denoted.
In all of this sorting out, I was also told that some 1 billion Viable Human Souls (Class 4) were removed from this dimension and were waiting in another for placement, in due course, into an Evil-free zone.
Others that remained on Earth that were Viable would also join them in due course.
In this communication I was also told that no True. Divine Viables would reincarnate between then (1999) and the END.
That meant that any incarnated beings after 1999 could be failures, robots, demons or salvageable Robots. I have explained what I mean by that elsewhere.
The 3th Phase of the Termination Process was going to be separation of the Good from the Evil.
This is obvious to those who have developed the spiritual vision to see who is a Viable and who is not.
This special gift of spontaneous assessment of individuals comes automatically to us with the Divine Inner Vision in order to see who is a soulless Robot, who is an evil, doomed Demon, who is a failed Viable, who is a salvageable robot, and who is a genuine Viable.
An awakened individual can see in the eyes of the subject what is inside the Meat Bag.
It is automatic.
No x-ray or CAT-scan needs to be done.
Also, the energy that emanates from any being is diagnostic. This goes for all Classes of Consciousness, including Animals, Vegetation, and the Mineral Kingdom, as well as Humans.
The Hate and Venom from the Demons and Failed ones cannot be hidden.
Again I want to point to POTUS Trump who demonstrates all that is evil in humans – racism, hate, prejudice, the desire to steal, to rape, to murder, to abuse irrationally against the victim’s will, etc., etc.
Before this phase, the Evil Ones could and could and would hide to commit their skullduggery. But this is no longer the case. The masks have fallen off them!
Have you noticed especially in US Politics that the demons of late cannot take a trick?
The Essence of Zionism (Evil) is faltering bigtime, exactly as we would expect it to do!
Have you noticed how quickly Trump has been dumped by Zion? And yet, not long ago he was declaring himself ‘King of the Jews/Israel”.
Do you think this weakening of the Essence of Evil is by accident?
Of course it’s not!
The Evil Ones are committing their evil, but it is easy to see, and it is easy to brand them for what they are – spiritual losers who will soon be no more.
That is what the Endtime means: The End of ALL EVIL
They can’t hide anything.
It’s all over.
While this exposure has been going on ….and it will continue until the End … the infrastructure that houses these BASTARDS is collapsing.
It is the same infrastructure that keeps us prisoners in this Cesspool.
It MUST, per force, be totally destroyed so that we can be liberated.
In a previous essay I wrote about dissolving the Physical which includes the Meat Bag we are forced to live in, the Etheric Body, the Astral body and the Filtering Mechanism these have.
To exist beyond these realms that are being destroyed, one has to have the TRUE spiritual components of a Divinely-created SOUL.
The Robots who are viable because of their dedication to the Light will be fitted with a primary Soul and they will commence their journey once they are liberated from this Hell.
The True Beings who had been trapped by Evil and who remained prisoners until the End will renew their progress on their spiritual journey towards graduation into the Highest Strata of Divinity.
We are now in the end of the 3rd Phase of Separation and are patiently (some impatiently) awaiting the 4th Phase.
More dramatic physical effects will be seen as the Physical End comes to us.
Wars, diseases of all kinds, famine, EQs, floods, volcanic eruptions, etc., etc. will occur.
Physicality cannot be destroyed without those steps. They are virtually inevitable.
You must focus on the future.
Remind yourselves what is happening and why it is happening.
The suffering will be for a very short time only.
I expect that as we enter the 4th Phase, which will be the Phase of Ascension simultaneously with the Phase of Dissolution of the Failures, we will be instantly elevated beyond the Physical by losing the physical bodies and we will feel nothing but the Joy of Salvation – of the Final Rescue and our Sanctification.
I don’t think we can fully comprehend that step until it happens.
One moment we will be traumatized meat bags, worrying about the suffering we will bear, and the very next moment we will be like angelic, transparent forms who know nothing but Joy and Bliss.
Is that possible?
You better believe me it is!
Why do you think ‘We” have gone to all this trouble of rescuing the worthy?
This 4th Phase will start as the bombs explode, as the Earth wobbles on its axis, as fires rage, as the failures wail unceasingly.
A mist from nowhere (DARK MATTER) – gossamer with Angelic properties will cover us and we will be transformed in a flash according to our Ontology.
Yes, that is the gossamer of Dark Matter that I have described elsewhere for you.
The AI Machinery will dissipate into dissolving molecules, except for the Astral Bodies of those to be punished for their inextricable Evil.
They will be herded, as the malignant entities that they are, into the Chamber of Horrors for their final karmic debt that must be paid.
Each of them will know me personally then!
It is then that the End Process will be completed and we shall march triumphantly toward our Heavenly Abode.
It will be goodbye to Evil forever.
And it will be ‘Hello’ to Divine Bliss for us for eternity!
The Celestial Error will have been totally erased.

March 3, 2020
It has been known by many other names over the years.
Why are the people so disrespectful?
Why do some think it is/was a joke?
Here are some names given to it: Holy Coaster, Hollow Coast, Hula Host, Haley Caustic.
This topic is so incendiary, that people have been fined, jailed, even assassinated and kicked out of countries or not allowed entry because they dared question this ‘Holy of Holies’!
But, we must ask: “Can Evil be Holy? Can it be really, really holy if it is based on provable lies?
For most of us, this topic has as much importance as the question of whether the Blue Lagoon is really blue or green.
The questions on this topic of massive, massive murder are these:
Were 6 million people really murdered by Hitler, the bearer of the Christ Light?
If you want to argue about his ontology, you MUST watch “The Greatest Story Never Told” on DVD.
If you don’t watch it, you will be playing with moronic ignorance!
I’m not going to write another book about this subject, although I could.
I want to restrict myself to a few FACTS that even the most ignorance and stupid in our society can understand.
I realize that the AI Robots and Demons who are totally programmed with these evil thoughts will never change their opinion.
We know the AI Robots and Demons exist in every field of endeavor on this Earth and in this Universe that I have called an Evil Cesspool which is ready to be totally destroyed.
I am not trying to influence anyone’s opinion.
The best I can do on this topic is repeat the facts as I learned them over the years.
Whether anyone wants to accept or reject them is their business.
Just realize however, that at some stage – and I have never revealed this before – I will assess who is right and who is wrong, who spiritually is to live and who spiritually dies!
You don’t have to believe that of course.
Remember My Motto!!
Nothing can be proved until we get to the ‘other side’, so relax.
If it makes sense to you, well and good.
If it doesn’t, think about it.
What have I learned about this topic over the years?
The order of facts is not important.

  1. Know that Zionists attempted to say 6 million Jews were slaughtered in WW ONE. They were laughed into oblivion.
    • Some 18 to 20 years after the end of WW2, when they had gained control of everything and burned the Truth totally via murdering witnesses and destroying whatever evidence there was, (Nuremberg Trials were one example) this murder of 6 million Jews raised its ugly head again. This time they were better prepared to sell the spiel.
    • Russia exclaimed that many buildings were Gas Chambers in which the 6 million were gassed to death as they went in to shower.
    Alas, the reality eventually came through: The Russians admitted they made the whole story up AFTER the War.
    (My thanks to Jeff Rense for this valuable addendum:
    “This was CONFIRMED by Jewish American journalist David Cole, who went to Auschwitz and was able to secure a video interview with Dr. Franciszek Piper, Director, The Auschwitz State Museum. Dr. Piper admitted to David Cole that the Auschwitz ‘gas chamber’ had been an air raid shelter during the war and was converted – on direct orders of Josef Stalin – to appear to be a ‘gas chamber AFTER the war. It was a complete hoax. Fred Leuchter, American Gas Chamber expert, took the tour of the ‘gas chamber’ and surreptitiously took scrapings from the walls and floor of the ‘gas chamber’. Subsequent tests proved there was ZERO evidence of Zyklon B or ANY deadly toxins having been used in that structure during the war. See ’The Leuchter Report’ online. For The David Cole video interview of Dr. Piper, go here:
    https://archive.org/details/DavidColeInAuschwitz–DavidColeInterviewsDr.FranciszekPiperDirectorAuschwitzStateMuseum) “
    Examination of the buildings (twice) showed no evidence of gas residues on the walls. Thus, the notion that they were gas chambers was false.
    The Russians also admitted they build false chimneys on the buildings AFTER the War, most of which did not even open into the buildings.
    Abundant evidence was found of gas in the little ovens for sterilizing clothes. To fit 6 million people into those ovens and gas them to death would take a few thousand years at the rate of 2-3 per day!
    • Red Cross archives which were meticulous showed some 420,000 deaths in the camps over the time they operated. Was the staff to know this figure would be blown to 6 million 20 years after the War ended? Of course not.
    • All accounts by inmates of the supposed murder of 6 million were refuted as being creative falsehood. Besides, how would an inmate in one camp know the number of murders in so many others?
    • The number of 6 million Jews in Europe was more than half the number assessed by World Statisticians and (independent) Jewish Statisticians.
    • These same statisticians demonstrated immediately after the war (not 20 years after it) that the Jewish Population in Europe had INCREASED between 1939 and 1945.
    • Where did the non-existent 6 million come from 20 years after the war?
    In this very brief outline, there is sufficient evidence to say the story of the murder of 6 million Jews was false.
    If it was true, why would the authorities wait 18-20 years to reveal it?
    It does not make sense, simply because it never happened.
    We know Demons are liars, thieves and murderers.
    In this case they murdered the Truth for sure.
    And then, to add insult to intelligence, they went to the Middle East and slaughtered as many non-Jews as they could find in order to steal their land, wealth and whatever else they could find.
    Make no mistake about it.
    It was the Demonic Leaders that created this hellish mayhem.
    I have the honour of giving them what they deserve as soon as we get into the Other Side!
    By writing this, I am condemning Evil, not Jews.
    Some are wonderful Human Beings. Moshe Kroy, a professor of psychology at La Trobe University Melbourne, was my best friend until he was forced to suicide by Amitakh Ng who threatened that she would finger him as the murderer of his wife Gilli Kroy. Of course he did not commit any crime but he panicked. Do you see how Evil works?
    I have Excalibur sharpened!
    No one will escape its wrath!

March 2, 2020
Why is Humanity cursed with so much dishonesty?
It is programming by Evil that makes the failed Robots and the Demons (who have no say in the matter), and the susceptible Viables pawns of the Evil Essence.
Their dishonesty and other evil capacities allow Evil to steal energy from the Viables. Without that stolen energy Evil cannot exist.
So, the evil ones do things that cause hardship, pain, suffering, sorrow, and misery as part of their job to serve Evil. They were created for that purpose, especially the Demonic Ones.
Examples are easy to see.
Do you recall G. Bush Junior announcing he was a “Born-again Christian” just before announcing the war against Iraq in which millions were killed?
What follower of the Christ Light would act in such a demonic way?
Was it not the Demon, Harry Truman, that allowed mass murder via Nuclear Bombs on Hiroshima and Nagasaki to cause more suffering? The Japanese were begging for surrender. But there was no energy in accepting that surrender passively. They Demons needed to exploit as much energy as possible to feed themselves.
Did Hillary Clinton not do the same with the destruction of Libya?
And what about Eisenhower leaving men, women and children in the sun in Germany, without food or water, so they would die? And they did! Who but a demon could do that?
There are so many examples throughout History that they force one to vomit and truly ask if a ‘God” really exists.
What do these Demons think?
Well, they don’t think really.
They cannot conceive the notion that they will be held responsible and accountable.
It seems they think they are ‘gods’, just like the current POTUS does, that can do whatever they like.
They have no scruples.
They have no sense of Justice!
These are the Demons that run the world.
They are reckless.
It certainly appears that the thought of eventual punishment via Karma never enters their heads.
They are brutal savages programmed to commit the most horrible crimes imaginable for these actions will yield the Evil Ones the Energy that drives them and they can live on!
I am here to tell you not one sin will be forgotten.
They will pay for every misdemeanor, regardless of what they believe.
Although they fear nothing on this level, for they are programmed that way, they WILL fear punishment on the next level.
They will be incarcerated in the “Hall of Horrors” a term I have made up, wherein they will suffer many times that which they forced others to suffer.
I have seen their ability to justify whatever they do on this level.
They thing it is their right to do what they wish.
I learned of Amitabh Stanford (nee Ng) in retrospect murder Gilli Kroy in Melbourne via stooges, and she laughed and enjoyed it. She planned the whole thing according to Graham who pulled the trigger and told me the whole story in detail when I helped him write a book about his brief life and about the murder.
Amitakh is a DEMON, a Vulturite Reptilian, by the way. Many that I knew were sucked into her Evil Essence. Too bad for them! I no longer have time for them, which means one thing for them – doom!
Amitakh and her accomplices got away with the murder for the Evil System allows them to commit such evil that generates energy for the Evil System.
The Evil System is theirs to plunder and in which to murder at will.
Although in the Chamber of Horrors the Demons will mentally suffer as never before, it will actually be a mental exercise, not a physical one.
Their term of punishment will appear to them to last forever whereas, in fact, it will last but a few seconds.
On this level they have no cognizance of their evil and its consequences.
But in the Chamber of Horrors, they will indeed feel much sorrow for themselves.
They have but one person to blame – themselves!!
Yes indeed, there will be wailing and gnashing of teeth.
Tell them I said so!

March 1, 2020
Always remember my Motto: Take it or Leave it.
It was almost by accident that I caught sight of Michael Bloomberg being interviewed on one of the TV News channels in Oz. I don’t know how old the interview was.
As you know he is a Democratic candidate in the coming US elections.
Trump had been the stooge Zionism had chosen more than 10 years ago to fill the post and the ones (of the Essence of Zionism) in full control, illegally got him elected.
But, all the training by Hollywood came to naught. He has proven too stupid to succeed.
A massive Ego and gross stupidity are a sure formula for failure in everything!
Knowing the Republicans have shot themselves in the foot, and hands and head, the Essence of Zionism panicked and sent in Bloomberg as a Demon-cratic Candidate, for it seems certain a Democrat will win.
So far the picture is obvious.
The interview section that I saw in the TV was about 9/11.
With a straight face but obviously very crooked eyes and mouth, Bloomberg recounted how a Fanatical and murderous Religious group – meaning the Muslims – hating America (for no adequate reason anyone can give) committed the murderous atrocity of 9/11.
He went into great (false) detail just like the Government had released immediately after the event inspite of the massive amounts of contradictory evidence that clearly stated the Government, and its accomplice, Israel, were the culprits and that they were lying as unskillfully as they usually do!
Bloomberg masked the truth entirely.
What was the Truth?
You need not take my word about this.
There is an excellent production on DVD called “911, IN PLANE SITE ‘The Director’s Cut.
If you still don’t know the truth about this self-administered calamity by the USA Government and the Israeli government on the people of the USA, you should view the DVD.
It clearly shows evidence of Israeli technicians wiring bombs into the walls of the buildings to be destroyed!
The DVD also clearly shows Military aircrafts with external and very large bombs attached to them hitting the buildings. They were NOT passenger planes. How many times have we seen passenger planes with massive bombs attached to them on the outside?
The lack of evidence of any airplane hitting the Pentagon is also covered.
Evidence is given of all Jews being warned not to report to work in the Centre for that day.
There is much, much more.
This episode of Evil’s mass murder is one of the many that is being exposed in the Endtime.
Although Zionism has been in control of this Earth (and this Universe) since their creation – after all, Zionism is the essence of Evil – it is now failing, for it is the End.
It is being exposed everywhere.
We can’t do anything as individuals.
Those of Zion still control this decaying Cesspool, but we can now see the decay is TERMINAL AND SOON WE WILL BE OUT OF THIS PRISON.
As I have explained often, a Zionist is not necessarily a Jew.
Anyone can be infected by the Essence of Zionism. It’s like a metaphysical VIRUS. It is the very Essence of Evil!
For example, the Pope (like most popes were) is of the Zionist Essence.
Most members of Royalty in all countries are Zionist reptiles.
All the Presidents of the USA bar 2 have been Zionists. The exceptions were Abe Lincoln and JFK.
( In my haste I had written Ben Franklin earlier. BTW, Do you think it was coincidence both were assassinated?)
Zionism is a term meaning they are infected with the Essence of Evil in their very core.
Most are failed AI Robots and Demons, of course.
All the Founding Fathers were Zionists bar Thomas Paine. They had dedicated themselves via various Societies to Satan. And so it was that all the other members were Zionists in Essence and dedicated to Jehovah which was the Essence of Evil Machinery from the start of the Celestial Error.
Remember my Motto if you have trouble accepting this.
Examining the lives and crimes of these Zionists supports what I write, but you must decide for yourselves.
The Founding Fathers were members of Secret Societies, of the Illuminati, dedicated to Jehovah, as I just said, and “he” was and is SATAN!!
The eventuality of what is going on is obvious.
All Evil is being exposed.
It must come to an End.
It will come to an End.
We are witnesses to that terminating process.
And soon we – the Viable beings of Light and Love – will be out of this Evil Cesspool forever.
The accuracy of the information that I have given to the World I think is very relevant even though very, very few have heard of it and even fewer of those who have heard it have accepted it as being true.
That is not important.
What is important is that we prepare for the End.
The timing may vary a little.
I realize prophecies are horrible things to make for we don’t know when they are genuine or when they are false to fool the enemy in this War of Essences.
If we prepare mentally for a PHYSICAL END soon, we will be better off than not preparing at all.
I have much more I could share, especially about my recent past life when I set up the developments to come from 1950 onward.
But, at this time it is pointless to give details.
Let’s concentrate on preparation to get out of here.
Think about the things I have written and see if they are in accordance with your own thoughts.
It took me about 2 years to awaken to the Greater Reality in the 1980s, for programming and indoctrinating nonsense of false teachings blocked me as they do everyone else. Education on this level means indoctrination by Evil into Falsehood.
It takes effort and time for seekers of Truth to discard the nonsense we have been fed (via false History, Religions and Science) and to see the Light that is attempting to awaken us and prepare us for our journey Home. Not all awaken.
\If you struggle with my information, do not worry too much.
We have all been through that phase.
All we have to do is awaken safely even just a little so that in time we will be able to cross over to the other side. That for now is what my writings are about. Are you amazed that the Dark side has done everything in its power to block me and you?
But now, if you are reading this, you are awakening. So, take no risks with the Demons.
They have lost everything, so they have nothing to lose by engaging in murderous activities.
You have seen the ‘Trump Sheep’ on YouTube. They are indeed like insane men and women.
You cannot argue with them.
They cannot rationalize.
So why bother wasting your time with them and their ilk?
Prepare mentally for what is to come.
Finally, realize we don’t have all the answers to the vexatious questions that enter our heads.
It is impossible to decipher everything on this level.
But, we don’t need all the answers, most of which are beyond our human comprehension.
All we need is FAITH in the Light and the knowledge that it will RESCUE us as it has promised to do so.
Finally, I need to remind you of the falsehood of this dimension.
Do not believe glibly everything you see, or hear, or read.
The lies are never-ending, especially from the Demons in charge.
They co-operate to keep the masses harnessed in absolute ignorance.
HOLLYWOOD and its subsidiaries play a big part in this as I will show in a future essay.
Question everything, be it from Religionists, Scientists, Historians, Politicians, etc., etc.
Those of you who study a little and can check the veracity of History from the Sumerian texts and then compare them with the texts of the Old Testament (Zionist falsehoods) will be shocked at how distorted History is that is presented to us as Truth.
Indeed, Fake News reigns supreme. But one truckload of Fake News once exposed becomes transformed into another load of Fake News before our eyes in order to deceive us at every turn even more. The Trump camp is good at that, is it not? It is not Trump doing it, he is just the puppet. It is the organization behind him – Zionism!.
Be suspicious and examine everything.
Everything that favours those in control is false, as you well by now know.

February 27, 2020
On 26 Feb 2020, Randy wrote:

I have read several of your books and listened to Rense archive of past shows.

My question is how do I determine if a family member is an “energy drainer”? There are obvious cases I know of, but there are a few individuals that at times seem possessed by evil, and mostly they are alright.

I don’t want to incorrectly classify these people because of a long history together but wonder if that familiarity is preventing me from seeing things clearly. How do you recommend I make a determination when there is some doubt?

Hope that my question is clear to you. Thanks,

This problem is about negative energy, energy drainage, aetiology of beings, partial possession, complete possession, transient programming, double agents,. etc., etc. It is most complex.
We are all programed adversely at the physical level at some time or another – actually most of the time for we wear Physical Bodies that function on Evil’s programming, pollution and indoctrination..
Our perception may be distorted by many things, at any time, even when we meditate and think we are communicating with Light Beings who, in fact, are evil imposters. BTW, that is why it is important to ask any who present to you in meditation to show themselves in their TRUE FORM.
It is amazing how quickly they dissolve out of the picture if they are not genuine Beings of Light!
In our day to day interactions, we may blame those near us for loss of energy when in reality other factors may be responsible. Unseen entities may lurk and steal our energy.
So you see, the matter is complex.
There are some beings we do not like for many reasons. They may be adversaries from past lives. They may have harmed us in some way but we do not recall. They may remind us of ones we do not like etc.,
So caution is of paramount importance.
The very first principle is “Do NOT judge anyone!”
If you have developed the promised Endtime Vision of being able to see who is who, you are blessed.
But that is to help you protect yourself more, not to be judgmental of others.
Never judge others for they may be double agents playing their roles.
If you feel drained by other people, you must seek protection for yourself, and try to find the cause of your energy loss.
Protect, protect, protect, even if it is the Pope or the Queen of England. (Two well-known evil reptiles by the way) with whom you are sharing space.
Are you feeling unwell because of the other’s negative energy or your own negative programming?
The onus is on you to protect and be serene and loving.
Always show love, no matter how you feel about another.
If they are of negative energy, they will feel uncomfortable with the LOVE energy and will move away.
If they are damaged, and that is the reason you may feel unsettled, you may heal them with your genuine love and they will feel better and seek your attention more often, inspite of how you feel in the first instance.
Never judge another.
I have explained in detail in my books how our love protects us.
The evil ones cannot stand being in the genuine Light of Love.
Injured ones seek it for repair of their wounds – physical or spiritual.
You have heard of natural healers becoming nurses, health professionals, etc.
But the picture is complicated. Many energy-suckers (obviously evil) are also drawn into those professions to suck energy from sick victims.
Don’t let prejudices in you influence how you see or treat others.
Examine any situation, if you are able, and see if the prejudice comes from you so that you stigmatize another as an energy sucker, or evil or unworthy, etc. It may be your distorted view, not their condition that is dictating the situation to you.
So, what do we do?
I repeat, be always loving, no matter who presents to you.
You are there to help if they want help.
You are there to give energy in the form of love and physical assistance if that is what they want.
They will feel more at dis-ease if they are negative than you will be, if they are of the negative energy.
They will show this and leave you be soon enough.
It is when you are unaware of their malice and remain to be drained that danger lurks.
The moment you feel adverse effects, find a reason to depart from their company.
Immediate family, spouses, children, relatives, etc., are a difficult situation. As I wrote, many times, demons are placed amongst us for the very reason of draining our energy, getting us into trouble, abusing us, etc.
Fulfil all social obligations and that’s all.
Be aware, if you are awake enough, with whom you are dealing, what they are doing, why they are in your midst, and protect accordingly. But do not attempt to expose them for that will only cause more trouble to you.
Thus, never openly judge.
Be aware of when there is danger in the vicinity and act accordingly.
Protect all the more and send out love energy as much as possible.
As we awaken more and more in this Endtime, of course we will see more and more Negative Beings in our midst.
Take the obvious precautions.
Don’t attack or argue to make things worse.
Don’t be openly judgmental, after all, you really don’t know, as I said above, whether you are dealing with a double agent or not.
Remember little children and animals (pets) can be of Light or Darkness, so don’t be fooled either way.
Protect, protect, protect.
The other situation I must inform you about is discarnate and demonic POSSESSION, especially at this perilous time of excessive alcohol consumption and the use of illicit and very dangerous drugs.
The possession may be short or long term or even permanent.
I have seen people have a discarnate or demon push into their aura as they drink alcohol. I am sure you have too. They are 2 different people, are they not?
If you judge them while drunk – they are demonic for sure. Once they sober up and the demon has had his or her fill, they return to their stupid, and for them, normal status. The danger is permanent possession of course.
Society sees no harm in such practices of getting drunk or taking illicit drugs that they think they can control. That is because they are programmed by Evil to be stupid idiots. They are far more easily manipulated then and also easier to have their bodies invaded by more sinister beings that can do more damage and harvest more energy from them!
Avoid alcohol and drugs at all costs.
And learn to leave your EGO home if you have one, for that Ego will play up when you are drunk and get you into more trouble! Fights, crimes and rape are well known with drunks, due to the Ego or possession by a demon.
Better still of course, is to destroy the Ego before it destroys you.
The last thing you want is to decay into Darkness as a victim of your own stupidity.
Finally, realize that not all people are awake.
Some wonderful angels (Class 5 in the Physical) I have met are totally unaware of who they are, even though their energy is one of the most beautiful one can experience on this level.
Others are demons. We know them by their looks, their actions and the energy they put out, and the amount of energy drainage they cause.
But they have no idea what or who they are.
They think they are wonderful, normal creatures who are the best at everything.
We have a perfect example of that idiocy in the current POTUS, have we not?

February 26, 2020
This is the ENDTIME when all EVIL will be EXPOSED and DESTROYED.
That parts of Humanity could be so EVIL is hard to admit.
But the evidence is there:
The Corona Virus (COVID-19) was man-made
Brasscheck TV Report

“Natural causes”? Not quite. The coronavirus is a witch’s brew of scientific malpractice, government/academic/industrial corruption (and not just limited to China), and good old fashioned news media prevarication. In other words: business as usual. https://www.brasscheck.com/video/covid-19-is-man-made/

What exactly are these Morons doing?
They are going insane.
The energy that feeds them is being cut off and they are like dolls falling to pieces.
Is it not amazing that
• They forget there is an Ultimate Judgement of all things?
• In their Reality, they do not think of these things – that:
• They are accountable,
• They will be judged
• They will be punished.
Look at how these Evil Robots and Demons kill millions with such nonchalance.
Do you really need reminding?
Go beyond the Truth they have twisted into nonsense and see the real facts and figures.
None of these murderers will escape Divine Justice.
The most evil are easy to see.
And yet they are thought of as valiant leaders
You must see through the BS to get to the Truth.
This Corona Virus is just one more example of wonton murder by Evil.
And what about the Influenza Vaccination BS?
Do you really, really think those who profit from it are there to help others?
Cochrane Founder Warns Flu Vaccine Research Is Corrupted
Apart from making a huge profit, they are there to dumb down the population, to make them sick, and to convert them to cyborgs as would be the case when downloading their cerebral contents into machines.
Thank Goodness, the few that needed to wake up to all this have awoken somewhat.
We see the entire scenario of EVIL attempting to change everything as it senses it is doomed.

February 25, 202
Think about this question.
I will have a full essay about it soon.
Viables are members of the Family of Light.We vary in many ways, due to experiences, degree of evolution, work we do, etc., but we know we are Members of one Family.
Ego is the programming placed in an individual to make it distinct, different in ambition, way of thinking, etc. Taken to extreme, it is domineering, and malicious in its attempts to beat others to power, authority, wealth, control, etc.
Ego has nothing to do with sharing or LOVE.
In fact, Ego is divisive, bellicose, bullish to the point of dictating to others who are seen as inferior.
In other words, Ego wants to take control and rule others. With it Freedom is lost. Dictatorships are formed in the extreme.
Thus, if allowed, Egos destroy Families. They do not strengthen or harmonize them, the very oppositeof the Divine Properties of the ies of the Family of Light.
Thus, Ego is inimical to the Divien essence.
To be that, it must be EVIL.
Here is what I wrote in my book “Towards Divine Warriorship”.

“I want to be Number One”.
The sin of Pride was the first sin. And it is the most destructive, for from it flow all the other flaws and weaknesses which separate one from the Divine: – EGO, Selfishness, Self-aggrandizement, etc. And of course Ego leads to a multitude of evil spawned TRAPS.
The KEYS TO SUCCESS are to put the Divine first, to surrender totally to its will, to obey without question and to love unconditionally.
Totally and Forever.!!! With this, all else for the success of one’s spiritual venture follows. With this come Love, Protection, Power, Wisdom, Harmony, Peace, and eventual Glory. Without surrender come all the problems which eventually lead to failure. If one puts one’s interests before the Divine Being of Purity, plans for spiritual advancement and projects cannot come to fruition. Things go wrong because the Divine simply is not allowed to take control.
How can the Divine execute Its plans for the individual if It is not allowed to control? It cannot. Hence the individual flounders in a sea of uncontrolled negativity. And that is because it has removed the reins from the Divine and taken them over himself. No one can succeed on the spiritual path in this way.
Once things start to go wrong it means the Divine is not in control. It means the individual has removed himself from Divine control. This is an active choice made by use of freewill. No one but the individual is responsible. And of course when the individual puts himself first in this way, aggrandizing the ego, he will never admit that this is so. Putting oneself before the Divine is the sin of the Demiurgos.
“There is none greater than I. I am God above all” said Yaldabaoth.
And the Divine Mother replied: “You are an evil fool Yaldaboath!”‘
Thus did the Celestial WAR begin. No one can spiritually survive, let alone advance, by putting oneself before the Divine. After all, the spiritual path and the quests contained within it are all about fulfilling roles on behalf of the Divine. They are NOT about exploiting the situations which present themselves for one’s personal gain and for one’s personal satisfaction and glory.
If these sentiments of ego and pride are hidden within any being who claims to be on the path, they will eventually surface and make that being’s presence on the path of Light intolerable. He will feel uncomfortable in the Light and in the company of beings of Light for their energies would clash. The Divine Being of Purity cannot be mocked.
There is no room for insincerity. He will not allow exploitation or progress at his expense. There can only be one Number One. And that is the Divine Being of Purity.
One’s only wish should be to serve. One’s ultimate action should be one of total surrender. Only with these can one be successful. Without the wish to serve unconditionally and without total surrender there can be no progress, there can be no success. Lip service and pretence are valueless for the Divine Being Of Purity can see within the hearts of all. One can gain all there is to gain by putting the Divine Being of Purity first in one’s life.
One loses all that is of value by putting oneself before the Divine Being of Purity for the Divine energy then is no longer part of that individual. Ego and Divine energy are incompatible. They cannot exist in the same individual. It is one or the other. Every individual must choose.
One cannot surrender totally and still retain the ego. Surrender destroys ego.
Ego makes surrender impossible.
One cannot love the Mother unconditionally and still retain the Ego, for the Mother’s Divine love, destroys the ego.
One with Ego cannot be a Divine warrior.
One with Ego cannot totally surrender to serve the Divine Being of Purity unconditionally.
One with Ego cannot become Divine.
One with Ego cannot be sincere when the daily prayer is said for Ego is incapable of bowing or offering up its will totally to anyone.
Daily Prayer “O Divine Being Of Purity I bow before you on this day And offer to you not only my will, But my complete beingness! Grant to me that which I need To become your perfect instrument.”
No ego would subject itself thus, because it is full of pride.
And yet it is so easy to destroy this evil destructive trait called Ego by simply surrendering totally to the Divine Being of Purity.
Put the Divine Being of Purity first.
It should always be Number One.
Without the Divine you are nothing.
Without the Divine you cannot spiritually survive.
Without the Divine nothing that is worthy works.
Without the Divine you enter a phase leading to eventual self-destruction.
Ego is a tyrant.
It rules by evil.
It is a cruel master when given the chance.
No man can serve two masters.
Either the Divine is served, or the Ego.
It cannot be both.
One must choose.
Once the choice is made to serve the Divine Being of Purity then total surrender should come next.
Once total surrender has been achieved the path is smooth and trouble-free for the Divine is in control. Nothing can disturb one’s harmony for all is the work of the Divine.
If the ego is selected before the Divine, then one cannot be considered to be on the spiritual path serving the Divine Being of Purity.
One cannot surrender under these circumstances.
One cannot serve with ego, and with time this becomes obvious.

February 24, 202F0
You Need NOUS!
What is the point of this particular Universe?
“Nil” (as in Nihilism) seems to be the answer from a scientific perspective.
Don’t take Scientists too seriously. They want to say the Universe is a self-made Creation from nothing that will end soon enough according to their abacuses.
And inspite of promoting an (unknown) action de Novo, and an entire Universe that will evolve and then disappear, all on its own, most Scientists think we have enough evidence to declare that ‘Nihilism’, with all its colours, and sounds, evolutions and mysteries, all its questions and answers, is what did all the work.
In other words, Atheism is their platform and into Atheism we will go!
Is that nonsense or is it nonsense?
In fact, from the Speculative Science of this Universe’s origin (proposed by drunken jokers at a party, with their Big Bang, one would say it is all nonsense.
Do you remember the joke about a “Big Bang’ starting off this Universe from Nothing?
Where could that possibly fit into anything we can construct with our Lower or Superior Intellect?
It is a joke in itself, is it not?
No matter its composition or origin, this Universe from all angles is seen as being finite and self-destructive, abusive, explosive, malicious and very, very selfish. Is that not so?
That alone tells us that this cannot be the total content of Creation.
How long could such a nasty, evil, self-consuming, cancerous dimension last?
This scenario of existence as we clearly see it simply cannot be taken seriously, can it?
What good would a self-destructing Universe/Creation be to anyone?
If we honestly look at what we see as LIFE, it seems to be a case of dog eat dog at every step of the way, no matter where we look.
Who remembers ‘Black Holes’ swallowing entire Galaxies?
What have those Galaxies done to deserve such a brutal ending?
Where does such murderous and annihilating action get anybody?
How can a Creative aspect exist for destruction and self-abuse as an Endpoint as this Universe does?
It goes against everything we feel about progression, evolution, expansion and reaching a point of wonder and fulfilment, does it not?
Even with our rudimentary Science we know our basic units – Atoms and Molecules – are doomed to disintegrate eventually.
We need to ask “How, When and Why?”
And just to confuse ourselves a little more, how did the Ancients know about Atoms and Molecules when they supposedly had no instruments with which to examine them, measure them, or measure the lifespans of Atoms, Molecules, Stars, etc.??
Are we selling the Ancients short?
Was there a time when they knew more than we know even now and had those instruments, just like evidence points to the notion they had nuclear weapons?
Oops, we have touched on the unknowable side of our limited knowledge.
And that is a door that has opened to reveal a Greater Reality and our infinite ignorance about the Universe and everything in and out of it!
Thus, the Physical is self-limiting, just as we, as Physical Beings, are.
That raises this question of course: “Is the Physical a temporary part of something else?”
What about the electronic circuits that form our consciousness?
Do they last forever?
Of course not! Someone built them – out of Atoms and Electrons and Molecules,
So, what is the point of it all?
There has to be a System above the Physical that endures beyond it.
Can we be sure?
No, at this level, we cannot be.
Because of the DOUBT implanted in us, all we can do is speculate.
If nothing in our Physical existence is permanent, what proof do we have that anything outside our existence even exists or is eternal?
We only have the concept that this may be the case.
Such thoughts have plagued thinkers almost ad infinitum.
We can’t express exact answers, for on this level we simply do not know what Truth is.
We have an innate suspicion of what may be beyond our Physical Existence.
And that arises from the Inner Knowing – the “Nous”.
Even while buried in this tomb of Untruths, we know deep within, that there is more to our existence than has been told to us.
It is from there that we seek and accept our Viability.
The Artificial Creatures cannot do that, for they have no Inner Nous, no Inner Knowing of a Greater Reality!
And that is what distinguishes us so clearly from the AI Robots and Demons. .
Thus it is that, even as we are forced to have dormant minds, we reach out for something NEW, something possible and yet improbable that our minds cannot fathom fully, but which exists in the HOPE that could turn into possibility and not just delusion.
Having reached that point, we then begin to accept that the Physical is a copy of something far grander. But, as we experience every day of our Physical Existence, the Physical is limited in all ways we can see, touch, and measure in time and space.
That being the case, we of Physicality, must perforce seek something more durable beyond our very physical existence.
Such a train of thought allows us to accept that there is an Existence beyond the Physical State – an infinite quantity of some other Matter and Consciousness that is not temporary and deluding like the one we are trapped in.
But, all that is still speculation is it not, for we have nothing tangible to show at this stage on this physical stage.
We do have something more that is nearly tangible and undeniable. So what have we got?
We have a scope for FAITH to allow us to accept the intangible, the Numinous, the Divine.
We have contact with some “Supra Mental Plane” And that contact cannot be simply another mechanism for this puerile status of the Physical.
The energy and information from that contact cannot be simply made up by simplistic minds.
The contact gives us knowledge of things beyond our limitations while we are in the Physical.
That means there is something beyond the Physical and something far superior.
That then places us in a situation in which we can say there is more to existence than meets the physical eye, more than we can decipher with our physical senses, more than we can dream by using our physical minds.
Thus are the Gates of Eternity and Infinity opened to inquiring minds like we have.
It is in that way that we can attain the Numinous – that level of intelligence which is far beyond the Physical Mind of these bodies.
Thinking this way, we are already living in the Superior World of the Infinite.
Is that enough?
It is if we believe strongly enough.
For most that live totally via their physical senses, there is nothing more for them. They have nothing with which they can awaken to the Greater Reality.
And that is why the majority CANNOT comprehend what is happening on Earth, and in the Universe generally, in the manner I describe for the reasons I give!
They are totally limited in their capacity to comprehend the meaning of NOUS.
They are indeed total moronic AI Robots and Demons.
And that brings us back to zero point which is the point of nihilistic existence for the majority in this dimension and in this time zone, inspite of all the mathematics and Quantum Physics we can play with.
So, we must ask ourselves the following question, in view of the fact that the limited Ai Robots and Demons exist:
Are we foolishly speculating to reach out beyond the Physical or are we intuitively following what we know deep within our True Hearts and Souls to be true?
Are we delusional or attached to Divinity?
Are we making things up to suit ourselves for this Realm does not suit us?
Or are we recalling the distant memories of ‘Home’?
The mere fact that we are not totally happy with the dimension we are in suggests, very strongly, there is MORE!
No one can make up thoughts of other existences de Novo without a basis of Truth within them to give them the Pathway to such existences!
We are desperately seeking ‘something better’ because deep within us we know such a Creation truly exists?
I repeat, we, Viables with Nous, are seeking that which we know truly exists.
We sense we had been forcefully removed from the Greater Reality by Evil against our will!
Are we begging for Superior Knowledge, and for Superior Beings to come and make contact with us because we know they are there?
Why didn’t they come clearly earlier so that the conundrum could be solved once and for all?
Could it be that the danger of Evil destroying us was too great?
This Physical Universe is indeed an enclosed Prison that excluded the Rescues due to its very structural nature up until this point.
Now we have reached the point in time when our Saviors will enter this part of the Dimension, this area of this doomed Hell, and RESCUE all True Ones who, on realizing this, will rejoice, inspite of the Physical hardships we may have to still undergo.
The entry of the Rescuing Crafts will be a reality very, very soon!
These are serious considerations, especially when we assess the interaction between us and Higher Planes of Consciousness that seemed virtually non-existent for us in the past.
Could the construction of this Universe be such that its aim was, and is, to have us isolated just as we are now isolated? Of course that is what it was built for.
We have simply been blocked off by Evil so that we would not know Truth?
Soon, all the knowledge of the Divine Grand Design will be ours once again.
We never had answers to satisfy us completely on this level before this Endtime.
We have to hold on to this Physicality just a little longer!
If we hold on to that Faith and Hope that tell us something better does exist and soon we will end up there, then we will do our best to be the best in spiritual terms.
Giving up at this late stage is not an option!
Let our positive thoughts sustain us, and affirm our Hope that all Evil will be destroyed!
We SHALL live in a future without Evil!
With our Nous operating, we shall see the Light within us and also without, whereas the morons see nothing but dank Darkness!
That is their Gloom of Doom.
All have had equal chances to seek the Light.
Now, the Victors shall rejoice!

February 22, 2020
In the classics, they claim timing IS EVERYTHING!
I think that applies to us and our lives too.
To me, the two most extraordinary things I have written are:
Firstly, The Termination Date for Earth. You will recall I wrote that the “Aliens” who communicated with me in the 1980s said Earth would end in 2035 the LATEST!!
They then went on to explain that was the outer limit and that natural changes would see the End before that time.
As things have developed, it does appear the End will be before 2035.
In fact, I now have it as somewhere in late 2022 – about November or December.
As always, with timing of prophecy, we have to be flexible and not rigid!
To have such accuracy after waiting something like 50 billion years is unique. Would you not agree?
The fact that we were presented with this possibility, of Termination of this Universe, and placement of deserving ones in a better one, is in itself remarkable!
That notion MUST have come from a Source OUTSIDE the Universe. Do you agree?
That is a remarkable concept, and even more remarkable is the fact that we, trapped within this Hell are able to comprehend it.
Something within us (the True Viable Beings I mean) accepts this possibility and in actual fact looks forward to it once we realize the Evil Nature of our Prison (The Physical Universe).
This explains why the Artificial Intelligence Community (AI Robots and Demons) cannot fully comprehend the notion of destroying this Evil Universe (their home) and going somewhere better. For them there is nowhere else and nowhere better. This is all they have!
Secondly, in one of my very early books, again written in the mid-1980s, I wrote about DARK MATTER and its destructive effects. In fact, I gave a fairly accurate description of how much Universe it had already destroyed and how soon it would dissolve the remainder.
No one had ever done that.
No one had any idea what Dark Matter was and what it did. I explained that.
We have reached a sort of milestone in that the ‘general moronic population is awakening to change.
MW sent me this report:
“The stars disappearing” is now being discussed on other podcasts.
During this show it starts at around the 1:45:00 timestamp.
My comments: So, the morons are catching up to changes. But will they put 2 and 2 together about what it all means – death of the Universe and separation of those that will spiritually survive and those that will not?
I doubt they will reach that profound conclusion.

Now I am going to introduce you to a concept you could not possibly have come across in your mind all this time.
What if the “Aliens” I spoke to were composed of “ME”.
Yes, the ‘Higher Me’ was talking to the lower (Physical) me, except in cases when I was speaking directly to other beings such as Merlin, my spiritual tutor in C………, some 1500 years ago or so.
When it was not “Me” communicating with the lower ‘me’, the being on the other side of the transmission (at Higher Levels) would introduce Himself/herself, whatever the case was. In other words, we identified each other.
This was confirmed on one occasion, created very much on purpose, to demonstrate to me what was going on.
I completed a Show with Jeff Rense while I was in my “Ironman” suit on the Spacecraft, and I could see the radiation (words and energy) travelling to Earth and beyond.
I’m not making this up. It happened just that way, and I was taken by surprise. No one warned me that was to occur. It was just another way of expanding my conscious awareness!
See, there is more than meets the eye.
Why am I writing this?
It is time for me to expose a little more about the consciousnesses that drive this Human ‘meat bag’ and other ‘meat bags’ like you.
I wrote about our Metaphysical Anatomy.
True Spiritual Beings have at least a Class 4 (Human) Divine Soul made up of the Centres of Consciousness.
The AI Robots and Demons have no souls, no true Centres, nothing. They are machines with artificial programming. That is why they behave like automatons with predictable responses.
There are other Classes among us, especially from Class 5 (the Angelic Class) who may still be asleep regarding their true nature. I have encountered many of them. They will awaken before the End.
So you see, some of us are very complex beings.
To whatever Anatomy we have, add the various implants of Holographic Consciousnesses from Higher, True Spiritual Levels and you start to realize we are indeed compound and complex beings.
My “Higher Self’ actually told me that our reward in successfully doing this work will eventually be incorporation into Higher Consciousness so that we will have been allowed to bypass the Classes of Evolution initially set down for us.
It is a grand reward indeed!
It matters not in the slightest whether people believe what I write or say, or whether they don’t believe.
What is important is that the work to be done, by us, is done and done on time!
Think about these concepts.
We are about to become the ‘Superhuman Beings’ some predicted long ago that we would become.
Can grumpy, bellicose, bored Humans really make such fantastic stories up to obfuscate Reality?
Or are we finally entering the Chambers of the Greater Reality which was promised to us so long ago?

February 21, 2020
Hello again.
Developments in the USA Political scene are very relevant as to what is going to happen to the whole world.
If you watch carefully, you will note that Evil is being exposed on every strata of that country.
That is certainly no accident. Soon we will see the participants turn on each other to self-destruct.
What is going on?
It is Evil being exposed like I said it would be in the Endtime, and it is Evil self-destructing!
You can see the Politicians are at each other’s throats, and the various factions of the various rabble groups are poised to kill at will. What we see are Robots and Demons with Evil programming being activated within them!
Thus, the scene for CIVIL WAR could not be clearer.
Simultaneously, the War-mongers want the War with Iran which will expand to the Nuclear WW3 I have often mentioned.
The USA is being pushed by Israel as usual. But in ESSENCE, the USA is Israel! If you look back at History since 1776, you will know that this is so!!
These are now clear and definite signs that we are close to the PHYSICAL END.
During this last month, as I mentioned in an earlier posting, I also received communication that “The Cavalry” is on its way back!
What do I mean by that?
Some 30 years ago, in one of our last communications, the Higher Beings said they would be leaving the Dimension for a time but that they would return near the very End.
I now acknowledge that they are back.
This means a lot.
It means the Physical END is very near, and our Rescue is also very, very near.
Everything has gone according to PLAN.
I will be releasing details as they are required.
We are fortunate to have this information at this time, for many others cannot understand what is going on.
Those of us somewhat awakened need to also fight the Lower Mind for it is confused by what is presented to it by the Evil side which thrives on ignorance and spuriousness!
Even with all facts presented, not everything makes sense to the Human Mind.
We really don’t understand existence at other levels of Consciousness. How could we? That knowledge has been blocked from us very expertly by the Evil Ones who do not want us to know.
As a doctor of Metaphysical Science, I have met many psychics and workers in these fields that they claim are beyond the Physical.
But, it is amazing that they are restricted very much by physical parameters and conditions, so much so that their opinions are almost worthless.
Thus it is that they know nothing about the Evil takeover of the Universe, nothing about Evil being an Error, nothing about Correction of the Celestial Error, and about destruction of Physicality which is a cancer.
Under those conditions of Ignorance, how can one expect them to have any real information about the Greater Reality?
They are fooled by Evil and, in turn, they fool their audiences.
How often does one hear of Evil from those who claim they communicate with the “other side’ of Physical Death?
It is as if Evil does not exist for them.
And yet, Evil has been the cause of all our problems throughout the ages.
We are fortunate in this Generation that some of us have made this breakthrough regarding Reality.
But we still a have to struggle against massive Ignorance that affects the Majority.
Alas, most of those who would have any chance of awakening to ‘What is Going On’ are immediately hauled by the nets of Spurious Religions whose Evil becomes obvious to any with some Truth in them.
It will be a struggle to the End for those with some Nous.
We will struggle to learn more and more about the Truth and we will struggle against the ignorant ones who think they know best but whom, in fact, know very little.
What is the answer?
We must have FAITH in what Nous within us tells us.
We must clearly see the Plans of Evil and those who luxuriate in Evil. They are fracturing and their world is dissipating. They do NOT control anything any longer.
We must remain strong with the knowledge we have been given about the Endtime, why it is coming, when it is coming, and what the Fate of all will be, as I have described in other writings.
Having the Terminal Vision of ‘Who is Who’ is no accident. It was promised to us and some of us have already acquired it.
It gives us a perspective of ‘Who is Who’.
It allows us to verify that some are empty robotic shells that pretend to be ‘Genuine Beings’ but are not.
In others we see the Light, the Immortal Soul, the Love and Light of Godliness.
They are the True Beings. They are the Viables, They are our Family.
When you have reached that degree of discernment, you know that real Truth exists and that all the talk about going ‘Home’ and destroying the ‘Evil Cancer’ is a Reality.
Enjoy the turbulent ride and bear in mind that we will have a safe landing in our Promised Land!

February 20, 2020
As the World becomes more and more ‘erratic’ it appears that a number of groups are forming in our societies.
Being involved in this Work of awakening People to the Light, of course I note a small number who do, in fact, become aware of the Light and the changes upon us. But, they are very few indeed, as far as I know. I do not travel or mingle greatly so I am not really aware of what numbers are waking up.
What I can see more easily, as you probably do, is the massive numbers who have become anxious, depressed, aggressive, abusive, and explosively evil for no other reasons than what conditions confront them. But, they have always had such challenging conditions, or have they?
Perhaps not! Perhaps they now sense an unprecedented change that will affect them severely.
What is going on in their heads? We don’t really know.
Could it be they sense DOOM ?
Could it be true that they are running out of ‘energy’ and can no longer cope in the deteriorating conditions?
Are these the ones who will, in due course, mentally and physically explode and try to destroy everything, including themselves?
One clue could be the thoughts and actions of Trump supporters. Without rhyme or reason they want Civil War to be rid of what exactly? They hate other races. They see other beings as inferiors. They see non-Trump supporters as fake individuals!
Is this for real?
Alas, it seems to be so. Look at how Trump stirs them into thoughts of violence and anarchy and how they respond like lemmings at rallies and meetings. You-Tube exposes them clearly.
Other groups form vibrant, malicious, religious bigots who again find intolerance of others their best choice.
How can they be such hypocrites and still claim a seat in a church dedicated to Love and Peace? They are fools, deluded and abusive. They cannot have Love or Light in their hearts. And the Religions, of course, are bogus and insincere.
The grand majority unfortunately fall into none of these groups for the moment. They want nothing to do with anything.
They are the ones catered to by the “Fake News Media”, by Hollywood that creates constant Illusions, as do its offspring, by the sporting fraternity that feeds them everything (that is useless) that they seem to want, by the drinking parlors, by the gambling arenas, by the pornography industry, etc., etc. Alas, these are Robots that simply make up the numbers.
Most of those to be Rescued are not even awake yet. That is why we have so few seeking Truth.
I fear that terminal changes will happen all at once.
Let’s hope so. For then the suffering of the Good may be minimized to as little time as possible.
None of us want to see the pain and misery that can evolve.
We want Truth and Justice, Peace and Love and elimination of those ‘non-real’ AI Robots and Demons who were never meant to exist.
If you are one of the few to see the Light and appreciate it, give thanks daily for the Correction that is going to occur.
Help those who need to see the Light more clearly.
Do not abandon any animals or pets just because you cannot decipher their nature. Treat them with love and respect.
Live a life of PURITY.
Alas, we are surrounded by failed AI Robots and dastardly Demons.
More and more will show up in our societies. They have always been there. It is just that now we see them more clearly and they express their Evil Nature more openly.
Avoid them, minimize contact with them if possible and go your own way.
It is going to be difficult if they are family members.
If they are failed Viables, remember that they have had chances like all others to remain in the Light.
If they are failed AI Robots, you know they have had all the chances they needed to turn to the Light. You can do no more for them.
If they are DEMONS, remember they were created to destroy you and they cannot see Love or Light. They are a cancer among us.
These few points should help you understand better what the scene is out there in this Evil, Doomed Jungle.
Remain True to the Light and its Love. Help any who ask for help, regardless of their ontology.
Their outcome is NOT your concern.
Always emanate Love, even to the filthiest scum. They will be repelled by what they are as they see what you are.
Even if the Evil Ones deny their fate, you know what is in store, so let them be.
Instead of arguing with Evil Ones, look forward to sharing the Glory of the Victory of the Light over Darkness with those of Honesty and Light!
And stay, willingly, honestly, purely, forever in the Light..

February 19, 2020
You decide what you want to believe!!
For the ‘Know-all” people and the “Morons” most of what I write is a waste of time.
They are as spiritually aware as decapitated robots are, to be sure.
Those of us with ‘Nous” often awaken just a very little with a resonating thought or two and then slowly evolve into a Higher Mind which gives us more and more information about what is going on!
We don’t need to know everything.
All we need to know is that there is more to the World than meets the eye, more than we have been told by those who control us, more than the Religions, Sciences and History try to push down our throats as absolute truths, etc..
There is always a punitive factor if we don’t believe what we are prescribed by the Evil Rulers. Have you noted that?
Why is that?
It is because the “Know-all” BS artists that control us want to keep us as ignorant as possible.
That way we are most exploitable.
Of course, they don’t know much more than we do, even while we are unawakened, but they sure as heck aren’t going to admit that those of us with some ‘Nous’, know more than them, just in case we spill the beans and reveal the traps we are in.
That is exactly what awakening to the Greater Reality does – it reveals the traps we are in and the plan to rescue us.
The Evil Essence controls this dimension in which we as Humans find ourselves.
The Demons (the topic echelon of Evil) in control of this erroneous and doomed Dimension, do not want us to know the things I have explained in detail to those who would listen.
They do not want us to know we are trapped in this temporary and very evil dimension.
They do not want us to know they feed on us and extract our energy any way they can – usually by painful, forceful, exploitative ways.
They do not want us to know there is a Plan of Rescue by Light Beings to destroy this purulent, pseudo-dimension and to take those of us, who are worthy, back into the Divine Strata.
Demons actively attack, to destroy, anything of Light that enters the dimension, in order to protect their Cesspool, which this is.
That is why Higher Consciousnesses do not enter this evil realm, but rather communicate via Holographic Energy Beams to send us knowledge and energy.
The ruling Demons do not want us to become aware of what they are and what the Nature of this Universe is.
They do not want us to come to the realization that for them we are exploitable Units of Consciousness without which they could not live. In other words, we are Goyim – cattle – fodder, to them.
They hide the fact that we were trapped here against our will.
To camouflage all this they have created stories of pseudo-religions, pseudo-history and pseudo-science to keep us drugged in stupidity.
They do not want us to know that we are what feed them, even though it is obvious once we awaken and see the gross exploitation to which we are subjected and the energy they extract from us!
Every aspect of our existence on this level and the Astral Level (which is also artificial and a temporary part of the Physical Dimension) is about extracting energy from us for the benefit of Evil and for our eventual destruction.
The Evil Rulers do not want to be reminded of the facts we will know once we awaken, namely that this Illicit Universe, this Cancer on the face of Creation, is being excised totally and that they are to be eradicated totally too, never to appear again.
They do not want to be reminded of that.
But that is exactly what is happening!
Those without a Higher Spiritual Component, as I described in other essays, cannot possibly reach the conclusions I am about to describe.
They cannot because they are AI Robots and Demons – tin machines (actually smelly meat bags) with electrical circuits – that have a limited capacity for knowledge.
All they know is how to traumatize us and exploit us maximally with the most evil mechanisms imaginable.
They purposely developed those mechanisms to extract as much energy from us as they could, for without that energy that we have, and they don’t, they could not, would not, live.
That is what is happening now.
They are being starved of this energy and therefore they ae going INSANE!
Do you recall my essays on Terminal Madness of the Endtime?
That is what those essays relate to.
The Demons are not exactly sure that is what is going on, but they soon will as all their exploitative ventures fail, one after the other!
Some in control (belonging to Class 5 – but still artificial beings) do know the facts of this illicit Universe and it is they that set up the false scenarios for our existence, the mechanisms for exploitation and for our eventual demise, if they are allowed to go that far in each particular case.
That you can learn for yourselves once you open your eyes.
They belong to the Essence of Zion about which we were warned long ago by Amos 6.1.
“Woe to them that are at ease in Zion”
Most do not suspect the corruption in his sentence.
He was actually warning that those at ease in, and with the Essence of Evil, were in dire trouble!
That is the Essence of Evil which arose from the Experimental (Celestial) Error.
It had, and has, nothing to do with race, culture, lands, Nations, etc., except for the fact that some of these groups, on Earth, were invaded more by this evil essence than others.
But the Essence of Evil controls this ENTIRE UNIVERSE, not just Earth!
(Thank the True Lord 99% of it is now totally dissolved into nothingness!)
Having explained a little of this knowledge of the status quo, let me get to the information I want to impart to you today.
Over the years I have been privy to some information from what I term Superior Sources.
I can’t swear to the fact that the information is ALWAYS from Benign Superior Sources, for this is a War we are engaged in and oppositions play tricks constantly. But some information does seem to be accurate. We feel it in our bones, those of us that have the Inner Nous!
In all wars, and we are in the midst of a War of Essences, each side sends out propaganda to fool the opposition.
Earth is no different. Hence, be aware that at times information may not be accurate.
Time usually solves the problem of propaganda for us.
Some of the most pertinent points “They” – the Consciousness that are above this level of Consciousness – made to me are below.
You might recall I wrote that when they first contacted me I virtually told them that in my opinion all they said to me sounded like made-up fairytales.
Yes, I was that rude and brazen. After all, I had been indoctrinated with the utter arrogance and BS of Allopathic Medicine, so what could one expect?
With such degrees, we were ‘know-all’ personalities, or so we thought.
Have you talked to a doctor or priest or scientist lately? The moment a topic, any topic, goes beyond their level of understanding, they huff and bluff and want to blow you down with idiocy. They don’t see other levels of Truth for which they have not been trained and that is because they are limited idiots.
Do you really, really think the superiors of the Demonic Morons would guide them towards the Truth of things? Are you crazy? That is the last thing they want released – the truth of things on this level.
Thus, being self-deficient, the moronic demon doctors, or scientists or priests, whatever the case may be, bluster their way through an argument to win it with nonsense. Take note next time you are in such a situation.
Here is an excellent example:
Knock yourselves out with this written ‘flatus’ and other bits in other YouTube segments of De Grasse playing the Ass…..
Follow up other segments by googling his name and see where you get.
“Nowhere” is the answer!
Anyone so honoured by NASA so much sits on the wrong side of the fence!
Demonic ‘know-alls’ always legally win, of course, because they rub out any who dispute their authority regardless of how correct the dissident doctor/enquirer may be!
An interview with Maryam Henein about her breakthrough reporting: Details on Google’s aggressive and sinister censoring of natural health information
and Big Tech’s attack on independent voices. Video: https://www.brasscheck.com/video/techno-fascism/ Brasscheck TV

Here is some proof of what I am saying:
The Law, the Police, the Governments, all uphold the Demons because the system is all theirs.
They rule in every way possible.
You know the saying: “You can’t win against City Hall, or the Church, or NASA, or authorized Historians, etc., etc.
How do we live with the IDIOCY?
They program the Meat Bags in which we are placed.
The Filtering Mechanisms of these bodies make sure we don’t find the Truth at all, if possible.
And these ‘Evil Rulers’ have hidden the Keys of Knowledge to keep us deaf and dumb and stupid, just like them.
But, as you well know, for I have told you often enough, their TIME is over.
This Hell is being demolished and we can go Home to True Love and the real Truth!
Is it not funny how scholars of Ancient Days knew about the trickery played against True Beings by the Demonic controllers?
Luke 11:52 52“Woe to you experts in the law, because you have taken away the key to knowledge. You yourselves have not entered, and you have hindered those who were entering.”
They rule via ignorance and stupidity and this you will learn the more you investigate how Medical Boards and other regulatory boards work.
They are based on the Principles of Church Doctrine of some 2000 years ago, modern knowledge be blowed!
(My best example is this:
Any cancer patient that undergoes modern medical treatment with Chemotherapy, Radiation and Surgery, etc., will have a 50% chance of being alive in 5 years from the date of the diagnosis.
Any patient who does absolutely NOTHING will have a 50% chance of being alive in 10 years from the date of the diagnosis.
A patient that follows any alternative lifestyle, including diet, alternate therapies, exercises, etc., will have a 50% chance of being alive in 15 years from the date of the diagnosis.
What does that tell you?
These Evil-programmed demonic idiots, programmed by the Essence of Zion that controls this false and idiotic, very temporary Universe are the ‘Know-alls’ we meet throughout the Ages.
Do you recall Galileo, the Father of Modern Physics? He took out his telescope and demanded the Clerical Idiots that ran the Catholic Church look for themselves that the Earth revolves around the Sun and not v.v.
Do you think the Demonic ‘know-alls’ took any notice?
Even with clear, indisputable evidence they denied Reality.
What chances have we, awakening to the Truth, against these demonic machines that really know nothing except how to abuse us all day and all night?)
Let’s get back to the essay of attempting to know the Truth:
Further studies and contact with Higher Sources eventually told me other things about the Reality of this Dimension.
Until we connect to our Higher Selves, no matter who they are, we
• Cannot erase the Ignorance from our lower minds.
• We cannot see Truth.
• We cannot see beyond Evil’s wall of deceit!
We cannot appreciate what is to happen – namely, the destruction of ALL Evil and our rescue with a return trip Home guaranteed!!
Isn’t a major part of a major prayer to do with LIBERATION FROM EVIL?
Then why can’t the morons and fools not see the significance of what I say?
They are trapped by EVIL programming that will not let them think!
And besides, until the Ego is dismissed, one cannot teach much to ‘know-alls’!
The “Space Visitors” for want of a better name, were gracious enough to be patient with me.
I had communicated with them freely before my third birthday, as I wrote elsewhere, but by the time I had reached adulthood, I had been poisoned mentally by the falsehood of Evil’s mendaciousness.
That happens to everybody on this tragic level.
So, one must reawaken to the Truth.
And the degree of Truth is in proportion to the identity of the Superior Being who is trapped in the lowly, evil-created, Physical Bodies at birth.
It is a dastardly process, to be trapped and then having to attempt re-awakening!
They told me they were a Space Team beyond the confines of the Physical and I was part of their group. But having incarnated, and being subjected to the restrictive Filtering Mechanism we are all subjected to, I could, at the time, see myself only as a Human, and not as one of them.
Well, you might remember how the story went:
“Would you like to come up to the Spacecraft and meet us all again, T?”
“T” was the initial of my name ‘up there’.
They did not have to ask me twice.
We made arrangements for my leaving the dimension and that is how I visited them.
From then on I never doubted that they existed.
So basically what did they (and ME) tell me?
I’ve recounted these points many times.

  1. “The planet is too polluted to sustain life much longer;
    • It is going to be destroyed no later than 2035.
    • We may bring that date forward quite a bit depending on how things go.
    • They told me “You, T., will be here for the planet’s last day.”
    • Expanded details of eventualities will be given to you as time progresses.
    • We will leave this dimension soon and return near the End.
    • In the meantime, Evil will pursue GLUTTONY and self-destruct by many means. It will have no restrictive barriers like when we were present in the dimension.
    • Hence, as it only knows one thing, Evil will SELF-DESTRUCT!”
    Within months I began receiving information that expanded on these points.
    For example, I was driving to Taos, NM, to give a lecture when suddenly this communication arrived for me to consider:
    Not just Earth, but the entire Solar System is being dismantled.
    Then I received more communications.
    Dark Matter (of which no one that I knew had heard about) was destroying the ENTIRE UNIVERSE!!
    Now, with this information, I was in a pickle.
    Who was going to believe me?
    In 1985 I wrote in one of my first books that Dark Matter had already destroyed over 80% of the Universe.
    Was I making improbably things up?
    Or was this real?
    I had not previously ever heard of Dark Matter!
    Details galore flowed down to me, many of which I could not publish as the time was not yet right for such revelations.
    The population of Earth was unawakened.
    Then I realized with the little I released, the majority would NEVER awaken enough to understand and accept voluntarily what was going on!
    They would have to be forced by developing circumstances to begin seeing the Reality confronting them.
    But even now, very near the end, the “Know-alls” still want to argue.
    It is simply too frightening for them to realize that Truth,
    Justice and the Light will restore ORDER, as all Evil is destroyed and the Righteous Viables are rescued forever.
    Having withdrawn completely from this Dimension, the Light is simply looking on as Evil self-destructs.
    Evil can do no more than that. It is a time bomb and will destroy itself.
    The USA is a small example of what I am taking about.
    It is governed by the Essence of Zion and as we can see through the antics of the POTUS Trump, it is all blasphemous Evil that floods the nation.
    Other places around the world are no better.
    Greed and the need to exploit are never-ending problems that are destroying societies.
    But we must lift our eyes and see more.
  2. The Entire Solar System is heating up to a point where Physical Life will be unsustainable. And yet “Know-all” Humans squabble about Global Warming via cows belching and cars running dirty fuel.
  3. Stars and Galaxies are disappearing at a phenomenal rate to demonstrate the Universe is dying. Yet less than one in a million of the citizenry would have any idea of this!
  4. All aspects of Nature are dying on Earth. The Earth itself has lost its consciousness. It is a dead planet!
  5. Vegetation is dying.
  6. The Animal Kingdom is dying at a rapid rate.
  7. Humanity is at the brink of annihilation. Civil wars are on the cards as is a Nuclear WW3.
  8. Famine, Infectious diseases, despair, suicides, cannibalism, insane murders, etc., etc., are part and parcel for the Endtime.
    8 Some of us are fortunate in gaining the True Vision as promised for the Endtime and we can discern True, Viable, Spiritual Beings, as distinct from the AI Monsters – Robots and Demons who have been the bane of our existence while we were trapped in this Cesspool.
    If you have understood the Message of Finality, the Death of Evil and the Rescue from this Hell, you well now know it is time to rejoice for soon you, with Greater Knowledge and Inner Nous, will be filled with Joy and Ecstasy at the thought that WE ARE GOING HOME.
    The ‘meat bag’ which we inhabit may react adversely but it is up to you to control the negative emotions.
    Negative Emotions were placed within us to feed Evil, not us.
    Be aware of their nature and do not let them spoil your mood any further.
    Look at Physical Death as release from this Physical Prison.
    Everything must die.
    But instantly, the moment the Physical Body dies, we shall see ourselves in our divine attire – as angelic forms that will live forever.
    What could be better than that?
    Even our pets will be joyous.
    They will see, even better than we can, how wonderful they are in spiritual form.
    We will all be together.
    Some will be rewarded for the work they have done for the Light by going into Higher Strata of the Divine Realms.
    But we can all still communicate.
    Eventually we, Viables, will all be placed in an EVIL-FREE ZONE.
    It is intoxicating to even think of such a zone.
    We cannot think of it on this level for we have been used to abuse, and pain, and exploitation and misery and evil attacking us constantly in a myriad of ways.
    That will all end.
    Indeed we will be in paradisiacal realms and we shall continue our spiritual development in another Evil-free Universe until we graduate and then move higher and higher until we reach the zenith of Divinity.
    These concepts are beyond us at the moment, but soon enough realizations will come to us and we can luxuriate in the Joy that is ours.
    So, who am “I” to have come down to do this work in the Endtime?
    Who am “I” to select the Good from the Evil and take the Righteous Home?
    Who am “I” to have this unique knowledge that feeds our hearts with the joy of Paradise?
    Ah! For just a little longer I ask for patience!
    You will know details soon enough.
    For now, just recall that “I” am the one to take you Home.
    And now you know why the Evil, Evil ‘Bastards’ took every opportunity to try and kill me physically, even at a young age, and why they set me up with spurious charges and found me guilty in Kangaroo Courts, and why when they realize more fully who “I” am, they will fall down dead when I ask them to do so!
    “I” know who each being is, from the smallest atom in the Mineral World to the Highest in all the Classes.
    You can believe what you want of course. Who am I to argue with you?
    “I” know the fate of each.
    “I” will dispense whatever any individual deserves.
    No one can escape my wrath or Justice.
    Don’t let the aging meat bag you see fool you into mockery.
    “Vengeance is mine.”

February 18, 2020
My latest essay that I had placed on Rense.com
The Blind Can’t See
Part One

February 17, 2020 …
Hello again. Problems with the software on this PC caused a delay in posting articles. I hope to be able to continue writing tomorrow morning!!

February 13, 2020
Computer malfunction postponed entries. But, here we are again.
Following a conversation with a recent new acquaintance, I thought I would remind you of colours to be used in mediation, when cleansing, when attacked, when you need to protect, and when you have to avert attacks from approaching evil ones.
At all times when you remember, see yourself in a bubble of clear WHITE Light.
As soon as you awaken, cleanse with the White Light as if you are under a shower. The same applies when you get into bed at night.
When you walk into a store, see yourself in the bubble of White Light.
For more vigorous cleansing, see a Royal Blue Light cascading over you until you feel purified. It only has to be a few seconds at a time.
When you sit in your car to drive off, see the car and you surrounded by the bubble of White Light!
Do the Blue Light cleansing when you enter a house or any situation that does not feel ‘safe’.
After using the Blue Light for any occasion, see Golden and then Pink Light cascading over you as if it were a shower. You remain in the White bubble while you do this.
The Pink is LOVE.
The Golden Light is further positive cleansing.
When you are approached by an evil (demonic) entity and you wish to minimize interaction, see the being in a bubble of the Royal Blue Light. This destabilizes him/her and attacks are less. In a short time they will leave you be!
As you know, the World is becoming more unstable.
Become more and more aware of the company you keep, where you go, your food and drink, your activities, your interactions, what you watch on the idiot box, what you read, conversations you get into, etc., etc.
We are all targets.
Attacks are irrational more and more, so be aware and make the use of the above colours a spontaneous thing.

February 5, 2020
My latest essay:
Our Metaphysical Anatomy Is Complex

February 3, 2020
To me the Path to a Nuclear WW3 is clear.
I recall as a young student in Australia that China was always called the sleeping Giant, and the Yellow Peril.
Why was that?
The West was always frightened that one day China would rise and invade the West with its Hordes and Terrors to dominate the (evil) Western World.
That domination was the Role of the (most evil) USA, don’t you know?
The Metaphysics of the situation is interesting.
Have a look at sites for Reptilian information
The Vulturites are probably the best known. They are by far the most Evil.
I include in their group Amitakh NG, and that greatest bastard I have ever met, her late husband, Stefan Stanford, nee Birch.
That body had multiple demons within it. He was a criminal, kicked out of the Law institute in the USA for money crimes.
He migrated to Oz under a false name and passport and evaded the law only after he was fined every dollar he had in the USA.
On clinical grounds, he was also a Chronic Schizophrenic with multiple Personalities and severe paranoia with a hate that burned his heart totally in the end.
The little demonic bastard is shortly to join Birch in the
He is currently where the Light has placed him – in the Chamber of Horrors undergoing his punishment.
His only expectation is the arrival of the equally evil Amitakh with whom he committed many, many crimes, including defaming me, stealing from people, tax fraud in the USA and Australia, and so on.
He now knows, for sure, who is of Darkness and who is of Light.
But, let me move on.
The Vulturites took over the USA when George W Bush was illegally elected president.
He is the demon responsible for millions of deaths with the invasion of Iraq.
Guess where the Light is putting him soon?
Look up George W Bush in Wikipedia
Was his election as POTUS legitimate?
No, it was not!!
Again I advise you to look up the fracas around his election on Wikipedia
You may recall the dispute with the Florida votes, the fracas with the Supreme Court which Daddy Bush had stacked, etc.
What is my point?
America has never been the Great Democracy of the World!
It has always been, since its inception, the Prime Malignant Dictatorship and this action proved it, as have ALL Presidential Elections.
Apart from destroying Iraq, the Leaders had no qualms about murdering Americans at 9/11 to initiate the wars and pilfery in the Middle East to support Zionism.
Just after 9/11 I did a Radio Show with Jeff Rense and I told him sooner or later a War that would become a World War would occur between China and the USA and that the USA would lose!
As you may know, the USA has tried to destroy China in many ways since WW2 – by dividing Korea and sitting on China’s doorstep, and taking Taiwan to do the same.
None of that has worked.
China IS the World Powerhouse now, and assisted by Russia, it will annihilate the USA when it is time.
Of course due to the coming End it is all rather irrelevant.
Where does the recent virus outbreak fit in?
Could Coronavirus be part of a Bio warfare program gone out of Control?!
Yes, it is, just like SARS was years ago and Ebola.
These bastard Reptilians don’t care what they do, even if it backfires and affects them and the rest of the World.
They are insane.
Now, the final thoughts: Do you really, really think China would do this to itself?
What other Nation do we know that released deadly poisons to destroy other Nations?
You can include Agent Orange in Vietnam if you remember it.
You have your answer, don’t you?
What does all this mean?
To me it means that China will be far more determined than ever to eradicate the USA from the face of Earth.
I have absolutely nothing to do with what is going on.
All I am doing is reporting the facts as I see them.
Do you now see how Evil works?
I am observing how Evil operates.
Aren’t you glad we are getting out of this smelly Hell?

February 1, 2020
We of Divine Origin are prisoners locked in an entombed Universe.
Communication with our ‘Family’ outside of this Hell is via Holographic Messaging.
Some of the Viable, Divine Beings trapped within the Universe have been chosen to be the recipients of these Messages and they are then able to distribute the information to the ones ready to listen.
The most famous and therefore well-known is Jesus of course, and he had many other lifetimes to teach us the truth as the Grand Master Teacher.
I have mentioned many lives of his lifetimes in the last 6 thousand years or so. He has had many, many others of course, both on Earth and other planets. But few believe this because it does not suit them.
The fact that we are prisoners confined in a locked space causes us many problems, one of which is the inability to communicate freely with our ‘Family” outside of this Iniquity.
Thus, we are restricted and fed BS by the ruling, controlling, abusive Evil Jailors.
Their rule does exploit us of energy as much as possible, for they have none of their own, having been cut off by the Divine for they ae cancerous units that make healthy Divine Beings die.
The implication of this situation explains why we feel not only trapped but also abandoned at times.
We are not really abandoned for Rescue is on its way, but communication with the Light is almost impossible and we are programmed to feel abandoned.
We are trapped any way we move in this Hell. We pray and pray and pray but our prayers seem to go unanswered, simply because the communication lines are not there.
All we can do is hold onto the Faith that we are indeed heard and that sooner or later Rescue will arrive.
In the meantime, we have to suffer whatever punishment Evil sets out for us.
We have to accept this scenario for there is no other.
We are lucky enough to continue existence and have now almost reached the point of liberation.
Understanding this status quo should make our minds more serene, knowing Evil rules the lot, that the Light knows what is going on, and that Rescue is on its way.
It is those that give up and go to the Evil energy that are doomed.
Don’t give up.
Remember that Rescue is at hand, no matter how miserable you may feel at times in this Cesspool!


January 31, 2020
Often have I written that this is the Endtime when ALL EVIL will be exposed and destroyed.
One does not need to be an expert in anything to realize that Evil is being seen everywhere, more so than ever!
It is obvious because it is being exposed on purpose by the Light in preparation for its total destruction. Even those of Evil can see they are evil, for the vectors of their destruction are looming on the horizon.
To be more specific, we must now accept the fact that 99% of the Universe has been destroyed by Dark Matter and that we are in the last 1%.
Go back and read the essays I wrote called ‘Fait Accompli’ for details of Dark Matter’s destruction of the Physical Universe.
As I wrote earlier, stars near us (and their revolving planets, satellites and moons) are disappearing. This is a sign that it is the End. It is being reported by the most cursory of astronomers. Would they want to make that up? Of course not!
This site has numerous articles you might want to read:
Humanity was warned long ago in ancient texts that STARS WOULD DISAPPEAR. Thus, today, we have the evidence in front of our eyes.
There is no need to accept anything you do not understand or do not want to understand.
Refer everything to your “Inner Mind” and heart and see where you stand.
If destruction of Evil and its Estate (the Evil, Physical Universe) makes sense to you so that all Evil will be removed from our existence, then live in that thought of physical and SPIRITUAL cleansing that must occur.
No one is being forced to believe anything.
You know in your heart what is true – if you are a Divine, Viable Being.
No need to argue with “Know-alls”. They will shout at you until there are blue in the face wanting to convince you that nothing is going on, that we are in a another physical phase, that Humanity is evolving, expanding, changing due to DNA mutation, etc., etc. This, of course, is all nonsense coming from them.
Forget the fools.
Leave them be. Don’t argue with them!
They will be dust on Hell’s floor soon enough.
You just practice to recall what you feel in your heart.
Apart from the truth of what is occurring, you will feel the Serenity and Love of our Source, and the promise of a Future full of everlasting Love and Serenity.
The filth of Evil will soon be gone forever!

This exposure of Evil is occurring on every level.
Here is an example in the circus of the USA:
The United States of Organized Crime

For January 29, 2020
This is the sort of BS we have to put up with.
Note the Reptilian features of the presenter. Could not be more obvious!
CLASSIFIED: Everyone Must Know This! It’s Actually Happening.. (2020)
The AI Creatures will do anything to hide the Reality of their END!
The Universe is now less than 1% ‘living”.
How long does anyone think it will last as each molecule is destroyed so that Physical Life will vanish?
Of course, True Consciousness will continue, but that is another matter!
With the progression of the transmutation of the artificial, Evil-created Matter by Dark Matter, I have brought forward the date of the End even more.

For January 28, 2020
Good Morning once again to you all.
From your correspondence I gather we feel the same regardless of where we are in the World and what we do for day to day activities.
The Earth and its energy are crumbling and we feel it within us.
I was told in 1985 that this would be so.
Be careful, I have noted outbursts of nasty, malicious and therefore negative energy from people who otherwise appeared normal moments before. They appear to be irrational for just a moment or two and then they settle down. Don’t get involved. Pull back as quickly as possible. You have nothing to prove by being brave against demonic idiots.
Could it be that the programming of these AI creatures breaks for a moment or two and control of them – physically and mentally – is lost?
I think that is the case.
Imagine then when billions are involved. It will be murderous mayhem.
As the world becomes more and more unstable, we automatically question everything we know and have been told.
That is a ‘Human” thing to do, so don’t panic.
Go back to basics.
1 We have been told the End of Physicality is coming! Who are we to argue with that? It is not as if we have a bird’s eye view of the Universe and can say “Yes” or “No”. We simply accept what we are told by Higher Beings. All the fragmentation points to termination. It would be silly to argue against it.
2 We have been told some ‘Humans” are AI Robots and Demons. We are starting to see them now, so why argue the point?
3 We were told energy would run short and conditions would become more and more difficult on Earth. I think that is self-evident, especially when we examine the daily basis of most people in most Nations. Even in ‘wealthy Nations’ like the USA, people can hardly make ends meet. Exploitation, suffering, poverty, abuse and harsh programming are at their zenith.
4 I had predicted Civil Wars, a Nuclear WW3 and massive loss of life before total destruction of the planet. We must prepare mentally for these eventualities. Do you recall I recounted the story of being told in 1985 (by Higher Beings) that all living creatures must leave the Earth in preparation for its total destruction?
5 Timing of Earth’s destruction is not static. I was told 2035 was the latest for full destruction, but earlier if at all possible. Now we see the earlier the better, for it would ease suffering all around.
6 We can only prepare for these eventualities in limited ways. To mentally prepare is the most important aspect. Project yourself mentally, if you can, when you sit quietly, into a serene, happy future.
7 Be flexible with timing. In February last year, Astral Beings suggested the End would be in 2025. As the year progressed, it became 2023, then the end of 2022 was the terminal time. Of late I have felt the Wars have been brought forward and we could see the End as early as mid-2022.
8 It does not really matter when the time of the End comes. We know it is soon, we know there is variation, we know we will be here or there in due course. Stop worrying. Project into the future and rejoice. The End of Misery is around the corner. That is what we need to focus on!!

For January 27, 2020
Good day to you all.
Why do I write entries a day ahead of the actual date?
Actually Jerry Attrick forces me to do it. He wants people to realize I am ahead of my time!! Ha, Ha.
Anyway, in the last week or so, all the communicators I have had have expressed the one thought:
In a nutshell, it is this prayer:
“God, we accept the coming of the End, but please, please, please HURRY UP!”
Yes, once we awaken even just a little, we become anxious to see the end of this Evil Empire.
We want to return to our REAL HOME, the place where we truly belong!
The Evil Beings cannot have such thoughts for they belong here.
They have no real home. This Hell is their home.
Hence if this Physical is destroyed, they are homeless.
And that is exactly the point of it all.
They are unreal images in an unreal location with no future whatsoever.
Their natural progression is one of eventual dissolution.
They cannot advance to anywhere.
They have no future.
They will run out of fuel eventually, even if the Light does nothing.
That spells their END.
You will notice the DEMONS hoard as much wealth as they can.
That is a desire within them to exist forever, and thinking enough money and wealth will do that, they become thieves of everything.
But, it will get them nowhere.
They do not have permanent spiritual bodies to last once the Physical is destroyed.
They are machines, and as such, they are doomed.
Those AI Robots who have asked to be in the Light, for they have rejected Evil, will have spiritual bodies (souls) implanted into them so that they can then live in Divine Realms. What a wonderful achievement that will be for them!
In the meantime, we must all be patient. All will be achieved in due course!
(“Pssss! Dr. C., Jerry here. Apart from me, how many others wrote to you this last week or so?”
“Two others did, Jerry!”
“Wow, your popularity is really skyrocketing then? And to think you have only been writing since 1983.”

For January 26, 2020 I want to post these essays on
Ray, a long-term reader from California reminded me of the fact that these essays on the Great Awakening that I wrote earlier helped him a great deal to focus on the spiritual aspect.
I hope newcomers to my website are assisted by these essays:
1 https://rense.com/general95/greataw.html
2 https://rense.com/general95/awake2.html
3 https://rense.com/general95/great-awakening.html
4 https://rense.com/general95/greatawake4.html
5 https://rense.com/general95/great5.html
Your thoughts, that may help other readers, are always welcome!

Welcome to my latest attempt to open a viable Website.
For JANUARY 24, 2020
There is no doubt that when it is not understood clearly, what I have written can be scary stuff.
I certainly did not mean it to be that way, and that is why I insist that you “Take it or leave it” as your mood dictates.
There are a number of ways to view my words.
I think the best way to view what I write is to think of it as obscure and yet extravagant Science Fiction. That way none of us can get tangled in ossified Theology or Metaphysics or Gnosticism.
What we may be experiencing on Earth is a natural decay of the Physical so that we can move on. Where to? Who knows?
This may occur to all structures in the Universe and, in fact, to all other Universes if, in fact, they exist.
We just don’t know and no one has told us one way or the other.
The best explanation we can come across in ancient texts is that we are living in a ‘Leela’, a play of the ‘gods’ who in turn are higher consciousnesses that rule the Universe.
Once the play is over, we all incubate and are reborn in differing roles.
The good, the bad, the ugly, the malicious, the loving, the dopey, etc., etc., are all players in a role for the play.
Thus, it is all an ILLUSION and nothing is really damaged or destroyed as we play our designated roles.
That makes a lot of sense considering that a Prime Principle must create anything and everything in the Universe.
Whether there are other Universes is not really our concern.
Whether a Universe takes a wrong turn in its ‘Leela’, in its experiments, in its developments, appears to be neither here nor there, for that is what the Leela – the Play – is all about: experimentation.
That some appear good and some evil may be due to the camouflage they wear while playing their roles in the Leela.
Once the PLAY is finished they divest themselves of their robes and are the same as everybody else in creation except that some have developed more than others according to when they were created.
To me that makes a lot of sense.
To say some creatures are AI Robots may be valid. They would be part of the experiment, the Leela, and play some part in it.
So what?
Don’t we have mechanisms that assist us in our lives – cars, refrigerators, ships, airplanes, electronic robots, etc.?
The manufacturers program them for various tasks. We can and do label them as good and evil depending on what they do. But once we turn them off, they are inert machines are they not?
Could it not be that many such machines exist in our Leela and will be turned off when they are no longer wanted/needed?
I might have been a little harsh in declaring the End of Physicality as if it was a punishment.
It may be a natural closure of the ‘Leela’ and its scenary.
After all, we all know the Physical cannot continue forever. It was made to decay and rot.
So what are we complaining about?
When you buy an expensive garment, you know that at some time in the future it will turn into rags.
The same goes for our Physical Attributes and all other impermanent attributes such as the Etheric and Astral Coverings of our spiritual component.
Some of the artificial machinery may not have a spiritual component so it cannot continue once it turns into dust.
Does that not make sense? Of course it does.
So, can the end of the Universe simply be a stage of ending the Leela, the Play, so we can move on?
Of course. What else could it be?
Those of spiritual stuff will continue, regardless of what roles they played – good or evil.
Those with no spiritual component are just temporary props to fill roles in the play.
Does that make more sense to you?
So, in a sense, everyone has played a role, good or evil, that has served a purpose in the Leela. The actors are not going to be punished for playing those designated roles. They just played them as they were told to play them.
It would be most unfair to punish them for doing their job well.
So, Good and Evil, progress, evolution, decay and death of the perishable parts are all part of the Leela – the Play of the Gods.
What right have we got to judge who is who and what is what?
The ‘Evil Ones’ are simply playing the roles they have been designated.
The ‘Good’ Actors are playing the roles they have been designated.
So you see, there is no need to lose our temper or our energy or our minds.
All is a pre-programmed play by the ‘gods’.
What they hope to achieve is NOT our concern.
All we can do is play the roles we have been designated.
This way, all are salvaged after the Leela, no matter how brutal and mauling it may have been for individuals.
The trouble is that we have forgotten that we are playing a role in a play.
The Supreme ‘god’ in charge would indeed by a great fool to create Good and Evil without the maximal degree of equanimity!
It is we who get lost in playing our roles and think we are the roles, rather than realizing we are individuals playing temporary roles.
That makes a big difference to how we live life.
It makes us calm and resolute once we know each is playing a role and it matters not whether one appears evil or good.
We all end up in the same pool outside of the dimension without our costumes of good and evil. And we see we are all the same – units of consciousness created by the Godforce from the Divine Primary Pool of Consciousness.
But, while we are playing our roles in the Physical, we do not understand this too well and are confused by what can happen.
Keep such notions in mind when you see a cat eat a mouse, a lion eating a rabbit, a soldier killing another.
What is lost?
Only the meat bag containing the rest of the individual is lost. It was going to be lost sooner or later.
It is our lack of understanding that makes us suffer.
So there, the Leela Theory of Creation and its progress is one very sound aspect that can explain what we are and what our fate is.
This explanation shows nothing of value is lost and we all end up joyously sharing our Happiness in the long run.
I will write more on other existential possibilities as we go along seeking whatever Truth may come our way.
Realize that in reality, no one on this level has the Truth.
Truth is an intangible mist reserved it seems for those we cannot reach or communicate with at his time.

All the previous websites ones I had were either attacked by hackers or “Demonic” bastards whose Stupidity would not let them see one sparkle of Light in their lives.
I will be writing more about Science Fiction, Metaphysics, Gnosticism, etc. You are under no obligation to believe any of what I write.
Use the words for amusement. And if they trigger thoughts in y our head, think about things to YOUR satisfaction.

My Motto says it all: If you can’t stand what I write, for whatever reason, go jump!
Actually the Motto that I am sure you know well is “Take it or Leave it!”
There is no doubt in my mind that this is the Endtime.
When I wrote such things as Finality, the Endtime, Terminal Madness, etc., etc., in 1985, there was a great margin to argue about what was going on, but with the passage of times, with the evidence that EVERYTHING on this Earth, Solar System, Galaxy, and in fact the entire Universe is decaying and dying, there is little room for denial.
But, the fools will deny until the last minute when they are thrown into their pits of fire to be liquidated into nothingness.
Deal with any doubts you may have in a logical way.
Do not let the Evil Programming we have all been subjected to by the controlling Evil Essence make a fool of you.
The very fundamentals of existence which we have been taught in this filthy and very evil Cesspool are wrong, wrong, wrong!
So discard them and seek the Light.
Only in that way can you escape the Darkness.
I will be posting a good deal of new material, as time permits, and also many of the old Essays, Poems, articles, etc., which I think may be of benefit.
We can all review and refresh our memories with the old stuff.
Be patient with yourselves.
We all forget things as time passes.
And it is the energy content of the information, not the words themselves, that sustains us to the very End.
Read on and realize any rewards you gain are through your own efforts and no one else’s.
You will succeed on your merits, just as Failures will fail on their iniquities!

FOR JANUARY 24, 2020
End Of The Earth
And All Physical Things
Part Three
You will find Parts 1 and 2 in the ESSAY Section

FOR JANUARY 25, 2020
What remains of this Physical Universe is fracturing so that it will eventually exist no more.
I had been told in 1985 by the Higher Beings conducting the Termination Process that ALL LIVING Creatures were to leave Earth for it would be totally destroyed no later than 2035.
I said “I don’t believe you”.
I really thought it was some sort of hoax being presented to me via AMitakh NG who was in trance.
The very second time she went into trance a Being called “Jude” came in and said “This woman is not to be trusted. She is not of Light.”
Well, you can imagine how clearly I was thinking thereafter.
But they the Beings who kept presenting to me, being of a superior intellect said “Well, what if we take you on one of our “Crafts” and show you what is going on?”
They did not have to ask me twice!
They did just that, and by the time I got back into the Physical Body (the Meat Bag I call it), I believed everything they had said to me for it appeared most accurate.
Now, of course I have found all sorts of actions that lead to the End of the World – the entire Universe.
We have Dark Matter, and we have out-of-control cascading Galaxies.
I’m convinced.
Here is an article that points in that direction:
Mystery Gravitational Wave Sparks Debate on if Enigmatic Star Betelgeuse is Ready to Go ‘Boom’ – Sputnik International
Here is another:
There’s a galaxy hurtling towards our Milky Way that could wipe out life on Earth — RT World News
So you see, I can hardly be making these things up!!

January 15, 2020
As I have stated many times, this is the ENDTIME.
In the ENDTIME, all Evil will be exposed and DESTROYED!
That is why it is called the Endtime – it is the End of this farce called EVIL.
To give you one very small example, I post an article I found on the Internet by accident:
This was obviously written by a malicious, moronic and most stupefied DEMON.
I have no idea what he or she had against me, but the TRUE facts are completely opposite to what was written here.
HA, HA. The author or authors of this piece of trash must have been following me for years to get a chance to write this BS.
Let this be a reminder that you should not accept anything in the press until you verify its veracity.
And if you see such slanderous articles, ask yourselves “Why would anyone bother to write such idiocy if he or she had a functioning mental capacity?”
I paste this article which is all BS as an example.
There are many others.
In fact, reverse what they say and you will be closer to the truth.
So there, we are able to put Evil in its place (under a rock) and let the Light shine through!

January 16, 2020
Does anyone really think the Demons are going to get away unpunished for what they have done to the Beings of Light after being warned of the consequences again and again and again?
Final Judgement has occurred of all living creatures.
Justice has prevailed.
Evil Beings cannot claim that murder, rape, theft, violence, avarice, etc., etc., were not crimes against the Innocent!
They cannot claim they did not understand the Rules!
Do you really think I will let go free without punishment all of those who abused me and mine so often and so viciously in this life and many other lives?
They were told there was a price to pay for their iniquities.
This was repeated many times to them.
They were offered Mercy many times for genuine remorse, but they had none!
Thus, it shall be Justice that they now receive.
Those that have remained faithful to the Light will cherish the Bounty of Infinity!

January 16, 2020
Today I am going to write a few words about David Icke.
Without mincing anything, take note: Icke is a Reptilian Demon who pretends to be of Goodness and Truth.
He is anything but that.
No one becomes rich and famous as he has become without being a TOOL of the Evil Essence.
In due course you will see that what I say is accurate and he will be liquidated physically, etherically, astrally and spiritually for all time like all other Demons and spiritual failures.
You know my Motto well: “Take it or Leave it.”
ALL of the Dark Side cannot stomach the Truth and need to attack me whenever they can.
So be it! Doing so they expose themselves rather clearly.
There is no need to panic.
I said Earth will be destroyed by 2035, the latest.
That time being flexible, is shrinking more and more so that now I am able to say Earth will be gone by very late 2022.
But if that date various, it does not matter!!
If the End is delayed, no one that understands what is going on is going to be too bothered.
But the Evil Bastards are bothered.
They want to prove me wrong at any and every opportunity.
Let them be.
They will suffer in many more ways than by attacking me and the more variable predictions.
The changes we see now around the Universe (98.5% of which ahs vanished thanks to Dark Matter), the changes in this Galaxy, in our Solar System, on Earth, in Humanity, in Vegetation, in the Animal Kingdom, the Mineral Kingdom, etc., etc., all point to Termination as I have predicted.
What more do you want?
Nuclear WW3 is guaranteed with the Trump antics.
Civil Wars are about to break out everywhere.
Australia is burning to the ground, and so on.
Let fools like Icke be!
They are there as Pied Pipers to mislead whomever they can.
I have cited the changes for the Endtime on numerous occasions in the many essays I have produced here and on the Rense site.
Read them and be joyous that we will soon be free from this Hell, if you are a viable.
If you are a doomed fool, (stupid,demonic) like Icke, you have every reason to panic.

January 17, 2020
As you can see, many are stressed and even terrified with what is occurring in the World.
They have no understanding of the Endtime!
They are not Divine Beings, or else they are still totally asleep, and it is our information that is to awaken them!!
If they are not Viable, they do not have the capacity to understand what is going on.
They have no comprehension of the ENDTIME.
They lack the inner NOUS that tells them what is going on.
With no Divine Capacity to understand, the majority, being Artificial Intelligence, cannot understand the concept of Finality of the Physical.
They cannot conceive an Endpoint to this physical Existence.
Thus, they panic for they know no better.
They have no true spiritual sight.
Thus they cannot see the different classes of individuals mingled together – The Robots, the Demons and the True Beings with real souls.
It is no accident that those with Inner Nous, a real soul and a Divine Heritage can see the different beings that exist and which I have just described.
Having this spiritual insight is part of the reward of being eternal beings that will continue forever once the artificial Robots and Demons are no more.
Now you see why so many, not understanding what is really going on are so distressed by physical world changes, changes that are necessary to end this H ell.
And now you can understand why the faithful few rejoice at the thought of an Ending to this Evil Cesspool.
If you are LIGHT, and sense it, rejoice, for we are going home.
There is nothing we can do to, or for, the Failures.
They have had infinite chances to turn to the Light.
It is they who chose to fail.
Thus, Justice will finally prevail.

January 18, 2020
In 1985 I wrote that:
One of the lesser reasons for this was going to be the degree of POLLUTION of EARTH that would necessitate total destruction.
It was more than that of course, and as I wrote in my books, destruction of Earth was part of the TOTAL DESTRUCTION of the Solar System, the Galaxy and the rest of the Universe.
I then wrote in that year, 1985, that over 80% of the Universe had already been destroyed by Dark Matter, and our total destruction of Earth was going to be earlier than 2035 if at all possible.
I wrote about the progressive destruction of Physical Matter by Dark Matter in the essays called ‘Fait Accompli’. If you are interested in this topic, it would be wise for you to read them.
By giving the Message that ALL living things were to leave the Planet Earth, a number of conclusions could be reached:
1 All living things would have to have other structures apart from Physical Bodies to be able to exist outside of the Physical. Had you thought of that?
2 The statement pointed to the fact that there are many classes of Consciousness sharing this Earth. Thus, clearly we have Human, Animal, Vegetable and Mineral Units of Consciousness.
3 Implication of such a major change meant nothing more and nothing less than the ENDTIME of which some had written about in the past in more esoteric and religious terms. I have expanded the topic.
4 I, the ‘little Human’ could not have possibly made up the information I presented in 1985. It is obviously ‘a priori knowledge’ from the Supra Mental Plane. I have explained what that means elsewhere.
5 The Problem of Evil came into the equation and I wrote about that at length. Thus, there was to be a sorting out, a Final Judgement and a separation of the Good from the Evil!
6 One of the factors of Termination came up very quickly, and that was Global Warming.
I stated in a Radio Show with Jeff Rense in 2001, and in essays, that Global Warming was NOT due to polluting fuel emissions, or cows burping and pigs flatulating. I said it was more serious than that. I explained that extraneous energy was entering the Solar System to cause the general heating of ALL the planets. This was confirmed by checking the temperature rises in the planets. In other words, the Warming of ALL structures was part of the Destructive Process of all Physical Matter!
The Demons who had privy to this problem of heating took advantage of the situation and enriched themselves in various ways by blaming Global Warming on Humans. These Demons are prone to do such things in order to gain more and more money. Take a look at what they do with Pharmaceuticals, Medical Care, Food Production and distribution, etc., etc. A lot of good it is going to do them, I don’t think! They will be destroyed forever.
Here is an example of such Climate change in Australia that is clearly forcing Living Beings to leave the planet and the Physical Plane
There are many other mechanisms by which we, and the Animals, the Vegetation, etc., will leave this planet.
You know about the Fukushima radiation, the coming wars, the diseases from Nuclear War, the starvation, etc.
Alas, as cruel s it sounds, we have to leave.
Those that understand what is going on are joyous at the thought all the Evil will end and we will be liberated from this harrowing, exploitative Cesspool where we have illusions of happiness but far more real pain, suffering and misery!
Those with the Inner Divine Nous are starting to realize we do NOT belong here. This is NOT our HOME.
This Earth is a PRISON, as is the entire Universe. I have written how all this came about.
Of course, anxiety and fear will cross our minds at the thought of Physical Death.
But, we must be strong. We have physically died many times, and yet, here we are still.
In moments of true contemplation, we sense a Joy of being in Higher Divine Levels.
We must believe that what is happening is for our good.
We are witnessing the destruction of the Evil apparatus in order to free us.
Those without a soul, meaning those that are A.I. Robots and Demons, cannot go anywhere. They are Mechanical Structures that will be sent to the scrap heap. They are NOT real!!
Miraculously, some of the Robots have, in fact, turned to the Light and they will be salvaged. In due course, ‘Divine Soul structures’ will be added to their anatomy and they will continue!
Fear not!
There are necessary steps we must go through in order to be liberated.
I will be here till the last day and I will advise and guide you accordingly.
My Higher Identity is not important for the moment.
What is important is that you develop the Love, Joy and Wisdom of True Beings. And with these assets you should cherish those you love.
And that brings me to another point:
You will develop the Superior Vision to know who is who. This special vision was promised to us for the Endtime.
Thus, we will know with our eyes who are ‘Good’ and who are ‘Bad’!
You may have already experienced this.
You must NOT be disappointed when you discover that those you thought were worthy loved ones turn out to be of DARKNESS or chose the Darkness.
You are to remain the same person, the loving individual that aspires to the Divine Love and Wisdom of the Highest.
Treat all with Patience, Kindness, Joy and Understanding.
Those of Evil will be repelled by your Pure Love and energy. Let them be. They are failures by choice, unless they are Demons in which case they had no choice at any stage.
Don’t let whatever you discover in your personal life ruin your day.
Alas, this will apply to spouse, children, pets, and so on.
You must be strong!
No one said it was going to be easy.
Forget the Past.
Look to the future.
Infinite Joy and Glory await the Faithful!

January 19, 2020
Once any of us make the realization that we are prisoners trapped in an evil dungeon (The Physical Universe) and are exploited relentlessly for our energy, naturally we become impatient for release from this HELL.
But, you must realize that only Viables, with some exceptions for others, have the Inner Nous that allows them to see the Truth of things.
The idiotic AI Creatures have no real sense of this dimension being an evil One.
Thus, you can see who is who in society by the fact that they either WAKE U P TO THE EVIL TAKEOVER OF THIS DIMENSION OR ELSE ARE OBLIVIOUS TO THE GREATER REALITY.
It is pointless arguing with the ones who have no spiritual insight.
They are totally mindless and insane.
But at the same time they will call those who have even a slight glimpse of the Truth as insane, simply because they, the Morons, cannot cope with the Greater Reality that is emerging!
One has to be patient with them, and with those around us who mean us no harm.
We have to be patient with ourselves also for we long anxiously to see the END of this abomination and to be taken Home
This sense of Rescue does not come to all.
Those without the Nous have no idea of belonging elsewhere.
They know no other world.
They cannot project beyond the filth of this doomed World. They are fooled by FALSE Religious Doctrines about a fairy Paradise, but that is a mockery of Truth.
So, be patient.
The End and our Rescue will all happen when they are meant to happen.
Variability occurs due to time factors we on this level cannot control.
It gets harder and harder as we creep towards the END POINT.
That is because of the successful realizations we have made of what is going on and so we become more and more impatient in the lower mind..
If we had no idea of those true alternatives, we would not worry so much.
So, be gentle on yourselves.
Restrain thoughts of impatience.
Live day by day as you always did, except that now, in your mind you have the answers that you have always wanted.

  1. This is an evil Cesspool.
  2. We were forced to become prisoners in this dimension
  3. Rescue has been promised to those who remained faithful to the Light
  4. We are almost at the end of the road.
  5. Victory is ours.
  6. Rescue is coming!
  7. We can rejoice as much as we like for we have achieved what we set out to do – be saved!
  8. Those without Viability, without Nous, without a Divine Soul, have no idea of these thoughts. They are stuck in a bubble of artificial Time and will soon expire with the dimension that has been condemned.
    Remember these point and you will be joyous and happy ALL THE TIME.
    There is nothing more Evil can do to us.
    We are Victorious!

January 20, 2010
True Realization of what is happening to us, to the Earth, and to what remains of the entire Universe is NOT a LOWER MIND intellectual exercise!
The entire Physical Apparatus and the Physical Existence have been created by an Evil Essence so that we would not know the truth.
It created this Physical Dimension so that it could exploit prisoners (trapped True Divine Beings) in it of their energy. Thus, it would hardly tell them the truth of what had happened, who the inmates were and why they suffered so much.
I have referred in the past to segments in the Old Texts of those in charge hiding the Keys to Knowledge. (Luke 11:52)
To make the true spiritual realizations needed, we need to connect to a Higher Plane – The Supra Mental Plane so-called.
The knowledge we gain from such a connection is rather different to what we know on this lower level. It is so strange that at first meeting it, the immediate response is to reject it. But, with time and patience, slowly we learn to adjust.
This knowledge from Higher Levels is impossible for non-Viable Beings too accept. They have no capacity to understand the Higher Truths. Thus it is that they reject news of the Endtime and the true method of salvation and liberation from Evil. All they can relate to is what they are taught by fraudulent Religions, Science and History!
Thus it is that the True Picture of what is happening to us and our World is hard to comprehend with the knowledge in our lower minds alone.
If the majority don’t even know anything about Dark Matter, it is not very likely that they will know what it will do to us and all physical structures, right?
And what about the concept of Excalibur?
Most think it is a Myth for little children.
Far from it, it is a representation of the Sword that will separate the Just from the Villains!
With Excalibur are associated Jesus of Nazareth and King Arthur, the Once and Future King, who is to take us to our Heavenly Abode.
Do you think that is a fairy tale?
Do you think the Druids of Ages Past made all that up to amuse us 1500 years later?
It is ignorance that occupies Lower Minds in Humans, not Higher Spiritual Knowledge.
Jesus re-incarnated as King Arthur, and many other beings, throughout the ages.
Who are the ignorant nincompoops to argue with me?
Ignorance is a very powerful tool on this level and there are many examples I can give of what disasters it can create.
Just for one example, let us speak of Giordano Bruno…..
He had the good fortune of recalling the Greater Reality he had experienced.
But, the demons who refused to understand, mainly because they could not, being severely limited by their AI Minds, destroyed him rather than entertain the Truths he revealed.
You can well imagine the battles I have had with the little knowledge I revealed from 1985 about the existence of AI Robots and Demons, the destruction
of Earth, the Rescue of Viables, the Final Judgement, the arrival of Dark Matter, the Endtime and the total destruction of this evil Universe, etc., etc.
When I was confronted with such gross Ignorance and Stupidity, especially by Medical Boards, I simply retreated and decided to wait for things to happen.
Even now most are blind to what is going on.
And yet, the few know instantly what I am talking about. They are the Viables who have been awaiting the Rescue.
Why are the majority blind?
It is because they cannot comprehend Higher Knowledge.
They have been created as MACHINES, and they possess the infused (false) knowledge of their makers. You don’t expect Truth to be part of their make-up, do you?
Being infused with false knowledge, the Robots and Demons convinced themselves that they would get away with their crimes against the Children of Light.
That is why they murder, plunder and rape so easily. Just look at CRIMINAL ACTIVITY OF THE USA in Vietnam, the Middle East, Libya, Afghanistan, etc., since WW2.
That is their way of stealing energy from the True Beings that have the energy.
And that is why we see the Demons in charge act so nonchalantly, in spite of various commandments they claim they believe in, in order to murder, plunder and rape at will.
What they don’t and can’t realize is that there is a Superior Power, beyond their Evil Overlord, that watches all, that will bring all to account, and will render True Justice in due course.
Do you think they ever thought of that?
Of course not!
They are machines that act according to the Evil Programming within them.
Worse for them shall it be when the Final Bell is rung!

January 21, 2020
Evil is in full control in this enclosed Evil Dimension which it built after the Celestial Error that motivated Evil took full control.
The Evil Essence is an exploitative Essence that is mandatory for the Evil AI Creatures (Robots and Demons) to continue to exist.
Without that Essence of Evil, they would not attack and drain the Divine Beings to gain their energy.
In other words, if the Divine Beings are removed from the Dimension, it would collapse for lack of energy.
The Artificial Creation has attempted to gain new sources of Divine Energy with which it could continue, but it has failed.
So, now, with no energy, the Evil Creation is doomed.
The Light waits for it to run out of energy which it soon will, and also waits for Dark Matter to do its work which is to neutralize the electrical components in the Artificial Circuits..
The entrapped Viables simply have to be patient and let these processes that will end Evil do their job.
Do not struggle against Evil. It will only hurt you more.
Know it is doomed.
That should be enough to satisfy us until the End.
Evil can only hurt us as Physical Beings.
It cannot erase Viable Spirits like the Light can.
Thus we see throughout History Evil Ones have punished and murdered many of the Light in order to gain energy from them.
But in the end, they could do no more unless the Viables did something horrible which was to give in to Evil and have their energy taken from them which would mean spiritual death for those that chose Evil.

January 22, 2020
My dearest One

My dearest One, as with Eros,
the God of Love, I did conspire,
Seeking dreams with which to fulfil
my heart’s desire,
The purest thought of you,
on majestic wings, into my mind, flew,
Thus it was that the mischievous cherub’s
arrow my heart slew.
But then my gain, a beautiful rebirth,
no one in history ever knew,
To rise like the Phoenix,
and live forever,
in the bliss of loving you.

The Wheel of Justice
Whenever I think of those who abused many,
including me,
Or took advantage, defamed, stole maliciously,
I cannot help but think how much
their troubles multiplied will be,
When the Truth of what I said, and say, is plain to see.
For them, there will be no consolation for the misery,
No benefits reaped from the mockery.
Terminal Madness of the Endtime they will suffer triply.
First for rejecting the Light
and remaining evil continuously,
Secondly, for cowardly attacking the Light
and the likes of me,
And thirdly, for trying to profiteer from such evil
and ensnare the True Beings nefariously.
Thus, triple-doomed, cursed by their own evil curse,
No thought of mercy or pity for these villains nurse,
They are of Evil essence which could never be
In God’s Light, or of Love, or in Serenity.
For they are destructively pusillanimous
in the extreme, acting surreptitiously and cowardly.
They murder, lie, rape and steal constantly.
But, Justice, like the proverbial revolving wheel,
Will crush them fully with the weight
of the evils they committed voluntarily.
That of necessity according to the True Seat of Justice
is how their end must be.
And this, does the One on High decree!

January 23, 2020
Terminal Madness (of the Endtime) is obvious every where.
Open your eyes and you will see the anarchy and senseless destruction, the pathological thought processes of the majority as their AI Programming breaks down, and their thrust to Nihilism gathers momentum!
The Vision of the Endtime is developing in many. Those with ‘Nous’ are expressing the fact that we cannot go on this way in this rubbish dump called Earth!
Many are asking “Has Humanity always been this horrible?”
The fact is that it has been this decrepit and Evil all along. But now we (those of us awakening to the Greater Reality) are seeing it with different eyes. We see the rancid EVIL in which we are immersed, and want to be out of this Hell-hole!
Signs of Terminal Decay of this horrible, horrible experiment are everywhere.
Recent promises of progress in the form of advanced electronics are just a means of self-destruction!
Only those with the Light of the Divine within can conclude what all this means.
It is the END of this failed experiment.
The Viable Ones are going Home.
The Destruction of Evil and all its sycophants is a necessary corollary.
Stay true to what is in your heart.
If there is ‘Heaven” within, that is where you are going.
If there is anger, and lust, and abuse with the need to exploit, and fear, then the ones who have such properties in their hearts are shortly to be no more for they are made of MALICE that no one outside of Evil wants. And seeing Evil is being terminated, so shall be those of Evil.
To this point in time, that is my Message.